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Fight between two friends
In the small town of baskerville, lived two best friends. One was Andrew and the other was Adam. Bother were 14 y/o and very similar in every way but one, one was slinny and one was Fat. Andrew had always been the skinny one and made fun of Adam for being a bit larger. They got along well but still had their little teasing about each other. 

One afternoon Adam had invited Andrew over to swim for the afternoon. as they both came to the pool Andrew made his remark about Adam's weight. Adam was very embarassed when he said it because he swim suit was rather tight. Adam sucked his feelings up and yelled at Andrew "You Think BEING FAT IS BAD!? YOURE JUST JEALOUS THAT I AM WELL FED AND UR NOT". Andrew laughed, "you think i wanna be fat? i like being skinny and i choose not to eat all the time like u!" Adam said back"Yea cuz u cant afford it". at that same time they both said"YOU COULD LIVE ONE DAY LIKE ME!".

That night the both went to bed mad. They each went to the mirror b4 laying down for bed. Adam grabed his gut and rubbed and wondered if he would ever look skinny. At Andrew's house he asked the samething accept of he would ever be fat. They went to bed and forgot the whole thing.

The next morning Andrew thought he should go over to Adams and say sorry. He got up and noticed his shirt was a bit tighter along with his pajama pants. he got up and walked to his mirror to discover that he had a new found gut as big as Adam's was yestarday. So Andrew put on his biggest clothing and went down to eat breakfast. This morning he felt a slight bit hungrier than usual, so he grabbed some eggs and pancakes and some more things went up to his room locked his door and placed the food on his bed.He began to eat and eat and eat. He then noticed his stomach was full but he also saw the plates that were full were now empty. HE got up went to the garage and rode over to Adam's house. Adam had woken up to discover he was skinnier than yestarday. He ate less at breakfast and he wasnt as hungry as the nght before.
Adam new something must have happened to Andrew as it did to him. So as he was a bout to call Andrew's house, Andrew walked into his room as big as he was before. "Woah Adam what the heck happend" blurted out Andrew, "never mind me look at you." replied Adam. Adam and Andrew were puzzled by the switches between them 2 and wondered how it happened.

They knew their parents wouldnt be home since they worked and they could stay home all day so Andrew called his mom and said that he would be stayin and Adams for the day and Sleep over there tonight, she said alright and Adam asked his mom if it was ok and she said yes aswell. Mean While the boys were back up in Adam's room thinking how they could go back to normal when Adams stomach started to ache and then so did Andrews. It had been an hour since they had both ate. Suddenly Adam grew thinner while Andrew grew bigger and his belly start to grow out of his clothes. "What the heck?! This sweat suit was big on me a minute ago and now look at it! its gettin small!" freaked out Andrew. Adam was shocked at Andrews size but yet deep inside felt like he deserved it.

It was about lunch time and they were both hungry. They went down to the kitchen to fix up lunch. Andrew was starving now and he didnt know why? he had huge breakfast that would last him till dinner but yet he's......hungry? Adam still full from breakfastonly made something small for him and 2 big hamburgers and baked fries for Andrew. Adam could barely finish his small sanwich that he made and couldnt believe that andrew at all that food and was at the fridge looking for more! he said "Andrew u want another hamburger?" Andrew replied"2 please". So Adam made him 2 more hamburgers and gave Andrew the other half of his sandwich. After they were done eating they went upstairs to relax, but Adam thought why dont they weigh themselves!? So Adam was the first on the scale, yestarday he was 195lbs but today he was 135lbs with total shock he stepped off the scale for Andrew to go on. Andrew who the day before weighed 140lbs was up to 200lbs, but as he was about to get off his stomach started to ache like before and the same feeling hit Adam. Right then and there Adam while crouching saw the scale slowly going up past 205,210,215 and stopped at 220lbs. Andrew was shocked beyond belief his sweat suit was as tight as can be and when he stepped off the scale the shirt he was wear tore right down the back showing off the new fat that had come in from this mysterous crisis. 

It was around 5 pm just before Adam's mom and dad were coming home when they called Adam to tell them that they were going to a party tonight and would be home past 12. That was perfect for the 2 of them. They had to figure out how and why they were growing and shrinking. they thought of many reasons but couldnt think of one! The Andrew said"Wait, could it have been when we got into the fight?" "Yes" replied Adam, but they didnt know how to fix the problem.

It was about 1/2 hour before 8 exactly 12 hours later when..... the ache was back. but this time it was back and hurting more than ever! they were moaning in pain of the floor as Adam was growing thin and Andrew was growing fatter. Adam said"I'm sorry i know now how it is to be skinny and i'm sorry for being mean yestarday and calling your family poor." Andrew the said"I'm sorry to, I should have never called you fat and i should never have ever made fun of ur weight and saying how u eat all the time!" suddenly the pain slowly went away and they both stood up and shook hands.
Then they saw each other changing back to their former sizes.

Adam grabbed his gut and said"O god do i love you", Andrew rubbed is stomach"I love this thing but......I kinda miss having a gut!?" Adam laughed and said"dont worry i can help u with that but i thought u didnt want a gut?" "Well i now know how you feel and i kinda liked it" replied Andrew.

About a month later Andrew had a matching gut with Adam but now instead of making fun of Adam being so big he wanted to be bigger than him so Adam could be jealous now.

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