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10 Days To Make A Bear Blimp
It wasn't too long ago when I chatted with Sean from the UK. We chatted on and off on a nightly basis about many things but the most we talked about was growing a hairy guy or bear into a huge fat blimp to enjoy. It wasn't long until we finally worked up the nerve to talk over the phone.

"How you doing there, Sean?" I asked in a nervous voice. I tried to play it off cool but I knew I wasn't able to handle that well.

"I'm doing good and steady getting fatter here, u?" said Sean, his voice was deep and very bearish like. Almost like he could growl and I would simply melt from that action alone.

We began to chat for hours but it was so worth it to have an expense phone bill with him. Before we decided to say good bye, the subject of a bear blimp came up again.

"You think if I visited there that you could feed me fatter. I really need it. I'm only 280 pounds here and I want to get fatter so badly," Sean said.

"Is that all? I would make you a big fat blimp of a bear in ten days if you let me!" I said jokingly.

"Oh? Well I'll take you up on that offer." said Sean with a serious tone to his voice which made it sound aggressively hot.

"Shit!" I said to myself, "What I got myself into?" I thought about what I could do to make this happen quickly and then finally return my reply to him.

"Yeah sure I can do it! It'll be no problem."

"Okay then, I'll work on visiting you by the end of this month since I have some vacation time coming up soon," Sean said.

So there it was, the done deal of fattening him up in ten days! I had a lot of work to do before then and I was going to see it happen. It all begins at one. 

Day One - Airport

While standing at Gate 24 of the airport, I started to worry about what I could do to make Sean the fat bear blimp that he wanted to be. That's when I saw his airplane landing, my heart started to race wildly at the sheer look of him in person before me. I was so worried about saying anything in the wrong manner even though it wasn't his first time visiting the US.

Before long the passengers from the plane were coming out of the gate, the flow rushed into the airport like that of my blood in my veins. Then i saw him, he was standing there looking around in all his bearish glory. He stood there 5'7" not exactly tall or short but a nice round size with his big round ball like gut sticking out of his buttoned down shirt a bit from the underneath part of it. From what he told me online, he said he was 275-280 pounds and he was every bit of it as i tried to hold myself back from pouncing him or even drooling in public!

His face was nicely rounded with his beard in full and his short straight hair that barely covered his brown eyes that I was almost lost in. "You must be Willie," said Sean.

"Uh...yeah, I am." I said with a bit of blushing showing in my cheeks. "I'm glad you made it here. Did the flight went alright for you?"

"Yeah it went just fine but now I'm truly hungry as hell here. Where can a fat bear like me get some good eats?" he said while patting his belly in front of everyone. I nearly lost it when he did that but i behave myself, after all I will have him to myself soon enough.

Moments later we was at one of the buffets I mentioned to him online. We was eating and having a good time catching up and chatting. I did noticed that he was putting it away for one that is only 280 pounds. He had over 5 plates of food including a full pitcher of beer and some soft serve ice cream as well, about 3 full bowls worth.

We was the last ones in the buffet since it was almost closing time there as Sean lean back and patted his nicely stuffed belly. "That was a good meal there buddy but if it is going to be like this for ten days, i won't gain too much." Sean said with a chuckle that made his belly jiggle up and down. I smiled at him with an evil grin, "Who said that we was done?"

With that the lights went out but only the back up lights stayed on, he was in shock but really unable to do much since he was so full that he wasn't able to move around much to stop what would happen. The next minute, he saw a figure from the shadows pushing the soft serve ice cream machine out to our table with a hose attached to it. The guy was bald and had a nice beer gut on him though it was way smaller than what Sean had at the moment.

"Sean, this is my friend Jay. He owns this buffet and when I told him I needed to make you a blimp. He was more than happy to help me out."

Jay smiled the same evil smile that I had earlier as I came around to hold Sean down with my arms on his. Jay quickly grabbed the hose and insert it into Sean's mouth along with some duct tape on top of it so he wouldn't spit it out.

"Good, keep him steady. HERE WE GO!" Jay said as he thrown the level to open the ice cream from the machine as it smoothly went down the hose into Sean's open mouth. You can hear the loud chugging and gulping Sean had to do just to keep up with it. Sean's eyes bulged out a bit as he struggled to chug it down but after a few minutes in, he started to take to it like it was nothing.

His fat hairy belly started to swell outward in his buttoned down shirt as it strained hard to keep all that round ball gut in. There was 5 gallons worth in the machine and he was going to chug it all or burst that gut of his trying to!

CHUG CHUG GULP GULP was all you can hear from Sean's mouth and belly as it gurgled and swell up bigger and bigger. His buttons popped off his shirt as soon as the third gallon slid into his gut with no effort. The ballooning bear looking to be in pleasure and no pain at all as he kept on chugging and swallowing the ice cream.

The machine was almost empty after a few hours has passed and Sean's round belly looking even larger than what it was upon coming to the US to visit me. As the machine started for finish up, Sean started to drift off to sleep as he could only hear me and Jay laughing as I say "Well this worked out nicely, time for day two.."

Day Two - Willie's house

Sean woke up in a pure white sheet and satin bed covers. The room was pretty spacious and had lots of pictures of fat guys on the walls from that of candid shots from a digital camera to even those of a few well known bellybuilders online.

He tried to get up from the bed to see the rest of the house but he was unable to. Sean grunted and shifted his weight but to no use. He put his hands up and noticed he wasn't shackled or handcuffed of any kind.

"Well I'm not held here by force," said Sean. He started to feel his body and noticed that not only was he laying in bed naked but his belly has grown out bigger than what he was when he got off the plane.

"Ah I see you are up finally. I thought you was going to sleep the whole day away and that wouldn't be good for a fat pig bear like you," I said as I enter the room with a big tray of breakfast. The tray was holding over 2 pounds of scrambled eggs mixed with cheese along with toasted bread that was slapped with jelly and cream cheese all over it.

As soon as Sean smelled the food, he immediately rolled out of bed. His newly gained flesh hanged low and his belly engulf a bit of his lap as he sat on the edge of the bed waiting for his meal. "Damn you are a hungry fatso, aren't you?" I exclaimed as I placed the food down onto the tv tray.

Sean just chuckled and rubbed his fatten belly, "I guess so. You seemed to have done a good job with it for only one day! How much weight is in this thing now?"

"About 20-30 pounds I would say since that soft serve ice cream was mixed with some gainer shake powder that you couldn't taste at all," I said with a smile as I started to push a few slices of cream cheese and jelly toast into his mouth. Sean moaned in pleasure as he just felt submissively into my feeding session. He tried to rub his belly as I fed him but I smacked it away as it was my time to rub him not his, like the good master I am to his piggy slave.

"OHHHHHH, you going to do something good after this aren't you?" Sean said as half the first loaf was being pushed into his mouth. He didn't spend time talking to me much but instead took in all the food I gave him.

Bacon strips, scrambled eggs, toast, breakfast drinks, and cream filled pancakes all went down into his fat bear belly which ballooned nicely even after the heavy feeding it went through last night. Sean had to shift his girth around a few times to get comfortable so he can take on more and more from what I was giving him. We started at 10 am that day and didn't finished until 11:30 am.

By the end of it all, Sean was truly overstuffed and overly distended. His gut gurgles and growled as it was working on digesting it all. "OH MAN, I feel like I could POP!"

"And your point is?" I said with an evil smile. Sean saw the smile I gave him like the one I gave him last night. He knew I was up to something wicked for his growing belly but he didn't know yet. It wasn't long until I got him up from bed after a second bear slumber to get him into my van. I knew that a car wouldn't work for the way I'm going to grow him!

It was hot to see Sean lift and heave his girth into the van with all his might. It was too much to handle but I knew I will have my way with him afterward. Once he got into the van, we took off to the strip where there was fast food places one after another, back to back and we was going to hit them all.

We hit McD's first, then Wendy's, by then Sean was an eating machine as he let himself gorge on the burgers and fries as we headed over to Taco Bell. It was great to see him inhale over 16 soft tacos alone. His belly was starting to overstretch his already tight shirt as we headed over to a few other places and then to the ice cream shoppe for a few shakes and a big tub of vanilla ice cream for home.

By then his shirt was riding high over his belly, not cause he put it there but his belly FORCED it up to that part of his belly. He was already done with the few shakes I gave him as his belly near his capacity as well as the dashboard of the van all at the same time. By that time we was already at the pizza place where we had to come in to get the food before heading home.

"Welcome to Cici's Pizza. You want to try the buffet?" said the cashier.

"No thanks, my friend already hit up a buffet and shut it down too," I laughed as I patted Sean's big belly after watching him waddle into the place.

"So I see! Quite the big fella there, I'm sure our pizzas can handle his hunger."

"Oh I'm sure it will since i'll be getting five of them," I said with that evil smile on my face again. Sean was sweating a bit from being on his feet so long or was it worrying about eating all that tonight...I was never sure.

Once the pizzas was made and we left, we came back into the house. Well at least I did, it took Sean a few minutes to get out since his belly touched the dashboard and wedged him into the van for awhile.

Once Sean was freed from the van, he crashed onto the couch as he let his belly and fat spread out. "Good, you're in the position already," I said with a laugh as I sit right on top of his belly and body with my own to anchor him down. I started to open the boxes and stuff pizza slices put on top of each other into his mouth as he grunted and groaned under the strain of my weight on him and the overstuffing at the same time.

"Oof! Man, I don't think I can handle this right now! I'm stuffed from all that fast food there," said Sean as I stuffed more into his mouth.

"Probably not but I only have 8 days to get you into a nice fat blimp size!" I exclaimed and forced the 2 liter bottle to his mouth as he was forced to chug it down until it was half way done.


"My word what a fat fucking pig you have became," I said while smacking his belly, feeling it jiggle and shake under the girth swelling from within. The feeding went on like this for a hour followed by some melted ice cream via a funnel and tube that was a couple of feet in length so I can pour as much down into his belly in one sitting.

Sean gulp and chugged it down without much choice or will of his own. Once again a submissive fattening pig bear. By the time he chugged down about half the gallon that was in the tub, his belly was truly tight and stretched beyond its limitation. He was letting out burps and grunts in between his chugging as I know he was getting a nice hard on below all that rounding and rising fat bear gut.

"Sounds like my pig bear needs some release, allow me!" I said as I climbed below to grab his hard bear member and started to suck and play with it fast and quick. The reaction from Sean was truly priceless as he began to chug even faster and more wildly than he was before. It was almost like he wanted to BURST but instead he just kept on swelling outward more and more fatter.

By the time he was fully done with the ice cream, he looked so huge and ballooned that he could pass off as a 400 pounder for sure. Sean's eyes started to get heavy again as all the food and drink started to drift him off into a food coma.

Days 3 through 8

The past days went by like a whirlwind of food, sex and gluttony. Sean started out as a mere 280 pounder UK bear but soon it changed over to make him into a submissive piggy bear that was well over 400 pounds from all the overstuffing and planning I worked on him within these few days.

He even started to oink and grunt like a piggy for me while letting out big burps and rolling around in his own pleasant fatness and gluttony. He couldn't help himself whenever I came around with food for him to gorge on. It literally made him drool on command and against his will.

We took a short pause in all the gluttony to actually weigh him to see how the progress was going. The scale was heavy duty just for him since I knew the massive weight would easily break and destroy a normal scale.

Sean heaved his massive bulky bear body onto the scale slowly and waddling. The scale did a lot of beeping but it was able to handle the girth, which went the beeping stopped the scale finally displayed the weigh in...


Sean was in shock from what I told him the scale read since his massive belly was too far out and in the way for him to read it himself.

"That's unbelievable!" Sean said as he put his hands on the big hairy ball of bear fat in front of him. He was wearing nothing, which I demanded him to be when we are in the house, as he looked down at his massive belly sticking out. His belly wasn't fully solid like a ball, it was a bit doughy and soft underneath which make it so extremely hot to fuck his underbelly until I shoot my load on him. His belly wasn't the only thing that grew fat and thick, his butt was jiggle and soft along with his thighs, arms and hands. His face was truly chubby like he already had food stuffed into his fat cheeks and his double chin hanged nicely as it was covered by his facial hair.

He was truly a magnificent big bear if I have ever seen one! "So what you think so far my fat piggy bear!" I exclaimed with an evil smirk to my face as I rubbed his back and belly against my own.

"BURRRRRRPPPPPPP! Piggy likes very much master feeder. Piggy wants MORE!" Sean said as he growled and grunted in bliss over how huge I have gotten him. I knew then that it was only upward and outward for him and his massive size.

His food intake increased more and more each day along with his size. What he use to eat in just a loaf of bread turned into 2, 3 and 4 loaves of bread. One large pizza turned into more than one along with 40 ounces of beer and 3 liters of soda. His belly could hold so much that it was almost scary to see him expand so huge that it looked ready to explode but rather it just kept on swelling and growing like the mammoth balloon bear I have created.

He was still able to sleep without any problem and breathing troubles as I already had a Cpap machine for his growing bearish size. It was the most wonderful time to sleep on his overstuffed and overblown belly like a climber finally reaching the top of the most beautiful mountain in the world.

I knew that this might be over if he still thinks he isn't a big enough blimp to stay here but I really didn't care as I snuggled up against him and his massive girth and just drift off to sleep in dreaming of how massively huge and round he will get for two more days.

Day 9 - Buffet

As a final farewell to Sean, we revisited the buffet that we hit first when he arrived. I had a hard time getting Sean back into the van with all his belly not only pushing into the dashboard but also getting him wedged into the passenger's seat. Sean grunted and huffed as I tried to push him into the seat. 

Finally he was into the seat and it was a tight fit, even with the seat pushed all the way to the back he was still able to fill out the entire seat completely and then some. "No doubt he'll need a double seating when he gets on the plane back." I said to myself as I looked on to the fat mass that was squeezed into my van.

Moments and a few pushes out of the van later, we arrived at the buffet where Jay was waiting on us. He closed the buffet for the day and just for us. When he saw me and Sean coming, his mouth just simply dropped.

"What the hell is that behind you?" said Jay as he pointed to the big mass of bear and fat behind me.

"It's Sean. Well the bigger and fatter Sean I should say." I said while laughing and rubbing Sean's massive belly. Sean started to moan a bit as I rubbed him, his shirt was barely fitting over his massive ballooned belly as some of the belly overhang peeked out from underneath the once 3 XL shirt.

Jay was amazed at the sheer size of Sean within only 9 days of being with me. "I guess he must be very hungry there now eh?" said Jay.

"He is! So we better get to it!" I exclaimed as we helped Sean into the buffet. As we entered the place, there was tons of food everywhere and of course the machine that started it all was there as well - the soft serve ice cream machine, which was fully loaded with ice cream and gainer mix. Sean looked upon all that food and started to oink and drool happily, "FOOD FOOD! OINK OINK!"

I laughed as did Jay when Sean reacted to the sight of the food. It was truly a moment that I will remember as long as I live that he had truly became a piggy bear blimp for keeps. The buffet feeding began with fries and burgers, then pizza and hot dogs, brownies and ice cream, even overseas goodness from the UK which Jay took upon himself to bring in just for Sean to gorge on.

It took almost 4 hours to clean every plate and tray in the place and ended it all with Sean sucking down the ice cream once again from the machine. This time around he had no trouble at all sucking it down and gulping it. He did it so quickly that the shirt he wore couldn't keep up with the growing bulk and fat, it ripped apart and bursted into shreds in a matter of minutes!

Before we left to the buffet, we did a weigh in for one last time and it read something I thought wouldn't be possible but yet it was. Sean was clearly 575 pounds! The sight of him chugging down every last drop of the ice cream was purely erotic. Each chug and gulp pushed his belly outward in bulges and expanding bounds. Jay as well as myself thought that this could be it, we would possibly have gone too far in making this bear blimp a reality. All of a sudden...POP... out came the hose in Sean's mouth as he let out the most monstrous of burps that anyone could ever witness.

Sean sat there totally immobile with his legs spread open and his arms pushed to the sides with his massive gut, chest and body ballooned beyond its limitation and even more! I rubbed on Sean's overly swollen gut and smiled, "I guess you won't be going home then eh?"

Sean shifted his weight and gave me an evil smile, "That was the plan. I never brought a round trip ticket. It was only one way. I was hoping you will do this to me and you did my master feeder. OINK!"

I was in shock but smiled just the same as I knew my dream became reality as I owned a giant gluttonous pig bear of my own for keeps. I rubbed Sean's belly and gave him a smirk of joy.

"Well good then but the only problem is that you are far from being a blimp sized bear here." I said while grabbing some cookies from a food tray next to me.

I know it was going to take forever to make him the huge blimp size that I desire him to be. But life is all about time and this thing between me and my piggy bear will be eternal.

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