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This is the story of James. James is about 5"6' and 14 years old. He has a bit of a belly, he's 150 pounds, but that's okay, because he's a gainer. James discovered gaining when he was about 11. For a while, all he did was look at pictures of gainers and read gaining how-tos. When James was about 12 or 13, he began to actually gain. This was hard, because James lived with his dad, who was obsessed with fitness. Well, not exactly "obsessed". James' dad was 51 years old, 6"1', and 180 pounds. Not 180 pounds of muscle, but 180 pounds of fat. He had a bit of a belly, but had convinced himself it was just muscle. It didn't help that he loved to eat. He worked out all the time, and forced James to as well. Often, he would leave the house to get some groceries, or go for a run. When he did this, he would tell James to get on the treadmill until he got back. James would get on the treadmill, but once his dad left, James would eat as much as could u till his dad was almost home, when he would get back on the treadmill. This much is true. Everything that happens from now on, may or may not be true. That is for you to decide. James and his dad were at one of James' friend's Bar Mitzvahs. The deserts had been served. Everyone was talking about how amazing and delicious the cupcakes were. James went to get some, but there was only one left. James could see why nobody wanted to eat that one. On the icing, there was some kind of green jelly on the top that looked disgusting. James had heard they were good, so he took it anyway. Just as he was about to bite into it, his dad came over. "Hey, could I have half?" he said. James cut the cupcake in half and have one to his dad. "Thanks." His dad said . "No problem." James replied. His dad walked away. James eyed the cupcake. It looked gross, but everyone said they were great, so... He swallowed it whole, and felt it go down his throat, and into his stomach. His stomach felt terrible. Both him and his dad had to go home immediately. When they got home, they both ran straight to the toilet. They were there almost all night. James woke up in his pajama shorts, as usual, but felt different. His stomach was better, but something about it was different. He looked down. He dropped his jaw in awe at the fact how his belly was gone. He was thin. He ran to the scale. 100 pounds. He practically had to hold his pajama shorts to keep them on. He ran into his dad's room. He was still asleep. He looked at his dad's stomach, and he too was now thin. James was distraught at how his months of hard work at gaining had been for nothing, but to simply start again. His dad woke up. In a moment he too noticed that he was thin. He stared at James. "What happened?" His dad asked. "I don't know." James replied. "I think it was that cupcake." They went downstairs, both holding up they're shorts. They went into the kitchen, got some cereal, sat on the couch, and turned on the tv. James' dad stared at him. "I don't like this." His dad said. "I want to be big again." James looked at his dad with utter confusion. "I thought you wanted to be fit." "I did, but now that I am, it feels terrible. I want to be fat." "Me too dad. Me too." The first step in their gaining journey was to go to a stream of restaurants and fast food places and get as much food as they could. First they went to The Border, their favorite Mexican restaurant. James ordered three fish tacos, a bowl of black beans and rice, and two cheese and onion enchiladas. His dad had the same. They already felt full, but went to the next place. McDonalds. James ordered sixteen fish sandwiches and ten orders of fries. His dad got six Big Macs, four fish sandwiches, and fourteen orders of fries. When they got home, they were stuffed. But the road to gaining isn't always an easy one, so they forced themselves to go to the next place. They went to the grocery store, and got thirty-four gallons of ice cream. They also bought four bottles of chocolate syrup. They got home and each ate seventeen gallons of ice cream, as well as two bottles of chocolate syrup each. They couldn't eat any more. Well, until dinner at least. James and his dad were constantly weighing themselves. James went from 100 pounds to 120 in the first two weeks. His dad went from 125 to 140. This went on for a while. After two and a half months, they were back to the weights they started with. James was 150 and his dad 180. But they still wanted to get fatter, and fatter, and fatter. After many months of constant eating, James had reached 200 pounds and his dad 350. They were content. They still continued to gain, but a lot less. It took a long time, but James and hit dad were finally fat. And they loved it. (I am making this part one because I have lots of ideas for more stories about James and his dad. I really hope you enjoyed this and all to come.)

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2 Buddernin   (2015-01-05 20:27:16)
biggrin great!

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Break it up into paragraphs please, much easier to read

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