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The Un-Perfect Boy
Billy couldn’t wait finally the day arrived and Billy was having so much fun at the party. As he was exploring the huge party house he noticed a door saying KEEP OUT as human as we are we do not ever keep out of a room that says KEEP OUT so of course Billy entered the room. The room was full of experiments and lots of different gits and gats but in the far corner was a fridge witch had a sign saying "BEWARE INGREDIANTS INSADE MAY CAUSE SERYUS SIDE EFFECTS” Billy opened the fridge to find a collection of beers, Billy loved his beer but knew not to become addicted, Billy ignored the sign on the fridge and decided to have a sip of one of the beers, Once the beer touched his tongue he felt his body change in some way, Billy ignored this sensation and kept drinking, after about 3 sips he kept feeling sensation all over his body he ignored this and stole all the beers out of the fridge and went home.

The next day Billy awoke from his bed and felt very lazy as if he didn’t want to do anything, Billy had never felt like this before he was usually full of energy, but not today. Billy just remembered the beers he stole from the party and how they gave him weird but good sensations, so he got up and got dressed ready for another wonderful day at college, and had another beer this time he finished the beer the he started last night at the party . The sensations the beer caused were getting stronger and Billy good feel the sensations all around is body as if something was expanding, he ignored it again and went to college, as he was walking through the corridors for his next class he realized a group of girls staring at him he went to go look in a mirror and found his reflection staring back at him he looked extremely tired and worn out, normally Billy was never tired and worn out he was always active and very fit, school finally ended and Billy ran home, after having a very tiring school day . Bill sat on his couch and had some more beers this time when the sensation came he could feel something expanding, he looked down to his surprise and saw his thighs were bigger then usual and the toned legs he had were not toned but bigger, he lifted up his shirt and found a tiny bit of his gut hanging over his pants, Billy was worried and decided to weigh himself, when he looked at the scales they measured higher then they normally were, Billy was frightened and then decided to go do some exercise, as he was heading for the gym he changed his mind and decided he couldn’t be bothered and sat back down and had some more beers , he kept feeling the sensations getting bigger and could feel his body getting bigger just before he went to bed he looked in the mirror one more time (without a shirt on) and coiled see his six pack , he flexed his abs but still could not see anything , he kept worrying but thought to him self he was going through a stage in life where his body changed and then went back to normal, 

The next day after school he cam back tired again sat down and had some beers, Billy wondered why he didn’t play sport any more he couldn’t think why his mind was blank, he just sat there drinking his beer and feeling the same sensations, this time when he looked just by a glimpse he could see his body bigger, he lifted up his shirt and saw his belly hanging right over his shorts, he nearly fainted, he started to touch it and wondered what was going on he looked in the mirror and saw his chin was very big as if it was covering his neck, he hadn’t shaven in a wile and started to grow a stubby, Evan when he standard up his gut hanged over, the top of his jeans had a rip through them and saw some of his buttons coming of, now he was getting scared but still couldn’t be bothered to do anything about it, he drank and drank and drank and finally he had no beers left, the next day at school everyone was staring at him Billy was not wearing his cool labeled design cloths anymore he was wearing his dads and big brothers cloths because all of his cloths did not fit him he tried and tried to put them on but his fat thighs kept stopping it , as he walked people noticed his belly wobbling and his chin wobbling, every time he had sport he sat out because he could not run or do anything , Billy became a very unfit fat person, he never got invited to anything he was not popular and most of all he wasn’t good looking.

After college Billy was still fat and always was going to be he liked to play with the fat that hanged over his pants and to touch his giant moobs 

He grew to love and cherish his body and in his own eyes thought he did look pretty good looking.

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