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Roid Gut Part 1
11:45PM Thursday April 5
The small glass bottle sat on the counter. The typewritten black letters on the otherwise plain white label read "Gorditol". The clear liquid inside was a powerful new steroid from Mexico that would allow a bodybuilder to add large amounts of muscle very quickly. 
I looked at my reflection in the mirror. "Not too bad," I thought. Many years of intense weight training had transformed my avergage sized body into a thick, muscular build. I flexed my seventeen inch arms and did a "double biceps" pose in front of the mirror. My chest had gone from forty-four inches to over fifty inches around, with the growth in my lats playing a role in the increase. I rubbed my hands over my rippled abs; even though my stomach did bulge out slightly, it tapered down nicely to a thirty-two inch waist. The very slight thickness in the midsection just added to the powerful look of my build, I thought.
But yet something was lacking. I had a body most guys would envy, but I just wasn’t big enough. The idea of twenty inch biceps and massive pecs was very appealing. So appealing in fact, that I was willing to try this very new and somewhat unknown steroid. The word on the street was that this was the best steroid for gaining size, and that a different cycle could follow for cutting up. 
Did I really need to be bigger? I checked the reflection one more time. 
"Hell, yeah," I said to myself, remembering the bodybuilders creed, "Life is too short to be small!"
I filled the needle up with the entire contents of the bottle. The instructions were to inject the entire amount into a slightly fatty area, and then lift weights regularly and with great focus and intensity. This particular steroid had an unusual quality; it was time released so one injection was all the would be needed for six months. I didn’t really like the idea of having to give myself a shot every day or every few days. This time and trouble saving characteristic helped me make the decision to give it a try. 
The final question was where to make the injection. I looked at my body and realized there were few areas of much fat. I then focused on the small amount of fat that was making my belly slightly rounded. That gave me the idea. "This would be perfect," I thought, "And no one will be able to see any needle marks!" With that, I stuck the needle into my very slight outie belly button, and filled my muscular body with the growth stimulant. I removed the needle when it was emptied and said to myself, "Now it’s time to get fuckin’ huge!" 
Noon, Saturday, May 6 
I strutted over to the large black rack of free weights lined up at the far end of the room. Grabbing an eighty pound dumbbell in each hand, I stepped back, and faced the full length mirrors that covered the wall. Both dumbbells were raised and lowered simultaneously, working out my growing biceps. The reflection in the mirror told me what I already knew - I was getting huge! My biceps exploded out of the tight T-shirt I had specifically selected to wear. The fabric was slightly torn at the bottom of the sleeves and was stretched tight over my expanded pecs. I couldn’t help but admire the body that 
smiled back at me.
A movement several feet away caught my eye. I looked over and recognized Ron, one of my old workout partners. He approached and I put down the dumbbells and turned down the volume on my headphones.
"Man, you’re getting B... I...G...," Ron noted, and reached out to touch my pumped biceps, "What kind of juice are you on?" 
"Just some special vitamins and supplements," I replied with a big grin. "Check this out...Eighteen and a half inches of pure muscle!" I flexed my cantaloupe sized bicep. 
"You’re blowin’ up huge, dude; What are you weigh’n in at these days?" 
"Oh , I’m up to about two-sixty...I’ve gained thirty pounds since I started this intense program!" 
"Two..fuckin’..sixty! Shit! Looks like some of that has gone here," Ron noticed, as he patted my more rounded stomach, "That gut’s really growing too. You’re gonna need that trim down cycle pretty soon."
Ron was right. My belly was noticeably larger than only one month ago. The workout pants I wore, designed for a thirty-two inch waist, still fit okay. However, my belly now measured over forty inches around, an increase of more than six inches. Even though this change was obvious while wearing a tight shirt, I still was more concerned about getting big. Besides, I still had several more months remaining on my bulk-up cycle.
"Shit, I got a ways to go before that," I answered, then flexed my bicep again. "I’m gonna break the twenty inch barrier before I even think about gettin’ cut!"
9PM Wednesday, June 5 
I reached into my locker and pulled out a pair of jeans. Another exhausting workout had ended and I was getting dressed after showering. I pulled up the pair of jeans, and struggled somewhat to fasten them underneath my growing belly. The thirty-six inch waistband was already very tight, though I had bought them only a few weeks ago. I looked down to see a tan round ball sticking out below my massive pecs. Though my biceps were over nineteen inches now, and my chest measured an impressive fifty-seven inches around, more of my recent weight gain had gone to my gut. I took a couple of steps over to the scale and stepped on. The little balance weights were moved to the right a little bit...then a little more...then a little more...then still more.. until they came to rest ...indicating 291 pounds!
"Shit!" I thought to myself, "I’m really huge now!" The bigger than expected belly didn’t bother me though, as I was still on my way to the magic phase, "twenty inch guns". 
"Hey, man, I can help you with that," I heard someone say as I stepped off the scale and turned around. 
A muscular but lean thirty-something male was standing there, wearing typical workout clothes. His tight tank top shirt revealed a very well developed upper body, and a firm, flat stomach. 
"Yeah?" I asked, wondering what he was talking about. 
"Your gut man....it’s gotten so huge," he replied, "I know a guy that can help you get that under control."
He took a small business card out from his pocket. "I’m Terry; this is the address for a friend of mine named Jim Mongo. He’s works at a gym and he helps bodybuilders get rid of big bellies, whether from ‘roid or GH use or just overeating."
I took the card from Terry with a slight frown on my face. "Well, I have put on some weight here in my midsection, but its not that big a deal yet; I..." 
Terry interrupted with, "SOME WEIGHT?!...Man, you’re blowing up like a 
fuckin’ balloon! I remember seeing you in here just a few months ago and your stomach was normal. Now you look like you’ve swallowed a jumbo watermelon! I’ll bet your gut is four feet around!" 
"Shit, it’s not that big," I replied, knowing that my belly measured just under forty-eight inches around. "I’m just gettin’ a ‘roid gut!" 
"Well, that maybe true, but if so, I’ve never seen a ‘roid gut get so big so fast. Even your belly button has gotten big." 
This was true. My navel, now about the size of a large marble, had grown along with my belly. Terry then proceeded to poke the side and front of my oversized belly. "It is firm like a ‘roid gut, but it sure looks more like a pregnant belly!" 
"I’ll think about it," I said, then turned back to my locker. 
"All right,’ Terry responded, "But you better do something about it before it’s too late!" 
Maybe I should, I thought to myself. I have been eating a ton of food lately. I’m always so hungry now and my stomach can hold so much more. But I need to eat a lot to get big, right? How am I ever going to get that massive upper body if I start trimming down now? I decided that the trim down can wait; I don’t mind having a bit of a gut and really, what’s the worst that can happen?
11AM Saturday, July 9
A couple of buddies and I were walking through the city, heading towards the baseball stadium. The sun beat down on this already hot day. I was looking forward to the game. Not many other fans were here this early, but we wanted to watch some batting practice and try and get an autograph or two.
As we entered the parking lot, a young man rushed over to us.
"Quick, dude; I really need your help," he blurted out, then looked me up and down, "Thank God you’re here. You’re probably the only one that can help. Follow me." 
"Hey, what’s going on?" I started to ask, but the man had already taken off. The three of us began to follow. "He probably need’s some help in lifting something super heavy and was hoping a stud like me would come by...it’s a curse really," I grinned as I said to my friends. 
We turned the corner and saw the young man standing next to a large trailer, surrounded by a lot of equipment. Behind the truck was the Budweiser blimp, which was sagging and slowly lowering towards the ground. 
"I can’t thank you enough, dude," he directed me towards one of the pieces of equipment, "We were up shit creek if you hadn’t come along."
He suddenly grabbed a large hose that was attached to this machine and stuck it into my mouth. Somehow, he fed it down my throat so far I could not get it out. I watched him then step over to the machine and pull on a large lever. 
There was a loud whirring sound then I started to get a weird feeling. I looked down at my belly and realized it was growing. This guy was inflating my already huge stomach!
"I didn’t know what to do when I saw our blimp deflating. We’ve got to have one ready for the game. It’s a good thing you came along," he explained, and put his hand on my already much larger belly, "You’ll make a good blimp!" 
"Guys! Hey guys, help me out!" I yelled at my friends, but both of them were laughing so hard they couldn’t move. They just watched my belly rapidly expand until it appeared that it would surely pop. 
"What’s happening?!?" I asked, as a strange sensation began to overcome me. I was getting lighter, not heavier, even though my stomach was so gigantic. Slowly, I felt my feet lift of the ground and my whole body tilted forward. I was now hovering about six feet above the ground with my enormous belly continuing to expand. 
The young man began to tie a rope around each wrist and each ankle in order to hold my helium inflated body in place. As I continued to expand to cartoon-like size, I also drifted higher off the ground. 
People began to gather around and watch as I hovered about ten feet off the ground. My belly was so huge that my body had basically become a large ball with arms, legs and a head sticking out of it. As I looked down at the crowd, I saw my buddies pointing at me and still laughing. 
"We kept saying you were turning into a blimp," one of them said while still laughing, "And now it’s time for your launching!"
I opened my eyes and tried to adjust to the bright light streaming next to my face. A solid white area was slowly coming into focus. I blinked once; then twice and realized what was happening. I was lying on the sofa looking up at the ceiling of my house! My mind was clearing now. Going to the baseball game, the helium hose, the inflation wasn’t real. It was all just a dream. I’m not really a blimp!
I lifted my head up slightly and began to sit up. But sitting up wasn’t as easy as it should be. I noticed what appeared to be a large brown ball resting on top of my midsection. 
"HOLY SHIT!" I nearly yelled to myself, "That’s my belly! It’s gotten fuckin’ huge!" I grabbed the top of the sofa in order to pull myself up. I managed to get into a sitting position and put a hand on each side of the very round ball. 
"Man, oh, man, what’s happened?" I tried to stand, but it took some pushing on the couch itself for me to get up. I looked around the room and noticed in one corner was a beer keg laying on its side, and in the other corner was what looked to be about ten empty pizza boxes. I could also see into the dining room, which was full of empty McDonald’s and Taco Bell bags, pizza boxes and several more drained kegs. 
"Have I really been eating that much?" I thought to myself, then looked back down at my belly, "Yeah, I guess so."
I maneuvered over near the full length mirror in the foyer. An incredible site greeted me when I turned sideways to examine my profile. I looked like a professional bodybuilder that was nine months pregnant with twins. There was no other explanation for my new build. My pecs were very well developed, reflected in a chest measurement I knew was about sixty inches, but just underneath them began the perfect half sphere that my belly had become. Not only was my gut itself unbelievably protruding, but the belly button was enlarged as well. I had on a pair of jeans that were buttoned somewhere down below that I couldn’t see from above. I could still see the jeans in the reflection though, as my gigantic gut stuck straight out. 
This was enough for me to witness. It was time to give that guy a call that supposedly helped out bodybuilders with big guts. What did I do with that card with his address? I went up the stairs with a walk that was both strut and a waddle. The size and weight of my gut was very noticeable as I reached the second floor and went into my bedroom. "Now where did I put that card?" I kept mumbling to myself as I glanced around the room. I opened the top drawer in the desk and tried to see around my belly to search for the information. The new size of my gut forced me to turn sideways and look into the drawer over my shoulder. The search was a success though and I had the name and address. The next step was to decide what to wear. I thought I should wear something loose, so I sat down on the edge of the bed to take my boots off and then change out of the jeans. This proved to be a much more difficult task than expected. The size of my gut made it hard for me to bend over and reach down to remove my boots. I eventually surrendered to my huge belly; I was going to have to wear what I already had on. Now I only needed to find a shirt that would fit.
While scanning all the clothes hanging on the bar, I spotted an old XXL sweatshirt. It was gray, with a "Big Gorilla" logo on the front and had the neck, sleeves and bottom cut off. This must be the largest shirt I’ve got, I thought to myself, and pulled it over my head. I watched myself in the mirror as I pulled the shirt over my huge pecs and down. The bottom of this very big garment stopped just above my walnut-sized belly button. 
"Great!" I said sarcastically as I examined the reflection of my profile, "I look like I swallowed a fuckin’ beach ball...and even this huge maternity shirt doesn’t cover my gigantic belly!"
I ran my hand along the distant curve of the exposed portion of my huge belly then turned from the mirror and left the room. The front door of the house was locked upon my exit and I got in my red Ford F-150 pick-up. 
"Just enough room," I thought to myself as I noticed my belly button was less than an inch away from the steering wheel. "Juusstt enough!"
The name on the card read "Jim Mongo" and the address was for a well know gym called the "Muscle Factory" which catered specifically to very big bodybuilders. It took less than fifteen minutes to get there and I parked at the edge of the lot that the gym shared with a shopping center. As I was walking towards the main entrance, it seemed as though the people that passed by were staring at me. Had I seen a few double-takes and heard a few chuckles as I went by? Nah...must be my imagination.
The entrance was a simple set of double glass doors, with dark tint so that you couldn’t see through to the other side. I went inside and found myself in a small foyer with a wall on the left side and a large desk on the right. An older man, probably in his 50s, was standing behind the desk. His short gray hair gave away his age, but his body was thickly muscled. 
"Hey, excuse me, I’m looking for a Jim Mongo," I said to the man that had "Mike" stenciled above his shirt pocket, "Is he around?" 
"Yeah, he’s in the back. I can...," Mike began to answer, then looked up and noticed my new build. 
"DAMN, son...what happened to your belly? You look like you’re about to give birth to a five year old!," Mike exclaimed as he walked out from around the desk and stood next to me. 
"My, uh, it’s just a ‘roid gut that’s gotten a little out of control," I noted, "That’s what I’m here to see Jim about!" 
"I have never seen a ‘roid gut this huge," Mike commented as he reached over and lifted up the bottom of my oversized shirt, exposing more of my ballooned belly. "Are you sure there’s nothing in here?" He gave it a couple of thumps. "I’ll admit its firm though...what have you been eating?" 
Before I could reply, or make something up actually, Mike let my shirt down and started to walk down the hall. "I’ll show you where Jim is. Hopefully he can help you get that fucker deflated down to normal size!"
I followed Mike through a doorway and into a very expansive free weight room. There were several bodybuilders training in various areas of the gym. Several of them raised their eyebrows, smiled and nudged their buddies as I walked by. Since I was walking beside one of the outer walls perpendicular to where they were standing, their view was of my pregnant looking profile, though I was sure they also noticed my twenty inch guns. 
We entered another hallway and had only gone a few steps when Mike stopped. "Jim’s in there," Mike said, pointing to a open door. Then Mike gave my belly ball a pat and said, "Good luck! Hope they’re boys!"
I knocked on the open door and stepped inside as a man turned around. He was wearing khaki shorts and a red polo shirt that had the word "Jim" written in script above the word "Muscle Factory" where a pocket would be. Jim was muscular but lean, with his flat stomach very apparent in the tight shirt. His eyes grew wide as he saw me walk into the room and I noticed his gaze shift down to my belly.
"Hey, I hear you can help a guy get his big ‘roid gut under control," I noted, then put my hand on top of my protruding belly, "And I can really use the help!" 
Jim walked over to me and stuck out his hand. 
"Name’s Zach," I said and completed the handshake. 
"I’m Jim," he replied, and began to poke my belly, "That’s quite a gut you’ve got there. Let me take a closer look and I’ll see what I can do." 
Jim instructed me to remove my cutoff sweatshirt and I complied. He let out a slight whistle when I had the shirt completely off. 
"Damn, that thing really sticks out," he patted my belly again, "How big around is it now?" 
"I don’t know for sure. All I know is that it keeps gettin’ bigger!" 
Jim walked over to a counter and opened a drawer. I began to look around the room a little. Kind of a combination of a doctor’s office and a workout room I thought. there was some exercise machines in one end of the large room, but some medical looking devices in the other. A few tables and benches were scattered about the middle of the room. 
Jim came right back with a tape measure and positioned himself directly in font of me.
"What size jeans are you squeezed into?" he asked. 
"Uhhh... I think thirty-eights," I answered.
Jim then took the tape and wrapped it around the huge tan sphere that was now my belly. A slight grin spread over his face as he brought the two ends of the tape together and read the number. 
"Fifty seven and one half inches! That is one big belly!" He knelt down slightly and looked at my oversized gut from underneath. 
"It hardly sags at all; that’s really amazing considering the size of it," Jim noted and then began to thump my belly like he was checking a jumbo watermelon for ripeness. 
"It’s very firm like a ‘roid gut... but it is so huge, there must be something else happening here. Now step up on the scale there and we’ll check the numbers."
I slowly walked over towards the tradition balance-driven scale and stepped on. But there was a problem. My belly wouldn’t fit against the post with my feet on the scale pad. Jim instructed me to turn around and he would read the number.
"So, what’s the damage," I asked, facing away from the scale. Am I 300 yet?" 
"Man you’ve pegged the scale! It only goes to 325!"Jim replied. "Looks like we don’t have a big enough scale to weigh you! 
Jim instructed me to get down and motioned me towards a padded table. 
"Come lie down over here so I can examine that gut...we’ll see why it’s so big!"
I got up on the large table. The back was angled at about sixty degrees, so I was sitting up more than laying down. 
I watched as Jim rolled a piece of equipment from one corner of the room out to the middle where I was. He attached a small tube that had a handle on the end and began to fiddle with some buttons and knobs on the machine.
"What’s that for?" I asked, as he was still studying the machine. 
"I’m going to do a sonogram on your belly," Jim replied, "To see what might be in there." 
I wasn’t sure what to think of this. Did he believe that there was something growing in my gut? That wasn’t possible. Then I looked down at the perfectly round sphere with the enlarged belly button attached. Well, maybe...
Jim moved the handle around on my huge gut. In spite of all of the jokes today (and other days recently) about the size of my gut, this was the most pregnant I had ever felt. Here was a specialist using a piece of medical equipment to determine if my hugely overgrown belly contained a baby or alien or watermelon or something!
The procedure only lasted a few minutes and Jim wheeled the machine away when he was done. 
"So, what’s the verdict?" I asked, as I put my hands on the sides of my belly, "Am I about to be a father or mother or what?" 
Jim smiled then replied and tapped my gut near the belly button, "No, there isn’t a baby in there as much as it looks like it. I didn’t see any other kind of growth either but the machine is still analyzing the data. I want to try another test."
He walked over to the end of the room behind me, so I couldn’t see what he was doing, but could hear the sounds of drawers opening and closing. I had my head turned back over my shoulder to try and see what Jim was doing when I heard a voice.
"Shit, Mark come here! You gotta see this!"
I turned my head around and noticed a young man standing in the doorway to the room. He had the stereotypical surfer dude look, with a deep tan, long blonde hair and was wearing a tight yellow tank top. He was much bigger than the normal surfer though, with hugely oversized, muscular upper body and thighs bulging out of his shorts. The big surfer had wide grin on his face as he appeared to be motioning to someone else in the hall. 
Another young bodybuilder joined the surfer. He had more of a preppy look with short dark hair and a clean shaven face. The preppy was also very muscular but did not posses the flat stomach or cuts that his surfer buddy did. A very large and loose fitting shirt appeared to have been chosen to hide an off season gut, though his muscular size was very impressive.
The two walked into the room and over to where I was beached on the examining table. The surfer was the first to reach me and reached out to poke my belly. 
"Don’t touch it T.J.," Mark shouted, "IT'LL POP!" 
The surfer very gently began to tap the tan balloon attached to my body. "Get a load of the size of this fucker," he noted with a grin, then turned to his pal, "This is what you’re gonna look like!" 
Mark snarled, "There’s no way in hell my belly could get that big even if I tried!" 
The two young bodybuilders were now standing beside me, staring at the hugely swollen belly, one on each side. Jim had finished whatever he had been doing and walked back to the center of the room.
"Hey, Jim, what’s the deal with this dude’s belly? Is he pregnant with twins or triplets?" the surfer asked. 
"Man, haven’t you guys ever seen a ‘roid gut?" I asked, as I started to flex my biceps, "I was just building up these guns and grew a gut along the way." 
Both of the young bodybuilders began to laugh. "Yeah, your biceps look like melons," Mark stated, "But your belly looks like a beach ball was over inflated inside of it!" 
"All right guys, move over, I’ve still got another test to do," Jim stated as he nudged the young men away. "We’ll see what’s causing this poor guy’s gut to stick out like it does."
The two big bodybuilders started to walk away, but not without one last pat of my belly ball. Just before they reached the door the surfer turned around and said, "Hey if turns out just to be a huge beer gut, call us; we can stick a tap in that belly button and have enough brew for the whole gym!"
Meanwhile, Jim had already begun to attach these small wires to several of my fingers. I recognized the set-up as a test to message bodyfat percentage. Jim lifted up the bottom of my jeans and attached another patch with a wire coming out of it. 
Jim went back behind me and pushed some buttons on a machine. I had not even felt anything when he announced that the test was completed and he started to remove the wires.
"Well, what is it?" I asked, wanting to know my body fat percentage. 
"Hmmmm," was all that Jim said at first. Then he added, "I think I’m beginning to see what has happened here." With that Jim went back over to the counter and looked at some readings from the first test. He then walked back over to me with a confident look on his face. 
"Your body fat percentage is thirty-nine percent, which is really high for a guy with so much muscle as you have. Your sonogram revealed an extremely thick abdominal wall and something else very unusual... your stomach itself is quite large. My thinking is that the steroids significantly increased the size of your abs and your internal organs, and this combined with the amount of fat you are carrying is why your belly is so huge, yet so firm. The tremendous eating you must have done to gain the weight, the muscle and the fat, has really stretched out your stomach; I’ll bet you can really put away the chow." Jim explained.
"So, this really isn’t a ‘roid gut?" I asked, placing my hands on the side of the brown sphere. 
"Well, sort of. I think the steroids are responsible for the shape and feel, why it is so hard and so round like a ball; but the size of it is mostly your own overeating." Jim answered, and continued, "You basically have a super-fattened ‘roid gut!" 
I got up and started to reach for my shirt. As I pulled it over my head I said, "Well, thanks for your time, Jim; at least I know what’s going on now." 
"Sure, Zach, I’m glad I could help you find out what has happened. You know this means you have about an eighty pound belly on you," Jim noted, and patted my gut, "You’re going to have to eat more sensibly to get this down to a reasonable size." 
"Yeah, maybe it is time to trim down some. It’s gettin’ harder just to move around," I said as I made my way through the door. "Take it easy and thanks again." 
"Sure. Good luck!" Jim said, and I was heading down the hallway.
I had only taken a few steps when a another weight-lifter turned the corner. I recognized him right away as a friend that I used to work out with. 
"Zach?, Hey is that you?" Chris asked, then continued after I acknowledged him, "Dude you’ve gotten so huge!"
Chris looked bigger too. He had always had more of a swimmer’s build in that he was muscular in an athletic sense, but not really thick. Now however, not only was his upper body wider and more solid, but his midsection clearly had a roundness to it that it did not have only six months ago.
After a long firm handshake, Chris’ hand quickly traveled to the top of my new belly. "What in the hell happened?" He asked, continuing to poke my oversized gut, "You look like you’re entering your forth trimester!" 
"Uh, I’ve been bulking up," I explained, " See the size of these?" I pointed to one of my oversized biceps. 
"Yeah, you’re bi’s and pec’s have gotten really big," Chris noted as he kept his hand on my spherical gut, "But your belly has blown up incredibly! I’ve never seen a gut that big and round. And I didn’t even know you were a gainer." 
"A gainer?....," I asked, not exactly sure what he meant, "You mean, did I grow this belly on purpose? What makes you think that?" 
"Well," Chris began his explanation with a grin, "First of all, not too many guys would spend hours in the gym developing massive pec’s then just LET their belly turn into a giant beach ball. Second," Chris continued as he bent over slightly to see under my protruding barrel, "I don’t know how you squeezed into these jeans, but it certainly makes your gut stick out even more," Chris stood back up and grabbed the bottom of my shirt, "And finally this shirt stops just about where your belly is at it’s biggest and roundest, showing it off perfectly. You certainly wouldn’t wear a shirt like this if you 
didn’t want everyone to notice what a huge pregnant belly you now have."
As Chris spoke, I thought about what he had suggested. I had always wanted to be unusually big; so big in fact, that people gave me a second look as I walked passed. And that was definitely happening now. Also, when the gorgeous young bodybuilding surfer kept thumping my belly, I had to admit that it was a turn-on. The idea of getting so much attention because I was oversized, even if it was mainly my belly, was still exciting to me. 
So maybe I really am a gainer; just trying to get incredibly big in every way.
"Okay," I said with a smile, "I did want to get big." I placed my right hand on top of my ball belly, " I didn’t expect to get this huge though ...believe it or not, almost all of this has come in just the last few months!" 
Chris’s eyes widened, "How did you grow so much so quickly? I’ve been trying to develop a gut myself, too." Chris put his hand on his own rounded stomach then began to pat my gigantic one. "But I can’t even imagine gettin’ as big as you are." 
"Yeah, I noticed that you’re a lot thicker...you look good!" I complimented Chris on his accomplishments, while still leaving my hand on top of my gut, "I’ve been eatin’ a hell of a lot of food and washing it down with protein shakes and beer. Also, I tired a new steroid that I think made it easier to overeat and direct a lot of the extra weight to my belly." 
"What did you take," Chris asked. 
"Gorditol," I responded, "I got some from a buddy in Mexico. I didn’t know much about it but it sure worked!" 
Chris looked at my biceps and then back at my enormous belly. "It sure did. Are 
you still growing? You look like you could pop at any minute!" 
"Oh yeah, I’m still growing," I answered, "The effects of the steroids will start to diminish soon. In the meantime, I’m gonna keep on eatin’ and keep on liftin’. Say, you want to get something to eat?" 
"I just ate, but I wouldn’t mind watching you put it away," Chris replied, "Are you telling me that this thing is empty?" He poked my gut at it’s roundest part. 
"I haven’t had anything to eat today....really!" I said. 
"There’s a place for us to eat is right here," Chris explained, "It’s a small restaurant that is part of the gym, and they feature pasta. There’s always have some kind of all-you-can-eat special." He had a gleam in his eye as his hand was still resting on the top of my belly. "That should be perfect for you!" 
"LETS GO!" I said.

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