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The Carer
Ciaran sat on the couch with his mate Sean, like he often did on Saturday nights. His weight gain over the last number of years had put pause to most of his social life. As he neared in on 500lbs, he no longer liked going out to bars, where he knew he wouldn’t fit into the benches, or on a stool. Even if he did find somewhere to sit, he could happily live without the awkward and judgmental stares every time he lifted food or beer to his mouth. At thirty one, Sean was about the only friend he was still in regular contact with. He was pretty sure that Sean only used him as an excuse to get away from his wife a newborn kid for the evening. The rest of his friends seemed to find it too depressing seeing their reclusive fat friend.

‘Dude, you need to get some help,’ Sean said to him that night. ‘Look at this place dude, I mean its one thing if you’re not going to do anything about your weight, but you can’t go on living with this. Ciaran was offended at the suggestion that he could not longer take care of himself. But Sean opened his eyes to the situation. Leaving his apartment to bring out the trash was a monumental undertaking, so the pizza boxes not piled high in his kitchen. The living room was littered with beer bottles. Any time he thought to take care of the situation, he got turned off at the struggle of putting on his shoes, and so they built up. He hadn’t changed his bed sheets in longer than he would care to admit, because his enormous size made it next to impossible. Hanging up laundry to dry was enough to knock him out for the rest of the day. Even washing himself had become a huge chore. ‘You can’t go on living like the dude.’

Sean convinced him to hire someone to help him. He found an agency that provided assistance to housebound people. He felt ill at the thought of it. He knew that the people who got into this kind of work did it to feel fulfilment, they wanted to help the disabled, or the elderly. Not thirty one year olds who had eaten their way to 500lbs. He was sure he wasn’t going to get his house cleaned without first hearing lectures about diet and exercise and blah blah blah. Look, he knew obviously it’s not good being that size. He knows he’s not healthy. Why did people always think that by telling him this they were somehow going to change him? It’s not that he meant for it to happen. It crept on slowly. He’d been a perfectly normal size in college. Then he graduated and went into the work force. For the first time, he was financially comfortable. He had money left over after rent and bills. So he got lazy, he enjoyed his takeaways, he enjoyed his drink. He saw the weight creeping on, and at first he didn’t care. So he was a little bulkier. He was still getting laid. But little by little, he was getting bigger. His work closed their office, and sent everyone to work from home. Suddenly he was grazing all day and hardly leaving the house. Suddenly he was 300lbs. He was not longer bulky. He was big. He was shopping in large and tall shops. He was getting out of breath after even the slightest of efforts. He was still getting laid, but less frequently. Still, he didn’t care. He still enjoyed food, and beer. He still had his work. So he adapted to his life as a fat guy, and the weight kept coming. No amount of lecturing or nagging from friends or colleagues was going to change him. He’d just rather not have to listen to it.

The doorbell rang about ten o’clock that Wednesday. The first day with his home help assistant. He had been told to expect Henrique. He got to the door as fast as he could, which was not altogether very fast at all. He opened the door, and saw Henrique standing with a big toothy grin in his shining white uniform. ‘Hi,’ he said, ‘I’m Henrique, nice to meet you.’ He was slightly under six foot, dark skin, beautiful eyes, slim athletic figure. Ciaran was immediately turned on. He sighed, disappointed that he was going to have to listen to this beautiful man chastise him for his weight and diet twice a week from now on.

He bought him in and showed him around the house. ‘You poor thing,’ said Henrique. ‘I wish you’d got in touch sooner, this is no way to live.’ He was completely taken aback by the clutter and dirt throughout the house. ‘I’m going to get started, you can let me know if there’s anything in particular you need.’ With that, he set about gathering the pizza boxes and bringing them out to the trash, and Ciaran wet back to work.

He struggled to concentrate all day, hearing this beautiful man pottering about his home. He was supposed to be sending out invoices, but instead spent the entire morning day dreaming about what might lie under that sparkly uniform, and hoping that Henrique wasn’t too disgusted by how he lived. At two o’clock Henrique came into his home office. ‘Hey, so I’ve cleared most of the trash out of the kitchen, and I’ve changed your bed sheets, it’s going to take me a few days to get through everything else though. I’ll do the bathroom for you on Friday. Do you want me to run to the shop for you or anything?’ Ciaran declined. He’d made it this far without the usual lectures, he wasn’t going to allow him to see his shopping list. Besides he was well used to getting his groceries delivered. There was a great freedom in online shopping. He could scroll through the website and order what he wanted. His order usually would include things like 10 gallons of ice cream, 20 litres of soda, cakes, chips, all the things he knew he should leave out of his diet. It was definitely better that an anonymous delivery driver just dropped it off without comment and left him to it.

Henrique left, with the same charming smile on his face as when he had arrived. That night, Ciaran couldn’t get him out of his head. He lay on the couch having just eaten two pizzas and a gallon of ice cream. Pretty normal dinner for him. Thoughts of the smily young care assistant filled his head as he lazily caressed his heavy full belly. When he thought about what it would be like to kiss his big grinning mouth, he felt his cock spring into action. He reached around the underneath of his belly, and gently swayed his fat up and down, lifting the pressure on and off of his cock. This was the easiest way to get off now. He reached up and played with his nipples. Since he’d gained so much weight, playing wit his tits had become an essential part of getting off. He imagined the Henrique sitting atop of his mammoth gut, riding him as he swayed up and down. His little cock sinking deep into Ciaran’s fat. It wasn’t long before he felt himself cum onto the under carriage of his stomach. He finished the beer he was drinking and carried himself into the bathroom to clean off the mess he had made. He paused to look at himself in the mirror. A mountain of a man. A huge, round stomach. Sean joked that he looked like Big Hero 6. He wasn’t far wrong. Atop his belly sat two big puffy man tits. His fat face blended straight into his tits, his neck having long been hidden by his fat. When he had first put on weight, he had two squishy little love handles, one on either side of his fat belly. Now though, the fat just continued right around his body, forming what Sean called ‘A uni-handle.’ Maybe it was time to do something about it. Maybe if he could get his weight under control, a guy like Henrique would be interested in him. This thought stayed with him as he waddled into his bedroom. But as he sank into his freshly made bed, it was replaced by more thoughts of Henrique, curled up beside, arms reaching around his mountains of fat.

On Friday, Henrique arrived again at ten and set to work. Ciaran was expecting some commentary on the two days of takeaway packets that needed to be removed, but it didn’t come. Henrique disposed of them with the same sharing smile, then set about cleaning the bathroom. Again, the sound of Henrique moving about his home completely distracted Ciaran from his work. His mind went back to thinking, if he could get to a normal size, he could get a guy like Henrique. Something that he now desperately wanted. Inspired, he decided to go for a walk. He found his headphones, put on a coat, but ah, his old nemesis, the shoes. He called Henrique into him, slightly embarrassed but more determined than ever. ‘I’m going to go out for a little walk dude, is there any chance you could help me get my shoes on?’ ‘Sure thing big guy,’ came the reply. Big guy… it sounded cute. Better than ‘you fat fuck’ which is what Sean called him. ‘Need anything else? Do you want me to make lunch for when you get back or anything?’ Again Ciaran declined and headed out the door.

He got about two blocks, slowly, before he needed a rest. He sat down for a while, kind of shocked that this was as far as he could now get from him his home. But he thought of the beautiful young care assistant in his house, and resigned that the next day he would go further. He’d just have to put his shoes on himself… He turned around and headed home, slowly but surely. ‘Fuck’ he thought as he arrived back to his house. There was the grocery delivery. They weren’t supposed to be here till the afternoon. The guy was just going back to the van. Henrique would see his delivery. He’d escaped the lectures so far, but this was bound to do it. He lumbered up the 3 porch steps and into the house. Henrique was standing in the kitchen, smiling. ‘Hey, how was your walk?’ They stood making small talk, as Henrique pottered about the kitchen putting away the groceries. With each bag he opened, Ciaran worried about what he was going to think. Which obscenely fattening calorie filled food stuff was going to be the last straw? But it didn’t come. Instead, when Henrique had put away the last thing (three cheese cakes into the fridge) he asked Ciaran ‘Want some lunch?’ Ciaran skeptically agreed. He was fairly sure that this would just offer Henrique the ideal opportunity to start his lifestyle correction programme. Again, he was wrong. Henrique came into the living room about twenty minutes later, with a small portion of lasagne for himself, and a significantly larger portion for Ciaran. Henrique’s was accompanied by a small side salad and a glass of water, Ciaran’s was accompanied by a large serving of cheesy garlic bread and two litres of soda. Maybe the lecture wasn’t coming.

Their relationship continued like this for about 2 months. Henrique looked after the house twice a week, he put away the groceries when they came, he did the laundry and changed the bed sheets. And every day he was there, he’d help cairn get his shoes on, so he could go out for a walk. Although he was pretty sure he was getting no smaller, Ciaran could at least get further now. He now walked five blocks each day, and managed it without feeling like he was on the brink of death. This new found energy had made Ciaran feel more sexual than he had felt in years. He was now getting off every night after dinner. And he loved it. He just wished that he had someone to fool around with. After two months of looking at Henrique, and longing to be with him, he decided he would try get to know him better, He asked him one Friday if Henrique fancied hanging out some evening, having a few beers and food? Henrique, with his usual grin said he would love to. He left at three with the promise of coming back that evening.

Sure enough he did come back, about half seven. He let himself in with the key Ciaran had given him, and found cairn in the living room. He had come with a Sixpack of beer, and he had changed out of his uniform into a grey tank top and some shorts. Ciaran could see for the first time his muscular shoulders, his thick legs and his pert little bubble butt. He was more turned on than ever. ‘I’m starved,’ said Henrique. They ordered Ciaran’s usual two pizzas, and Henrique unsurprisingly ordered one small one. When the food came, Ciaran felt that he should feel some sort of shame at this situation. This guy was paid to come in and clean his house and look after him, because he had allowed himself become too fat to do it himself. Yet, as he tucked into his second pizza, he didn’t seem to care. They were joking and having a laugh, he didn’t feel judged at all. Besides, at this point, it was no mystery to Henrique how Ciaran had gotten so huge. He got to know a little more about Henriques life. His father was Japanese, his mother was from Guatemala. They had met in college, and no they lived out in the country side together, Henrique had trained as a nurse and taken this agency job until he could find something permanent in a hospital. He said he enjoyed the work. They got further into their beer and Ciara felt bold enough to turn the conversation towards relationships. Henrique was in fact gay, and single. He had a few ex’s but nothing serious. In college he had never had time for anything too heavy, his mind was constantly occupied wit his studies. Since graduating last year, he just hadn’t tried to get out their and find someone. Ciaran filled him in on his experiences, telling him that he hadn’t been with anyone in two years, since he was about 300lbs. Henrique said he was sorry to hear that, and sympathised that it must be hard navigating the world at that size. And that was it. No lecture, no judgment. He finished his 6 pack, and Ciaran offered him some of his beer. They put on a film, some trashy comedy. Henrique moved over onto the couch beside Ciaran, to get a better view of the TV. They laughed and chatted for hours. At about 1 am, the conservation petered out. Ciaran looked at Henrique. Bless him, he had fallen asleep. Ciaran decided not to wake him. He looked so beautiful, lying there, his hand rest lazily on his crotch, his legs stretched onto the coffee table. After a while, Henrique shuffled in his sleep. He leaned over and rested his head on Ciaran’s shoulder. Emboldened by the beer, Ciaran lifted his arm and draped it around Henqiques shoulder. Henrique in turn reached out and rested his hand on Ciaran’s massive belly, nuzzling his face into the fat man’s side boob. And that was it. They stayed like that till morning.

When Ciaran awoke, Henrique had moved back to the other side of the couch. They were both desperately hungover. Henrique offered to make pancakes for breakfast. As usual, he had two pancakes, and served Ciaran a huge stack (maybe twelve?) swimming in syrup. He finished eating, cleared the pans, thanked Ciaran for a lovely evening, and headed home. Ciaran was elated. Ok, so it wasn’t a date, or anything like a date. It was two guys hanging out. But they cuddled, something that cairn hadn’t done in years. And it was lovely. He moved from the couch to his bed, and went back to bed to use his hangover while thoughts of Henrique swam round his head.

He awoke at about 4 o’clock, and forced himself to go for a walk before Sean came over that night. Sean was getting fat too. In college, he had been a jock, but a chunky one. But, two years into his marriage he was fat. He looked about 300lbs, maybe 350. He ordered two pizzas, just like Ciaran did. Ciaran laughed to think how easily Sean could end up just a big as him. His wife had apparently been on his case about it. All the more reason to escape to his huge mates house. Here, he could eat as much as he wanted, and not give a shit, because fat and all as he was, he was super in shape compared to Ciaran. He was delighted at the change in Ciaran’s attitude, and his house. He said it felt like a weight had ben lifted from Ciaran, and it was great that he was getting out more and taking control of his life. Ciaran confessed to him that he’d developed a huge crush on his care assistant, and told him about the previous night. ‘Go on fat boy, get your bit!’ Sean cheered. Delighted that his friend was finally rejoining the rest of the world.

Ciaran was so excited for Wednesday to roll around again, for Henrique to come back. He decided on Monday to get out and buy some new clothes. Nice ones. Button down shirts, and chinos. If Henrique saw that he was changing his life for the better, maybe some day they would go on an actual date. He got up early Wednesday, shaved, put on after shave and got into his new outfit. Ten o’clock on the dot, the door opened. ‘Hi, I’m Jonathon.’ What the FUCK?! ‘I’m your new care assistant.’ ‘Where’s Henrique?’ Asked Ciaran. ‘He’s been moved onto another case.’ Ciaran was devastated. Ciaran was over 6 feet tall, short need red hair. Very muscular and fit. Clearly spent hours in the gym. He set to work, clearing the week’s pizza boxes and beers from the living room. ‘This stuff is bad eating dude, we’ll make a diet plan for you when I finish here.’ Oh for fuck sake. This is precisely what Ciaran ad wanted to avoid. He sat there and swallowed his pride while Jonathon explained to him how to achieve balance in your diet. As if he didn’t have access to fucking google. Before he left, Jonathon prepared lunch for Ciaran. A salad. A small one. Of all the offensive cliche’s. This wanker. Ciaran smiled and thanked him, but as soon as he left, he was on the phone to the agency. They told him that unfortunately they had had to send Henrique to another case, and they were unable to disclose any further information at this time. They were also unable to give Ciaran and of Henrique’s personal details.

Ciaran sat in the living room. Staring at his measly salad. He was close to tears at having lost Henrique. His heart was racing. Thoughts of the beautiful young smily man raced through his mind. HE had never judged him, he had never lectured him. He had let him live his life. And in return, Ciaran had hoped that one day they might live their lives together. He knew he was being ridiculous, Henrique had never shown any sign at all that he would ever be interested in Ciaran. Still. He felt like he was mourning a relationship. A friendship. He got into bed that night, and he cried. He realised for the first time how alone he felt. His massive rat body had trapped him for years. The moment he thought he was close to maybe finding a relationship with a nice guy, it was gone. He resigned himself to taking control of his life. He would follow Jonathon’s shitty plans, he would keep trying to work out, he would lose the 300lbs of excess fat that was holding him back, and he would rejoin the world.

And he did. He followed the plan, he kept walking, he bought some weights. And the fat started to go. Over the next six months, he gradually lost 50lbs, putting him back to 450lbs. He was still huge obviously. Still to fat to feel confident going to a bar. But it was a start. He still fucking hated Jonathon too. He now had more energy than ever, and he started doing more and more for himself. He decided it was time for Jonathon to go. Jonathon was very happy to be leaving, feeling that he had accomplished something. He just hoped that Ciaran could keep his weight loss journey going on his own. And he did, for two more weeks.

Then, the Tuesday after Jonathon left, the doorbell rang. Ciaran went to open it, faster than he used to manage, but still not in what you’d call ‘a hurry.’ He opened the door and gasped. Standing there, in a white button down shirt and black jeans, holding a bunch of roses, was Henrique. The same beautiful grin as ever. ‘Can I come in?’

Henrique explained that he has asked to be moved from Ciaran. He said he had developed a serious crush on him. And he couldn’t say anything for fear of losing his job. He couldn’t do anything for six months after leaving. This was their company policy. And he was full of apologies, saying it had been the hardest thing to do. The only thing that kept him sane, he said, was knowing that after six months, he would walk straight up to Ciaran’s door, and ask him for a date. Ciaran could not control himself. He laughed and cried with relief and excitement. He threw his arms around Henrique and kissed him passionately. Henrique gripped him back in a tight hug, and pulled away, confused. ‘You’ve lost weight? I didn’t think I’d be able to reach around you like this.’ They sat down and Ciaran told him all about his replacement Jonathon. ‘We’ll have no more of that,’ Henrique said with a cheeky grin. He leaned in for another kiss. He put his hand on Ciaran’s big soft belly, gently squeezing it and rubbing it. They kissed deeper and more passionately, till Henrique could no longer control himself. He stood up and stripped off. Ciaran joined him, but only got as far as taking off his shirt, before Henrique was climbing up on his belly, He kissed his tis and squeezed his under arm fat, as he gently swayed up and down on Ciaran’s mountainous fat, his long firm cock burrowed deep into Ciaran’s stomach fat. He came onto Ciaran’s belly. He then lead him into the bathroom, so he could clean him of in the shower, giving Henrique more opportunity to explore Ciaran’s big soft body. He seemed disappointed though. Ciaran asked him what was wrong. ‘It just seems so cruel. To take someone so beautiful, so big, and so comfortable, and try to change them. To ebb away at them like this.’

‘Don’t worry about it,’ said Ciaran. ‘I have you back now, it’s all over. You can stay now, and make me fatter than ever.’ Henrique beamed his beautiful toothy grin, his hands gently cupping the underneath of Ciaran’s gut. He left him there to dry off, while he went back to the kitchen to make lunch. Ciaran smiled. His own naked chef. He looked at his body in the mirror. He had shrunk. He looked deflated. But he had butterflies in his stomach. The most beautiful man he had ever seen, was back. He was his. And he was going to feed him, and worship his big beautiful body. He couldn’t be happier.

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