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Halfback - Part 2
I got my MBA in two years.

During this time Jered was living in an apartment for six months and then putting everything in storage and moving back to St. Louis to me. We were both being very frugal. No flashy cars, diamond rings, no fast women. 

Some of our teammates tried to get on our cases about this, but we only had to mention what our investment balances were to shut them up.

Your average NFL player lasts four years. Three with the team that drafts them and then another year at a team trying to fill in a position until they can draft a rookie the next year.

After I got my MBA I set up an investment fund to invest for players in the NFL. I hired another MBA who went through school with me to manage it while I was playing, and then in the off season I moved back into control. 

I lasted five seasons, and by the time I "retired” the fund had eight employees. I was ready to take on the full time responsibility.

When I graduated from the university I was 335 pounds at 8% body fat. After five years in the NFL I was 360 and 9% body fat. The management was sorry to see me go, but the coaches and five other players were happy to have me investing for them.

Jered, when he graduated was 270 pounds and 5% body fat. He played six years and was 280 and 7% body fat when he quit. It was harder for him to keep his weight down. At 28 he found it harder to keep up, and decided enough was enough.

As you can see in the three years since I retired I’ve put on 15 pounds a year. I’m up to 405. The office is the wrong environment to lose weight. especially as most of the guys there are in the 335 to 380 range themselves. 

If I could I hired ex professional football players. All of us let ourselves go. I also tried to hire gay men. We laughingly call our office a collection of Chubs for Chubs.

Jered joined me at the office. He and I started the fund, and he has been listed as a vice-president. I laugh that the title should be president of vice, since he is the horniest kinkiest man I’ve ever known.

When he retired he walked away from all the cardio and weight training. He’d been on that treadmill for 10 years. He and I did keep lifting, but not like before. The thing that changed the most was being able to stay at home and have dinner. Long leisurely dinners that invariably ended with me feeding Jered the last serving of the entree and then dessert. Piggy boy usually wanted some "cream” for his coffee, but then I usually did as well. 

During the first year Jered gained one pound a week. This is not too uncommon for the power backs and running backs. They have deprived themselves of food in order to keep in shape, and keep their position. The average running back in the NFL lasts about two years. Jered lasted triple that.

Three hundred and thirty-five pounds. Big black gut on him. Jered had given up wearing a belt and only used suspenders. He liked to have the pants under his belly. At home many times he wore athletic shorts held up by suspenders and nothing else. I always knew that when he came to the dinner table in that outfit, I needed to have a lot of food on hand. He always wanted to be fed till he couldn’t move, and have his belly hang there un-hinderd.

During his second year of retirement, Jered and I started a new routine that helped him bulk up almost 100 pounds that year. 

It started one Monday when I hadn’t fixed enough for dinner. We ate everything, and about 9:00 PM. Jered was hungry again. On a whim I ordered an extra large pizza with everything on it. I also ordered a six pack of beer. 

I started fucking him and taunting him. Did he want a piece of pizza? I fed him four pieces of pizza and four beers while fucking, and verbally abusing him. I didn’t let him belch so the gas built up in his stomach as well. I bought a case of beer the next afternoon. I fed him the rest of the pizza and four more beers the next night. The only difference between the two nights was that on Tuesday I made sure I had a gut busting amount of food for Jered at dinner. 

We kept repeating the late night stuffing all that month. By the end of it Jered could hold an entire extra large pizza and eight beers. I also started getting him on all fours and having him eat off a low table. He couldn’t use his hands and ate the pizza using only his mouth and lips. I kept taunting him about being a good piggy. I hand fed him the beers reaching over him and pressing my gut into his back. He took to guzzling the beers in one long swallow.

Occasionally I would slap his growing belly. I also would reach around him and pinch his very sensitive nipples. For his birthday I got his nipples pierced. I would clip a chain between them and add weight to the chain. He loves having that chain weighted and pulling on his nipples. The rings are now ‘0” gage now. You can see them through any shirt he wears.

I was fucking Jered every evening. In the morning it was Jered’s turn. He would wake me in the morning sticking his pole up my chute. As he got bigger he needed to lift his belly up onto my back or my belly. When he was over me fucking me I pulled on his ever increasing moobs. I pulled them down so I could suck at them and get his nipples really big. 

Where Jered gained 150 pounds in those two years, I gained 10. Jered was now 430 pounds to my 415 pounds. Almost 850 pounds between the two of us. Mattresses tended to last at most one year. That is with flipping them every week.

To celebrate Jered turning 30 I decided to give him a snack every afternoon. A two liter bottle of coke and 12 granola bars covered with about ¾” of peanut butter, and chocolate chips sprinkled on top the peanut butter. I used about half a jar of peanut butter each day. Jered considered this to be a light snack. He soon took to eating the rest of the jar of peanut butter, the rest of the bags of chocolate chips, and another two liter of soda. All this on top of a large lunch, and a huge breakfast. He used the excuse that we needed to keep our strength up for the afternoon workout.

We actually were working out almost every afternoon. No cardio, but strength training. I guess you could count walking from the parking lot to the gym floor cardio, but I don’t think 500 yards counts. 

The trainer at the gym would walk by Jered slapping his ever growing belly, and calling him chubs. I only ever saw Jered retaliate one time. Jered "accidentally” tripped and crashed into Ron the trainer. He wound up pinning Ron to the floor. with his fat ass on Ron’s crotch and his belly pressing down on Ron’s abs. Jered took a long time to get up off Ron. A lot of body contact. Ron had a large wet spot on his workout shorts, and had to go the locker room to get new shorts and jock.

Ron is a total closet case. Pretends that he doesn't like fat men, but always touching the biggest. One time Jered and I trapped Ron between our guts in the locker room. All three of us were getting out of the shower. Jered in front, Ron in the middle, and I brought up the rear. Jered turned around and we pinned Ron between 800+ pounds of fat men. 

We had to go back and shower again. Ron had blown all over Jered’s underbelly. We soaped Jered up and lovingly washed all the folds of his body. Ron about lost it again when he washed Jered’s ass, Jered loosened up his sphincter and took his hand into his ass. 

Jered at 31 was 525 pounds. A huge black Buddha. His belly reached the bed or floor when he got on all fours. His moobs were so big that they hung down to the floor as well. Fucking him caused enough friction that the nipples stood proud. 

We just celebrated Jered sixth anniversary of his retirement. He is an even 700 pounds. His belly hangs down below mid-thigh, and over his belt forming a roll that goes from the front to his massive love handles. Jered can no longer reach below his belly. That is my job. I love cleaning him and eating him. His dick is half buried in his fat, but that just increases the sensation when his belly is on top of my very short flat-top.

His thighs meet all the way to his knees. He sits higher on his cushioned butt than he stands. He still has almost no body hair, just the short buzz on the top of his head. There is no neck, as his chins hang low enough that they cover his chest. He does have three rolls of fat at the back of his neck. When he lifts up his arms either to eat, or let me clean him the fat hangs down where there once were visible biceps and triceps. 

Any angularity in his face has totally been filled in with fat. Even his ears are fat. 

We are hoping to get Jered up to half a ton for his 40th birthday. 

By the way Ron has moved in with us and helps care for Jered. Ron has gained 25 pounds in the past three months. I think we are rubbing off on him.

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