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A warm liking
Ever since Jay had boners he knew he was gay. He hid this and said he wanted to go to the army to try and become straight. After he graduated from high school he enlisted and was shipped off to the base camp. He was given the intro and started straight a away. His drill seargent was named David. Jay instantly took a liking to him. He began to slip him notes over time. It also seemed that David took a warm liking to jay aswell. After they both knew they liked each other it began.SEX SEX SEX. At first Jay said it was painful, a massive dick slipping in and out of his ass every night they could get together alone. Jay began to sit beside David at breakfast lunch and dinner. He kept putting more and more food on David's plate without him noticing. Soon it began to take efect as David couldn't finish the runs they did in training and then his clothes did seem a lot tighter. Jay acting all gobsmacked was like David wats happening to u. David then said he knew wat jay was doing and b l d with the food but he enjoyed it so he let it happen. David said he liked the extra tightness he was feeling around his ass belly and chest. Jay continued to fatten David and during one of the training sessions David's shorts and top simultainiously ripped showing a fat ass huge belly and a nice round squishy set of moobs resting on top. David said he loved the feeling that he used to have a tight ass mid section and chest with perfect pecs but now his ass is flabby mid section as wide as a beach ball and pecs turned soft squishy and round? also that his chin grew a twin aswell. David was fired from the army for being a fat fuck but now Jay was ripped to shreds so it was a perfect relationship as their bodies were polar opposites one like a Greek gods and the other a fat blob. PART 2 will come if this gets good feedback WHICH IS NEEDED AND A GOOD STAR RATING THANK YOU ALL AND ENJOY YOUR PLEASURE TIME

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