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November - It was getting close to the holiday buying season and I was a little strapped for cash. My parents took care of all my college expenses: tuition, books, room and board, and so forth. But they didn't provide much extra - believing, I guess, that if I had to earn my own spending money that it would improve my "character." Well, this was my third year in college, majoring in computer science, and I couldn't see that my "character" had been at all improved by a series of odd jobs over the years. It wasn't that jobs were hard to find, just that I kind of wanted something better than cooking burgers at minimum wage levels. So when I saw the ad "Computer Professional needed for part-time work at local publishing firm" I figured that might be right up my alley - maybe even interesting as a side bonus. So I went over to the firm's address, which turned out to be a second-floor location in an old warehouse in an older section of town, and talked to the manager. After about a half hour of talking, he offered me the job and I accepted. Actually, I later figured out that I was the only applicant who would accept the $7/hour wage rate. But it was a job, and it looked like it might be kind of challenging.

December - "Challenging" - I didn't know how challenging it was going to be. The firm itself was kind of strange - they were into something called "specialty publishing." I found out that means that they put out magazines, not the thick ones with circulation of a million readers, but small ones that only go out every couple of months, and go to very select groups - like left-handed lettuce farmers living in Southern Idaho. I kid you not! Supposedly they made money at it as they were always adding new publications, or trying to expand existing ones. Their computers were unbelievable, though. It was like, whenever they needed another computer, they'd see what the local electronics shops had on sale, and they'd buy that. They had a lot of PCs, but also a bunch of MACs. I swear, there was some old guy off in a corner who was using a Commodore C64! I've been working at it a month now and I'm close to getting all their systems upgraded to a Pentium II standard and running common software.

I was up on a ladder today stringing some data cables over the suspended ceiling when I heard Chrissie, one of the photographers, say "Smile Danny!" I looked down and she shot several pictures of me with my arms full of cables. I asked her what the photos were for and she said that they like to run pictures of the staff in their magazines. "Staff?", I wasn't even sure how long I was going to be working there. I asked her what the photo caption was going to be and she said that I'm their "..... Manager of Information Technology." Impressive. I should ask for a raise.

January - The publishing firm is kind of a fun group to work with. Everybody knows everybody - kind of like one big family. Last week I was finishing up a software upgrade on one of the writers PC, and I commented that I was going to get a haircut when I knocked off work. She said "Oh Danny, you could really make your hair look a lot nicer if you worked at it just a little." Now my hair is something that I never really paid much attention to - just getting it cut when it got too long, and washing it every week or so. But she convinced me that I ought to go to this friend of hers who styles hair and she'd do it for me for free the first time. So I went and it wasn't bad - she didn't cut a lot off but styled it so that the edges aren't ragged, and gave me some shampoo and conditioner to use on it, and got me to promise to keep it brushed as she had showed me. I've got to admit that it does look better parted in the center the way she did it, even though personally I'd keep it a little shorter as it does mostly cover my ears.

Joe The Manager (He's the guy who hired me. Nobody calls him "Joe", or "the Boss" or anything else, it's always "Joe The Manager.") handed me a stack of over 40 e-mail messages when I came in this morning and told me to answer them in the next day or so. I asked him what was going on and he said that since I'm their "..... Manager of Information Technology", one of my duties is responding to the e-mail messages that the readers send in. I asked him how the readers knew anything about me and he told me that they had taken one of Chrissie's photos, written a short paragraph about me, assigned me an e-mail address at the firm, and had been running it in the "Staff Section" of their magazines. Sure enough, I grabbed a recent copy of "Elvis Collectibles" and found my photo in it, along with my height, weight, and the other information they had asked for on my employment application. I guess it's OK but I wish they had checked with me first.

February - Joe The Manager now has me working on several web sites for the firm. One of them is really different, it's called "BigOnLine" and it's basically a lot of graphics from their "BIG" magazine. As best as I can tell, "BIG" is a magazine for people that like heavy men, for most of the models look like they weight 300+ pounds. In getting the website together, I've had to rescan the images, scale, crop and edit them to where they'll work on a web site. In the process I've had to look at more hairy, sagging bellies than I ever imagined existed. Apparently it's a popular topic as BigOnLine is generating a lot of hits, like several thousand a day, and is turning into one of the firm's bigger money makers. I guess there's no accounting for tastes.

The problem I'm having is that the volume of e-mail keeps rising. I'm receiving over a hundred e-mail messages every day, and responding to them, keeping the office network running, and trying to keep the websites current is more than a full time job. It got to the point where something had to give. I had a talk with Joe The Manager about how I was going to have to cut my hours way back to concentrate on school and he got really upset. We had a long talk and the outcome was that he doubled my salary, gave me unlimited overtime, and assigned one of the writers, Jimmy, to work with me as an assistant. In turn I told the school that I was taking a short leave of absence. So now I'm doing the heavy technical stuff, and Jimmy is helping me write the technical columns and answer the e-mail. Jimmy tells me that my technical columns are very popular features in several of the magazines. Shows how little our readers know!

March - Joe The Manager called me into his office this morning and asked me how I'd like to do a special project for him. I asked him what he meant, and he said "..... gain some weight." I told him that made no sense to me whatever, and he told me that BIG and BigOnLine had generated a number of requests for firsthand articles on weight gain, and that since I was already a popular writer for both, that I'd appear to be the logical candidate. I told him that the last thing that I wanted to do was get fat and he immediately said "No, no, no it's not like that at all. What we'd like to do is just let you try to gain a little weight, while we track your progress weekly, kind of like a diary. We could take a photo every so often and it could become a regular feature in BIG and BigOnLine. After a couple of months, we can wrap it up, you go on a diet and get back to where you were before, the readers get their story, and you get a couple of extra bucks." That last part got my attention. We discussed it a little and we agreed that I'd do the project, provided that the firm paid me $10 for every pound I gained, that I could quit whenever I wanted, and that the firm would also pick up any other expenses like food, new clothes, or whatever. I figured what the heck, a few months from now I could have a couple of hundred extra bucks in my wallet and a new wardrobe. Why not.

Jimmy and I went off and worked out the details. He weighed me and measured me in more places than I know you could measure someone. And he had Chrissie take a bunch of photos of me - that was kind of embarrassing because he wanted me to strip down to like nothing and I drew the line at taking off my boxer shorts. It was doubly embarrassing because I'm a really skinny guy, like it's easy to count all of my ribs. (I'm 5'10" and only weigh 115.) Jimmy laughed and said that would make it all the easier for me to pack on a few pounds. So we recorded all the information and I kind of forgot about it for several days. Then this morning Jimmy taps me on the shoulder and says "Time for your weekly checkup." I said "Huh, What?" and he reminded me that it had been a week since I started the project and I needed to get weighed and have my dimensions checked. So we went off and I stripped and got on the scale and found out that I had LOST A POUND! Jimmy said that "Joe The Manager's not going to be pleased about this. Some weight-gain article with you losing weight." I told him that this project was only one of the things that I had to work on, that I had been busy the past week, and if I didn't gain weight, well "tough."

Well that was a couple of weeks ago and things are a little better now, but not much. Jimmy's been trying to keep me on track, making sure that I take a lunch break every day, and even taking me out to supper occasionally. And every other day he's been bringing on a dozen doughnuts and leaving the box on my desk for me to snack on. I guess it's helped a little. The second week I gained back the pound I lost the first week, and the third week I gained another pound. But a net gain of one pound over three weeks is not a lot to brag about. It's funny, my statistics are being updated on BigOnLine on a weekly basis and I'm starting to get what can best be described as "fan mail" encouraging me in the project.

May - Well, I'm now 8 weeks into the project and have managed to gain a total of ten pounds. Joe The Manager made a big deal out of it by presenting me with a check for $100 in front of all the office staff, and I got a big round of applause. But I really can't tell that the added weight has made any difference. I'm still 5' 10" tall and my weight has increased from 115 to 125, but all my measurements are about the same, I don't look any different in the mirror, and my clothes all seem to fit about the same. I guess that I have one of those metabolisms that just doesn't want to gain weight.

June - Jimmy and I had a long discussion about the project last week. At my present rate of weight gain which has been about a pound a week, the project will take so long to show any real results that all our readers will probably die of boredom. What's worse, over the past two weeks I haven't gained any additional weight at all. I figure I may have hit a plateau and will never gain any more than the ten pounds. I told him that I was ready to call everything off and forget the whole thing - like I was never all that enthusiastic about the whole thing in the beginning. Jimmy convinced me to give it just a couple more weeks, and to really make a serious try at it this time. So starting today, Jimmy will be with me for three meals a day to help and supervise. Like this morning he picked me up at my apartment at 6:00am and took me to a local diner for breakfast. He ordered me two complete breakfasts and made sure I ate both. Then at lunch we went to a nearby burger shop and I had three double cheeseburgers. For supper he took me to an Italian buffet. He even tried to get me to stop by an ice cream shop after the buffet for a hot fudge sunday but by that time I was so stuffed that I told him if I had one more bite that I'd puke.

Two weeks later - Well, it seems like Jimmy's plan is working. In the past three weeks I've gained another fifteen pounds, bringing my weight up to 140. When Chrissie took some photos of me today she told me that my ribs aren't as prominent as they used to be and when I looked in the mirror I saw that she was right. Jimmy tells me that about the only other difference is that my waist has increased from 28 to 29 inches - I thought that my pants had started to feel just a little snug. Other than that, I don't look or feel any different than I did when I started the project. Joe The Manager gave me a check for $150 today, and there was more applause from the office. I've got to admit that this is sure an easy way to pick up a few extra bucks, and let the firm pay for all my food.

July - Jimmy's continued his supervision of my eating and I've got to admit that we've become close friends and I look forward to the time we spend together. I'm not quite ready for this week's weighing so I don't know exactly what my weight is now, but I'd guess around 150 or so. The warm weather has descended upon us and I went for a swim in the pool at my apartment last night to cool off a little bit. When I pulled on my swimsuit I noticed that it felt noticeably tighter around my waist. And as I sat on the side of the pool and looked down at my stomach I could see that it's no longer the stomach of a skinny guy. Now don't get me wrong, it's not fat or gross or anything, but it's smooth and soft and just a little rounded. I idly rubbed it a little with my hands and it felt so warm and smooth and soft that I couldn't believe it. All of a sudden I noticed that I had this huge erection. I didn't need that in public. At the office the next day I found I was wrong about my weight. I tipped the scales at 161.

>From the e-mail feedback that I've been getting from BigOnLine, I guess my project is a popular one. It seems that the number of hits to the site have just about doubled since the project started. Jimmy has been posting new pictures of me to the site on a weekly basis although there hasn't really been much change in my appearance - which I'm glad for. I mean, this is an easy way to pick up some money but I don't want to go too far. I guess there have been a lot of articles about heavy people in the past, but this is the first time the magazine or website has run a series of articles describing a weight-gain experiment on a week-by-week basis as it is actually happening.

Joe The Manager wanted Chrissie to reshoot the pictures of the staff. Except that this time he wanted us to wear dress shirts and ties. I guess he's trying to project a more professional image of the firm. Yeah, good luck. I had trouble getting my shirt buttoned at the neck - when I did it was like, strangling me. I ended up leaving the collar unbuttoned but covering up the gap with my tie. The final picture didn't impress me too much. It makes me look as though I'm developing a double chin.

August - I've always figured that, why get anywhere slow when you can get there fast. So when I'm going up the stairs to the second floor offices I usually jog up the stairs. As I was doing that this morning I noticed an unusual sensation and realized that it was my belly bouncing up and down. It wasn't painful or anything, but my waist is about 34 inches now and my stomach that was just slightly rounded last month, has taken on a more pronounced outward curvature. As Chrissie was photographing me last week she commented that we were finally beginning to get some worthwhile results to put on the website. When Jimmy was measuring me he patted my stomach and said "..... that's a pretty little belly that you're developing, Danny." I just said that since the weight-gain was beginning to be noticeable, that it was probably time to start talking about winding down the project. Jimmy said that was up to me, but we could probably go for another couple of weeks before we quit. I agreed to take it thru the end of summer.

Chrissie commented today that my eating habits have become like that of a cow - "constantly grazing." I guess that she's right, from the time I get up in the morning until I go to bed at night, there's always food in reach. It just seems like the natural thing to interrupt whatever I'm doing every fifteen minutes or so and pop a doughnut into my mouth. I'll stop on the way in to work and pick up a couple of dozen doughnuts, or Jimmy will bring in the leftover lasagna from his supper last night, or the remains of an office party will somehow find their way to my desk, so finding the food to "graze" upon is no problem.

The school wrote me a letter reminding me that classes resume immediately after Labor Day and that to guarantee my class standing, that I had to return by that date. I sent them an e-mail thanking them for the reminder but noting that I had found a very rewarding job and didn't want to leave it just yet. I told them I'd be in touch with them early next year if my plans changed.

I was crawling around on the floor yesterday trying to run some new network cables. Maybe "crawling" isn't the right word - I was down on my hands and knees working under some of the desks when I noticed a funny sensation and realized that it was my tummy touching the floor. Guess I've gained enough weight that it now hangs down about six inches in a soft roll when I bend over. Chrissie thought that was cute. She made me pull up my shirt to show my tummy touching the floor and took several pictures. Personally, I think it's a waste of film.

September - I couldn't believe it when I got on the scales today, my weight is up to 196! And my 28 waist is now 38. New clothes were in order last week and upon Jimmy's advice, I got pants that had several extra inches of room in the waist to spare. He said that there's no sense in getting clothes that will be too tight in a week or so and he seemed to have a point so I went along with him. As Chrissie was shooting my photos this week, she said that my boxer shorts looked pretty funny and when I looked in the mirror I had to agree with her. My belly now bulges out over the top and they hang down below it and kind of flop around when I move. She suggested that something a little tighter and form fitting might look better and sent Jimmy out to buy something. He came back with several pairs of small black bikini briefs. Well, "small" is relative, I guess. He got several different sizes and it took a 40 inch waist to get comfortable. "Briefs" may also be the wrong term. They weren't much more than a thong! Jimmy offered to help me get them on since it was a little difficult getting the pouch positioned just right and the straps even on either side of my belly. I found the touch of his hands on my belly surprisingly exciting. With the tiny briefs on, you could just barely see the black pouch snuggled between my thighs below the swell of my belly. All the curves of my body were revealed and the added weight is very evident. Chrissie's getting a little carried away with the captions she runs with my pictures on the website. This one was "Suomo In Training."

October - Well, I've broken the 200-barrier, and by a fair amount. My weight this morning was 264. I was totally surprised when I got on the scale. It's not like I felt that heavy or anything. I guess that I hadn't realized how fast I was packing the pounds on. The photos clearly show the effects though, from my heavier thighs, to my widening waist and protruding belly, on up to my softening breasts and double chin. It's not that I look bad or anything, just that I'm getting to be pretty heavy.

I guess that my photos and story on BigOnLine have gotten to be pretty popular. Apparently other people have been downloading the picture files, passing them around, and even posting them on other websites. I got some fan e-mail from a guy in Germany the other day! He wanted to know what my ultimate goal was and I had to tell him that since the summer was about over, that the project was due to end.

November - Along with my check this week, Joe The Manager gave me a new chair. With the increasing size of my butt it was tough to get comfortable in the old one. I notice when I sit down now that my belly rests on the top of my thighs and sticks out a good ten inches. And when I stand up, my belly now hangs down in a large roll of fat part way to my knees. I gave up wearing the briefs several weeks ago - my belly covers up my private parts so well that there's nothing to be gained in modesty by wearing anything like that. When I'm updating the BigOnLine website and looking at the pictures of other big guys (I've now started to think of myself as a "big" guy.), I notice one difference. A lot of them have lots of heavy body hair and I have very little. I never did have very much and I haven't grown any more - even with the weight gain. So where a lot of the other guys look like big hairy bears, I just look like a big, pink, soft fat guy.

I noticed something today that surprised me. I figured that when you gained weight in your belly, that your navel would get smaller. I've even seen these pictures of pregnant women and some of them have navels that stick out an inch or so. Apparently it doesn't work that way with guys, for my navel has gotten larger as my belly has gotten larger. As a matter of fact, my navel is now several inches across. Jimmy noticed me checking it out during the photo shoot today and he said "Just a minute Danny, I gotta idea." He reached into the refrigerator and took out an orange and stuck it in my navel. Son of a gun if it didn't stay there. Chrissie was laughing so hard at the sight of me looking down at my navel with this orange stuck in it that she was rolling on the floor. Jimmy said "Come on Danny, do a belly dance for us." So I did a short one, flopping my belly from side to side as Chrissie took more photos.

Jimmy and I discussed my weight gain today. Summer has ended and the date for finishing the "project" has passed. I guess that I should taper off on my eating and start to lose weight, but I haven't felt any real urgency to do so. Jimmy suggested that since I'm not uncomfortable with my weight that maybe I shouldn't worry about trying to lose it that rapidly. "..... just taper off a little on your eating and see how that feels." were his words. That was encouraging as I really like the process of stuffing myself and wasn't looking forward to a diet. It's hard to explain, but stuffing myself till my belly feels that it can't hold any more is very pleasurable for me now. Jimmy and Chrissie and I decided to celebrate by going out to supper. Maybe "suppers" is a better word for it. After we had dinner at a steakhouse, I was still a little hungry so they took me to an Italian buffet and watched me eat a second meal. And then, to top it all off, we swung by an ice cream shop and they bought me several hot fudge sundaes. Wow, was I stuffed that night, and did it feel good.

December - "Come on Danny, lift your belly up so that I can see your cock." were Chrissie's words as she lay on the floor on her back shooting pictures of me. I'd never heard her use language like that before and it surprised me. But she wanted to emphasize the weight gain in my belly and having me pick up my stomach was one way to do that. With my weight at 377 and with a 51 inch waist, there's quite a bit of me to emphasize. So I bent over and grabbed the large sack of belly fat that now sags nearly to my knees and hefted it up while she took the pictures. I guess the pictures were a hit as the volume of fan mail started increasing just hours after they were posted to BigOnLine.

Over three hundred pounds. I never thought that I'd gain that much. It's funny for it seems that the more I weigh, the easier it is for me to gain weight. And instead of my eating tapering off as I had planned last month it's actually increasing. It seems as though there is always some excuse to go out and eat with Jimmy: a business lunch, a new restaurant opening, an office party, some holiday to be celebrated, or whatever. There have been a couple of times when we went out for lunch and never made it back to the office that day, just went from restaurant, to restaurant, to restaurant till it was time to go home that evening - and of course the firm was picking up the tab. It's surprising that Jimmy has gained so little weight. He may have put on a few pounds here and there but he looks just about the same as he always did. Nobody can accuse me of looking the same as I did at this time last year!

I've wondered for a couple of months whether Chrissie was gaining a little weight. When I met her she was a slim blond, but since she wears these baggy slacks and shirts, it's tough to see whether there have been any changes. I thought that her face looked a little fuller when we came back to work after Thanksgiving. Well, just before Christmas she commented (it was actually a hint) that she hoped somebody would give her a few new sets of clothes as presents. I asked her whether the old ones were going out of style and she responded "Nope, just getting a little tight. Hadn't you noticed this?" and she lifted up her shirt in the back and turned her back to me. It looks as though she's put on maybe 30 pounds, and it's all in her ass. Well, the rest of her was still pretty much covered up but her buttocks are now large and fleshy. She said that the women in her family all have a tendency to develop "saddlebags" if they're not careful and it looks as though she's no exception.

January - Oh, the yearend holidays really did me in. The last two weeks of December were basically one long party. Well, maybe "party" isn't quite right. Eating orgy might be better. It seems like the end of the year is the time when everyone expects food to be plentiful, and no one worries about eating all they want. Why should you worry, you know that you can just make a New Year's resolution to lose all the weight that you've gained. I certainly took advantage of all the eating opportunities. As a result, I tipped the scale at 446 when we returned to work after New Year's Day. I did make a New Year's Resolution though, I resolved not to worry about losing the weight that I've gained.

I told the school that I wasn't coming back. I've decided that the work here is much more interesting than classroom work. And at $14/hour plus unlimited overtime the pay isn't that bad. Other than that, I'm just not sure about going back on campus at my current weight. Everybody around here is really supportive of me, but I'm not sure how my friends back on campus would react to my new "figure."

Joe The Manager showed me a copy of one of the firm's new products. It's a calendar that features me! How about that! Each month has a picture of me starting with when I first came to work for the firm just about a year ago and weighed 115, up to today with my current weight of over 400. He said that demand was running really high and that over ten thousand had been sold from the website in the first week alone. I jokingly asked him if he wanted to issue a "platinum" version with my autograph and he actually liked the idea. So now I've got to sign about a thousand calendars before the end of the week. Should have kept my big mouth shut.

I don't know whether my cheeks (my mouth you dork, not my ass!) are stretching with all the eating I've been doing but I've found that I can hold a lot more food in my mouth now than I used to be able to hold. Jimmy and I were trying an experiment to see how many jelly doughnuts I could fit into my mouth at one time and we got four stuffed in there. Then Jimmy started laughing so hard that he had to hold on to the desk and when I asked him why he held up a mirror so I could see my face. I looked like a huge chipmunk with my cheeks swollen out with the jelly doughnuts, and with the jelly dribbling out of my mouth and down onto my three chins. I had powdered sugar all over my nose and lips. Chrissie snuck up and took my picture. Darned if Joe The Manager didn't use it as the cover shot on that month's issue of BIG.

February - Chrissie got me a new set of clothes last week. Up till now I had just been buying larger and larger versions of men's clothes. But when my weight hit 446 last month that became increasingly impractical. At that time my waist was over 55 inches and it's tough finding anything in that range. Of course you can always have clothes custom made, but that's pretty expensive - especially when you realize that each set will only last me for three or four weeks. So she had several sets of overalls made up especially for me - and they are very roomy with large folds of extra cloth to accommodate any future weight gain. Along with the overalls, she had a number of huge tent-like shirts made up. She was kidding me that for one of the photo sessions this month that she'd pose me by a horse and call me "Farmer Dan." Yeah, sure.

Going up the long winding stairs from ground level to the firm's second floor offices was beginning to be a problem. Carrying all the extra weight means that I tire rapidly during exertion but I could have lived with that. More of a problem was how to climb the narrow stairs with my belly in the way. It now hangs in multiple rolls of fat nearly to the floor. When I'm walking on a level surface, I can kind of move my legs out and around it on the sides a little as I move forward. But climbing stairs is another matter. There's this huge sack of flesh that's maybe two feet wide that rests on the stairs in front of me. To climb the stairs I kind of have to grab the top of my overalls, lift my belly up to rest on the next set of stairs, move my feet up a set of stairs, and then repeat the process all the way to the top. Going downstairs is almost as bad because if I don't take it slowly my belly can start sliding down the stairs ahead of me and dragging me behind it. I had a couple of unpleasant (but FAST!) descents of the stairs that way. For one of this month's photo sessions, Chrissie took a series of photos of me ascending and descending the stairs. She thought that it would be neat if I agreed to do it with no clothes on but I told her that I had to draw the line somewhere!

But it turns out that the building has a freight elevator and I can use that to make my way to the second floor. It's also handy because the freight elevator has a built-in shipping scale used to weigh large shipments. The scales in the office that we had been using to weigh me topped out at 500 pounds and I passed that mark several weeks ago. According to the shipping scales I'm now at 524. Jimmy and Chrissie did talk me into taking off my clothes for one shot of me weighing my stomach on the shipping scale. I saw that they used the caption "Heavy Shipment" when they posted that photo on the website. Cute. Boy did I get a lot of fan e-mail from that one!

March - It's funny about taking off my clothing when other people are around. I don't mind my weight. And Jimmy and Chrissie are very supportive. In fact, it's like the three of us are a team with them encouraging me and taking pleasure in my weight gain. But I've noticed that some people in the office, and especially people I meet on the street, tend to stare at me and make comments behind my back. I guess the American ideal is the slim, tanned, California surfer type and I just don't fit that mold anymore. Not that I ever did, or ever wanted to. But I sure don't now!!!!! At work, mobility is a little of a problem for me. Clearly I'm not going to be crawling under desks running data cables anymore - Jimmy takes care of all that kind of stuff for me. Mostly I get to my desk in the morning and just sit there till It's time to go out for dinner in the evening on the way home. My desk has all the workstations and system access that I need so I can just waddle over to it in the morning, sit down in my special chair, let my belly force my thighs apart as it rolls forward and pours out onto the floor, and just work there all day. Dinner is the only meal that I eat out anymore. The folks in the office have basically put together a rotating feeding schedule for me where every person in the office is assigned a one-hour block of time sometime during the week. During that time they have to keep me supplied with all the food I want to eat. Several of the folks, Jimmy and Chrissie especially, will even feed me. That is, I can keep working at the terminals while they stuff my mouth with food.

As she was taking the weekly pictures this morning, Chrissie noted that my weight gain has a different distribution than a lot of the photos that she's seen in BIG and BigOnLine. I think that's due to two things. First, my body wasn't very muscular in the beginning. And secondly, my weight gain has been very rapid with little time for my body to increase it's muscle strength to support it. The end result is that my added weight, for want of a better word, "sags" more than on other heavy folks. I've seen some pictures of other guys that are as heavy as I am at my current weight of 611 but they tended to look more muscular. That is, their bellies were huge but they stuck out more in front, mine just hangs down. And it's pretty much the same with the rest of my body. Instead of developing arms that are big around, I've developed arms that have huge sacks of fat hanging from them. In a similar fashion, my thighs have developed into a series of rolls of fat that waterfall down over each other. My breasts, well that's a story in itself. Instead of developing into large round swellings as I've seen on other guys, mine have turned into two large sacks of fat that hang down to where my navel used to be. My navel of course, is down somewhere South of my knees by now. For one of the photos, Chrissie asked me if I could pick up one of my breasts and hold it up to my mouth like I was going to suck on it. Surprisingly, I could hold the nipple right up to my mouth and suck on it just as if I were nursing. Of course there was no milk to nurse on, but it was still a funny feeling to be able to do that to my own body. I hadn't noticed it till I picked my breast up to play with it, but my nipples are much larger - they're like, maybe 4 inches across now.

Jimmy and Chrissie were looking at the review copies of Chrissie's last photos, trying to decide which ones to post on the website, and they commented that with the way that my body has distributed the weight, and because I had very little body hair to begin with and haven't added any, that it's not immediately apparent looking at the latest photos whether I'm male or female. The obvious sex characteristics have long ago disappeared under rolls of fat, and the huge pendulous rolls of fat that now cover my body could be either male or female. I thought that was kind of interesting, but so what. Am I supposed to wear a sign that reads "I'm a boy" or something?

April - Chrissie's definitely gained some more weight. And as she predicted it's all gone to her "saddlebags." She now has this huge ass that sticks out over a foot behind her. It's almost like a big, fleshy shelf sticking out from the base of her spine. She was standing by my desk talking to me today, and when she turned to leave her butt knocked off half the papers on the desk next to mine. Jimmy's taken to playfully swatting her on the ass whenever he passes her. I guess it doesn't bother her as she just smiles.

My mobility has become more of a problem lately. Getting from my apartment to work, and back again in the evening is very strenuous and time-consuming. And just accomplishing the normal housekeeping tasks such as shopping, cleaning and doing the laundry are virtually impossible for me now. After we talked it over we decided that the best solution was for me to move into Jimmy's apartment - so I did last week. On my way out of the offices for the last time, I weighed myself on the freight elevator's scales and found that I'm now at 706 pounds. I rarely leave Jimmy's apartment. And in fact I don't move around in his apartment that much. Walking forward is out of the question now, it's impossible to move forward with the rolls of fat from my belly lying on the floor in front of me. I can get around by backing up and dragging my belly sack behind me but mostly I just sit partially upright in a special bed. Since I don't leave the apartment I don't need to wear any clothes now. Jimmy likes it that way, as he explained that he gets "turned on" just looking at my pink rolls and sacks of fat. We were talking the other night and he asked me if there was anything about my weight that bothered me. I told him that "..... yeah, I miss being able to jerk off like I used to do." Jimmy said "No problem" and crawled up on the bed next to me, stuck his hands in under the rolls of fat on my belly, and gave me one of the best hand jobs that I've ever had.

May - Joe The Manager had new high speed data lines installed in Jimmy's apartment. So now I can keep up with the systems work and maintain the websites from the apartment. Chrissie stops by every so often to shoot more photos of me. And on her last visit I noticed that she's developing a bit of a waddle from her added weight. I asked her if she was going to be one of the models for the web site and she told me that Jimmy's been posting her photos on a new website BigOnLineWomen for several months now. I asked her what she looked like (since she's taken to wearing these big tent-like dresses that show you that she's definitely large but which cover up the real shape of her figure) and she took off her dress to show me. The best way that I can describe her now is to compare her to one of those tropical fertility figures that you see in museums. Her huge thighs rub together as she walks. Her belly is a mammoth rounded appendage that precedes the rest of her by a good two feet and rests on the tops of her thighs even when she is standing up. And her breasts, well they're unbelievable - two pendulous mammary glands that must each be a foot across and that hang down to her waist on either side of her belly. "How do you like it" she said. "Magnificent" I replied.

With no scales in the apartment, it's tough figuring out what my weight is now. But from the way I look and feel, and the rate at which I was gaining when I moved into the apartment, I'd guess that I'm over a thousand pounds now. Moving around the apartment is out of the question, even moving around in the bed is a difficult proposition. Jimmy's made arrangements for an aide to come in twice a day while he's at the office to cook for me. I usually let her feed me as raising my arms is becoming more and more difficult. Just in case I do get hungry in between feedings there's always a tray of jelly doughnuts nearby and I can usually manage to maneuver one or two of these into my mouth for a snack. Of course keyboarding is also out of the question, but the new voice-recognition software allows me to still do most of the site maintenance while lying immovable.

I know that it sounds funny but ever since I moved into Jimmy's apartment, we've been having an increasingly sexual relationship. It started shortly after I moved in. Jimmy was standing by the side of my bed and we were talking when I noticed that one of his hands was absently toying with one of the rolls of fat on my belly. Well, maybe it wasn't that "absently" as it looked like he had a pretty good erection going on. He must have noticed that I was staring at his crotch for he stopped talking and we just looked at each other for a few seconds. "Is there something you want" I asked him. He looked at me for a couple more seconds and then said "I want to fuck you." "Well" I said, "I'm not sure I was built for that originally, and with the added weight I don't see how that's possible." "I'll show you" he said, "Don't worry, I won't hurt you." He went into the kitchen and came back with a can of Crisco. Then he found a place where two large rolls of fat on my thighs pressed tightly together, and covered the area with the Crisco. Taking off his clothes, he gently climbed on top of me, inserted his big cock between the rolls of fat, and proceeded to gently stroke in and out. "See" he said, "no problem whatsoever." Jesus, I couldn't believe how great that felt to see Jimmy on top of me with his trim athlete's body beginning to be covered by a thin film of sweat as he continued the stroking. My body responded to his motions by rippling and moving in time with his movements. In no time I felt my own cock, hidden though it was, also harden. He continues this for several minutes, the stroking increasing in intensity and frequency until he came. I could feel his warm cum puddling between my thighs and that made me orgasm too. We must have lain there for 10 minutes; both covered with sweat and spent from our pleasure. Jimmy was gently fondling and sucking on one of my nipples. Finally the evaporating sweat cooled us and Jimmy rolled off me, dressed, and went to the kitchen to prepare a snack.

I really look forward to Jimmy returning home from the office in the evenings as I know that he will have stopped along the way to bring me a snack. My favorite is five dozen jelly doughnuts which he stuffs into my mouth two at a time until I've consumed the whole box and have that great bloated feeling again. What a life!

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1 Growrnshowr   (2012-09-11 20:55:02)
One of my all time favourite stories. I have lost count of the times I have read this!

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