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The Dance
I had been watching Andrew in our college lunch room for weeks. He was painfully shy, hardly ever speaking to anyone and mostly ambling about to himself. I’d heard rumours that he was gay, but no one could actually verify this, because all in all, we knew very little about him. I was obsessed. Every time I saw him my heart gave a little flutter. He was exactly the sort of guy I liked, as fat as they come. He was easily twice the size of any other guy on our campus, covered in soft doughy flab. His whole body was kind of round, and soft, his belly spreading right round into a big grabable roll of fat on his back. He had two big soft man boobs that you could see bouncing when he walked. I had watched him struggling to fit on our college chairs, and snuggling even more to get out of them. The only time I ever really saw him light up was in the lunch room. He came alive when he was presented with food. He especially enjoyed chocolate. Every day I would see him filling up with chocolatey treats after his lunch. I was desperate to have him.

My chance came one Friday early in October. I was sitting at the table next to him, and to everyones surprised, when the new Xbox game “Journeyman” came up, Andrew jumped into the conversation. So, the shy fat boy likes Xbox. He started excitedly sharing all the little bits of information he knew about this highly anticipated game, which unfortunately he couldn’t afford at the moment. I knew this was my chance. I loitered at the table till everyone else had left, leaving just me and Andrew who was busy digging into his second helping of dessert.

“Hey, I have Journeyman, you should come over and play with me sometime?”

Andrew beamed, and excitedly said he’d be over tomorrow. We exchanged details and he said he’d be over tomorrow about twelve. I rushed home after college to download the game, which set me back 70 euro. It felt totally worth if if it let me get my hands on his big doughy flabby body. I thought of all of the times I’d seem his beaming face as he dug into some chocolate desserts, and went out to the grocery store to shop for supplies. This fat boy was going to have the time of his life.

Next morning, I got up early, tidied my flat, had a shower, made my hair look nice. I had a little douche as well (just in case). Lit a candle, just to try and create the right mood, and waited. The doorbell rang at one, and there he was, the doughiest, fattest boy I knew, coming into my flat. My heart was racing.

I grabbed us some beers from the fridge and we sat down to play the game. It was a single player game, so I let him play (I really didn’t give a shit about the game) and I just watched, leaving to replenish our beers every so often. After about an hour and a half, I decided to make my move. I leant my leg slowly to the left, until it was gently resting against his. I hadn’t done this in years, Id always just gotten with guys that I already knew were gay. But this method had had great results for me as a teenager. He didn’t pull his leg away, a good sign. Half an hour passed like this, all of my attention focusing on the point where my knee met his. I stood up to get us more beers, and when I came back, I sat myself slightly closer to him, this time confidently allowing our legs to touch and also sitting close enough that his his love handles were pressed up against me. I became hyper aware of how soft his roll of fat felt against my lean and firm body. It was such a rush.

He played for three hours in all before turning the game off. When he finished, he didn’t pull away or stand up. He just sat there, our bodies gently touching. Another good sign. I let this silence last for a couple of minutes. The fat boy was too shy, he was never going to make a move. It was going to be me, but I needed more of a sign from him first. I pulled away and turned to face him/

“So, did the game live up to your expectations?”

“Yeah, it did,” He said, smiling. His voice shook a little.

He said nothing more. We held eye contact for just long enough, and I decided to go in. I slowly leant towards him, closed my eyes, gently opened my mouth, and met his. God, I love the thrill of this dance. Our tongues met and our mouths went to work. I first put my hand behind his head, pulling him deeper into me, before wandering down his back. I met the full of fat that sat at the base of his back and began to give it a squeeze, exploring how it ran round to the futon, becoming the under side of his big soft belly. I gave this a gentle rub, before wandering back up to his big jiggle chest, which I squeezed tenderly before honing in on his nipple which I gave little pinch. I felt him take a sharp intake of breath at this point, so I freed my other hand and found his other nipple. The fat boy began to groan in ecstasy. We repositioned ourselves, so I Ould reach around him with both of my arms, grabbing his love handles and pulling him close to me, feeling his pillowy belly push against my slight frame. This I what I had wanted for weeks.

I’ve no idea how long we made out for, but it stayed pretty tame and we left our clothes on. I do know it was m that pulled away first. The fat boy looked elated. I doubt he’d ever been kissed before.

“Hey, you’ve been hear for hours, let me get us some snacks. What do you like?”

“Anything with chocolate.”

I had already predicted this answer, so I went to the kitchen. I had bought so much chocolate, stuff, and now I wasn’t sure what to do. I didn’t want to overwhelm him, but I did want him to eat all of it for me. I decided to take it slow. I grabbed a box of chocolate eclairs and bought them back into him. His face lit up as he saw what I already knew was one of his favourite foods. I opened the box and took out the first one. He waited in excited anticipation, unsure if I would offer him one, or hand him the box. I don’t think he was expecting me to take the one I was holding and bring it up to his lips. He opened his mouth and bit about half of the eclair in one go, swallowing down all of the cream and chocolate and pasty in seconds. He hungrily opened his mouth for the other half, and the whole thing was gone. I wasted no time in presenting him with the second, which similarly was devoured in a flash, as were the third, fourth, fifth and sixth. Andrew looked happy and content as he swallowed the remaining traces of chocolate and cream that were in his mouth. I leaned in for another kiss. We made out for a few more moments before I pulled away and asked, “still hungry?”

“I could eat more,” He said with a smile.

I went back to the kitchen and decided, boldly, to bring in a tray with the remaining food I had bought. There was a chocolate cake, a tub of chocolate ice cream, six chocolate filled doughnuts, and four bars of chocolate. I returned with the tray, doing my best seductive grin. Andrew looked perplexed, but he was too horny and chocolate obsessed to do anything about it. I started with the cake, sitting it into quarters and hand feeding him each one. His face was covered in chocolate frosting afterwards, so I ran my finger around his lips and had him lick it clean. I then gave him a chocolate doughnut which lasted no time at all. By the time we reached the sixth though, he was slowing down. I changed tact and gave him the ice cream, which by this point had melted. I bought the tub to his lips, and slowly poured the creamy liquid in. He swallowed the entire tub in no time at all. He must have been pretty full and bloated at this point, because I noticed his hands were rubbing the upper part of his stomach. He let out a small belch, while I unwrapped the first chocolate bar. He lay back and closed his eyes, opening his mouth eagerly awaiting the first bite of the chocolate bar. I broke it into small pieces and slowly fed it to him, piece by piece by piece, until all four bars were gone.

With all the food gone, I took over massaging his stolen stomach for him. His breathing was heavy, and his brow was covered in sweat. I smiled, knowing his body was working to digest the heap of food I had just hand fed him, turning it into more soft and squishy fat for me to play with. I was hard as a rock as my hand slit under his sweater. Sadly, he didn’t quite pick up on my cue, so I slid the other hand under to begin pulling it over his head. He leant forward to assist me before flopping back to continue his digestion. Suddenly I could see it all. His belly was huge. I slid my finger deep into his navel and jiggled his soft doughy belly. The whole thing wobbled like a big gelatinous blob. I cupped both his man boobs, feeling the sweaty patches in the fold between his tits and his belly. I leant in and began to flock his nipples with my tongue, feeling his breathing become heavier. I slid my hand down to his under belly, gently squeezing it and lifting it, I slid down, searching for his cock among his mounds of flesh. He got this cue, and reached down to unbutton his pants. I lifted his belly with both hands, and found it nestled in his fat pad. He took over holding his belly, while I used my hands to pull apart the flab on his thighs. I leant in and cupped my lips around his cock. Tickling it with my tongue. I took out my hands, letting his thigh fat push against my head, and reached up over his huge belly to begin tweaking his nipples. I heard his breathing become faster and faster. I sucked and sucked until he came in my mouth, his entire fat body jiggling with the passion of his orgasm. I pulled out, my cheeks covered in sweat from his thighs, my hands covered in sweat from his tits.

“You liked your meal, didn’t you?” I asked cheekily. “Yes” he replied, shyly with a nervous laugh. I felt so powerful standing over him, fully clothed while his entire fat fleshy body was on display. I sat down and started playfully grabbing handfuls of his belly fat.

“You can come back for a meal like that anytime you want. I’ll give you as much chocolate as you can take.”

“I don’t understand though, what do you get out of it?”

“I like fat,” I replied bluntly. “I like playing with your fat, and I like the idea of making you fatter.”

He didn’t really react to this. I suspect that he didn’t give a fuck about how fat he got, so long as there was a constant flow of chocolate and orgasms in his future. “Hey, you’re super sweaty, why don’t we have a shower?” He followed me into the bathroom, and studied me carefully as I stripped off. He was still the shy doughy boy he had been earlier. Apparently cumming in my mouth was not enough to fill him with confidence. I took his hands and placed them on my body, and he began to explore me. His chubby fingers ran up and down my small frame, stroked my chiselled jaw line, and down to my rock hard cock. I led him into the shower, pouring a wad of shower gel on his fat body. He sled as I rubbed into each of his rolls of fat, allowing the warm water to pour of him. I look him by his love handles and turned him around. He put his hands on the wall above his head and leaned forward. I took my fingers and wiped deep between his huge ass cheeks, finding his tight butt hole. I slid a finger in, and heard him gasp before relaxing. I pulled out, and went in again, this time with two fingers. No gasp this time just a gently groan. I spread his ass cheeks with my hands, and positioned the tip of my cock on his ass whole. I slowly slowly pushed in. I bought my hands to his love handles, and felt his whole body relax as his ass closed in around my shaft. I began slowly thrusting, grabbing whatever mounds of fat I could reach. He panted and moaned as I thrust deep inside of him, the constant stream of water flowing over us both. He jiggled and bounced as my thrusting became faster and faster. I leaned back and groaned as I shot my load eep in his ass hole. I leaned my chest against his fat back as I regained my breath.

I got out and found a towel, He stood there grinning as I dried him, making sure to go into each and every fold of fat. Both of us stood there, naked in my bathroom.

“I’m going to feed you so much more food.”

“I’m going to get so fat for you.”

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