Many stories in different languages and categories.  

I wanted to make a site with a huge collection of gainer stories that 
would be easy to find without having to search many forums and blogs. 
They are also in categories to help you find exactly the type of story 
you are in the mood for!
Please feel free to rate each story and add comments to help other readers.

Corey’s Surprise (0)
Simon and Elliot Part 1 (1)
Jack and Daniel (0)
Pigs in Space (0)
Thanksgiving (0)
Thanksgiving with Chad (0)
Cam Model (0)
[2018-06-23][prise de poids extrême]
Un ami particulier (0)
[2018-06-14][extreme gaining]
A Brand New Discovery (0)
[2018-05-12][extreme gaining]
A chance encounter (2)


Rating: [5.0]    Rating Number: [2][fantasy]
Roid Gut Part 1 (0)
Rating: [5.0]    Rating Number: [1][extreme gaining]
Doughboys Part 1 (0)
Rating: [5.0]    Rating Number: [1][realistic]
Thanksgiving Day (1)
Rating: [5.0]    Rating Number: [1][fantasy]
Snow Storm Part 2 (0)
Rating: [5.0]    Rating Number: [1][realistic]
Trevor & Jeremy (Two Year Anniversary) (0)
Rating: [5.0]    Rating Number: [1][fantasy]
The Gainer Party (0)
Rating: [5.0]    Rating Number: [1][fantasy]
Late Night Fun In The Beya, Part 5 (0)
Rating: [5.0]    Rating Number: [1][fantasy]
Double Mocha? (0)
Rating: [5.0]    Rating Number: [1][réaliste]
Une nouvelle carrière pour Dirk partie 1 (0)
Rating: [5.0]    Rating Number: [1][first pounds]
Brad, SIR (0)

[2014-05-22]   Rating: [3.0][fantasy]
Pete and Franklin (0)
[2015-08-07]   Rating: [4.2][realistic]
Lifeguard Duty (0)
[2012-07-19]   Rating: [2.3][fantasy]
The Sleeper (0)
[2012-08-12]   Rating: [3.3][fantasy]
Watermellons (0)
[2012-08-26]   Rating: [0.0][extreme gaining]
Off season training (0)
[2012-07-15]   Rating: [3.0][realistic]
Letting Go (0)
[2012-07-12]   Rating: [4.3][realistic]
The Chunky BodyBuilder (0)
[2012-07-12]   Rating: [4.0][fantasy]
The BellyMaster (0)
[2012-09-07]   Rating: [0.0][realistic]
Net Love: A Story of Feeding Part 2 (0)
[2012-07-12]   Rating: [4.2][extreme gaining]
Blackmail (0)