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Trevor & Jeremy (Two Year Anniversary)
Trevor pulled into the drive next to Jeremy's truck. "So Jeremy is home. I wonder why he didn’t answer the phone? Ooh, I hope he’s got dinner ready.” With the thought of food Trevor automatically reached over to the passenger seat for the double cheese burger and large fries he’d picked up on his way home only to find empty wrappers. Argh, even the milk shake was gone. Two years ago, to the day, a day he’d never forget, that fateful day when he first met Jeremy, that burger fries and milk shake would have been an entire dinner. Now he’d downed the whole thing without even realizing it. Jeremy’s eating habits were really rubbing off on him.

Disappointed and a little desperate he eyed the second meal he’d gotten for Jeremy. It smelled heavenly. Maybe just a little taste. Jeremy would never know. He grabbed a few French-fries and stuffed them in his mouth, savoring their warm, greasy saltiness.

He better get inside quick before the rest of Jeremy’s food disappeared into his own growing belly. Jeremy tended to get a little pissy if Trevor got himself something to eat on the way home without bringing back a little extra something for Jeremy to enjoy. However, it was kind of fun to play with him that way. Trevor so enjoyed watching Jeremy waddle around, his big butt bouncing and large soft swag of belly swaying back and forth with each ponderous step, bitching and moaning how Trevor didn’t care if he wasted away to nothing. Waste away to nothing?! Yeah, right, like that would ever happen! Of course when Trevor had his fill of taunting he’d always hand over the treats he’d been hiding. Lord knows he’d never allow his favorite fat man to go hungry for long.

Trevor looked down at the fabric of his dress shirt stretched skin tight over his own growing spare tire as it spilled out over wide fleshy thighs which were threatening to split the stressed seams of his tight slacks. "Jeez, looks like I to need to buy some bigger clothes again.” He playfully slapped his substantial roll of belly fat watching it wobble and bounce.

He grabbed the food for Jeremy along with the trash from his meal and the rest of his stuff. Grunting with the effort, he hoisted his bulk out of the car. "Ugh, I think Jeremy’s got the right idea driving a truck. This four door sedan is just too damn low to the ground now that I‘m lugging all this extra weight around.”


Inside the house Trevor announced his arrival. "Hey Jeremy… I’m home.”

No response.

Trevor could hear loud snoring coming from the living room, so after putting his stuff down and taking off his tie, he peeked around the corner. Jeremy’s massive fleshy body was sprawled across the couch. The coffee table was littered with empty beer cans, an empty bag of chips, an empty pizza box, and an almost empty ice cream container with a couple spoonfuls of ice cream melting out onto the table. On top of it all was a cake box with only a few crumbs and dabs of frosting left inside. So that’s why Jeremy hadn’t answered the phone: food coma.

Jeremy’s skin tight t-shirt had frosting smeared on it in several places and had slid up to reveal several feet of soft belly fat sagging over the side of the cushions. His boxers, with little red hearts, were so tight they looked like they were painted on his massive thighs and blubbery butt. Jeremy was so adorable, snores and all, that Trevor couldn’t resist kneeling next to him to give him a quick kiss and, of course, lick off some of that scrumptious frosting smeared on Jeremy’s jiggling multiple chins.

"Mmm, butter cream.” he moaned softly, savoring the velvety rich sweetness covering his tongue.

The rumbling snore stopped with a snort and those amazing blue eyes opened. "You’re home. Is it after 6:00 already?”

"Yeah. I was sort of hoping dinner would be ready, but it looks like you’ve already eaten.”

Jeremy was struggling to lift his massive body into a sitting position. "Ugh…, umpf…, dinner’s in the kitchen. I made your favorite…, lasagna.”

Trevor’s eyes went big, an enormous smile taking over his face, making his new double chin more noticeable. "Yesss!” he exclaimed, making a pudgy fist and pulling it back down to the side of his jiggling love handle in a quick victory jab. Jeremy made the best lasagna ever. It alone was responsible for at least 50 of the 100 plus pounds Trevor had packed on in the last 2 years. He just couldn’t say no to that kick-ass concoction of pasta, meat, cheeses, tomatoes and herbs simmered together to perfection and melted layer upon mouth watering layer into a belly filling, piece of heaven.

Jeremy’s groggy expression slowly cleared away making room for a smile of his own to take up residence on that gorgeously chubby face. "Down boy. Always like to see my main man growing hungry for more,” he chuckled. "But don’t shoot your wad just yet. We still need to heat the oven and let it cook for 30 minutes.” Finally in a full sitting position, Jeremy let lose with a huge belch. "Man that cake was awesome, but I ate way too much. Love it when that happens!”

"Speaking of which, I don’t remember getting an invitation.”

"An invitation to dinner?”

"No, you dork. It looks like someone’s been having a party.” Trevor said nodding at the mess around them.

"Oh that. Yeah… I umm, finished prepping dinner early and well, you know, all that cooking made me hungry so I figured I’d have a little snack while I waited for you to get home.” 

"Yum…, pizza, chips, beer, ice cream. Quite a snack there buddy.” Trevor growled affectionately rubbing Jeremy’s massive paunch. "But this here, was carrot cake. Your favorite.” Trevor lifted the lid of the box to read the label. "From Three Lions Patisserie no less. What, pray tell, would be the special occasion?” Trevor used his index finger to scrape up some left over frosting. Popping it in his mouth and closing his eyes with the pleasure of it melting on his tongue.

"Oh cut it out. You mean to tell me you don’t know what today is.” Jeremy looked concerned as he studied Trevor’s blank expression. "Two years ago today?” Trevor’s expression was still blank. "The day we met, dufus!”

"Oh… yeah... Sorry, guess I forgot. It’s been really busy at the office lately. I’ve been sort of preoccupied.”

"Preoccupied my ass!” Jeremy was starting to get angry.

"Well, in my own defense, there is an awful lot of your ass to be preoccupied with.” Trevor joked as he reached around and lovingly grabbed a big handful of Jeremy’s ample butt fat.

"Well isn’t that just freaking perfect. Thanks a lot for caring jerk. Go put the lasagna in the oven before I change my mind about dinner!” Jeremy angrily demanded, his face screwed up into an evil looking frown while pointing to the kitchen. His massive upper arm and chest shook and wobbled from the sudden movement.

Trevor was enjoying this. He hoisted his bulk to a standing position with a grunt and sauntered back towards the entry. He picked up the trash from his drive through meal first. Jeremy was so tuned into food that the sound would probably be enough to do the trick.

Trevor heard Jeremy salivating behind him. "Ooh, is that fast food?”

"Yeah, I stopped at the drive thru on my way home from work.”

"You know maybe I’m not as full as I thought. I’ve probably slept off some of my earlier eats. I could probably nibble a little bit of cheeseburger while the lasagna is cooking.” Jeremy cooed with his eyebrows up.

Trevor handed over the bag with Jeremy’s food. It worked like a charm. Jeremy was so eagerly stuffing his fat face with double cheeseburger, fries and milkshake that he didn’t seem to notice the other larger bag Trevor took towards the kitchen.

Passing through the dinning room Trevor was surprised by the table. Jeremy had really prepped the place for a special night. There was a freshly laundered table cloth set with the good silverware, china, and crystal. It was finished off with flowers and candles. Jeremy had even folded the freshly laundered napkins into fan shapes. Aww, how sweet. Trevor was getting a little lump in his throat. "The table looks beautiful Jer. It’s so elegant,” Trevor called back over his shoulder. 

"Yeah, you know me I‘m all about the elegance,” was Jeremy’s garbled reply from the other room through big sloppy bites of cheeseburger, punctuated by an earth shattering belch.

Trevor put some stuff away and got things set up while he waited for the oven to preheat. That’s when he saw the matching cake box to the one Jeremy had already eaten. He couldn’t resist peeking inside. Black forest cake, his favorite. The cherry topping and whipped cream were making his mouth water. Using a considerable amount of will power he closed the lid. He slid both lasagna dishes into the oven. Jeremy could finish an entire serving dish of lasagna by himself now that he was closing in on 400 pounds. Trevor made one last check on the dining room table to make sure everything was ready before heading back to the living room where Jeremy was still on the couch a little red in the face and breathing heavy. The fast food had completely disappeared into his enormous belly.

"What’s wrong, bubba?”

"Nothing‘s wrong. Its just… I’ve eaten so much that I can’t seem to get this stuffed belly of mine off the couch.”

Trevor was snickering the whole time that they were both struggling to get Jeremy up on his feet. Jeremy wasn’t in the mood for humor. He was too busy fuming about Trevor saying he had forgotten what today was, .

"Where are you going?” Trevor asked, mesmerized by the wobble and bounce of Jeremy’s big butt when he started waddling towards the back of the house.

"The lasagna won’t be ready for 30 minutes. I’m going to change into some nicer clothes.”

"Why? What you’ve got on right now looks awesome to me.”

"Give it a rest! I’m in sweaty, food stained underwear.”

"…And you’re point is?”

Jeremy stopped short, maneuvering his bulk around to face Trevor. His wide load filled the narrow hallway, pudgy fists sinking deep into the blubber of his love handles. His large ponderous belly sagging out from beneath the skin tight t-shirt hiding most of the stretched heart print boxers behind an apron of quivering fat.

"Unlike certain people who are too damn ‘preoccupied’ to remember what today is, I want this to be a special dinner. The dinning room is all decked out to impress and I look like a lazy fat slob in this.”

"You sure do and it’s seriously turning me on,” growled Trevor as he moved in close pressing his own hefty paunch deep into Jeremy’s sagging belly apron. Grabbing the back of Jeremy’s head with both hands Trevor pulled himself further in to smother Jeremy’s bulging neck with kisses slowly moving towards his ear where he began nibbling on the vulnerably soft ear lobe.

In no time, he had Jeremy moaning in ecstasy. "Oh yeah more. …No stop already. …Ah, no don’t stop! …Oh crap, you gotta stop before I collapse.”

Trevor pulled back gazing longingly into that angelic face with the mouth still hanging partly open waiting for his gorgeous blue eyes to roll back down from inside his head. "Damn it Trevor! I can’t refuse when you do that.”

"Well duh, why do you think I enjoy it so much?” Trevor whispered with a wicked smile before diving back in for a deep probing kiss. Jeremy tasted of cheeseburger and french-fries, delicious. It was stoking his hunger. From the pit of his stomach he could hear the black forest cake calling his name. He pulled back again holding Jeremy’s massive body tightly and waited for Jeremy to catch his breath.

"OK fine. I won’t change clothes.” Jeremy pressed his massive bulk forward pinning Trevor to the wall as he reached up to stroke Trevor’s hair and then stare into his eyes while slowly running his index finger down Trevor’s nose. Jeremy was eyeing him like a tiger eyes it‘s prey before pouncing. "So… what do you want to do for 30 minutes, sexy?”

Uh oh. Maybe he’d pushed Jeremy a little too far into the pleasure zone. He really wanted to eat before play. Trevor’s hungry belly needed to be filled, ASAP. "Well, I saw a black forest cake in the kitchen.”

"Yeah, that’s for you buddy.” Jeremy purred grabbing Trevor’s fleshy sides and shaking vigorously. "And I’m going to enjoy feeding it all to you after I stuff this growing belly of yours with dinner.”

Trevor avoided eye contact with Jeremy’s intense stare, "Well since you already got to eat yours, I umm, thought perhaps I could sample dessert while we’re waiting for the main course?”

Jeremy backed off slightly, letting Trevor finally breathe, and clapped his hands. "Way to go hog boy! Spoken like a true fatty. Maybe all that time showing you how real men eat is finally paying off.”


Trevor came out of the kitchen, cake in hand, to find Jeremy standing in back of his chair staring at the bottle of wine, gift wrapped box and card sitting on the dining room table. Trevor put the cake down on the table and proceeded to light the candles and then turn down the lights while Jeremy stood in silence. "You lied to me. You did remember what today is.”

Trevor blushed and involuntarily looked at the floor nervously shuffling his feet back and forth when Jeremy turned his glittering blue eyes on him, but said nothing. Jeremy suddenly punched him hard in the arm.

"Ouch! What the hell was that for?”

"That’s for playing with my head, bitch. You really had me going.”

Trevor puffed out his chest and swelled up to his full height, a big gloating smile on his face. "Yeah, I was sort of thinking the Oscar for best performance would look good over the….” But, he couldn’t finish because Jeremy planted a lip lock on him that literally took his breath away. Now he was the one who needed to recover when Jeremy let him loose.

"And that is for being too damn cute.”

Trevor was feeling a little dizzy from the killer kiss and still grinning ear to ear. "So, you gonna open the card or not?” He moved in behind Jeremy fondling his wide love handles and nuzzling his neck while Jeremy read the heartfelt words of love and thanks that Trevor had written earlier. There were tears rolling down Jeremy’s cheeks when he turned to kiss Trevor on the forehead.

"Well, come on, the gift is waiting.” Trevor urged. He was getting really anxious to dig into that cake.

With the help of Jeremy’s pudgy fingers the wrapping paper and bow fell away to reveal an enormous box of dark chocolate truffles. Jeremy set the chocolates back down on the table, and then slowly turned in Trevor’s arms until they were forehead to forehead. With his arms draped over Trevor’s shoulders Jeremy sighed "You know me too well. Dark chocolate truffles and Pinot Noir wine. I am yours, gorgeous.” Then he backed away slightly putting up his finger. "But first, there’s cake that needs to be eaten.”

Trevor wasn’t arguing. He sat down and eagerly picked up his fork. Jeremy pulled his own chair over close scolding, "Oh no you don’t mister. I wanna feed it to you.”

Trevor just shrugged and handed over the fork. He didn’t really care how the cake made it into his mouth, just as long as it made it there. He greedily took Jeremy’s offering of the first bite into his mouth. Savoring the tangy tartness of the cherries mixed in with the cool sweetness of whipped cream and separated by layers of rich, velvety, dark chocolate cake. Oh yeah baby! Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about! He eagerly swallowed to make room for the next bite and the next. A steady stream of pleasure from Jeremy’s porky hand, swirling around his ecstatic taste buds before sliding easily down his throat into his hungry belly. "Hey, don’t stop!”

"Sorry to disappoint my greedy little pig, but the oven timer just went off.”

Trevor looked down to see that a quarter of the cake was gone.

"Here you keep eating while I put in the garlic bread and serve up the salad.” Jeremy heaved his enormous form off the chair then bent over to kiss Trevor on the forehead before slowly waddling into the kitchen. "Save a little for when I get back though ’cause that look of ecstasy on your face is so freaking hot.”

Trevor dug in again, this time under his own power. Mmm, heavenly. Before he knew it Jeremy’s massive form was back and the cake disappeared from view.

"Aw, come on man. I’m not finished with that.”

"Ah, ah, ah, save the best for last.” Jeremy scolded as he placed a large plate heaped with arugula and other mixed greens, homemade candied walnuts and freshly crumbled feta cheese topped with a raspberry vinaigrette. Not as scrumptiously decadent as the black forest cake but not too shabby either.

Jeremy presented Trevor with the bottle of Pinot and a cork screw. "Would you do the honors, sir?”

When the wine had been poured Jeremy lifted his glass for a toast. "Here’s to two glorious years and many more to come.” They clinked glasses and each took a long swig.

Jeremy leaned forward scooping up Trevor’s hand, vigorously wrapping it with his own big paw. His pudgy face glowing warmly in the candle light. "These last two years you have shown me realms of happiness that I didn’t know were possible. You’ve touched my heart and soul like no other. I will forever cherish our moments together, both good & bad, because I have been blessed by the opportunity to share them with you.”

"Damn it Jer. You’re gonna make me cry.”

"Correction, you’re already crying. It’s cute, the way you try to hide it even though it’s totally obvious.” Jeremy leaned forward to wipe the tears from Trevor’s eyes and tenderly kiss him on the cheek.

"Ok, enough mush. Let’s eat!”

After the salads Jeremy brought out a plate piled high with garlic bread and both serving dishes of lasagna. They each filled up their plates and dug in to the feast with gusto.

"This is awesome Jer. You’ve really outdone yourself.” Trevor beamed refilling his plate and both of their wine glasses.

"Thanks.” Jeremy mumbled around a mouthful of pasta, a little ricotta cheese and tomato sauce dribbling down his multiple chins.

Conversation ceased as they both were too busy scarfing down the food and wine.

Trevor used a piece of garlic bread to mop up the last remnants of his 4th massive plateful of lasagna, then popped it into his mouth. "Oh man I’m stuffed.” He groaned, leaning back in his chair and undoing the button on his pants to relieve some of the pressure on his swollen belly.

"Stuffed? But, there’s still more lasagna.” Jeremy said, taking a swig of wine and pointing with a forkful of food to the second serving dish which was still mostly full.

"I can’t eat all that.”

Jeremy rolled his eyes as he got up to maneuver his vast bulk behind Trevor. He pushed his big soft belly into the back of the chair and leaned forward enveloping the back of Trevor’s head with his thick fleshy chest, one bulging moob squishing out on each side. His big hands massaged their way down Trevor’s pudgy chest, landing on top of his large jelly belly where they began kneading the soft blubber. "Weah, weah, weah, you’re such a cry baby. Looks to me like there’s still plenty of room in this big fat belly of yours. Do I have to do everything for you?”

Trevor looked up at him seductively and handed over his fork. "Yes, please!”

"Oh good Lord. Right then, but I’m not messin’ around with this puny little thing.” Jeremy dropped the fork on Trevor’s empty plate, pushing it out of the way. Then he pulled the remaining serving dish over to them and picked up the much larger serving fork. He carved out a massive portion of lasagna and immediately stuffed it into Trevor’s mouth before Trevor could respond. "Now shut up and eat!”

Between the belly massage and wonderfully rich flavors of the warm lasagna melting in his mouth Trevor was in heaven. After finally swallowing the massive amount of food he opened his mouth for more.

"Now that’s more like it.” Jeremy growled into Trevor’s ear as he stuffed in the next heaping portion.

Trevor started slowing down when the serving dish was half gone so Jeremy started alternating delicious forkfuls into his own mouth while Trevor was chewing and swallowing. "mmm, mmm, I do make a good lasagna.”

Trevor’s mouth was too full to answer but his moan of ecstasy brought a smile to Jeremy’s fat face.

The constant flow of food and wine stopped long enough for Trevor to open his eyes and see Jeremy downing the last of the wine and garlic bread. "Ready to finish off your dessert hog boy.”

Trevor tried to speak but only managed a resounding burp before his mouth was stuffed full with a big sloppy fist full of black forest cake. Followed immediately by Jeremy’s wet tongue licking up the chocolate, cherries and whipped cream that had overflowed onto Trevor’s pudgy cheeks and double chin. Trevor swallowed the sweet gooey goodness in his mouth as quickly as possible so that he could kiss the luscious lips greedily slurping up the leftovers on his face. But, when he emptied his mouth Jeremy immediately stuffed it full of more sweet gooey cake. And so it went until the cake was gone and the two gluttons finally locked their greedy mouths in a deep tongue twisting kiss.

Trevor collapsed back in his chair with a loud belch, weakly pushing away from the table in an attempt to relieve the pressure on his overly stuffed belly. One of the buttons on his skin tight shirt finally gave up the fight, flying off with a resounding POP and sailing through the air to land on the table.

"Very impressive piggy!” Jeremy cheerfully exclaimed clamping a big meaty hand on Trevor’s beefy shoulder.

Trevor looked down at the jiggling belly flesh, concealed beneath the thinly stretched material of his undershirt, bulging out through the big gap left by the missing button. There were other smaller gaps between the remaining buttons. Each one struggling valiantly to hold the incredibly stressed shirt together against the large amounts of food stuffed blubber pushing out from beneath.

"We better get these clothes off you before somebody gets hurt by flying buttons.” Jeremy laughed.

Trevor moaned slightly in relief as his belly fat surged forward with each button Jeremy undid.

"Arms up fat boy. Gotta peel off this t-shirt, if it doesn’t rip apart first.” Jeremy’s warm arms sliding over Trevor’s exposed flesh was wonderful.

In his food induced stupor Trevor couldn’t help staring with his mouth hanging open at the acres of fat blubber bouncing and swaying back and forth when Jeremy struggled to pull off his own skin tight t-shirt. Jeremy leaned in for a kiss smashing their food stuffed bellies together. Hot sweaty skin on hot sweaty skin. Large hands groping thick fleshy rolls of fat on both sides.

"Time for the pants, fatty.” Jeremy panted as he struggled to hoist his enormous mountains of blubber up off the chair.

Trevor attempted to stand but his massively engorged belly was just to heavy to lift. "Well don’t just stand there laughing, dork. You stuffed me past the limit. So, you’re gonna have to help me get my fat butt outta this chair.”

"Holy crud, you weigh a ton, fat ass!” Jeremy gasped after finally getting Trevor up on his feet.

"Yeah, thanks to you porker.” Trevor managed to say before letting loose another belch big enough to send waves through his thick rolls of blubber.

"I do good work, don’t I.” Jeremy chuckled roughly squeezing Trevor‘s bulging love handles. "Let’s get those pants off so I can see my masterpiece in all your gluttonous glory.”

They both struggled to pull the stretched slacks off Trevor’s big butt and wide hefty thighs. Jeremy paused before pulling off the skin tight boxers. He eagerly fondled Trevor’s soft sagging underbelly, bouncing the heavy roll of fat in his hands.

"You are so freaking hot, pig! This sexy bod of yours gets better with every pound.” He breathed desperately into Trevor’s ear. Trevor was far too busy running his fingers through Jeremy’s silky hair and showering his fleshy jowls with kisses to reply.

"Bedroom, NOW!” Jeremy snarled, literally ripping the skin tight boxers from Trevor’s blubbery butt.

Trevor was too dazed from all the food to move and the enormous weight of his stuffed belly was throwing him off balance. So, it was up to Jeremy to push Trevor’s bulky staggering form towards the back of the house while attempting to pull off his own boxers along the way.


Trevor collapsed on the bed his stuffed belly towering over him. He was having trouble catching his breath.

"Wait here. I’ll be right back.”

"Criminies Jer, I’m way too stuffed to move even if I wanted to.”

"Yeah I know. It’s so incredibly hot!” Jeremy panted through a big toothy grin. His huge wobbling butt disappeared out the doorway.

He reappeared holding a large tray balanced on the top of his bulging belly which contained chocolate and caramel sauces, maraschino cherries, whipped cream, crushed nuts, and some brightly colored sprinkles.

"Are you making sundaes?”

"You know it.” Jeremy replied mischievously as he set the tray on the bedside table.

Trevor groaned. "Dude, I am seriously gonna explode if I eat one more bite.”

"Oh, don’t worry you big fat glutton. I’m the one that‘s going to be stuffing my mouth this time.” Jeremy whispered in Trevor’s ear as he grabbed the chocolate sauce and climbed onto the bed heavily dragging his huge belly across Trevor’s over stuffed paunch. With considerable effort he maneuvered his massive blubbery body into position straddling Trevor’s fat thighs with his own.

Trevor glanced over at the tray with the assortment of ice cream sundae ingredients. "So, where’s the ice cream?”

"Screw the ice cream. You taste better.”

Trevor moaned in pleasure when he felt the warm chocolate sauce being drizzled onto his skin, followed close behind by Jeremy’s greedy tongue.

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