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Stuck in the Middle Part 3

Mike woke up after his afternoon nap to find his wrists tied above his head and ankles tied to the foot of the bed. His cock twitched automatically, but it only took a few seconds for his mind to find a problem. Something was wrong. Why would his fat-obsessed sex-hungry new friends tie him up only to leave the room? It wasn’t like he actually needed to any persuasion to eat anything put in front of him at this point, not since he’d learned about the rewards it brought…

Mike twisted his head slightly to see the alarm clock on the bedside table. 6PM. Part of him couldn’t believe it was less than twenty-four hours since he’d reluctantly gone out to eat with Trent and Dylan – it felt like they’d been friends (and fuck-buddies) for years. On the other hand, he was all too aware that he didn’t know them as well as he would have liked. Everything he did know about them – their separate experiences with his best friend Rick, Trent’s gambling, Dylan’s spell in the mental institution – made him think he shouldn’t be there. Unfortunately, neither his cock nor his stomach agreed with his head. 

He could smell something rich and spicy being cooked in the kitchen downstairs and the thought of his over-bloated belly being stuffed by the two gorgeous guys again made the blood shoot to his cock. He felt a pang of guilt – what would Rick say if he could see him like this, a hundred pounds overweight, naked and tied to a bed by two of Rick’s ex-boyfriends? But lust quickly pushed this question aside when Dylan came back into the room, dressed only in his boxers.

"Hey. Didn’t think you’d be awake,” Dylan said quietly. He stood still in the doorway, his previous confidence seemingly evaporated. He was nervous. 

Mike didn’t really know what to say to this. "Is it a bad thing that I am?”

"No.” Dylan seemed to remember himself and loosened up a little, walking towards the bed and sitting beside Mike. One hand moved over to one of Mike’s nipples and played with it idly. Mike couldn’t help noticing that his previous enthusiasm was pretty much gone. 

"What’s wrong?” he asked cautiously, a little worried about the answer. Maybe Dylan and Trent had come to their senses, realised they didn’t want a pathetic fatboy in their bed after all. 

"Nothing,” said Dylan, not looking at him. "You hungry?”

Mike grinned. "Always.”

Dylan smiled back. "I’ll get on it.” He left Mike tied to the bed, wondering what the hell was going on. 

* * * 

Once the food was brought up, his worries quickly evaporated. With Dylan’s encouragement, Mike made short work of a large tray of lasagne, followed by two tubs of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. 

Dylan smiled approvingly as he put down the empty cartons and positioned himself alongside Mike on the bed. "You think that’s enough to keep you going for now?”

Mike was a little surprised at the question, given that Dylan and Trent had been insisting he eat much more than "enough” up until now. Still, the tray of lasagne had been pretty big, so he smiled back and nodded. 

"Good.” Dylan moved his right hand over Mike’s bloated stomach and started rubbing in slow, large circles as he leaned over and kissed Mike slowly and deeply. Enjoyable as it was, Mike couldn’t help noticing that something seemed wrong.

"Hey,” he said, breaking off the kiss. "Where’s Trent?”

"Oh, um… he’s on the phone. Had some business stuff to take care of.”

Mike glanced at the clock. "On a Friday evening?”

"Yeah, just… work stuff,” Dylan murmured and kissed Mike again before he could ask any more questions. 

Mike couldn’t shake the feeling that something was very wrong, but he pushed that fear aside when Dylan’s hand moved below the sheets to cup Mike’s package firmly. The pressure on his stomach was immense as Dylan shifted on top of him and lowered his head to nuzzle one of Mike’s nipples. 

"Y’know,” Mike murmured, "this might be more fun for you if I could move my hands.” He gestured to the hands still bound above his head.

Dylan grinned. "Don’t worry about that. Although…” He moved to the foot of the bed and untied Mike’s feet, presumably so they wouldn’t impede his access to his eventual destination. 

Mike couldn’t help licking his ice-cream flavoured lips with anticipation as Dylan dropped the rope on the floor and spread Mike’s legs apart, snaking up the bed and dragging his tongue along Mike’s belly. After kissing, licking and nibbling for what seemed like forever, he finally diverted his attention to Mike’s cock, which already was dripping with pre-cum.

Mike forgot all about Trent’s whereabouts as Dylan devoured him, deep throating his cock and sucking so hard that Mike couldn’t keep himself from crying out. 

"Sssh… Trent’s on the phone,” Dylan reminded him, as he cupped Mike’s balls and gave them a firm squeeze. 

"Ok, so… if I keep quiet, will you fuck me?” Mike suggested.

"Sounds fair.” 

Dylan grabbed the convenient tube of lubricant near the foot of the bed and dived towards Mike’s hole, licking and nibbling until Mike couldn’t wait any longer and whispered "Please.” 

Dylan smeared some lube on his cock, lifted Mike’s chubby thighs and entered him all in one go. Mike bit down on his lip to stop himself from crying out again and tilted his head back in ecstasy as Dylan pounded against him, increasing his speed until Dylan had to bite his own lip to keep quiet. 

Mike came just moments before Dylan, moaning gently as a wave of ecstasy came over him. As Dylan pulled out, Mike sank back into the bed, his body soaked in sweat and his cum starting to dry on his stomach. Dylan stood up slowly, grinned at the sight of the sated fatboy before him and left the room, murmuring something about going to the bathroom. 

Mike was enjoying the blissful comedown when he looked up and noticed that his restraints had been loosened during the fuck session. Sure enough, as he tugged a little, he found the ropes became loose enough to slip his hands out. He flexed his fingers and remembered his earlier concerns. He didn’t believe for one moment that Trent was working on a Friday evening – in the past Trent had proved unable to hold down even a regular job, let alone one that required working outside office hours. 

Dylan was still in the bathroom, and Mike’s jeans and shirt were still on the floor in the corner of the room. He couldn’t resist the temptation to get dressed, sneak downstairs and see what Trent was up to. 

The sight before him was the last thing he was expecting to see when he opened the door to the living room. Trent was curled up on the couch feeding lasagne to a much larger man, a guy who, at a guess, was a few pounds heavier than Mike. The stranger was Latino, with big brown eyes and blonde highlights in his short spiky black hair. There was something Mike vaguely recognised about him, but it didn’t click until the stranger saw him and said, "Mike, is that you?”


Mike stood in the doorway dumbfounded, torn between feeling guilty that he’d been caught in the same house as two of Rick’s ex-boyfriends, angry that Dylan had clearly been distracting him to hide Rick’s presence and incredibly aroused that Rick had put on even more weight than Mike had since they’d last seen each other. 

"What the fuck?” he finally managed to get out, as he heard Dylan running down the stairs. 

"It’s not what it looks like,” Dylan blurted out as he arrived on the scene. 

Rick looked at Trent. "You said Dylan was out working.”

"What the fuck is going on?” Mike demanded to know, glowering at Trent. 

Trent put the tray of lasagne down on the coffee table. "Calm down. Look,” he said to both Rick and Mike, shifting his gaze from one to the other and back again, "we never said this was exclusive.”

"You tied me up so I wouldn’t know Rick was here? What the fuck is that about?” Mike demanded to know.

"You tied him up?” Rick repeated incredulously. Then another thought struck him. "Wait,” he said looking at Mike, "what were you doing here in the first place?”

Mike struggled to answer. "I… um… well, we met at this club…”

"Largesse,” said Dylan, by way of explanation. "Things kinda went from there…”

Rick frowned. "Yeah, but…. you’re straight.”

Mike shrugged awkwardly. "Well… not so much, recently.”

This was all clearly too much for Rick to digest in one go. He grabbed his coat and announced "I’m going.”

"Rick, don’t do this…” Trent began, but Rick was already gone.

Mike didn’t even bother to look for his own coat before he followed him out the door.

* * * 

"Rick. Wait!” Mike had to rush to catch up with him. "Wow,” Mike had to catch his breath as Rick finally stopped and waited. "You move fast for um… a big guy.”

Rick looked him up and down. "You can talk.”

"Look, I honestly didn’t know that you and Trent and Dylan were… well…”

"So you thought you’d just jump in bed with them?” Rick queried. "Mike, of all the people in that club to get involved with…”

"I know, I know. It was a bad thing to do, but I figured you’d moved on and… they were into me… not many people are now, with all this extra weight…”

Rick’s expression softened. He looked at Mike again and shrugged. "I’m sure you could do better…”

"What about you?” 

"What about me?”

"Well… the last time I spoke to you, you were never going to have anything to do with either of them again.”

Rick shrugged. "Things change.”

Mike realised that their conversation in the street had attracted attention from Dylan and Trent’s neighbours. "You wanna go for a drink?”

Rick shrugged again. "Why not?”

* * * 

They went to a bar nearby, where Rick devoured a serving of hot wings and two beers before he eventually told Mike what had happened since he’d last seen him, a little over two years ago. His relationship with Aaron had been blissful to begin with. Rick had become less insecure and, encouraged by Aaron’s great cooking, started to gain weight. Six months ago, he’d discovered that Aaron was cheating on him with some skinny guy and that was the end of that. 

He’d been reunited with Trent and Dylan in Largesse, the club for big men and their admirers where Mike had seen them a couple of nights before. After much liquid lubrication, he’d gone home with them and they’d been his encouragers and fuck buddies ever since. Rick wasn’t proud of it, but he’d felt so low after Aaron left and it was hugely reassuring to know that the two guys who’d wanted him years ago still wanted him now. 

Mike related his own story, which wasn’t too dissimilar from Rick’s own, minus the infidelity. By the end of the conversation, both of them were feeling a little embarassed about their actions. 

"I still don’t get why they had to tie me up,” Mike reflected. It was getting late and the bar was closing. They’d been talking for hours.

"Probably Trent’s idea,” Rick mused. "He’s always been the manipulative one. Dylan’s just impressionable, he’ll do anything he’s told…”

"Yeah, but why do it at all? Why was he trying to keep us from seeing each other?”

"Ah. Yeah.” Rick seemed a little hesitant in answering that. "I guess, maybe… Trent knew that I used to have a little crush on you and he thought if we got back in contact… he wouldn’t have either of us to fuck anymore.”

Mike nodded slowly, still taking it all in. "So… you used to have a crush on me?”

Rick took a sip of his beer. "Yeah,” he said, smiling but not making eye contact.

"You’re not into big guys yourself then?”

Rick finished his beer and pulled on his coat. "Y’know, my place isn’t too far from here. There’s a good pizza place on the way…”

Mike smiled. "Sounds good.”

* * * 

Mike chewed eagerly as Rick leant over him on the couch and fed him yet another slice of pizza. They’d each ordered a 15” pizza, but it turned out there was a "buy 2 get 1 free” deal so it would have been rude not to take the extra pizza home. 

"You want another slice?” Rick asked with a raised eyebrow, gesturing towards the pizza box. 

"Gimme a minute,” said Mike, reaching for his beer and catching his breath.

"Pfft. Amateur!” Rick exclaimed as he helped himself to another slice. 

Mike coughed on his beer in indignation. "I’ve already eaten more than you!” he protested, as soon as he had breath to do so. 

"Yeah, but I have a head start,” Rick patted his own stomach for emphasis. "You’re practically wasting away.”

"What are you, fifteen pounds heavier than me?”

"Enough questions,” Rick insisted, picking up another pizza slice. "Eat.”

Mike couldn’t keep himself from grinning like crazy as Rick thrust the pizza towards him. He’d worried about whether he would be able to relax with Rick after all that time apart, but already it felt like they’d never been away from each other. 

Rick seemed determined to feed him the whole of the extra pizza and, even though it wasn’t so long ago he’d polished off the lasagne and the ice cream, Mike was happy to oblige him. He didn’t feel the same pressure to keep eating as he had with Dylan and Trent – he knew he didn’t have to impress anybody – but at the same time he felt like he could eat a truckload of food if Rick asked him to. 

"Wow.” Rick was clearly impressed as Mike finished off the last slice of pizza. "You’ve got some sauce round your mouth. C’mere.” Rick brushed a thumb over Mike’s lips and sucked the pizza sauce off his thumb. Mike was transfixed by those soft, full lips. Wordlessly, he grabbed Rick’s shirt and pulled him down on top of him, kissing him deeply. 

As Rick’s hand slipped under his shirt and round to grab a lovehandle, Mike reflected on the events of the last two days. He felt none of the urgency or anxiety with Rick that he’d felt with Trent and Dylan, just a warm, all encompassing sense that everything was right with the world. That and a surge of blood towards his cock. 

Rick soon pulled away, breathless and flushed red. "Umm… this couch is pretty old,” he said. "I’m not sure it can handle the two of us… y’know…”

"Going at it?” 

Rick smiled, stood up and held out his hand to help Mike haul himself out of the chair. Rick led him to the bedroom and once there, he grabbed Mike’s waist so they were stomach to stomach, pressed tightly against each other. Mike felt a thrill of electricity go down his spine as their hands explored each other’s torsos. If he’d thought that his own stomach felt seductively soft, it was nothing compared to Rick’s. 

"Mmm.” Rick stepped forward, pushing Mike against the wall, and looked him in the eye. "Y’know I always thought you were gorgeous, but now… Jesus.”

Mike grinned shyly. "Nah, I’m just an amateur. Not like you.” His hands moved to the buttons on Rick’s shirt and started to open them slowly, pausing to dip his hands inside and cup each of his soft pecs. Rick kissed his double chin and neck as he started to unbutton Mike’s shirt from the bottom. 

Before long they were both shirtless, and Mike moved Rick back towards the bed, so he could get a good look at his huge stomach for the first time. It was an awesome sight. Rick’s belly stuck out only fractionally more than his, but he was wider, with thicker lovehandles, and against his tanned skin, the stretch marks looked like shiny white ripples rather than the red marks that lined Mike’s own stomach. Glancing up, Mike noted approvingly that Rick had never taken out the nipple piercings he’d got on that drunken afternoon years ago. The tattoos around his upper arms had been stretched out slightly by the weight gain, but Mike still thought the overall effect was beautiful. 

Rick sat down on the edge of the bed and gazed up approvingly. Mike was slightly buzzed to realise that he’d been sizing up his body. "C’mere,” Rick murmured, pulling him closer and burying his face in Mike’s belly, licking all over before plunging his tongue inside his belly button whilst he sucked on the flesh around. Mike whimpered softly and clamped his finger’s in Rick’s hair, pulling him closer as Rick’s tongue disappeared into Mike’s smooth, soft navel. 

The feelings in Mike’s belly translated directly to his groin and a throbbing erection, but still neither of them were in any rush. As Rick sucked, licked and nibbled, Mike enjoyed the attention lavished on his stomach in the full knowledge that they had all the time in the world. 

Rick’s hands moved round to Mike’s ass and squeezed through his jeans. "Wow,” Rick murmured into Mike’s belly and Mike felt his flesh jiggle as he laughed in response. Rick ran a hand across Mike’s wobbling stomach appreciatively and sucked hard on a patch of flab, leaving a bright red hickey to mark his territory. 

Mike was beginning to get unsteady on his feet from the beer and pizza weighing heavy in his stomach. Rick noticed his leg shaking and finally stopped nibbling at his blubber to pull him down next to him on the bed. They embraced as they sank back into the mattress and kissed deeply. Mike let his hands roam free, exploring every inch of Rick’s body, teasing, grabbing, slapping and pinching every bit of fat he could find. 

Rick’s hands moved to Mike’s jeans, unbuttoning them and, with some difficulty, sliding them down over his hips and thighs. He broke the kiss to whisper in Mike’s ear. "I think it might be time you changed up a size.”

"Yeah… or maybe I could borrow some of yours some time?” Mike suggested with a glint in his eye. 

"I don’t know. You’d have to put on a few to fill them out properly.” Rick’s hands moved to Mike’s ass and gave one of his cheeks an admiring slap. 

"I guess I’ll just have to step up the diet then,” Mike declared obligingly. To his surprise, Rick suddenly rolled him over and settled his weight on top of him. 

"That a promise?” he demanded to know, his expression suddenly very serious. 

"Umm… is it a deal breaker?” Mike teased. "Because if so, I guess I’ll just have to eat what I’m told to eat from now on.”

Rick grinned wickedly. "Great. We’ll get you up to size in no time.” And with that, he scrambled down the bed and suddenly devoured Mike’s cock, his hands grabbing at Mike’s belly and squeezing at the flab whilst he deep throated him enthusiastically. Mike threw back his head, groaning and growling as he squirmed in pleasure under Rick’s touch. 

"You’re so fuckin’ sexy,” Rick growled as he came up for air, before sucking on Mike’s head and gently grazing his teeth along the shaft. Rick grabbed one of Mike’s hands and placed it on his belly, forcing him to squeeze the flab between the fingers and feel the same sensations Rick was feeling. Mike’s balls tightened in response and he barely managed to whisper "I’m gonna… God…” before he came. 

Rick milked him gently, squeezing out every last drop of cum before giving Mike’s gut one last kiss and moving up the bed. Mike pulled him down on top of him and kissed him ravenously whilst he rested his hands on his thick lovehandles. Rick’s erection grazed against Mike’s stomach and he suddenly broke off the kiss. "I’ve gotta go get something,” he declared before jumping off the bed and running into another room. 

Mike couldn’t help smiling as he returned with a mirror and propped it against one of the walls. "I, um… I hope you don’t mind,” he said somewhat sheepishly. 

"Nah… I wanna see you fucking me.” That was all the encouragement Rick needed as he flopped back onto the bed and pulled Mike towards him, rolling him over so Mike was on his front with Rick crouching behind him. Mike smiled back at his reflection in the mirror as Rick pulled his fat thighs apart, slapped his ass hard and reached into a nearby drawer for some lubricant. 

Mike was practically drooling as Rick entered him slowly, watching as that flabby gut rested on his back and jiggled with every thrust. Mike was already hard again as Rick’s hands reached forward and cupped his plump tits. "Jesus fatboy,” Rick murmured as he pounded his ass. "Two years ago you were just some skinny bastard. Imagine what you’re gonna be like in another couple of years.”

Mike moaned at the mental image that flashed into his mind and caught sight of his own gut jiggling underneath him in the mirror. Not only was he being fucked by the sexiest guy in the world, but he was also feeling pretty damn sexy himself. He clenched his ass tightly and heard Rick growl gratifyingly as he came on the underside of his own stomach. 

He collapsed onto the bed and relaxed as Rick spooned up against him and stroked his stomach. After he’d been with Dylan and Trent, Mike had found he couldn’t wait to fall asleep. He didn’t want to dwell on what had happened or think about what might happen next. Right now, he didn’t ever want this feeling to go away. 

Rick kissed the nape of his neck gently. "That was worth waiting for,” he told him.

"Heh. So were you,” Mike replied.

And he really meant it. 

* * * 

Trent took another sip of his beer and surveyed the bar area of Largesse. It was 3 weeks since he'd last seen Rick or Mike and he'd been hoping to catch another glimpse of them in the club. It looked like his worst suspicions had been confirmed - they'd become an item and had no time for nightclubs or skinny feeder boys anymore. 

No matter. He was still working on a plan. He hadn't given up on either of them yet. 

Dylan was stood near the dancefloor, flirting with some cute chubby guy who looked to weigh around 230lbs. Not as big as he would have liked, but it was a start. Trent finished his beer and prepared to go over and turn on the charm. 

Two hours from now, that fatboy would not know what had hit him. 


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