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I wanted to make a site with a huge collection of gainer stories that 
would be easy to find without having to search many forums and blogs. 
They are also in categories to help you find exactly the type of story 
you are in the mood for!
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[2016-09-14][extreme gaining]
A letter to Ben (0)
A Dark Education Part 1 (0)
When I saw my friend's gaining over 30kg... (0)
[2016-08-27][first pounds]
If was as if a switch had been turned on (0)
Nothing ventured, nothing gained (0)
[2016-08-17][extreme gaining]
A warm liking (0)
Gain On Guard (0)
Jiggly Josh Part One (0)
[2016-05-30][extreme gaining]
A Piggy for a Pet (1)
[2016-05-29][first pounds]
Off Field (0)


Rating: [5.0]    Rating Number: [8][fantasy]
Creamery Gold (1)
Rating: [5.0]    Rating Number: [6][extreme gaining]
The Road to Gainsville (1)
Rating: [5.0]    Rating Number: [5][fantasy]
The Adventures of Jim- Part 2 (2)
Rating: [5.0]    Rating Number: [4][realistic]
Homegrown (0)
Rating: [5.0]    Rating Number: [4][extreme gaining]
The Demon and the Slob (1)
Rating: [5.0]    Rating Number: [4][fantasy]
Adam and the Devil (1)
Rating: [5.0]    Rating Number: [3][extreme gaining]
Small Steps (1)
Rating: [5.0]    Rating Number: [3][extreme gaining]
Extra Help (1)
Rating: [5.0]    Rating Number: [3][realistic]
My First Feeding (0)
Rating: [5.0]    Rating Number: [3][fantasy]
The Bet - Part 3 - Conclusion (0)

[2012-07-12]   Rating: [0.0][first pounds]
Brad, SIR (0)
[2013-01-15]   Rating: [4.3][realistic]
Trailer 2 (0)
[2012-07-20]   Rating: [5.0][first pounds]
Stuffing (0)
[2012-07-31]   Rating: [4.0][fantasy]
Compound G-176 (0)
[2012-07-19]   Rating: [5.0][first pounds]
Randy (0)
[2012-07-13]   Rating: [4.3][Realistisch]
Traumprinz (0)
[2012-09-11]   Rating: [5.0][realistic]
A Growing Star - Part 3 (0)
[2012-07-18]   Rating: [4.7][fantasy]
Project G2 (1)
[2013-12-29]   Rating: [0.0][fantasy]
My Creation (0)
[2012-09-15]   Rating: [4.2][realistic]
Pie, Spy - Part I (1)