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The Secret Lab

The following document was obtained under circumstances which I can only describe as "mysterious". It is allegedly an excerpt from a personal journal which was kept by a research scientist working on a low level government project intended to study the effects of weight gain in adult males. According to my source for this document, the researcher in question was allowed to conduct his case studies with little or no supervision which, in this instance, allowed for the bizarre and inexplicable tale you have before you. I have been unable to obtain any names, dates or locations for the events herein contained and I present it to you as merely a curiosity.

First Entry

After seven month of work on this project, I have grown tired and frustrated by the usual weight gaining techniques I have been instructed to use and have decided that the project needs to be led in a new direction. Thus far, I have only been able to study the effects of moderate gaining in the subjects I have been assigned, but I feel that the real research lies in the area of extreme weight gain. However, the techniques I have devised to accomplish this would not be acceptable to my associates and I have been forced to develop an alternative means by which I can test my theories. It is my hope that my results will ultimately vindicate me and justify my unorthodox techniques.

To this end, I have constructed a private laboratory in my home in order that I might work undisturbed. I have been able to secretly procure the materials that I need through months of careful back scratching and payoffs. I now have all the tools that I require. The only thing that I need is a subject to study.

Second Entry

After careful consideration of my options, I have concluded that my best source for a subject would be from the streets. I've been closely observing the behavior of the local vagrant population and have identified what I believe to be the perfect choice.

He is a white male, approximately 39 years of age, 5' 11" & 210 lbs. His moderately stocky build would indicate a tendency towards gaining although his meager resources have almost certainly kept that trait in check. While he lives on the street, he seems to indulge very little in alcohol or other narcotics and appears in relatively good health. He appears to have no contact with any other people, which should eliminate the problem of him being "missed". He also has a favourite spot for spending the night (in an alley behind a burned out bookstore) which will provide me with the perfect opportunity to procure him for my studies.

Third Entry

I finally have my subject! This evening, I drove a van that I had rented to the location I know my subject would be spending the night. Sure to form, he was there, fast asleep. I brought a bottle of chloroform and a cloth in order to subdue him. I approached him very quietly and was able to put him out with little resistance. I then left him there, returned to the van and brought it around in order to pick him up. He was a little difficult to load up and I assumed that I may have been somewhat conservative in my estimate of his weight.

Returning to my home, I drove the van into the garage and then placed my subject on a cart for transport to my lab. Once in the lab, I proceeded to cut away his clothing and prepare him for study. He is an unusually hairy man with a full growth of beard. I decided to leave him unshaven, as this would allow me to minimize the amount of maintenance he would require. He was quite filthy and required that I give him a sponge bath in order to clean him up for the work ahead.

Once I had completed the initial preparation, I brought the subject (hereafter referred to as "Mr X") to a special observation gallery I had constructed in my basement. In the center of the room there is a raised, circular platform on the floor with another, identical disk fixed to the ceiling. I brought Mr X over to the platform and pulled down some adjustable leather shackles that fixed to the upper disk. Once I had placed the restraints on his wrists, I was able to easily raise the subject to his feet my means of a mechanical pulley. At this point, it was necessary to sedate the subject again as he was beginning to regain consciousness. With Mr X finally on his feet, I proceeded to secure additional straps to his ankles in order to prevent any movement outside the circle.

With the subject secured and in place, I was then able to attach all the various feeding, life support, stimulation & waste disposal devices that would be required for the experiment. The first thing to hook up was the feeding tube. The tube was firmly fixed to the subject's mouth and had an extension that lead the tube down the throat and into the Stomach.

Next, I attached a special breathing apparatus through his nostrils that would allow me to monitor and control his respiration. I had determined that low level breathing would help to reduce the amount of calories that Mr X would be able to burn and thus enhance the gaining process. In order to intensify this effect, I also placed a tight elastic strap around the base of the subjects rib cage that would restrict his ability to inhale. The subjects eyes & ears were also covered with water proof adhesive pads that would block out all light and sound.

The problem of waste disposal was one that I worked on quite intensely. I had determined that recycling would be the most efficient and effective means of dealing with the problem. I inserted a narrow tube into the subjects urethra and a much larger tube in his rectum. These were fixed in place with inflating devices. The subject's waste products would be pumped out via the tubing and then mechanically processed and reconstituted in order to form the foundation of the subjects dietary requirements. Waste material would be treated to eliminate any bacterial hazards and then mixed with special fillers containing high levels of animal & milk fats, sugars, and other supplements used for gaining. This mixture would also contain a variety of chemical stimulants and massive hormone treatments designed to increase body mass.

With that done, there were just a few additional attachments that would be required. Automated collagen injecting syringes were inserted into the subjects nipples. These would slowly and constantly increase the size of the nipple and also provide regular stimulation to the subject. The testicles were secured and tied tightly with elastic material encasing them and producing constant pressure on his balls. Electrical devices were also attached to the head of the subjects penis in order to sexually stimulate him. Sexual stimulation was essential as the release of certain natural chemicals would interact with the chemicals being introduced in his body from his food and thus aid in the absorption of these substances. However, in order to maintain this interaction, it would be necessary to keep the patient in a constant state of arousal without allowing him to climax. In order to maintain this state, I have constructed a monitoring & regulatory system that tracks the subjects pulse rate, blood pressure and brain wave activity. After attaching the monitor pads to the subjects chest, head, genitals and wrists, all that was left was to seal him off.

Stepping off the platform, I activated a switch on a control panel embedded in the wall. This causes a cylindrical clear wall to rise up from the base of the floor disc and this wall reaches right to the ceiling where it attaches and creates a water tight seal. Next, what has now become a vat is filled with a clear, body temperature saline solution. Having the subject submerged in this manner allows me to monitor body weight by means of fluid displacement. It also creates a sensory deprivation environment for the subject where the only stimulus is obtained by what I control.

At this point, I began to activate all the other devices. As they began to do their work, I noticed that the subject had regained consciousness. As the monitors began to flicker, I noticed the subjects heart rate began to rise sharply and he bagan to struggle against the restraints. I can only imagine the fear and panic that he must have felt as he woke to find himself in this situation. If only I could tell him what a valuable contribution he would be making to science.

As the initial flow of the food supplement began to fill his newly expanding belly, I noticed his pulse rate and movement began to slow. This was the result of the muscle relaxants that were being fed to him. The feeding device was set so that it would provide a constant flow of material for his digestive system. From this point on, feeding would be a constant process and would continue 24 hours a day. Even at this initial stage, I noticed that the subject already had a rather prominent stomach and this was now beginning to be exaggerated by the volume of material he was being fed.

After about 30 minutes of feeding, more of the chemical stimulants began to take effect. At this point, the subject manifested a rather impressive erection and would occasionally shudder with sporadic convulsions brought on by the stimulants. The nipples had already begun to expand as well and the monitors displayed an unusual range of readings as his pulse and blood pressure would waver without pattern. Initial weight readings indicated 230 lbs.

After about an hour of being hooked up, the subject began to produce waste material. Stimulation devices in the waste disposal tubes caused the subjects rectal muscles to push down all available material into the disposal tube where it could be sent for reconstitution. During reconstitution, the overall volume of material would be increased with the previously mentioned fillers and these would be added to daily so that the total volume of material being cycled would gradually and continually increase, day by day.

After so many months of planning, the wheels where finally in motion and all that was required was to sit back and let time do it's job.

Fourth Entry

It has been 3 months since Mr X was placed in the vat and I am please to say that the results are very encouraging. After the first week, the subject began to manifest marked increases in body mass. He had gone from 230 lbs to an impressive 315 lbs., but that was just the beginning. I have noticed that the initial stages of gaining are always somewhat slow, but there is a point where the body begins to metabolize differently and gaining begins to occur at a much faster rate.

By the end of the third week, the subject had ballooned up to over 450 lbs. The manifestations of this were quite remarkable. His arms and legs were now full and round. His breasts had begun to grow quite large and rested comfortably on his massive, expanding belly. The nipple injections had also caused them to grow to an incredible size, much larger than those I've seen on any female. His lower abdomen had expanded to such a point that it was barely possible to see the tip of his perpetually erect penis poking out from within. Samples of his urine showed the constant presence of pre-ejaculate which indicated that the subject was being successfully kept in the desired state of arousal.

The hormones contained in his food supply have caused the subjects testicles to decrease in size to a significant extent. At one point it was necessary for me to drain the vat and adjust the elastic binding on his balls in order to maintain the pressure level. I have also gradually decreased the subject's respiration, getting him used to lower and lower levels and keeping them just high enough to maintain consciousness. The stimulants in the food the subject is given do not allow him to actually sleep and, as a result, I have noticed brain activity patterns that I have never seen before. I can not even imagine the thoughts that must be going on in there. Does he have any concept of where he is or what is happening?

By the end of the second month, the subject began to level off at a weight of 1121 lbs. At this point, it was no longer possible to see the subject's penis and I was only able to monitor it via the display in the lab. Except for some momentary lapses, the subject had continued to maintain his erection and pre-ejaculate was always present in his urine samples. In order to hold the rectal tube in place, it was necessary to gradually inflate the anchor balloon over time as he expanded. I would estimate that his anus was now stretched to approximately 6 inches in diameter.

At this point the subject has grown to an astounding 1500. Fortunately, the solution he is suspended in helps to keep him buoyant and upright. There's no telling how far this could go.

Finale Comment

It is at this point that the journal ends. According to my sources, the researcher in question was ultimately apprehended and his laboratory discovered. Apparently, Mr X was "missed" by someone. There is no record of what happened to Mr. X after being released.

Source: http://web.archive.org/web/20051217171503/http://www.gainerweb.com/archives/stories/stories/secretlab.shtml
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