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Dean and Mark
Dean peered through the glass at his heavily sedated boyfriend. It’s such a shame that it had come to this, but he had no one to blame but himself.

Dean and Mark had been together almost ten years. They were both in their early twenties when they started dating, perfectly average gay men. They were both skinny, with bleached hair, pierced ears. Like any garden variety Twink you’d find in a gay bar. After six months of dating, Dean hd sat down with Mark and opened up. He explained to Mark that he had a huge fat fetish, and that unless Mark was willing to get fat for him, their relationship would unfortunately not go anywhere. Mark had smiled and said he’s get as fat as Dean wanted him to. They picked up the phone and ordered a huge delivery, and Mark was fed for the first time that night. The changes came quickly to Marks boyish frame. His belly became big and round, and his mates constantly joked that he looked pregnant. He grew puffy little man tits, and his face began to swell as well. He grew a little chin strap to help cover his double chin. He loved putting on t-shirts and underwear that no longer fit and displaying his plumped up body for Dean. A year into his gains, Dean sat him down again. He was no longer content fattening Mark, he wanted to get fat too. Mark was delighted, and eagerly set about fattening Dean.

After five years together, they were both hefty big bellied men. They decided that they would invest in a gastro pub together They found one in the English countryside. It was almost a hundred and fifty years old, with a cute apartment for them to live in upstairs. It was the only pub in the town, so it came with a built in clientele. They figured as live in landlords, constant access to the kitchen and beer would help them both get even bigger and fatter. Their chefs were only too happy to supply them with constant plates of greasy pub food, often giving them two or three lunches and dinners over the course of the day. Dean was so happy, watching Mark stuff himself day after day, knowing that he was getting fat for his own benefit. When they closed up every night, they would both go into the kitchen and fry up burgers, fries, chicken strips, and they would help themselves to as much beer as they could fit in their swollen guts.

They were both happy being fat bellied men, so it felt totally out of the blue when Mark announced one night that he had signed them up for a reality tv show. Some woman was going to come into their home and upheave their diet for six weeks, and make them lose weight. When asked about it, Mark just said “I thought it would be fun, being on tv.” He’d already signed the contract so there was no backing out for Dean.

She did indeed come. Camera crews followed them round watching every morsel they consumed, and then she sat them down to tell them how disgraceful they were. Dean was furious through the whole thing. She made them strip down and do a weight in. They were both over 19 stone. She removed all their food and replaced it with salads and fruits. Camera crews followed them around, making sure they weren’t sneaking pints at work. She also put them on a rigorous exercise regime. These big bellied men were expected to go out jogging, their huge guts bouncing up and down as they were paraded shamefully through the village. The bitch even bought them a mini trampoline, and Mark was never off the damn thing, his whole fleshy body jiggling as he bounced up and down, becoming totally covered in sweat as he did.

The worst part of it all was that it worked. Dean watched in horror as his beautiful boyfriend began to shrink. His belly stuck out less, his man boobs began to vanish and become firmer. His ass jiggled less when he walked. It was terrible. It all had less of an effect in Dean. He was doing the bare minimum to avoid being sued for breach of contract, but his fat too was starting to diminish. He was so furious at Mark.

The last day of filming, she bought them both to an apartment in London, where she put them both in new suits, showing off their new slimmer bodies. Mark was beaming as he showed off in his suit. Dean was unimpressed. When it was all over, he thought that they would bounce back to their old weights quickly. But for some reason, Mark persisted eating salads for dinner, fruit for breakfast. A month after the show, he hadn’t gained back a single pound. He kept telling Dean that he wanted to stay smaller just for a little while, but he showed no signs of getting back to gaining.

So it was with a heavy (if slightly horny) heart that Dean had reached out for help on a gainer forum. He had found a group of men who had agreed to help him. They gave him a drug to knock out his slim boyfriend, and they came and took him in the middle of the night.

For the last week, Mark had been kept sedated in a bed. They had been pumping him full of drugs to keep him hungry, and they had been mercilessly feeding him the whole time. Dean had been there the whole time, watching from the other side of the glass. He’d watched Mark get bigger and fatter by the day. His newly flattened stomach became big and round again, his tits began to flesh out, and his double chin regrew. “He’s almost the size you wanted him,” said one of the captors to Dean. Dean decided to go into the room for the first time. Mark wasn’t aware of him, as sedated as he was. He approached the big bellied boy, who was still being fed melted ice cream by another captor. He put his hand on his belly, big and firm. He pinched one of his tits, and his cock became hard, the feeling beautifully familiar to him. He went back outside and turned to the captor. “I’ve changed my mind, make him bigger.” “Can do boss. When are we going to start on you.?”

They took Dean to another room, and gave him some drugs to date him as well. From that moment on, he had no idea how much time passed. He was just aware of a constant feeling of hunger, and the feeling on constantly swallowing. He also became aware of a bloated feeling in his abdomen, and a gradual swelling. Eventually, he completely blacked out.

Dean and Mark awoke groggily, their deep sleep disturbed by the sun glaring through their window. They were in their own bed, above their pub. Dean rolled over to look at Mark and felt an odd sensation. He pulled back the sheet to look, and he saw his gut pressed hard against Mark’s, both of them bigger and fatter than ever. Mark slowly opened his eyes, looking confused. “What happened?” He sat up slowly, and looked down slightly confused at his big belly which was sitting between his thighs. He held it in his hands and lifted it up and down. “Where the fuck did this come from he said?” Dean felt a knot in his stomach. He had been so driven by his penis when he decided to have his boyfriend kidnaped and fastened, he hadn’t really figured out how to explain it to him after the fact. Mark turned to look at him, and dean was shocked by the big grin on his face. “How did you do this?” Dean explained the whole thing to him, while Mark sat caressing his new belly. Mark took Dean by the hand and led him over to the full length mirror, where they both examined their fattened bodies. “Holy shit, look how fat they made you!” Mark teased. Dean grabbed their new suits from the TV bitch out of the wardrobe and they tried them on. They both ripped the pants the second they pulled them over their huge round asses. They struggled to button the shirts, but their guts burst them open immediately, their huge round bellies sticking out, their tits pushing the top of the shirt apart. They tried on the jackets but they could barely get their arms in the sleeves and what they could manage, they couldn’t move at all. The stripped off again to weigh themselves. Mark went first, stepping giddily onto the scales. 25 stone! He was way fatter than he had ever been before. Dean went after him, 26 stone. Mark could hardly control himself. He went down on his knees and began sucking Deans rock hard cock, while his big boyfriend still stood on the scales. The months and months of anguish and torture built up in Dean, and the relief and fulfilment he now felt seemed to be pulsing through his throbbing cock, which was being greedily sucked on by his fat, happy, horny boyfriend. He felt his ass clench, and his gut quiver as he came right in the back of Mark’s throat.

When they finished, they both realised that they were starving. Unfortunately, they had no clothes that could over their bodies at their new sites. So they threw on some sweat pants and settles on t-shirts that left the bottom of their ball guts exposed. They went down to the pub kitchen and started frying up masses of greasy food to fill their guts. While they were waiting, Dean asked Mark “if you’re so happy to be fat again, why did you put us through that whole TV charade? It was torture!” “I wanted to fuck with you for a bit. Plus I thought it would be fun for us to get to gain it all back again. But honestly, I think I prefer your weigh,” He gave his belly a pat and smiled at dean. They plated up their massive quantities of food and bought it into the pub. They stuffed themselves for hours, their t-shirts riding higher and higher on their stuffed bellies. When they finished, they sat back on the seat, allowing their guts to spread out. Mark put his hand on Dean’s swollen belly “Next stop 30 stone.”

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