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Net Love: A Story of Feeding Part 1
Well, today is the day. I get to meet Kevin. I hope he's hot. I hope to God he likes me in person. We met on the net. We e-mailed back and forth for months. Virtual feeding, you know? He tells me what he's gained. I opened new doors for him and all. He says he's gained 25 pounds and oh, my god I love him already! 

I encourage him and he eats while we share messages. It is SO enticing. So anyway, we figure out one day that he lives two hours away in New Hampshire. And we set up a lunch date...you know, nothing too serious too soon. We're meeting at this buffet place downtown. Bill's Buffet or something. My hands are sweating. He says he's cute. I believe him. 

My knees tremble and my throat is dry as I steer into the parking lot. We'll meet at the door. Minutes of sweet anticipation and nervousness become hours in my mind. 

There he is. That's his car. A green Mercedes. Oh my gosh my gosh... 

I can't swallow. He's got one of those sweater vests on and black tight jeans. (He promised!) He's checking himself in the faint reflection in his car window. He takes a deep breath and turns to me. He doesn't see me yet. But I see him. He is hot. He's actually quite handsome. Kevin. I straighten my tie and nervously fold my arms. Prepare the smile. He walks in, pushes open the door. 

--Are you Ryan? 


Nervous laughter. An awkward hug. We smile. 

--Let's get a table. 

He walks in front of me, nervously looks back. I smile to him. His plump hips sway back and forth. Those 205 pounds look great on him. If this works out, there will be a lot more of him for me to love. 

--I'm sooo hungry Ryan! The place is good? 

--Oh yeah. 

We sit. He has a handsome double chin and a beautiful smile. Conversation is relatively easy for us. We've known each other for a while... 

He leans over, rubbing his sweet little pot belly. In a husky voice, he tells me... 

--I can't wait anymore. Please...get me something to eat. I want to see how well you can stuff me full. I can eat a lot. I assure you. Let's get started Cutie. 

Oh my god. I am in heaven... 

Here I am with an empty plate in my hand. This is a truly quality buffet. Good food. 
Fattening food. I look back at Kevin. He smiles. And rubs his sweet, fat belly. 

My hands are shaking. My knees are weak. 

Turkey with thick, rich gravy. 

Stuffing. Scalloped potatoes. 

Green bean casserole. Fried chicken. 

The plate gets heavy. A bowl of chowder. 

Buttered rolls. My body quivers with anticipation. 

As I slide the plate in front of Kev, his eyes widen. 

--Nice appetizer! 
My stomach drops. He tucks a napkin under his chin and begins to eat. Oh my heart. He savors, chews each bite with deliberation. Swallows. I imagine the calories mounting. Gravy, cheese, butter, batter. Bite after bite. My god he's enjoying turning me on. We talk about future plans. 

After clearing his plate, he simply says... 

--More please! 

And he smiles. Another empty plate. 

Lasagna. Cheesy. Cheese garlic bread. 

Chicken fingers. Ranch dipping sauce. Fries. 

Buttered rolls. 

I return. He smiles. He rubs his belly. People look on and we don't care. We're here for us. He eats again. He stuffs himself. One hand rubs his belly. The other feeds the hungry mouth. 

Oh my gosh I am erect. We reminisce over old correspondence. We laugh. He eats. We talk. He eats. He rubs his belly. He stuffs. He hiccups. He eats. 

I simply swoon. Dizzy. Euphoric. 

--Dessert please! 

Cheesecake. Bowl of pudding. Apple pie. 

--Oh yummy! I love this stuff! 

He eats. And eats and eats. 

We talk more. We get more comfortable. 

Time slips away and it is time to go. 

--Oh goodness Ryan. I am so aroused, are you? (I nod) I'm new at this. I've never eaten this much. (He is short of breath.) Could you help me up? He rubs his belly. It has actually grown a bit. The sweater reveals a new bulge. He is beautiful. Flushed. He waddles when he walks. I take his arm. He hiccups seductively. We arrange our next meeting. A night date. We like each other. He thinks I'm cute and sweet. I think he's beautiful. He grunts as he slides behind his steering wheel. We exchange a kiss of possible futures. 

There he goes. So plump. So stuffed. I could fall in love with this boy. 

My sweetheart and I have agreed to meet at Papa Gino's. It's all you can eat pizza night. He just loves pizza. I am waiting in a booth, Abuzz with anticipation. This is our second date. A good sign. He is much more attractive than I had even imagined! 

Warm, plump hands cover my eyes from behind. He giggles. 

I guess Frank? Susan? Estelle? 

We share a laugh. 

--Oh, Ryan...it smells so great in here! I'm starved! You wouldn't believe what a pig I've been. It's like I'm working for you. I actually want to grow every day because I can sense how it excites you. Is that weird? Look! He shows me his growing belly in profile. Oh my, isn't that hot! 

--Since we first went out three days ago, I've already gained three pounds! I have been just non-stop! 

My best friend at work, Cynthia, knows about us and she's willing to help out! She's awful! Every morning she drops off a half a dozen doughnuts on my desk and winks. I wave and laugh. By this time, I have already eaten at Denny's. It seems like I am actually hungry all day! Cindy and I go out to lunch and absolutely pig out. And I love it! I'm getting really fat! And I don't care what anyone thinks! It's really strange being full...all day! I'm starving now though... Let's get some pizza! 

We talk over the first few slices. He eats quickly. Wipes his mouth. We talk animatedly. We have so much in common. It feels like my feelings are growing for him. 

After about eight slices, he begins to slow down. 

--Oh, I ate too fast! There's no more room. 

--Are you sure? Wanna try?

--Mmm hmm. 

I fill his plate for him with four more slices. He breathes deeply, reaches under the table and pops the button on his jeans. He exhales. As he eats on, I smile and he rubs his belly, chews and swallows. 

I imagine the fat and calories piling up. He will be so fat in time. And I will help him get there. 

--Well...I'd better stop if I am ever going to be able to finish the Friendly’s sundae you are going to buy me.

I laugh nervously. 

He wipes his mouth. I help him stand. His jeans are open, he is panting. 

His underwear pokes out of the zipper, pushed all the way down. His belly presses out, out. Stuffed full. He smiles and pulls his sweater down over the stuffed bulge. His moobs swell outward. 

--C'mon Ryan...let's get me a caramel fudge blast...PLEASE? 

My goodness. He is a gift... 

He hiccups and hugs his belly as we walk out

--Ryan? D'you think I could stay at your place tonight? I'm too full to drive... 

Sweet sweet heaven. Breakfast at my place... 

We are in the car. The engine hums. I glance at him, he smiles at me. We make our way to Friendly’s. He softly moans a bit, mostly because it turns me on. His belly rises up. His jeans are unbuttoned and his sweet belly pokes out, the zipper spread wide open. His underwear is wrapped tightly around his full belly. The seat is reclined. 

--Oh my, Ryan. I ate A LOT of pizza! I'm sooo stuffed. Holy Cow! What am I doing going for a sundae? 

--We don't have to... 

--Oh yes we do. I need sweets. Are you afraid I'll get fat? Fatter? Hmm? 

--Oh god no...You have no idea! 

--Well then, drive on... 

The waitress has brought over my coffee and his sundae. It is a stemmed bowl. One of their bigger sundaes. Caramel fudge blast or something like that. Kevin's eyes widen at the sight. His hands instinctively go to his belly. 

--Whipped cream, sir? 

--Yes please! 

The cream squirts out, piles up, Kev's eyes widen. He looks at me around the sundae. 

Once the waitress leaves... 

--Oh Ryan! It's so big! Looks good huh? 

He licks his sweet red lips and plunges the spoon into the dish. His lips caress the spoon and he swallows his first bite of sin... 

--It's so rich! So filling. Oh, I 'm going to absolutely POP! 

The fudge oozes off the spoon, catches on his chin. Bite after bite. Swallow after swallow. Soon it is gone. 

--Well...I'm officially done now. Take me to your place. Could you help me up Ryan? I am so gorged! I so love this feeling. And that look on your face is so worth it! 

He gets up like a pregnant woman might, belly forward, poking, protruding outward. So full. He hiccups, covers his mouth, grins, giggles... He waddles out of the store...hugging his belly. I admire him from behind... 

Back at my apartment. I close the door...he looks around. 

--Nice place! It's so cool. Can I sit down? 

--Yes, of course. 

I take his jacket. He lies down on the couch, puts his feet up. 

--Ryan, could you get me some kind of a night shirt? Something to wear while I sleep? I'd rather not sleep in my clothes. 


In my room, I rummage through the drawers, find an XXL hockey jersey. 

Once I give it to him, he goes into the bathroom with it... 

--Be right out! 


I am shaking. He is so full. So plump. He likes me. I like him. And he wants me to help him get FATTER! I am in heaven. 

He comes out, shyly, awkwardly... 

--Doesn't quite fit! Ha ha. I look like an inflated something-or-other! 

As he rounds the corner into the light, my mouth goes dry, my heart skips a beat. 

--My goodness Kev, you are fantastic! 

His face blushes. He is humble and embarrassed. 

His cheeks are flushed. He has a beautiful face with a tender double chin. He is smiling... His moobs are full and round and they push out against the shirt, stretching the fabric. The shirt is especially tight around his stuffed belly. It is so tight and so round. I can see his belly button. He does look a bit over-inflated. My vision gets foggy. He is a dream. He has nice fat calves, plump thighs, and fat little feet. I go to him, caress his belly. It is so tight! My god! The kisses begin... 

I wake early the next morning to make breakfast. 

French toast, bacon, fresh fruit, eggs. 

The smells and sounds have woken my sweet Kevin. He rounds the corner into the kitchen. He is yawning and stretching. His belly is contained tightly in my jersey. It is round and full. When he yawns, his belly swells outward, out and out. He arches his back... He looks inflated...pregnant. His supple thighs jiggle as his plump feet pad across the floor. 

He has my bathroom scale in his hand and a devilish look in his eye after he finishes his yawn. 

--Morning Ryan. Big boy is up and ready to feed... I want to know how I've done. 

He places the scale on the floor. I walk over, brimming with expectation. He steps on. 


--Do you realize how much I have gained since we first met on the web? 

--No. How much? 

-- 49 pounds. 

--But you're still wasting away! (I kiss his neck, touch his belly.) Please, sit down. Breakfast is ready. 

I fill his plate with French toast. Six slices. Bacon. Half a pound. Six eggs. Cantaloupe. Watermelon. Strawberries. Milk.

-Smells great! Mmmm. 

He takes the fork in hand and begins to eat. And eat. And eat. His mouth chews. He swallows. He rolls his eyes in ecstasy. He touches his belly. The shirt is stretched further. His fat, naked thighs spread deliciously on the wooden chair. Lots of butter, cinnamon, whipped cream on the French toast. Fatty bacon.... 

Later, the plates are empty. Kev's eyes widen as he glances down at his belly. 

We share a long passionate kiss before he says…

--It's gotten so big! It's as tight as a drum! Oh, my god I am going to burst! I ate way too much! Please, help me to the living room... 

Dear Ryan: 
I miss you so much! I'll be home on Sunday. Please pick me up at the airport. The meetings have gone well... I have sold several packages to Air Italia. I am quite a presenter. You should see the way the Italian business women look at me. Number one, I am American. Number two I am hot (as you well know!) and number three, I am as fat as a house! Don't be jealous though. I only have eyes for you and I'll be home soon enough! 

At the inn I am staying at, the lady of the house has taken a liking to me. She calls me her boy and is always surprising me with treats! She is so motherly and sweet I can't refuse! In the two weeks that I have been here, I outgrew my business wardrobe! I have been eating so much! Italian food here is so much better than back home! All of the business meetings, lunches, appetizers, desserts, and late night snacks... 

I am stuffed around the clock. Maria, the lady at the inn, waits up for me each night and has me "sample" her day's baking. This is the first time in a while I have actually felt guilty about how much I am eating. I am actually SEEING how fat I am getting every day! It's ridiculous...but I love it. I can't wait to see you. You will be SO surprised! 

I am actually eating RIGHT NOW and I am thinking about you. You won't believe how much I have GROWN! Wait till you see me at the airport! I am a fat little boy! I have been so BAD! SO BAD! My moobs get in the way of things now...my thighs have caught up with the growth of my belly! My chin is triple now...I look absolutely 15 months pregnant. You are gonna love me! Okay. I got on the scale last night, it's Maria's. Should I tell you? No. Let me surprise you at the airport. 

Don't forget...The Tuesday after I get back is our one year anniversary! Gotta go! My plate is empty and Maria is cookin' downstairs! Oh am I full! 
Love you honey. 

See you so soon. Yours ridiculously hungry, and fattening round boy, 
p.s. Gee, I hope you recognize me! XOXOXO 

Part 2

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