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Getting Big Part 1

Jeff walked into the gym for the first time. He'd finally gotten the courage to go. After seeing

his friend Bill a few months ago with enormous muscles all over his body, his jealousy had finally

gotten to him. And here he was. Big Boy Gym was a serious gym for guys who wanted to get big.

It was where Bill worked out.


As he entered the gym, he recalled his meeting Bill for the first time in over a year. They had

gone to community college together, come out to each other, even dated each other for a while.

Then, after school they had drifted apart, seeing each other only occasionally by chance. The

last time had been at the Pleasuredome, a dance bar. Jeff didn't go there very often, being

somewhat ashamed of his extremely skinny body, but his younger friends had insisted.


And there, gyrating on the dance floor, was one of the most beautiful muscle hunks Jeff had

ever seen. Once he saw the guy, he couldn't get his eyes off of him. There was something

familiar about him. He was dancing with two other guys, even bigger than he was. They were

laughing and having a great time together dancing, flexing their muscles, and wearing nothing but

shorts and shoes. Tanned, buff and huge.


Jeff got a drink with his friends, never letting his eyes off the guy. After about 10 minutes, the

dancing bodybuilders left the dance floor, all sweaty, and made a beeline for the supplement bar,

where they sold juices, health shakes, and "smart drinks" Jeff wandered toward them, wanting a

better view of the god he had seen. As he got closer, he realized that his god was none other

than his friend Bill. He was floored. When he had last seen him, Bill had the same frame and build

that Jeff did. It was one of the reasons they had spent time together -- they were so similar.

They both were build like beanstalks, tall and wiry. Bill had black hair, and brown eyes Jeff

blonde and blue eyed. Both were very good-looking in the face department, but their

extraordinarily thin bodies were a bit of a turn off to other guys, they thought. Neither had

been into sports, and both spent the majority of their time in college studying and reading,

frequently forgetting to eat.


Now the Bill in front of him was totally different. Except for the face and height, Bill was totally

different in look and in manner. He seemed arrogant, cocky, sure of himself. Jeff was

embarrassed. He turned to leave, when he heard "Jeff, is that you?" coming from Bill. He turned

back, grimaced, and said, "Yep, it's me alright." Bill laughed, and said something aside to his

friends, who laughed as well. Jeff wanted to crawl into a hole and die.


"I can't believe it. You haven't changed a bit!" said Bill.


"You sure have, Bill," said Jeff.


Bill smiled at his friends, who smiled back. "Don't you know it!" He flexed a huge bicep for

emphasis, "Come on, feel it!" He shoved his arm in Jeff's face. Jeff reached up and touched the

arm. His dick was so hard it was about to spring out of his pants. Bill laughed again. "My friend

the beanpole!" Jeff didn't know what to say. For a few moments they just stared at each other,

Jeff in fascination, jealousy and shame, Bill with power, assuredness, and arrogance.


Finally Jeff blurted out, "How'd you get so big, anyway?" Bill laughed yet again, a deep, powerful

laugh. Jeff realized his friend's voice had gotten deeper, too.


"I joined a 24 hour nautilus to start and put on some muscle. I realized I wanted a lot more, and

switched to Muscle Hedz down the street... then made some new friends," Bill said. "You know,

people always said we were so much alike. Can't imagine being anything like you, now. 'Course, you

could always do what I did. But it doesn't mean you'd ever get to be as big as I am now!" He and

his friends all laughed cruelly then, laughing at Jeff. "See ya around, beanpole!" Bill said, as he

and his friends went back to the dance floor.


Now, six months later, Jeff was not yet ready to confront his friend Bill again. But his jealousy

and determination had gotten him ready to make the plunge. He had bought some weights and

been lifting at home for a while. He had put on over 30 pounds of muscle, which was a significant

improvement from his former 6'2" 150 beanpole self already. Every pound he had put on had

excited him. Jeff had begun to fantasize about getting a huge, massive body, bigger than Jeff's

or his friends. He was ready, or so he thought. He couldn't wait to get huge.


"Hi, welcome to Big Boy Gym. I'm Matt." Matt was built like a small tank, and sitting behind the

desk. Matt was only about 5'8", but had the biggest arms, chest, and shoulders that Jeff had

ever seen on a guy. They had retired to Matt's office to discuss Jeff's goals and sign him up.

"What can we do for you?"


Jeff was almost embarrassed to say it. "I'd like to get bigger." he blurted out.


"Great, that's what we're here for. Now," said Matt, and as he did he smiled a bit evilly at Jeff,

and then grinned again, "How big are we talkin? You want to put on a few pounds, go for some

serious size, or are we talking all the way?" To demonstrate, Matt stood and performed a double

biceps pose. His arms and chest almost ripped his huge shirt open. You could see the fabric



Jeff gulped. Now or never. "All the way."


Matt smiled. He had trained guys like Jeff before. He loved it when they said that. He got such a

hard on seeing them start scrawny, and watching them grow into monsters. But most of the guys

who said "All the way" either didn't mean it, or didn't have what it took to get there time wise,

financially, or ethically.


"It's gonna cost you.," Matt said as an introduction. He then began casually laying out the huge

time commitment involved. The enormous amount of training and discipline involved. How Jeff

would eventually need to train twice a day, and eat 7 to 8 times a day. That the food would cost,

as well as the training for the first month or two until Jeff was ready to train on his own. And

that none of this would make him really as big as he wanted without taking juice i.e. steroids. Matt

realized he was taking a risk saying that, but he knew a desperate man when he saw one. And his

cock was so hard to see this guy grow, he had to bring it up now. Jeff was so cute already. Put a

massive frame around him and he would be a god. A god Matt would love to worship.


"In fact," Matt concluded, "If you can afford the food and the juice and the time, it'll probably

be better if you just took 3-6 months off from work, at least to start. If you spend full time on

this, you'll make your goal that much faster."


Jeff was about to cum he was so excited by what Matt had said. He had the money from work,

and he'd just move into a cheaper apartment in the mean time. He realized he was about to

change his life forever when he said, "Make me into a monster. I'm ready." He could just imagine

Bill's face when he saw him in six months.




Six months later...


Steve was shouting behind him. "Come on, Man, One More Rep!" Jeff was straining, and screamed

as he belted out the final rep of the workout. "Great work, man." said Steve, now his best friend

and roommate.


Jeff had met Steve four months after starting his "new life" as he thought of it. Steve had

moved from Southern California, where he had been an almost-pro bodybuilder. He had been

looking for a workout partner and a roommate to share a basement apartment across the street

from the gym, beneath the Pizza Hut and next to the Burger King. Steve had just gotten a job as

the manager of the Pizza Hut when he met Jeff.


At the time he met Steve, Jeff had gone through an amazing transformation. He had gained over

50 pounds, all muscle. Now standing at 6'2", Jeff weighed 230 pounds. He was big. He was tan. He

couldn't stop looking at himself in the mirror. He was incredibly cocky. He had a beautiful set of

abs. Guys and girls both fawned on him. He hadn't had so much sex in his entire life, though he

had to admit it wasn't as satisfying as he wanted it to be, or remembered even from when he was

dating Bill. And he was beginning to get tired of having to keep taking juice all the time, even to

maintain the size he had, let alone grow bigger.


But still he wanted more. A LOT more. He wanted even more size, to get even bigger. Which is

why he'd been attracted to Steve. Steve was enormous, a real monster. At 6'4", Steve weighed

300#s, almost all muscle. He admitted at the time he had a tiny belly, and his abs were fairly

smooth (though you could definitely feel the muscle there), he was the biggest guy Jeff had ever

seen. 21" arms, a 54" chest, huge, massive thighs. Though Steve wasn't a very attractive guy,

Jeff couldn't help but want to worship Steve's bod. Steve had moved from So. Cal. cause he'd

gotten tired of all the drugs and having to keep his waist under control. He moved so he could be

somewhere he still had the best bod, even if he didn't have washboard abs. Plus, he had secretly

admitted to himself, he just loved pizza.


So Steve and Jeff had been working out together for two months now. And Jeff had gained

another 10#s of muscle, and was all the more cocky, handsome and huge. Steve had also gained

weight. His arms were now 22 1/2", his chest 55", and his thighs even bigger than before.


At 335# he also sported a 35" waist (well, maybe 36 or even 37, he had to admit), and a belly

several inches larger than that. He had begun to realize recently why he had taken the job at

Pizza Hut...the food. He now had gotten into the habit of eating an extra large pizza every night

before closing down the store, in addition to the food he already consumed all day (which had

recently begun to include clandestine trips to Burger King as well. He ate his pizza in the dark,

with the store shut down and dark, so that no one could see him cum as he took the last bite.

Steve had known he always wanted to be big, but now he realized it didn't matter to him how that

size came. He loved rubbing his new belly... though he never did it in front of Jeff. And he always

made sure he sucked in his gut around Jeff, and wore baggy clothes to hide his new found love

of food. He'd even begun fantasizing about seeing Jeff put on a belly, which gave him an even

bigger rush, though he'd never admit that to Jeff. He wanted to be huge, with his big muscles

and a massive, huge protruding round belly. He knew eventually Jeff would notice, but not yet.


"Ready for tonight, man?" Steve said to Jeff as they headed across the street back to their

apartment after the workout. Jeff had heard from a friend who knew Bill that Bill and his

friends were going to Pleasuredome tonight. Tonight was the night to show off all his hard work.

He was kind of wary, because he didn't really know what was next. He was just about out of

money, and would need to find a job soon. He was also worried that Bill had gotten bigger too,

and would be bigger than he was.


After a disco nap, Jeff oiled himself down and got into his new shorts and a shirt that would rip

off when he flexed his chest, back and arms on the dance floor. Steve came in through his

bedroom door, still wearing gym clothes. "Aren't you going to change?" Jeff asked. "Nah, I hate

dancing. But I'll still go with you. Listen, I've got to get something at the store. I'll be right

back." "Ok, then we'll head out ," said Jeff. Steve rushed out, making a beeline for Burger King.

The store was almost closed, it being late out. Almost no one was in the store but the employees.

As he thought about the juicy burger, and the melted cheese, Steve couldn't help himself. He

ordered two Double Cheese burgers. As he wolfed them down with a shake, he felt his belly

swelling even more than before. His dick felt like it was going to explode. As he stood up, and

tried to adjust his clothes, he reluctantly realized that his belly was now too obvious to hide. He

hoped in the dark his friend wouldn't notice.


They got to the Pleasuredome, paid the entry fee and started scanning the crowd. Jeff went out

onto the dance floor, while Steve went for the "health shakes." As he was at the health bar, he

felt a tap on his shoulder. Steve turned around, and lo and behold it was Bill, who he recognized

from an old photo Jeff had shown him.


He was prepared for Bill's size, but was surprised at the shoulder tap. Bill probably didn't know

of his relationship with Jeff.


Bill said, "Hi. Saw you from behind. Hope you don't mind saying, but you have an enormous back,

even with the clothes you're wearing."


Steve smiled, "That's not all that's big." He flexed his arms and held one out for a good feel. Bill

felt it. Though trying to act cocky, he couldn't help but release a brief sigh at feeling the huge

muscle, which he knew was bigger than either of his biceps. Bill leaned towards him, "I'd love to

have arms as big as yours."


Steve laughed, and said, "You could!" He paused for a second, then said, "You know, I know a

friend of yours. You're Bill, right?" "That's right," Bill said. "Who do you know?" "Well, look out

there," said Steve, pointing out on the dance floor.


They both looked. Just then, Jeff turned and notice the two of them standing just off the dance

floor. He grinned, and flexed his muscles as hard has he could. There was a tearing sound, and

for a few seconds everyone around him was staring, and enormous rips appeared in his shirt

around his chest, back and biceps. Jeff stopped dancing, and strutted over to Bill and Steve. "Hi

there, BEANpole." he said to Bill.


Bill was dumbfounded for a second, then recovered. "Well, I see you've been working out a bit.

Hope it isn't too much for you, with those scrawny legs of yours."


"Who you calling scrawny, chicken legs?"


Both men were wearing shorts, which showed off their striated legs. They both turned to Steve

and began comparing leg for leg with each other, trading insults.


"Boys, boys," Steve said. "This will never do. Besides, my legs are MUCH bigger than either of

yours." He hitched up his baggy pants, which he felt tear slightly as he barely pulled them over

his lower thighs. Bill and Jeff stared. Though Steve's legs weren't striated at all, they were

easily five or six inches larger in circumference than either Jeff's or Bill's. The truth was, it

appeared that both men had spent too much time on their upper bodies, and not enough on their

legs. Jeff and Bill stared at his legs.


Steve continued, "Well, the old college roommates have been spending too much time on their

upper bodies, I see. I wonder who could get their legs bigger than the other the quickest?"


"That's easy!" said Jeff. "Me! Ol' chicken legs here will never get legs like yours."


Bill wouldn't take this. "Who you keep calling chicken legs, scrawny? I bet I can get legs like

that... even bigger! within 3 months."


"You're on!" said Jeff. "Who ever has the biggest legs in 3 months..." he trailed off as he

couldn't think of a suitable prize.


Steve stepped in, and brought both men together, careful to avoid them feeling his new gut. He

finished the sentence, "will have his body worshipped in all it's hugeness and glory by the other

man." Bill and Jeff stared at Steve, then stared at each other. The masculine, tough-guy attitude

both felt towards each other, also clearly helped them both hide the feelings each had for the

other... particularly now that they both had huge bodies.

Part 2

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