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Choir Tour
Nathan had spent years auditioning for professional chamber choirs, all over the world. He had gotten onto deep lists, and he had done plenty of freelance gigs, but he desperately wanted to get a permanent position. When the news came through that he was being offered a place on the bass line of Canta, he opened a bottle of champagne that had been gathering dust, waiting for precisely this occasion. Canta were a highly respected chamber choir of sixteen singers, that toured all over the world. He felt like his life was finally starting. He was in his early thirties, and his efforts to become a professional choral singer had made him postpone any thought of relationships or home ownership. But maybe now the stability of this job would allow him to start exploring these things. Sure he would be spending much of his time travelling the world, but at least he would no longer have to worry about where his next pay check was coming from.

He arrived to his first rehearsal, a programme of French Romantic music that they were touring Europe with for two months. He had spent the last two weeks working tirelessly on the music, marking his score, practising his French. He felt so ready. He went in and found his place with the other three basses and sat down, the blood rushing to his head with excitement. The conductor introduced him to the rest of the choir, and then the rehearsal began. He did well! No great drama, no bum notes, he blended in perfectly fine with the other voices. Huge success!

The choir broke for lunch at one o’clock, and he got to mingle with the other members for the first time. The three basses stayed in a little huddle. ‘Nathan, good to have you man!’ This one’s name was Kevin. He was shockingly handsome, very boy next for looking, with cute Clark Kent glasses. Then then there was Alex, a very tall bean pole with bright ginger hair. He was super nerdy about everything he did, telling them all incredibly boring biographical details about Faure and Massenet. The third bass was called Will. Nathan could not top staring at Will. He was the hugest man he had ever seen in his life. Nathan was 6”6, and Will seemed to be about the same height. He had a truly enormous belly that stuck way out and sat squarely on his thighs. His fat continued right round his torso, and stuck out from his back, curving out to a huge round ass. His face didn’t seem to hold much fat at all though, and if you were only looking at a head shot, you would have thought he was a perfectly average thirty something year old. He had pretty blue eyes, and a tightly shaved head. Nathan watched him eating his lunch, which consisted of a not unreasonably sized portion of pasta. He couldn’t think of a time when he had been in such close proximity to someone so huge before, and he struggled not to stare. He watched in awe at the end of lunch as Will hoisted his huge frame off the chair and back into the rehearsal room. He struggled a little to get onto his feet, but amazingly, once he was up, he strode confidently through the building. You might expect a guy his size to have a kind of waddle or shuffle, but no.

Nathan tried to shake his fixation and concentrate on the rehearsal. The moment he started singing, it was fine, his mind became completely absorbed in the music. However, just before they finished for the evening, they rehearsed Libera Me, from Fauré’s Requiem, in which Will was singing the baritone solo. Nathan watched again as Will struggled to get up. He had to lean forward as far as his huge belly would allow him, then use his hands to kind of pry himself off the chair, shifting his balance forward before standing straight. His voice was breathtaking when he opened it up. So resonant, so in control and so powerful. Nathan was once again awestruck. The man was like a machine, standing as relaxed as can be, resting his hands atop his huge belly and producing this most beautiful sound.

The week of rehearsal continued more or less like this. Nathan enjoyed spending time with Kevin and Alex too. He joined them for beers in the evening after rehearsals, and they got on well, but during the day, he couldn’t stop watching Will. He found him totally hypnotic, whether he was singing, eating or just sitting there. Nathan couldn’t stop wondering what it must be like to live your life at that size. What it’s like to look down and see such a mass of body go out in front of you. He wondered too how Will had ended up this size, because he always seemed to have a perfectly moderate lunch. ‘He must have big dinners,’ he reasoned. On the third day of rehearsals, the conductor paused in the middle of a Massenet piece to work on their French. “It’s all at the front of your mouth,’ he said. ‘You need to think that you are kissing someone. Each sound is like a very fine wine, you must be slow, and savour it in the mouth, on the tongue, on the lips.’ After this, Nathan couldn’t stop watching Will’s lips, gently pouting and opening with each consonant. Mesmerising.

They finished the rehearsal period, and they were off on a flight to Paris, where their tour began. Nathan was used to going through airports, running around the globe chasing auditions. Now, they went as a group, and it was so much better. They had beers in the terminal before boarding, and they were all a little buzzed getting on the flight. Nathan sat beside Kevin on the flight. He was happy to not be near Alex, who he was sure would be presenting a lecture on some mundane piece of musicology. He would have liked sitting beside Will though. He did notice that Will had two seats, his body being far too wide for one. He bet that his fat would easily spill over onto a third though. That could have ben fun. But he sat beside Kevin and they had a great time, drinking all the free wine they were giving, and talking about their lives, about where they had gone to college, previous gigs they had done, relationships and so on. By the time they landed in Paris, Nathan felt like Kevin was now a good friend.

They got on their tour bus at Charles De Gaulle and were driven to their first hotel. Nathan’s heart skipped a beat when he heard the manager cal out that he would be sharing a room with Will. A whole night alone to be mesmerised by his astonishing body. They were told to go to their rooms and relax for an hour before meeting for dinner. Nathan followed Will to the room, where they both dumped their cases and lay down on their beds. Will was just as impressive lying down. His hands lay lazily ate his huge belly, which heaved up and down as he lay their breathing. Nathan tried not to stare, but it was next to impossible when he noticed wiles fingers spread out and start to gently caress the big mound of flab. They sat making small talk, learning about each other’s families and lives, before heading back down. They went for dinner in a pretty low key French restaurant where everyone drank and let loose a little. The real work started tomorrow, so they got to enjoy tonight.

It was about eleven when they all headed back to the hotel. Nathan was talking to one of the altos, so he failed to notice that Will disappeared on the way. He went up to the room alone, a little bemused. How did he manage to lose something so large? Still wide awake thanks to the jet lag, he lay on the bed watching tv. There was some French talk show on, which he struggled to follow, but every so often he would repeat a phrase that he heard, thinking that it might help him with his French pronunciation. He was more than a little intimidated at the thought of singing in French, in France.

About half an hour later, Will returned to the room. He had with him two very well filled grocery bags. “Sorry, hope I haven’t woken you. I just nipped to the shop for some snacks.” The bags were completely full of pastries and cakes and ice cream. Nathan could hardly breathe as he watched Will stuff the entire contents of the bags into his mouth. So this was how he ended up so fat. When he had finished, he went into the bathroom to change out of his shirt and chinos. He came back to the bedroom wearing a huge tshirt, and a pair of boxers that allowed Nathan to glimpse his tremendously fat thighs, and really see the shape of his ass. He lay down on the bed, and again began to stroke his huge gut as it lay on his legs. He started to try and talk to Nathan, but Nathan couldn’t handle it and excused himself to the bathroom to get ready for bed. He locked the door and turned on the shower to mask the sound of himself jerking off, thoughts of Will’s belly being filled with beautiful French pastries running through his head. When he finished, dunked his head under the shower to make it look like he had actually used it, and came bak to the bedroom, but Will was fast asleep, his hands still holding on to his beautiful big belly.

Their concert in Paris was a great success, the audience giving them a very warm applause after. After the performance, they went for dinner, before getting back on the bus and driving to Lilles for their next performance. It was close to midnight when they arrived to the hotel. They grabbed their keys and will turned to him and said ‘I’m just going to nip out to a shop, I’ll follow you up.’ Again, the same display, Will arriving into the room thirty minutes later with two large bags of food. Nathan watched him work his way through it, his legs crossed to as to hide his hard on. “Thats so much food man,” he said to Will, doing his best to hide the tremble in his voice. “You didn’t think I got this size from salad did you?” Will laughed as he pat his belly.

“Do you eat this much every night?”

“I’d be starving if I didn’t. This body takes a lot of fuel to keep it going. If I just had a regular diner and tried to sleep, my stomach would be growling at me all night. And I can’t deprive my stomach, I swear, this big belly of mine is what gives me the power in my voice. I’ve got to keep it well fed to keep up the support.”

“Are you completely full after that amount of food?”

“No, not at all,” he laughed a little, his big fat body shaking as he did.

“How much does it take to fill you?”

“You’ll have to find out some of these days.”

Nathan let him finish his food and get ready for bed. He was shaking all over when he stepped into the bathroom again to relieve himself.

The next night their tour bought them to Brussels. After the performance, they again checked into the hotel, and Will again excused himself to run to a shop. Nathan waited a minute before heading out as well. He had decided to discover how much food Will could take. He found a 24 hour supermarket and stocked up. He copied more or less what he had seen Will eating, croissants, pain au chocolate, doughnuts, a tub of ice cream. He filled two shopping bags and headed back to the hotel room, where Will was already lying on the bed making his way through his evenings haul. He looked at Nathan, slightly bewildered by his two shopping bags. ‘I’m ready to find out how much it takes to fill you.” Will smiled and continued to eat. He polished off his own food in no time, before opening up Nathans. He smiled as he unpacked each treat. “You really know how to treat a fat man don’t you?” He laughed. The big man looked so happy as he munched his way through Nathan’s food. Six croissants were swallowed in a flash, the pain au chocolates didn’t take much longer. The ice cream had melted, so he drank it straight from the carton. He was munching his way through a packet of chocolate muffins when he started to slow. “I think I’m reaching my limit here.” There were six doughnuts left, which will was still lustfully eyeing up. “Do you want to help me?” Nathan picked up a doughnut and bought it to Will’s mouth. He felt light headed as he saw his lips close around the first bite. After the second bite the doughnut was gone, and Nathan felt Will’s lips close gently on his fingers. He wasted no time in reaching for the second, and the third. Before long they were gone, and the bags were empty.

“Thats more than I can usually handle,” said Will. He was rubbing his belly through his big shirt. Now he would usually be getting up and going to the bathroom to change for bed, but he lay there, not in a hurry to do anything. He must have caught Nathan eyeing up his belly, because he turned to him and said: “Do you want to see it?” Nathan felt a pulse shoot through his already rock hard cock. He was shaking so much that he couldn’t bring himself to answer, he just meekly nodded. Will smiled and manoeuvred himself off the bed and onto his feet. He pulled the bottom of his shirt out fro his pants, and began unbuttoning it from the top down. Inch by inch, his enormous torso was revealed to Nathan. Huge mounds of flesh, sitting on his enormous stolen belly. He had a few strands of hair on his chest, but his belly was completely smooth. There were some old and faded stretch marks on the sides, but otherwise not so much as a freckle to blemish Will’s soft and doughy fat. His belly hung over his belt buckle, and Nathan watched as he lifted it up to unbuckle, and pull down his pants. Finally, he pulled down his boxers, so Nathan could see his entire body. His belly hid his cock from view, but he could see his huge gelatinous ass, his deep chasm like navel, his stretched nipples, every mound and every wad of fat tantalisingly on display. Will smiled, enjoying feeling so on display to the still full clothed Nathan. He watched the poor boy tremble as he rubbed and bounced his belly. Nathan no longer made any effort to disguise his boner. “Do you want to touch it?” Nathan stood up, un sure where to start. He rubbed his hands along the underneath of Will’s belly, lifting it up to feel the weight of it, enjoying the sight of it jiggling as he dropped it again. He ran his hands along the sides of the belly, squeezing it in like an accordion and watching it bounce back to its natural state. He reached his arms around to his love handles, squeezing them and in the process pulling himself tighter into the big pillowy belly. Lastly, he reached up and cupped his big heavy chest, rubbing his thumbs along his nipples, which shrunk and wrinkled with the stimulation. Will smiled as he watched the little man exploring his big body. He sat down on the bed, pulling Nathan in close to him, pressing his skinny frame into his big soft torso, pulling him in for a deep and passionate kiss. Nathan climbed on top of the fat man, his heart racing as he became totally encompassed in his mouth and in his fat. He stayed in his bed that night, cuddling into his big soft body.

The next night, after they checked into their hotel, Will went to the room while Nathan went to purchase the food. He came back to the room and spent the evening tenderly feeding the fat man, helping him maintain his fat body which supported his beautiful voice. Afterwards, he unbuttoned his shirt and explored the rolls and mounds of fat with his mouth, working his tongue into all of Will’s nooks and crevices. The pair went to the shower together, and Nathan lathered up the doughy jiggly body. The pair kissed passionately under the warm soothing flow. The rest of the tour continued like this, with Nathan feeding Will every night.

They flew home and went to their own homes. Nathan slept sound that nigh, mostly because of the jet lag, but the next day he wanted nothing but to go and see Will.

“Hey, how would you feel if I came to yours for the night? I’ll bring food…”

“I was about to phone you too! Yes please come, I’m starved. I don’t know if I can go back to maintaining this body on my own!”

Nathan went and stayed with Will that night, and he didn’t leave until it was time for another concert series. After that, they decided to drop the pretence, and officially moved in with each other. When Nathan finished moving in his last box, and sat down on the couch, Will turned to him and said “I’ve been thinking, maybe it’s time to start fattening you too.”


Nathan was delighted when the rehearsal broke for lunch. He had been starving all morning and he couldn’t wait for his lunch. He almost groaned out loud when the conductor said he had an announcement, delaying them from leaving.

“Just before we break for lunch, one small announcement. All of us here and Canta would like to offer our sincerest congratulations to our very own Nathan on his tenth anniversary singing with us!”

Everyone applauded ad Nathan stood up to thank them. Standing had become a lot more difficult for him over the last years. He had to lean forward as far as his enormous gut would allow him, struggling as his fat pushed into his thighs. He used his hands to launch himself off the chair and quickly fought to regain his balance. He put his hands on top of his rounded belly and nodded his appreciation to his colleagues. His husband stood too, planting a kiss on his lips, their fat stomachs pushing against each other. Will whispered in his ear, “Big day! We’ll have to get a feast to celebrate.”

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