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Delivery Fatboy
It was a crisp early Fall evening. I was picking up a meat lover’s pizza from my favorite pizza place. I mean this place made the BEST pizza I’d ever had. Nice chewy crust with garlic and cheese baked in, great rich sauce and always a very generous amount of toppings and cheese. Soon after it opened I soon became a regular and over the next 2 years I ordered at least one pizza a week, sometimes 2. I mean I literally drove past the place on my way home from work? I loved this places pizza. I never seemed to get tired of eating it. 

So I got to know the owner pretty well. Nice guy, very straight, but no kids. Wouldn’t tell me why his sauce was so amazing no matter how much I bugged him. Of course eating all those pizzas had slowly added about 20 lbs, mostly in my belly. At 5’ 7” and a bit over 220 I was by no means slim. I was definitely growing a gut. Yet I seemed to be going to the gym less not more, I just couldn’t get motivated to lose it. I also hated dieting and was a great procrastinator so if I’m being honest I just didn’t bother to try very hard.

One Friday evening while I was waiting for my pizza to be ready, Mark the delivery guy came in. He was a pretty hefty guy, Ok Mark was fat. I didn’t make any connection at that point. I could be pretty dense at times. Anyway, he staggered in a little and clearly smelled like he had been smoking pot. I mean this guy was STONED. Don’t get me wrong - I enjoy a toke or two now and then but I get way too munched out and horny for my own good. Again – being honest – I probably didn’t smoke more because I didn’t have a reliable source. Be that as it may Joe could smell it too and got big time pissed! He fired the guy then and there. I mean can you blame him? On your own time at home is one thing, you just don’t do that kinda crap at work and especially get behind the wheel. I didn’t blame him at all.

Mark left, his big round belly and ass bouncing as he fled Joe’s anger. Suddenly an empty pizza box hit the door just as it shut behind the now ex- delivery guy 

"SHIT! Now what do I do?” Joe exclaimed to himself loud enough for me to hear 10 feet away. Then it was like he just remembered I was sitting there.

"Oh David - I’m sorry I am pissed is all.”

"Hey its cool You did the right thing.”

"Yeah I know but now I got all these orders and no delivery guy. SHIT! I’m alone tonight…. Ill have to call all these people and see if they’ll do pick up DAMN IT!”

Joe reached for the phone. Then put it back and turned to me.
Hey David….Just a thought…..How would you like that pizza and a few more whenever you want for free?

I already knew what he had in mind. 

Thats how I found myself doing deliveries for him 3-4 nights a week. I got my pizza free and ate it while I drove. A few people asked what happened to the regular delivery guy but not many. Of course my new job meant I went to the gym even less.

On Friday’s my last delivery of the night was this really hot looking guy. Two meatlovers with extra cheese. That first night as he took the pizzas from me, he clearly looking disappointed said "Where’s Mark?”

I said "He got fired. I’m just filling in.” 

The guy looked really sad for an instant, then he looked me up and down. He flashed me his pearly whites, giving me another look that made my gaydar to go into high gear. He told me his name was Matt then paid me and kept smiling at me as he slowly closed the door. Very cute but maybe just a little ….different? I took two leftover pizzas home with me that night. 

Joe also asked me to fill in till he found someone else and I agreed. Part of the deal was a free meatlovers before I made my first run. What the hell I could use a few extra bucks and I didn’t have much of a social life anyway. I cont know why but I never get tired of Joe's pizzas. Pretty often I’d take home a left over pizza or two, maybe a calzone. I’d be wound up and hungry at 2 am and didn’t even think about eating a 2nd pizza just before crashing. I was soon delivering 4-5 nights a week. Joe still hasn’t found a replacement.

Friday came around and again, and again, my last delivery was to that hot guy Matt with the sexy smile. Two pizzas again.

The next weekend he was the last delivery both Friday and Saturday nights. As I got out of the car to walk up to his front door it began to rain really intensely. I was totally drenched by the time I got on his porch. I must have been quite a sight standing there my shirt soaked and clinging to me.

This time, after he paid me, instead of closing the door Matt came out on the porch to watch as the rain just kept coming down in sheets. He had put the pizzas down and I noticed what a trim bod he had. I could tell he worked out but he wasn’t bulky either. I looked down at my plump gut and wondered how did he eat all that pizza and stay so lean? Unconsciously I sucked in my belly. Like that made a difference in a soaking wet T shirt!

We watched the rain and soon we were chatting a bit. The rain continued. If anything it was getting worse. 

Matt said "Man its coming down Want to come in for a bit and dry off till it passes or do you have more deliveries?

That’s how it began. Somehow I ended up on his couch, my shirt off and a blanket over me, while we watched a movie we ate his pizzas and waited for my shirt to get out of the dryer. That night there was almost half a pizza left over when I left. 

Very soon I realized I was delivering to Matt several nights a week. He was always my last order.and I’d end up hanging with him and sharing his pizzas. I knew I was ganing weight yet even when I protested that I was getting too full or too fat, somehow Matt could get me to eat just one more slice. Then another slice after a bit. You get the idea. Over the next month I ate a lot of pizza and I put on another 17 lbs.. Matt looked the same. My clothes were getting so tight I knew I’d have to buy bigger sooner than later. 

One night, Matt reached over to grab a slice at the same moment I did. We looked into each other’s eyes, both our hands on that one slice, and somehow leaned in at the same time and we came together for a kiss. The kiss got pretty intense. I let go of the slice to pull him closer. Throughout the kiss he held that slice in his left hand and with the other rubbed my belly. I liked it. I liked it a lot. When we pulled away neither of us said anything. We just stared and smiled at each other. His hand was still fondling my belly. He slowly raised the slice to my lips – I knew I was stuffed. I wanted to say Im getting too fat, I shouldn’t eat any more. But when I saw the look on his face …. He made me want to please him so when he said "Eat it for me David” I opened without thinking and he fed me the slice. Five more slices followed it till the 2nd pizza was gone. I ended up spending the night and had my first true belly rub.

Over the next 6 months I found out why Matt never gained weight . Simple. Matt never ate more than a slice or two. The rest was for the delivery guy – ME. By the time Spring rolled around I wasn’t plump anymore. I was fat. If I thought about it I’d have realized I was already fatter than Mark the other delivery guy had been . All those pizzas Matt fed me on top of everything else I was eating, For 6 months I consistently gained between 15 - 20 lbs a month. My belly is getting huge. It is definately growing faster than the rest of me. I have tits and my love handles and ass are massive. I waddle on my deliveries and I am kidded mercilessly at work. I am about to up size my wardrobe for the 4th time. It doesn’t matter. 

I was out of controlby then. Matt actually liked when I protested, my belly hugely swollen in front of me. Somehow he’d help me find room. Matt was just too cute. Besides, like I said, I never get tired of eating Joe’s pizzas.

Once I got past 350 Matt started ordering three pizzas, sometimes four. He still never eats more than one or two slices. With Matt feeding me, there are never any leftovers either.

I wonder how much fatter I’ll be by the time he starts ordering five?

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