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Al's Gain

Al couldn't move. He had just finished eating everything in the house. There wasn't a crumb left. He had stocked up on his way home from work Friday evening, and here it was Saturday near midnight and eight bags of groceries were history. Six frozen pizzas, an 8-pound ham, a bag of potatoes, three roasted chickens, six pounds of cheese, four gallons of milk, 10 pints of ice cream, seven pies, 12 dozen donuts (a gross!), plus bags of chips and other assorted "snack" foods and two cases of beer.

Al had expected all that food would last the weekend, at least, but his appetite just didn't let up. Of course, he'd been on an intense weight gaining regimen for almost two years now, and he had the fat to show for it. He'd never been a skinny guy, but he'd gone from a "slightly above average" 212 pounds to a "definitely obese" 390. And yet the bigger he got, the more Al wanted to gain. So, once he started eating Friday night, he only stopped to sleep, and then only for awhile, since he invariably woke up within 3 or 4 hours starving for more.

Now it was almost midnight on Saturday and Al had pigged out to the point of temporary immobility. He sat in his big easy chair, half in a daze, and ran his hands over his huge gut. It was so full, it felt bigger than ever, like if he moved, his belly would stretch to the point of bursting. So he sat there, enjoying the ecstasy of his fat and feeling an erection trying to press up into his sagging flesh.

Moments went by and the extreme bloating feeling began to subside. Still, Al felt fatter than ever and decided to register his statistics. Ever since he dedicated himself to gaining weight and becoming the fat man he knew he wanted to be, he measured and recorded his progress every week. It was his Saturday ritual, and tonight was no different. Al hefted his bulk out of the chair (it seemed to take more effort than usual) and literally waddled to his bedroom. He was only wearing a robe -- a "one-size-fits-all" that no longer closed around his massive middle. His sagging belly fat rested snug against his thighs and pressed down on his throbbing hard-on.

Al got his measuring tape out of the bureau drawer. Standing in front of his extra-wide, full-length mirror, Al slid off the robe and stared at his engorged figure. He couldn't believe the transformation that had happened in less than two years. According to his measurement log book, the huge man he saw in the mirror once sported a 34-inch waist. With his arms at his side, Al marveled that his belly had gotten so big it hung as low as his finger tips, obscuring from his sight his throbbing dick. Al reached the measuring tape around the largest part of his circumference. He noticed he now had some difficulty reaching the furthest part of his blubbery pot. Still, he managed to take the measurement. Al was astonished: 64 inches!

The week before, his log book said 62 inches. Could his belly really have grown 2 inches in a week? Al scanned his smooth, spherical gut, noticing how many stretch marks there were as evidence of his phenomenal growth. Maybe it was possible he had expanded so much since last Saturday.

The real test, however, was the scale. Anxious to know his latest weight, Al approached the industrial scales he had purchased as a gift to himself when he hit 300 pounds a year ago. These heavy-duty scales went up to 600 pounds; it always thrilled Al to think of needing to replace these scales with one that could handle up to 1,000 pounds. As unlikely as it might seem, Al was beginning to feel hungry. His weigh-ins always inspired him to even greater gains, and that in turn stimulated his appetite. Realizing he would be craving food pretty soon, he went to the phone and dialed the number by heart.

"Gino's Pizza," said the voice on the other end.

"Hey there, Ken, it's Al."

"How's it goin' Al?" Ken asked. "You called just in time. I'm about to close up. What can I get you?"

"Oh, the usual," said Al, thus ordering an extra large pizza with extra cheese, a double order of lasagna, four portions of garlic bread and a six-pack of beer. "Better make it two pizzas, though, cause I haven't eaten for a while."

"I find that hard to believe," said Ken, chuckling.

"Yeah, well, you know me!" replied Al, laughing at their regular joke made all the richer in light of Al's record consumption over the previous 28 hours.

Ken was an old flame of Al's. They had been friends since Ken was eighteen and began working at Gino's as a delivery boy. He used to bring pizzas to Al's house at least three times a week. Only about five years younger than Al, Ken had originally been the bigger of the two, carrying a firm 265 pounds on his 6-foot frame. Their friendship had developed a sexual component that they had explored on and off in the four years they'd known each other.

Now Al and Ken were 27 and 22, respectively, and Al was definitely the bigger one. Since taking ownership of Gino's, Ken had bulked up some, too, and was now just shy of 300 pounds, but Ken's gains weren't as deliberate as Al's. Still, Ken delighted in helping Al fatten up, and though he didn't see Al as often as he once did, he heard the details about Al's tremendous fat gain from his delivery boy, Armando.

It was late enough on Saturday when Al called that Armando had gone home. Ken agreed to bring Al's order over himself after he closed up. "I'll bring dessert, too," said Ken.

"I'm not sure I'll have room," said Al half-seriously. He knew he had eight bags of groceries in his gut even though he also felt his hunger beginning to grow.

"Oh, I'm sure you'll manage," replied Ken. "See you soon."

Al hung up the phone. He was about to head to the kitchen in hopes of scrounging a snack when he remembered he hadn't gotten on the scale yet. Still naked, Al approached the scale and stepped on its large platform. The dial was nearly at eye level, and Al watched the arrow begin to spin clockwise. Past 100. Past 200. Past 300. Past 400! Al gasped when the pointer stopped at 420! Was it possible? Could he have gained 30 pounds in a week?

For a moment, Al just stood there stunned. He felt HUGE. And he loved it.

Realizing that Ken would be along shortly, Al went about getting dressed. Al pulled on an XXL T-shirt. Not too long ago, that shirt would have fit him. Now it stretched and pulled over Al's blubbery chest and then stopped only about half way over his over-stuffed belly, leaving a pendulous roll of fat exposed below. Since Al favored wearing pants that emphasized how fat he was, he avoided waistbands that encompassed his girth, and instead wore pants that fit snug below his bulging waist and allowed the fat to cascade over his belt. His belly was so huge now, though, that he had to use heavy-duty suspenders to keep his pants up.

Even so, the pants were extremely tight. Al could barely reach down under his belly to button them up. He stroked the vast expanse of exposed fat that he had worked so hard to develop. Again, Al could feel his erection throb within the confines of his pants, and he was afraid he might burst a seam or something.

Just then, the doorbell rang. Al went and opened the door for Ken, who was loaded down with Al's order plus some other stuff, too.

"I had a couple extra cheese cakes, plus we ordered way too much gelato this week, so I brought three gallons along, too," said Ken, as he hustled past Al into the hall towards the den, carrying in all the food.

"It's a good thing I'm working up an appetite, then," said Al, who was amazed by how hungry he felt all of a sudden. Hungry and horny, as he followed Ken's manly frame down the hall.

"So dig in," Ken said. He finished spreading everything out on the dining table and opened one of the pizza boxes. Turning to Al to offer him a slice, Ken finally got a good look at Al. He was so startled, he nearly dropped the pizza.

"What's the matter?" Al asked, as he helped himself to two slices and began quickly to consume them.

"I hope you're not offended, Al," said Ken, "but I guess I haven't seen you for a few weeks and I'm just amazed, that's all. I mean, you've gotten a LOT fatter, and it's breathtaking! And very sexy. Here, have another slice of pizza!"

Al grinned and took the pizza, nearly inhaling it. Ken's compliment thrilled Al and made him ravenous at the same time. His belly began to ache with hunger, while his groin ached with lust. Al sat in his big chair and sucked down the rest of the first pizza, then polished off the second with equal speed. By the time he'd finished the pizzas, Ken had unpacked the lasagna, bread and beer. Al reached for more food, but Ken stopped him.

"Let me feed this to you," Ken said.

"Sure," said Al, and he pushed himself back in his chair and tilted his head back just a bit to look up at Ken. Quickly, Ken began to put the food in Al's mouth, and just as quickly, Al would swallow it. Both men found the experience incredibly stimulating. In minutes, Al had eaten it all.

"Perhaps I should tell you, Ken, that I've eaten more today than ever before," said Al. He went on to explain the eight bags of groceries. "And you were right before. I am a LOT fatter. In fact, 30 pounds since just last week! But it only makes me crave more!! Where's that dessert you promised?"

Ken laughed and brought out the cheese cakes and gelato. Without even waiting for Ken to slice it, Al took a cake and bit right into it. Large, hungry, ravenous bites. Al could feel his stomach stretching to accommodate all this food. The sensation was ecstatic. The more he gorged, the more he wanted. He polished off the first cake and decided to tackle a gallon of the gelato. When he'd started gaining, Al had forced himself to eat more than his appetite craved. Now, he found his appetite was nearly insatiable.

Ken watched him with amazement. Al was going wild, he was so focused on his eating. He ate with purpose and dedication, gorging breathlessly then inhaling deeply, as if coming up from underwater, then back at it again. As Ken marveled at Al's appetite, he reached for Al's swollen abdomen. Slowly, gently, Ken began to massage Al's mountain of belly fat, which was firm but extremely fleshy at the same time. Ken started with the expanse of gut that was uncovered by Al's T-shirt, then slid his hands under the shirt and up toward Al's spongy tits. Ken rubbed Al's large nipples and Al started to moan as he gulped gelato.

Ken gently stroked his hands across Al's vast belly, squeezing handfuls of fat here and there, massaging his obese friend. Al was overwhelmed by the combined sensations of Ken's massage pressing his flesh from the outside and the unbelievable amount of food in his gut that pressed outward. He felt as if his flesh was expanding with every breath, the fat cells multiplying exponentially. Feeling Ken's hands caress his engorged abdomen, Al continued to gulp spoonfuls of gelato.

Al was breathing heavily as he began to eat the second gallon. Ken moved his hands over Al's vast belly and down toward his crotch. Al sat there immobile as Ken began to remove Al's inadequate T-shirt, revealing the mountain of flesh that formed Al's abdomen. Al's belly seemed to spread in every direction. It was obvious that he carried most of his tremendous excess weight in his huge gut. It was just one enormous roll of fat which began at his chest and protruded out and down, finally coming to rest like a puddle of blubber across his lap.

As Al ate, Ken reached down below Al's distended gut and, lifting the heavy roll of fat, managed to unbutton Al's waistband and open his fly. Al wasn't wearing briefs, so Ken easily found Al's erect penis. Ken then reached into Al's gelato container and scooped out a handful of the soft, sticky dessert. He smeared the gelato all over Al's fat cock and began to jerk him off. Al started to moan and gasp, but he kept stuffing his mouth with food. Al's enormous frame began to shudder with ecstasy as his mouth and crotch were simultaneously stimulated.

By now, Ken had knelt on the floor and was about to take Al's cock in his mouth when Al cried out. "Give me more food!!" he pleaded, having finished the second gallon of gelato. Ken quickly offered Al the second cheesecake, and Al attacked it with huge, lustful bites. Meanwhile, Ken put his mouth to use around Al's throbbing hard-on, sucking it and stroking it with his powerful tongue, all the while reaching up and grasping at Al's expanding blubber.

The two men's mouths worked frantically, each reveling in the ecstatic sensations and enjoying the stimulation of each other's attentions. Al was on his last bites of cheesecake just as Ken brought him to exquisite orgasm. Loads of cum exploded into Ken's mouth as Al swallowed the last of the cake and shook with pleasure throughout out every pound of his body. Waves of ecstasy passed through his swollen belly, and Al thought about how his orgasms seemed so much more powerful pulsing through his vast amounts of fat. It was as if all that weight magnified the intensity of his response to sexual stimulation.

The two men looked at each other, and delightful, sly grins crossed their faces. In that moment, Al knew what Ken wanted and, managing to hoist his hulking frame out of the chair, took Ken by the hand and led him to the bedroom. There, Al removed his own inadequate clothes, then began to undress Ken. Ken gazed in awe at his friend's tremendous bulk, that belly that seemed to have grown bigger even since Ken arrived.

When they were both naked, and as hard as ever, Ken asked, "So, you want to weigh in again?"

"I told you I was up to 420," said Al.

"Yeah, well that was before I got here," replied Ken.

"But I eat that much all the time," Al said. "But if it'd make you happy, I'll get on the scale." He stepped onto the platform. The dial went up. 100200300400. It stopped at 430.

"I can't believe it, another 10 pounds!" said Al.

"So it worked," Ken said.

"What did?" asked Al.

"My new recipes," Ken answered. "I cooked everything you ate just now using heavy-duty weight-gaining ingredients and supplements. Just about tripled the calorie content of every slice of pizza, lasagna and all those desserts. Figured you wouldn't mind if I surprised you with it."

"Mind? I'm ecstatic!" said Al. "And it felt so good going down. You can fix me those recipes any time you want."

"It's a deal," said Ken, who then reached for Al's bulging gut and tried to wrap his arms around it. He could barely touch his fingers together on the other side. "Soon, I hope to be unable to reach around this ball of fat."

"I hope so, too," said Al, as he embraced Ken and began to kiss him. Ken felt his own large frame engulfed by Al's fleshy embrace. Al's huge belly pressed against Ken's torso and thighs, and Ken was overcome with how sexy it felt to have that much fat merged with his own body. Their kisses became ravenous, each man overcome with a hunger for the other. Together, they maneuvered their combined bulk of over 700 pounds to the king-sized bed.

As Al lay on his back, Ken climbed on top of his mountainous belly. Ken got rock hard at the sensation of so much fat flesh beneath him, as his big belly rubbed against Al's enormous belly. And for Al, Ken's300 pounds on top of him was fantastic, and a hint of what it would feel like to weigh that much more.

The two men locked mouths passionately. Al used his mouth to kiss with the same intensity that he used it to eat, and soon Ken's heart was pounding with lust. Al rolled him over and traded places, with Ken now under Al. Ken felt like he was being enveloped by Al's overwhelming abdomen. He nearly came as he felt Al's rolls of fat merge with his own gut. Ken massaged Al's fleshy tits while Al reached down and grabbed both their cocks in his hand. Adding a little lube, he pressed their throbbing dicks together and buried them beneath his belly fat. Their erections pulsed and finally exploded in unison amidst layers of soft, fatty flesh.

Both men were a bit surprised how quickly they came, but it pleased them all the same. They kissed again and again, their hands exploring each other's bloated frames. Finally, as they paused in their passion, Al said, "You know, I'm HUNGRY!"

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