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Fiachra was walking home from a session one night. He was a well respected session player in the area, renowned for his light and expressive touch on the fiddle. He was much sought after for weekly sessions, for festivals and weddings. He was forever being awarded prizes at feisenna and fleadhs the length and breadth of Munster. However, no matter how successful Fiachra’s musical career was, he was a source of great shame to his family. He was almost thirty and had no prospects of finding a wife. His mother had searched far and wide to find someone that would take her son, but it was all to no avail. You see, Fiachra was shamefully fat. Years of drinking and being fed at weddings and festivals had left him with a big doughy flabby belly that went before him wherever he went. His big soft breasts sat atop his squishy ample belly, and they jiggled violently when he was fiddling. He struggled squeezing into the tight spaces that he was often required to perform, and while the rest of the musicians sat on small stools, the managers would always need to find the largest chair in the venue to accommodate Fiachra’s enormous arse. His familiy’s pleading and scorn had no impact on him. If someone handed him a pint or a plate of food, Fiachra would lap it up with glee. And so, his mother felt doomed to watch as her friends muscular young sons were married off while her blob of child ate himself into an early grave.

On this particular night, it happened that Fiachra was returning from a session in Cahir. It was the middle of summer, and there was a dazzling full moon in the sky. A light fragrant breeze was sweeping over the countryside, providing some relief to Fiachra. He was walking very slowly. His thighs were rubbing together, and the sweat poured down his face. His entire gelatinous body was bouncing with every lumbering step. He was passing the moat of Knockgrafton, when out of the dark, he heard the faint strain of a melody. He paused and listened, picking out the melody. It sounded like Shandon bells, a jig that was very familiar to him, yet here, it was like nothing he had heard before. The music sounded sparkly, ethereal. Enthralled by the sound, he paused and took his fiddle out of its case and joined in.

Suddenly, the moat was aglow, and Fiachra found himself swept off the floor and into the very centre of the moat. Here, he found himself in a great banquet hall, surrounded by fairy folk. His whole life, he had been taught to be weary of fairy folk, or the Sì as they were known, but these creatures were jovial. So impressed were they with Fiachra’s addition to their tunes, that they had resolved to bring him in to join in with their midsummer festivities. Together with the fairy folk, Fiachra played the whole night, jigs and reels and polka’s and hornpipes. Such wonderful music he had never heard in his life, and he revealed in the opportunity to join in. And the feat they had laid out! A table that seemed to go on forever stretched down the hallway, piled high with meats, pies, cakes. He stuffed himself till he could hardly move, but then a cohort of beautiful young fairy men and women came over and tenderly massaged his stolen stomach. They then helped him wash down his feast, by pouring huge jigs of sweet mead directly into his mouth. Fiachra felt hot and dizzy as he giddy shuffled his fat body back to the band to join in with the final set.

The Fairies were so grateful to Fiachra for joining their festival and sharing his art, that they decided to reward him. The king of the fairies approached him. He looked devilish, with dark eyes, a only little finger, and long dark hair to his waist. He wore a long golden cloak, and a shiny golden crown, that seemed to be made of delicate twigs. He place his hands on Fiachra’s big stomach and grinned as he said some words that Fiachra did not recognise. His body began to tingle, and he looked down. His entire mass was editing a fine golden glow, and he watched I awe as he began to shrink. His stomach seemed to be retreating, his breasts shrinking. Smaller and smaller he became, as his fat and bulbous body became slim and smelt. At the end of it, he was left with a rippling six pack, a pair of firm , impressive pecs, and a rock hard, rounded arse. He laughed in ecstasy as he admired his new body. The fairies all cheered and congratulated him. Before he knew it, he was returned to the street.

He ran the rest of the way home and into his house, waking up his parents and his brothers. They were al terrified at first, as they did not recognise the intruder, however, he was able to calm them and recount the story of how he had come into his beautiful new body.

News of Fiachra’s paranormal new body swept through the whole area like wildfire, in thanks largely to his mother’s boasts. He was now the most sought after bachelor in the area. He would have his choice of a wife. The news caught the attention of Bean Uí Ceallaigh in particular. Her son, Odhrán was similarly afflicted. He wasn’t quite as fat as Fiachra had been, but he wasn’t marriage material either. She wept and wept for him, because he had such a handsome face, with dark skin, jet black hair and plump luscious lips. He would fetch a wonderful wife, if only he would stop eating!

When Fiachra’s mother told her of her son’s adventure, Bean Uí Ceallaigh ran straight home and recounted the whole thing to Odhrán. She waited for the next full moon, and sent her son packing. He made the journey to Knockgrafton, and heard the strains of fairy music coming through the air. He was a pipe player, so he took out his pipes and attempted to join in with the music. Poor Odhrán. He was not a musical boy. He couldn’t keep time with the fairies. His tone was scratchy, and he was constantly out of tune and playing wrong notes. He found himself swept through the air and into the moat, where he was greeted by a furious mob of the Sí. “What business have you interrupting our dancing with your caterwauling?” asked the furious king of the fairies. Odhrán tumbled with fear. He had always been taught to beware of the Sí. The king grinned as he approached him. “For this you shall be punished, fat boy.” He put his hand’s on Odhrán’s big round belly, which began to tingle and emit a faint silvery glow. He cried out as he felt his skin begin to stretch. His belly began to grow, and become softer and doughier. His entire body was swelling to an unbelievable size. The fairies cheered with glee as they crowded around the enormous man, squeezing his love handles, pinching his fat thighs, bouncing his new tits and his big globular arse cheeks. His transformation complete, he stood there gasping for air, and was overcome with a huge hunger. He looked at the feast in front of him, desperate to fill his newly huge stomach. But as he staggered towards the table, he was once again swept of his feet, and he was back in the street.

Odhrán was shaken by what had just happened. He collapsed in a heap on the floor. His whole body was aching. He reached out his hands to rub his swollen belly, but he found that he could no longer reach his arms around it. He rubbed up and down. While before, he had mostly had a big round ball gut, he was shocked to discover that he now had an enormous set of man tits. He rubbed them with both hands, amazed by how much his nipples had stretched as well. He became mesmerised by how sensitive they became as well. He rubbed his fingers along his face feeling how puffy it had become. He was fatter than he hd ever dreamed it was possible to be. He struggled to get to his feet again. As he finally stood erect, he became even more aware of how much his new fat was holding him down. He could barely lift his feet off the floor at all. Walking home would take an eternity. He howled out, pleading with the Sí to come and undo their magic, but it was all in vain, s the sound of the music faded away. He began to cry as he staggered home.

The sun was rising as he finally made it home to his family home. His mother howled out in despair when she saw what had become of her son. Gone was her child, and in his place, a fat, unrecognisable mess. Her hopes of marriage dashed forever. Unable to cope with the shame, she decided at once that he could no longer be seen. He sent her husband and her younger sons to a run down shed in one of the back fields. They spent the day converting it, This was Odhráns home now.

He got used to not leaving his bed any more. He just lay there, eating day in day out. His family stopped coming to see him, apart from delivering food and supplies. He became very depressed and lonely. It didn’t help that he seemed unable to stop playing with his new fat. Rubing it, squeezing it, jiggling it. He got a rush out of feeling it move, feeing his belly rub off his thighs. He was constantly horny, but his size made it nearly impossible to get any release.

Despite his mother’s best efforts, word spread about Odhrán’s transformation. After about two weeks in his new prison, he received a visitor late at night. “I heard you got my fat.” Fiachra stood at the door of the shed, his trim muscular body silhouetted in the moonlight. “I look good don’t I? I feel amazing.” He teasingly ruled his firm pecs, and displayed his six pack for poor fat Odhrán. He slowly walked over towards the bed, his hand gently stroking his long cock which was tantalisingly on show in his tight pants. “Wish you had this don’t you? Thing is though… I miss my fat…” He stood over the poor fat boy, and reached out. He squeezed his big tits, and bent down in kiss them. Odhrán writhed in ecstasy as his nipples tingled under the beautiful man’s tongue. He reached around his enormous belly and squeezed and bounced it. “I’ve missed having this,’ he said as he buried his face in Odhrán’s big soft belly. He lifted the belly, allowing Odhrán to reach under and start working on his buried cock. HE finally came for the first time in weeks. Fiachra stayed the night, gently caressing the fat that had been taken from him. “Don’t you worry, you’ll be seeing a lot more of me big boy.”

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