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Double Mocha?

"Jesus," he muttered, pulling the buttonhole and the top button of his jeans closer together, while exhaling at the same time...."how can I keep shrinking these things?" Kevin finally got his pants fastened, and took a deep breath, feeling his middle spread out again...the jeans felt like they were cutting him in half....walking through the door he unconsciously pulled them lower, to a more comfortable position.

"Gotta give up and buy some new ones," he whispered, hardly louder than the sound of the modem connection....he automatically reached for his coffee cup and then cursed as he glanced at the dark dried up ring at its bottom.

"As If I don't have enough problems with Levi Straus....still haven't picked up any coffee."

He slammed the yellow mug down just as the Monitor chirruped "You've got mail!" He scrolled down the list, deleting the obvious spam and commercial crap, wondering how so many companies got his name. He highlighted an e-mail from a screenname he didn't recognize...."Wordlvr."


To: Wordweavr

From: Wordlvr

Re: Your Posting...

Dear Wordweavr,

I really enjoyed what you had to say..I've also been someone who loved words......I remember an interview with the television host Dick Cavett, who was asked if he considered himself to be an intellectual, and he answered, "if you consider an intellectual to be someone to whom ideas are as real as objects." Ideas are real to me, and words are how we move those ideas around.

I'm a graduate student at the U. I have a special interest in creativity....I'm tall---HWP--dark hair/dark eyes. I'd really like the chance to know you better...

Much Warmth,



Kevin tapped his fingers nervously on his mouse and re-read the message.

It was real. He had done it. Someone had answered. He glanced at the photo of his wife---the one of the two of them laughing in front of that restaurant in Hilo at the writer's conference last year. His hand left the mouse and pushed at the postcard from Julie...saying that she thought the separation was the best idea they had had for a long time....He glanced back at the screen. Sighing, he signed off and hit "suspend," not paying attention as the computer made its noises and went dark. He picked up his coat and walked into the coolness of the morning, walking up 12th Street.

"Morning, Mr. Bannister." the young guy at the Oakleaf espresso stand in front of the Co-op smiled, showing a small space between his two teeth. His name badge read "John" with a small acorn icon in the upper right hand corner.

"Please---Mr. Bannister always sounds like my father....call me Kevin." He stepped aside as the customer in front of him paid her bill and took a small white bag and put in into her purse.

"Glad to," John said, "and what will it be today, Kevin? The usual Double Mocha? We also got in some terrific new cream pastries....we've been testing out a small organic co-op from Mercer Island." He pulled out a tray of incredibly delicious looking round things that looked like huge bismarks, honey coated and a perfect brown with some sort of seed scattered on top.

"Oh, I don't know," said Kevin, his hand half-way reaching, "...my jeans are feeling a little tight."

"Here," said, John, shoving a couple of the round things into another white bag. "after all, you're one of my best customers....I'd really appreciate your opinion...if you think they're good enough, then I'll tell my boss to starting ordering more stuff from them....it's on the house...just think of yourself as our official taste-tester." He turned off the hissing espresso machine and scooped out heavy cream and put it carefully on top, sprinkling chocolate generously all over it.

Kevin handed him a five dollar bill for the double mocha and put the change back into the tip jar, and picked up the large Styrofoam cup and the paper bag, and went back towards his home, his thoughts lost in several different directions, but hungry for the coffee and some privacy....

Back at the office in his second bedroom, he sipped quietly at the mocha, savoring the sweet bitterness and letting it seep down deep inside of him.

The bag with the new pastries in it was now empty, and he could hardly remember eating them.....He got up and went downstairs and rummaged through the cupboards, pulling out a jar of honey-roasted peanuts and chewing them thoughtfully.....

He sat back down at the computer and turned it on again, and started typing a reply....


To: Wordlvr

From: Wordweavr

Re: Response

Dear Jack,

I'm really pleased you answered me...remember that as I said in my ad, I'm really new to this...I'm excited but a little nervous about it too. You've probably had a lot more experience than I've had in terms of being with a man. I want to be upfront and honest with you from the beginning. I know I wrote "HWP" on my ad, but I've put on some weight...had some trouble getting my jeans buttoned this morning....does that make a difference?

I love words too....but I admit I'm a bit at a loss for the right ones at the moment.



He clicked "send" and sat back, feeling like his jeans were cutting him in half. Frowning, he got up and picked up the car keys and pointed his volvo in the direction of the new mall. Still thinking about the e-mail, he walked past Mrs. Fields, and inhaled the rich scent.....he shook his head and ordered a selection of the bite-sized ones, savoring the incredibly intense chocolate and the sweetness of the nuts as he scarfed them down, looking for a place to buy some jeans....he realized that he hadn't had a new pair since Julie had forced him to stop wearing the sweatpants all the time....he finished the cookie bites and laughed to himself that part of the benefits of being a professional writer was not having to wear a suit.....or jeans for that matter...he almost decided to go home and just pull out the old sweatpants again. Then he caught sight of a JC Penney's and shrugged his shoulders and went inside to the Men's Department.

Grabbing a pair of 32s automatically, he sighed and put them back and reached for 33s and with a frown, 34s....and with a nod to the female clerk, headed to the fitting room.

"Shit," he told the mirror. The 33s were just as tough to button as the ones he had started with.... So were the 34s....he was starting to sweat....

Muttering under his breath he returned with 35s....and stared at himself in the full length mirror. He hung the new jeans on a hook and stripped off his shirt, finally forcing himself to really look at himself....he didn't find it a pleasant sight....

He was fat.

Well, not really fat...soft. Running to fat....oh hell, he hadn't run for anything for ages....maybe he was waddling towards fat. In his own mind he saw his 25 year old body in the mirror...solid....a runner's body....then.

Not a lot of body hair...always had been smooth. His hair had been a lot longer too---fashions always change. Then like a special effect scene in the movies, he fast forwarded to a quick year of marriage with Julie, his foot injury from that crazy 5K and a few years of Julie's lasagne. And her banana cream pie...and a lot of honey roasted peanuts consumed in front of the monitor while he finished the last three novels. With half a mind he puzzled over how many pages he got per pound of peanuts...and then looked at this current 30 year old body.

With the other half of his mind he examined his body with a clinical detachment. He poked at his belly softness and pulled his flab further over forward, letting it sag over his belt. He examined his lovehandles and pulled them up and let them bounce down. It was an interesting sensation...he lifted up his spare tire and let it bounce down in the same way. He did it again and to his surprize, he felt himself getting aroused....

He pulled his briefs down and examined his old friend, Mr. Willy....Mr.

Willy was becoming Mr.Happy...he started kneading his belly as if he were making bread....and started to get a further rise out of Mr. Willy. Feeling warm, he pushed out his belly and to his mind, it looked enormous.....Mr.

Willy shot up immediately---the softness of his gut contrasted to the hardness of his erection. He continued to play with his air expanded belly and his nipples....he noticed that he was getting tits.....with his right hand he started jerking off, exciting by the strangeness of recognizing how his body had changed and the novelty of getting to know this new body in the fitting room of J.C. Penney's. A stream of thick cum splat against the mirror.

Half embarassed, he glanced around the small room and wondered if there were a hidden security camera that had captured him playing with his chubbiness and boner. He pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket as he removed his old jeans, and cleaned himself off. He then took the 35s off the hook and tried them off, the zipper easily closing. It felt good to be able to breathe again.

They felt so good he wore them home, walking past Mrs. Field's this time with his head averted so he would be able to keep wearing those 35s.

"Thirty-five inch jeans. Shit. I'm a fat pig. "

He sat heavily into the comfortable chair in front of his computer....and muttered to himself about not having coffee....all the way to the damn mall and back again with no coffee for the house. He logged in and skimmed the e-mail......there was one waiting from Wordlvr.


To: Wordweavr

From: Wordlvr

Re: HWP?

Does it matter if you're not exactly "HWP"? You know, no one's ever asked me that before. If someone did ask....I would have answered--I actually prefer a guy with a "little extra." My first boyfriend gained about 30 pounds during the first year together, and I found that the more he gained, the more erotic I found him. So if you're "packing" more pounds these days....then that's just a little more for me to play with.

Does it matter to you if I'm someone with a "runner's body"?

Talk to me :) Let's play with the words. And then play with our bodies?



Kevin sat back in the chair, suddenly aware of the fact that he had forgotten to breathe. He also noticed Mr. Willy was also back on-line.

Kevin clicked off and headed out the door for another double mocha.

Kevin walked back to the Oakleaf espresso stand and ordered another Double Mocha, and watched John swirl more whipped cream on top of the dark liquid.

"So, Kevin," said John as he handed over its steaming richness, "what do you think of those pastries? Have you had a chance to try them yet?"

"Well, they didn't last long enough for me to log back on to the computer," he smiled, a thick white moustache of cream on his upper lip.

"I suppose I should count that as a yes?" John straightened out the biscotti display, "and that we should definitely be making them a regular part of our

menu?" He reached underneath the bar area and pulled out another waxed white bag and put the last of the pastries into it...."Go ahead and take the last one....it's almost sex o'clock and ....I mean, it's almost six o'clock...and I'll have some fresh ones in first thing tomorrow."

Kevin looked up and noticed that John's white apron seemed to be sticking out a bit below ...."Yeah," he said, sprinkling a little cinnamon on top of the mocha...."always like some fresh buns..."

John held his eyes a fraction too long for a straight guy....was this the famed "gaydar" that Kevin had heard so much about? He was still new...hell, he was practically a virgin when it came to being with another guy.....but there was this incredible feeling of certainty he felt in the center of his belly that John was available to him on a sexual level.......or maybe the feeling was just the result of a day of cookies, pastries, and the honey-roasted peanuts.

In the time it took him to finish sprinkling, he had jumped back and forth in his indecision over acting out on his feelings....what if John really weren't gay? What if he were just an especially friendly guy....Kevin's fingers brushed his growing roll that pushed out over the belt of his new jeans, leaving a reddish brown smear of cinnamon.... "Jeez," he muttered, "look what I did to my shirt....."

John came out from behind the stand with a damp cloth and stared wipeing at the stain..."I think it will be fine...." John whispered....and Kevin noticed that his rescuer seemed to be spending more attention to the softness of his belly than to the stain....in fact, his hand was circling around a much larger area than where the cinnamon was....a dark marking from the damp cloth was spreading out above his belt several times the size of the original brown spot...Kevin laughed and wondered if another stain was starting to spread across John's underwear....while at the same time he wondered if John was wearing underwear. He noticed that his old friend, Mr. Willy was turning back into Mr.Happy in a sort of quick sexual take on Dr. Jeckle and Mr.

Hyde....yep, Mr. Happy was definitely back on-line and was starting to push out his pants to line up with his growing gut. John was breathing deeply and had stopped wipeing with the cloth, although he hadn't taken his hand off Kevin's stomach. "I'm, ummm, sorry, Kevin....I think I'm making it worse....when I wanted to make you...I....ummm, I mean I wanted to make it better...."

Kevin reached up and put his hand on John's....pulling it tighter against his belly, pushing against the softness...he felt the younger man's hand tracing his roll of fat and noticed that his eyes were wide and a really goofy smile was on his face....."Maybe you'd, you know....like to come over for dinner tonight....?" John asked Kevin's fat. "I do some really rad porkchops...and I..." John jerked his eyes away from the dark wetness on Kevin's shirt and looked up worried into Kevin's face..."...I mean if you're jewish or something, I hope that that didn't like, offend you....I could do a couple of steaks or something....." Their hands were still touching....

"Nah," said Kevin, his voice a little gruff..."Porkchops sound great....dinner sounds great." He looked at the half-consumed double mocha and then back at John. "...and hmmm, you look great." John's smile got even goofier.

"Eight?" he asked?

"Well," said John nervously, "I'm actually closer to six...."

"I meant the time."

"Huh? Oh, yeah--eight o'clock is just fine....."

"And, well, closer to six is just fine too....look, John--I'm really excited by this"-and John glanced down to see that Kevin was telling the truth...."I mean, I just wanted to let you know this is all sort of new for me....my wife and I have been separated now for only a couple of months, and well..."

"Hey, Kevin....I'm just looking forward to seeing you...make sure you bring your appetite---"and he finally took his hand off Kevin's midsection to reach into his wallet and pull out a card with his address and phone number. "It's not far....just take a left at the taco bell on broadway and it's just two streets down from there.....the apartment house is called Quinault."

Kevin sat down in his chair, pushing the last of his breath out and watched two pink post-its flutter from the effort. "Jeezus," he said, and one of the post-it give up and fell down like a gay leaf in november, "this is all going a little faster than I thought it would." The computer screen went black and then the white arrow appeared in the center of the screen as it lit up again.

"You've got mail!" his monitor told him in a mechanically cheerful voice.

Two e-mails indicated he could make big money at home.

One e-mail was his editor telling him that the Italian translator would be finished with his most recent book by next week, after the clarification on the car chapter.

One was from a guy named "EagrBttm" who wanted to know if Kevin had a naked gif of himself to share....

and at the bottom of the list was one from Wordlvr....


To: Wordweavr

From: Wordlvr

So--just wanted to let you know that I've been thinking a lot about you. I'd really would enjoy having a quiet dinner with you while we have a chance to talk about your short story in the latest New Yorker.....that line about small cars and small minds was so funny I laughed out loud and realized that four people at the library were staring at me....

And are you ok with that body "thing?" I also think it's a turn-on that someone who's so well-known is just starting to explore the unknown.....you may never have really been with a guy before, but I know you'll do just fine :)

Later? Soon? :)



Kevin drummed his gut with his fingers and stared at the screen. "Jack in cyberspace and John in the Quinault apartments....looks like my plate is full." He looked down at his rounded belly..."and if I keep filling my plate the way I've been doing, I'm gonna need bigger pants again." He could feel a familiar stirring happening inside his jeans...Mr. Happy had spent more time awake over the last 24 hours than over the last 24 months of his marriage.....

Kevin looked at the screen and hungrily thought of porkchops and John's goofy smile...not necessarily in that order....and wondered again if John had been wearing underwear....he suspected he would soon be finding out....

Kevin looked at the sign for Quinault Apartments.....it was brass and practically twinkled in the light of the streetlamp....he punched in John's apartment number and a tinny voice greeted him and told him to take the elevator to the 6th floor and come to the end of the hall. The lobby was a little dark, but full of plants. He caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror tiles on the wall, noting how his belly looked bigger than ever. He had pulled on a stretch white long-sleeved turtleneck and it showed every pound he had put on since he and his wife had separated....if John seemed to swell up his jockey shorts by watching how Kevin's belly was starting to swell, then he should really get excited by how the turtleneck clung to every single bulge, including his softening pecs.....ah hell, he thought as he looked in the tiles--they were tits at this point, not pecs.

He moved closer to the mirrored tiles and brushed his hair back. After all those years of watching his weight, after all those years of not allowing himself to put butter on his bread....who knew that cute guys would be hot for love handles....? He winked at himself in the tile and thought about all the german chocolate cakes he had passed up over the years in the lunch line and of all the carrot cake slices he had deprived himself of, trying to stay in 32 inch jeans. After his foot injury, he had let himself go a little with Julie's cooking..."but if John gets off on watching my gut grow, and the guy on-line finds a few extra pounds exciting, well, who am I to fight a trend like this?" He looked at his gut and pushed it out with air, laughing-- and felt Mr. Willie wake up again, and damned if it didn't feel like Mr. Willie yawned, smacked his lips, and wondered about breakfast. Kevin shook his head and thought that his imagination was getting a little out of hand, but made a mental note to add Mr. Willie as a character in his current novel.

The elevator shuddered to the sixth floor and Kevin stepped out, headed to the end of the hall, where an incredible smell of onions and garlic danced out to greet him. John stood outlined in his open door, his smile looking like his face might split. He hugged Kevin and his hands carressed Kevin's turtlenecked sides of his belly.."God, you look terrific," he whispered....

Kevin followed John inside, inspecting the filled bookcases (noting that his last novel was casually displayed on top of the other books on the shelf closest to him) while John poured him a beer. "I hope you're hungry," he called from the kitchen, "....I made a lot."

Kevin passed one of the newer laptops, one that he had been reading about in Internet Magazine.....and touched the hard grey edge of it. "that cost me a lot of my last student loan," John said, coming out of the kitchen holding two large glasses of beer. "But I don't have any regrets. It's got a built-in CD ROM and zips right through the web." He handed one of the glasses to Kevin, and clinked them, saying "here's to new friendships....growing friendships..."

Hesitantly, John leaned closer and kissed Kevin on his lips. Mr. Willie turned into Mr. Happy so quickly, Kevin worried that his dick would have whiplash. John pulled away and looked nervously at his date. Kevin reached up and kissed John harder. He took a deep breath and said, "I need to take this a little slow, John--I've waited for this for so long....I need to take it a step at a time." John nodded, his fingers tracing the very obvious hardened nipple on Kevin's right side.

"Here," he said quickly--"I want you to try some of this Cibo cheese spread while the dinner is finishing....I think you'll really like it." John had gone through all the spreads to find the one with the highest fat gram content....just as when he was baking the brownies, he had read all the labels on the frosting cans to discover that the coconut-pecan one had 2 more fat grams per serving than any of the other ones. He had watched Kevin pile on the pounds over the last three months...at his insistance, Kevin had tried the double mochas that John steamed up.....sometimes up to three a day....and everyday he showed up, John would mentally count up how many fat grams and calories Kevin was slathering on to his thighs and gut....along with the heavy cream he used in making them, and the whipped cream topping, each double mocha John pushed over the counter to Kevin had at least 32 grams of fat and nearly 500 calories....John tried to figure out which specific bulges on Kevin he had personally put there.

He smiled as Kevin smeared a thick layer of the Cibo spread on a thicker slice of bread. Kevin's eyes closed in pleasure as he tasted the tomato-basil flavoring. With growing arousal, John watched his date go through 3 huge stuffed porkchops and an enormous mound of garlic mashed potatoes...John picked at his own small portion, thinking about how he had rushed home to nuke the potatoes and then whip them with sour cream, two sticks of butter, and heavy cream before adding the salt and pepper.....he lost count of how many fat grams and calories Kevin had consumed before he put his napkin down and thumped his bloated gut.

"Jeez," said Kevin, "I'm stuffed." And John was instantly hard. Keeping his brown eyes locked on to the blue ones of Kevin, he reached over and undid Kevin's buckle and then undid the top button of the new jeans....slowly, like honey dripping down the side of a jar, the zipper on the jeans split open and revealed the pale softness of Kevin's packed belly.

As if in a trance, John traced the fine hairs that descended from Kevin's navel, disappearing into his tight BVDs that bulged his new flab out.....

Still keeping his eyes on Kevin's face, and unblinking, he edged the turtleneck up, exposing the roundness that thrilled him so much. Kevin pushed the chair away from the table and John leaned more forward, rubbing his hands over Kevin's gut while begining to kiss him.....he used his lips to edge around Kevin's lower lip, as Kevin realized that Mr. Happy was starting to drool a little, and he laughed at the odd but exciting sensations that were all happening at once and so quickly.

"God, you're so hot." John said, tracing Kevin's lips with his tongue, tasting the garlic of the potatoes...

"Hey, I'm a fat pig," Kevin said. "I can't believe I ate so much, but it was so incredibly good...you're an incredible cook." He put his hands underneath John's shirt and felt the slight tracing of black curly hair and John's wiry frame...he could feel the contours of his ribs and Kevin tried to remember how many years it had been since he had seen or felt his own ribs.

"I think you're perfect...you don't know how long I've imagined this...how much I would look forward to you coming up to the espresso stand....I recognized you right away from your book jacket. And it's been such a turn on to see you start to put on some weight....each pound you added just got me more excited."

"That's what doesn't make sense to me...I thought everyone in the gay community only wanted, well, guys who look like you." And he slapped his bulging gut and John almost came. "And yet you tell me this jellyroll , well, that it's not a case where you like me in spite of my belly--the belly is a turnon for you?"

"I can't explain it," John said, burying his face between Kevin's spread legs, and pushing his tongue in and out of the soft edges of his navel. "Big bellied guys have always gotten me hard. My first boyfriend packed on 28 pounds the first few months that we were together and our sex just got hotter and hotter...I wished he would just keep ballooning up."

"Where's the boyfriend now?" Kevin whispered, pinching John's nipples.

"He got accepted into a graduate school program in Kansas he had really been wanting...we still stay in touch..he's a great person....I'm sorry to say he's lost most of the weight, though." John started pulling Kevin's briefs down as Mr. Happy stuck his head out in the air and twitched, almost as if he was looking around.

Kevin squeezed his eyes shut as he felt Mr. Happy receiving a tongue bath from John. Kevin had always heard about blowjobs, but this was his first time. Julie gagged at even the thought, and the guy he had met at that writer's conference in Ohio had jerked him off, but there hadn't been....GOD that felt like a live electric wire had just been switched on through the center of his spine...he shivered and a ripple danced through his flab. He became aware of John's busy hands squeezing and probing his flesh as he sucked harder on Kevin's manmeat.

Kevin drew in his breath, almost biting his lip as John took his balls into his mouth and began working them with an expertise as skillful as his culinary ability. Kevin threw his head back as he felt himself coming in thick streams of pearly cum. "You know," laughed John, with cum in his hair and across his forehead, "you could have given me a little warning ."

Kevin took in a couple of deep breaths, feeling his belly stretching. "I told you I was really new to this. Sorry."

"No problem," John said, using Kevin's forgotten napkin to wipe himself.

"I can see that you have a lot of potential...you look like a really fast learner."

He stood up and straddled Kevin's legs, pushing his flat stomach against Kevin's round one....Kevin could feel every tinglely hair on John's rippled abs as they pressed against one another. Kevin began to get hard again and John flicked his tongue in and out and around Kevin's left ear. "Ready..." flick went the tongue, "For..." again the quick wetness of the tongue, "Dessert?"

"Dessert?" Kevin whispered. He instinctively brushed his left hand across the new roundness of his exposed belly, trying to remember the last time he felt so stuffed....probably not since that Thanksgivings Day dinner a couple of years ago when he and his cousin Larry had actually laid down on the floor of the veranda after an eating contest with each other that involved more pieces of pumpkin pie than he cared to remember...actually, as he thought about it, it had been more than one pie......of course, that must have been at least 20 or more pounds ago...and even after that much had been crammed into it, his gut hadn't stuck out the way it was sticking out now.

Kevin kept his eyes squeezed shut and he felt John's warm hand making slow and lazy circles over the firmness of his belly.

"I've baked some special brownies....." John whispered, with every word punctuated by moist hot breath, tickling Kevin and making the small hairs on his neck move like grass dancing. John put his hand below the curve of his date's gut, where it was normally hidden by the jeans that were now gapping open...those few inches below the navel felt as soft as marshmallow.s He pinched that softness gently and Kevin stiffened a little, shifting in his seat. "God, I just find you so hot....."John said.."I just love how soft you're getting."

"I never thought I'd end up like this..." Kevin sighed, keeping his eyes shut and riding the waves of pleasure of having his growing body carressed like this. "I've wanted so much to finally be with a guy...you know--not just a quick jerk off or a visit in the park, but someone special."

"I want to be special for you," John murmured, pressing against him, and then tracing the outline of Kevin's nipples with his tongue, a sensation the larger man had never experienced. Watching his reaction, John leaned closer and took the tip of a largish nipple into his mouth, rolling it back and forth between his teeth using the gentleness of a butterfly's wing...then slowly, slowly increasing the pressure until Kevin began to pitch his head back and his breath puffed in and out quickly, sending another ripple through his flabby midsection. "I want to come home every night and make special things for you to enjoy...all your favorite dishes, and let you give into pleasure. I want to make love with you and your sexy body and fall asleep holding you like a huge teddy bear, with my arm wrapped around this belly so it's the last thing I feel at night and the first thing I see in the morning when I wake up." He switched his attention to Kevin's other nipple. "this isn't anything new for me, Kevin--this is something I've been dreaming about for months now."

Kevin made a sound deep in the back of his throat as John bit more deeply into his other nipple, " You really are serious about this, aren't you?

You're not just telling me this to get me into bed and then toss me out tomorrow?" Kevin opened his eyes when John took his mouth away from his nipple, only to find John staring at him and frowning.

"That's crazy talk," John said. "Why would I work so hard and long to get to this point and then want to kick you out the next morning? I want to watch you over the months and years to come...I want to really get to explore every part of you...not just your belly--but your mind and soul and spirit.

I want my love to grow every day like your body. " Still frowning he pulled back and stepped away from Kevin, leaving him alone for a moment, but then he came right back in, carrying a white plastic squeeze bottle.

Without words, he squirted several drops of a clear oil that smelled of vanilla into his left hand and then began to massage Kevin's gut, feeling the bigger man breathe deeply and then relax. As John watched, he could see Kevin's belly begin to almost melt down and spread out even larger. He smiled and gave extra attention to the softening sides. Maybe this was where all those fat grams and calories had ended up, being directly deposited on these remarkable lovehandles. He tried to imagine them even bigger, and his dick began to twitch like the tail of a dog that's scented dinner. He pulled up the lovehandle on Kevins' left side, and let it slip through his oiled fingers....Kevin watched it bounce back, soft, yet firm.

Kevin started to say something but John cut him off by pressing his lips over those of the larger man. Tongue tips touched and Kevin pulled him closer, moving his hands up and down John's back.

When Kevin pulled away to breathe, John got up again and returned with a large plate of moist brownies that were topped with a bark brown roughness of coconut flakes and pecans. John put his left finger to his lips in the universal sign for silence and pushed the brownie against Kevin's mouth.

Kevin closed his eyes again to intensify the feeling---he opened up his mouth to allow the brownie in, as he simultaneously felt John began to play with Kevin's cock with his free hand. Kevin chuckled and surrendered to the sheer physical pleasure of so much happening at once...the roughness of the coconut flakes and nuts contrasting with the chewy dampness of the deep chocolate and some taste he didn't immediately recognize....the exciting pressure of John's hand stroking his cock...the mingling scent of himself and John...the barely there trace of John's body hair against his own....the comfortable pressure of his filled stomach...a quick hard kiss and then the rest of the brownie was shoved into his mouth....

Time passed without awareness of anything other than the shifting mixtures of the smells, tastes, sounds, and smells and the changing pressure of John moving back and forth, combining kisses with feeding. The too familiar sound of a modem screech woke him out of his half-asleep state and he jerked his eyes open. "Shhh..." whispered John, "It's just the flashsession I programmed into the laptop, that automatically downloads my e-mail a couple of times a day. " He kissed Kevin again and the larger man glanced at the plate of brownies that was now empty, other than a huddle of brown crumbs that woudn't have covered a penny.

"Jesus," he said, "did I eat all of those?" He sat up slightly and looked down at his expansive stomach...the light brown hair on his meaty chest was caked in tiny bits of fallen brownie. He touched his face and felt an oily smear of coconut and chocolate. John smiled and bent over him, licking the crumbs off his chest, lingering over his nipples again, and then sucking on his face to clean it.

"Ready for a shower?" he asked Kevin, punctuating his last word by flicking his tongue in his date's ear.

"It's a mixture of tuberose, honeysuckle, and sandalwood," John said, letting Kevin inhale deeply the bathgel that John offered..."it's my own special combination I have this place called Garden Botanical mix up for me at the mall."

Kevin's mind called up images of a garden he had walked through two years ago outside of London when he was attending the Worldcon, a writer's conference for Science Fiction and Fantasy. He opened his eyes and the shower stall seemed to spin around. He looked down at John, who seemed so small....his body hard and tight, dusted in black curly hairs and his forehead plastered down with even more wet hair.

*Jesus,* Kevin thought to himself, *why do I feel as if I've polished off a couple of bottles of wine? I haven't had anything to drink at all....just a beer* He felt the wonderfully warm and relaxing water pulsating down on his body...he really didn't remember taking his clothes off, but obviously he had. He struggled in a very minor way to remember the sequence of events.

He clearly remembered John licking the brownie crumbs off of him, but he couldn't recall taking off his turtleneck .....it's as if things were "fast-forwarded" in his awareness. He remembered the wonderful porkchops and the even better mashed potatoes....he remembered being in the chair when John pushed up his turtleneck and started playing with his belly and nipples....he certainly remembered the first brownie....and feeling as if his gut was going to explode....along with a sensation better than any cocktail or toke had ever given him as John started doing wonderful things to him....and now here he was with John in a lot of steam and heady scents of an english garden...

He looked at John, who was smiling and rubbing the bathgel onto him...John was wet...very wet...the shower head kept spitting out sparkllng water that burst into steam as it touched John's hard body and Kevin's soft one. John was laughing and the space between his two front teeth looked as if Kevin could have shoved the edge of a dime between them. His eyes were large and his lips were full and looked as if he had outlined them in lipstick, but it must be his natural color or else everything would be running down the drain.

His body looked as if it were carved out of stone, and Kevin could clearly count the number of ribs and then he reached out and traced the perfect six pack abs that were covered lightly in wiry black hair, with a black nest of hair cuddling a respectable cock that was starting to stiffen.

Kevin had never watched another man's cock stiffen before...it was as if it were being done in slow motion...in the manner of a Disney film showing a flower bloom. ..or maybe a mushroom... He looked into John's eyes and simply stared....he felt turned to stone and turned his attention to the sensation of the water striking him and of John rubbing himself against his crack.

He felt John pressuring himself against him, the pulsating water taking on the same rhythm of his date moving with him in a watery dance....John's hands were moving up and down and around his enormous (or so it seemed) belly and then teasing his rounded ass, with the smaller man's fingers starting to explore parts of Kevin that had never been touched before...

Suddenly Kevin's cock rammed itself into the air, as if Mr. Happy had suddenly developed an Olympic talent for the high jump----one second it was on the ground, and the next second it had cleared six feet...and all Kevin could think about was the heady mixture of flowers in the bath gel and the (what...one, two, three? fingers of John) attention his date was giving his virgin asshole.

Kevin woke up with a startled glance at the clock radio letting him know that it was 7:30 in the morning. Confused, he took in the fact that he was in his own bed....and alone...dizzying cascades of images poured through his brain, remembering porkchops and bathgel and brownies....He touched his forehead and sighed, trying to make sense of things...

He staggered to his bathroom and pissed...looking at the rounded belly (was he sagging?) that reflected back at him in the mirror...trying to remember what all had happened. He had absolutely no recollection after the shower....

The freezer remained devoid of coffee...he stirred the last teaspoon of instant into his yellow coffeecup and frowned....

The computer chirruped "You've Got Mail" and Wordlvr appeared under New Mail....


To: Wordweavr

From: Wordlvr

Hey, Kevin...I just can't take it any more..gotta meet with you...I look at your gif and think about your wonderful talent to make people laugh with your words....hell...you know I laugh out loud at what you write...meet me this afternoon...show up at 3pm at Van's---I know from reading an interview with you from the Galixicon newsletter..that your favorite drink is a vodka martini (straight up with a lemon twist)...and I know that Von won the "martini of the year" award from the Seattle Weekly ....meet me there and let me treat you to the best martini you can get in the city."


Kevin pulled his brown leather bomber jacket lower across his hips...his growing gut meant that it was trying to creep higher. He looked at the Martini menu and was amazed at how many variations a bar could make and still have the nerve to call a drink a martini....he knocked back a classic made with stoli's and stared into the mirror above the bar. His face looked familiar...the softness of it made him look younger than he was...he remembered running into someone at a conference last year he had gone to high school with....Ed had put on an huge amount of weight...when Kevin had said.."my God, you look so young," Ed had responded with : "Balloons don't wrinkle."

Kevin looked at himself in the mirror and he laughed softly....he suspected that putting on weight had certain advantages beyond attracting hot little jock admirers...

He looked up, and a familiar face smiled back at him.

"Surprised?" John asked.

"Hey, babe," Kevin whispered.

"I couldn't stay with just cybersex....I didn't just love your words........"

"Where do we go from here?" Kevin asked, knocking back the last drops of his martini.

"Back to my house?" John smiled....."I've got a mean four cheese lasagne bubbling and afterwards I want to introduce you to the best cheesecake recipe you've ever tasted..."

"This is real, isn't it?," Kevin told the martini glass as he set it down.

"What do you think?" John answered, kissing him and pushing his tongue into his mouth...there was the slightest taste of chocolate......

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