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The Bet: Part 1
It was the night of New Years Eve when my friend Kyle asked me to go out with him to a party. Of course I said sure. I wasn't going to spend New Years Eve, sitting alone, on my bed watching TV. We decided to ride together to save gas. He rolled by in his black mustang and I got in the car.

"Hey Noah! Hows it goin?" asked Kyle.

I replied "Pretty great! How bought you?"

"Amazing! I finally retired from my business. Life's great being retired and rich" he said in a snotty kind of way.

"I wish I was rich and retired" I joked.

He replied "Ha ha. I have the perfect club to go to!".

It wasn't to hard to find a club in Miami, but the question was, could we find a good one. Downtown was packed with people! It took us 5 min to get to one block to the next! Finally we arrived at the club and it was only 8:00 p.m.

Kyle said "Were here!".

I replied "Hmm. Iv'e never been here before!?".

"You'll like it" he said.

There wasn't that big of a waiting line for this club. Kyle pulled my small wrist to the front of the line. He showed the guard a V.I.P pass and the guard let us walk right in. As we walked into the club I noticed it wasn't any ordinary club. It was a gay club! Being a straight guy it was quite a shock to me knowing that my collage roommate was gay!

I stopped walking and said "Why did you bring me here?".

He said "Because I thought that you could loosen up and have a good time".

I replied "This isn't really my definition of a good time!".

As i walked toward the exit door hoping to leave, Kyle grabbed my arm and pulled me towards him.

He said "Please Noah! Just try to enjoy it! I'll make it up to you! After all it's New Years Eve".

I replied "Fine, but i'm not going to enjoy it and you'll own me money".

As we walked further into the huge room, the music got very loud! I couldn't even hear myself talk. The first thing I did was go straight to the bar. Kyle followed and sat next to me. He ordered a beer, then a shot of whiskey for me.

I said "Thanks! I'll need many of those".

He smiled and replied "No problem".

As the night went by and the countdown getting shorter, I knew I was drinking way to much. I mean what if something happened, my life would be cut short at 26. I couldn't stop drinking since Kyle kept giving me shots. The countdown started from 60 and everyone there started counting down so I joined them. At this point I was wasted. As the countdown reached 0, everyone shouted Happy New Year and confetti covered the room. Then most of the guys there grabbed their boyfriends and kissed each other. Out of nowhere Kyle grabbed and kiss me. I was drunk so this is what Kyle said to me the next morning. I was too drunk to be left alone so Kyle took me to his mansion.

I woke up the next morning with a serious headache. As I sat up on the bed I notice I was in Kyle's house. I looked next to me and there was Kyle sleeping. I was so mad that he made me sleep with him while I was drunk. For all I know he could of had sex with me. As I ran down the stairs Kyle must of heard me and confronted me at the door. I stopped and I knew I shouldn't have, but I needed to know.

"Stop!" shouted Kyle. "I can explain."

"Explain what, that you had sex with me while I was drunk!?" I shouted.

"I didn't have sex with you. I just thought it would be safer if you slept with me because you were really drunk. And so what if I had sex with you! You don't even have a girlfriend!" he exclaimed.

I replied "It's over".

As I walked out the door Kyle followed.

He said "Fine! But can you handle a bet?".

I stopped to look back and say "Dose it involve money?".

He replied "Yes. If you win you'll get half of a million dollars and if you lose you will lose your house by me! The bet is if you can handle living at my house for three months without getting mad, and I can do whatever I want, including sex!".

I couldn't say no to 500,000 dollars so I took the bet. I asked if I could just grab my cloths and he said no and that he would buy all of my needs.

I walked into my new home for the next three months, smelling the fresh air. At least this place was big and cozy, unlike my house which is a one story pile of dirt in the ghetto. I took a little nap to get rid of my headache, and woke up.

I asked Kyle "Can we go buy some stuff?".

He said "Of course".

By know, I forgave him and tried to be on my best behavior. I mean if I lost, I would lose my house, but if I won... We got into his car and we went shopping for clothes. I was a little embarrassed for him to see that I had put on some weight after college.

Kyle had an amazing body, one that I wish I had. His face is amazing. His eyes are blue and he has dark brown wavy hair that comes to a spike in the front. His teeth are always white and straight. His jaw line was chiseled and one that you would see on most male models. His arms were huge and defined, id say at least 22". His hand were a little bigger than mine. His pecs were rock hard and huge, going from one defined shoulder to the next. Under that were was his rock hard eight pack. Yep, eight pack! They were enough to make me hard, and i'm not even gay. His legs are very big, and same with his feet. His shoe size is a 15. Hes also tall, about 6 foot 4.

I'm 5 feet 11 inches and ugly. I have a piece of fat hanging of my belly. I don't mind the fat but being around someone like Kyle is enough to make me self conscious. I weigh 189 pounds, which many would say isn't really fat, but it is for me. my face is pretty average, nothing special.

As we walked into the store it all looked like designer clothes and I realized just how rich my friend is. I tried to pick out the cheep 120 dollar cloths, but Kyle picked out some cloths for me and I didn't want to turn him down.

We left the store and headed back home. He thought that it was necessary to give me a tour around his house so I followed him. As you walk into the two glass doors theirs a kitchen on the right and its huge. It has two refrigerators and a nice little bar. Behind the kitchen is the living room. it has a fire place and two huge windows. The living room is two story's tall so theirs lots of space. Theirs also two leather couches that face a 60" flat screen! Theirs a little hall way between the kitchen and the living room. On the right is the door to the garage and on the left is a bathroom, which there are lots of. Upstairs is another living room, two more bathrooms, Kyle's room and a guest room. downstairs is another bedroom and bathroom. Then theirs Kyle's favorite room. The exercise room. In the backyard is a pool with a beautiful view of the ocean.

Even though it was a bet, I felt like I was in Heaven. Night time arrived and I had to go to work. I worked the night shift at a local restaurant.

I said to Kyle "I have to go to work".

Kyle replied "No you don't".

I asked "What do you mean? I have to go."

Kyle said "Then you will lose the bet. I'm not letting you go to work. In the bet I said I could do whatever I wanted".

Either I go to work and lose the bet or get fired from my job and get 500,000 dollars. I stuck around watching TV. Just before I was going to go to bed, Kyle came over and put his arm around me. I was skidish at first but then I remembered that he could have sex with me whenever he wanted. He slowly move his big arm down to my legs.

He then placed his hand on my penis and noticed that it was hard. I didn't say a word. It was kind of scaring me that I was enjoying it. I hadn't had sex for three years. As we got down to business, I had a realization that being gay was OK and I was OK with being gay.

Kyle asked "Did you enjoy that?".

I smiled and said "Yeah".

He asked if I could workout with him and I said yes. The next day he made me breakfast.

He said "Your training starts now! You will have eat what I throw at you and drink 5 gainer shakes a day. Also I will be making you work out so hard that you might pass out! Are you ready?".

I answered back with excitement "I'm ready!".


Life's been good the last 3 months. I've realized that I am gay and I've grown closer to Kyle. I'm pretty big now, almost as big as Kyle! My reunite was pretty cool it was, wake up, eat, workout, eat, workout, eat, have amazing sex, and go to bed.

Kyle said "Congrats, you've won the bet!".

He handed me a check and I handed it back to him.

I said "I was actually hoping I could stay here with you?".

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