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YMCA Diary - Part 2
November - 

I've gotten over being embarrassed about going around in my underwear in front of the other guys on the floor. Part of the problem was that when I first got a room here, whenever I saw another guy naked, I'd get an erection. But now it just seems like a pretty normal sight and that doesn't happen to me any more. So when a bunch of us guys went for a late night swim last night, courtesy of Joe's master keys, I didn't wear a bathing suit this time (but I did wear my underwear outside of the pool area). I was sitting on the side of the pool resting for a minute, and I looked down and noticed that my belly really has gotten a little bigger from all the eating I've been doing. Now it's not like I've gotten fat or anything, but I have developed kind of a soft rounded swelling where it used to be pretty flat. My navel seems to be bigger too. Like it used to be just like this little dimple, and now it's a bigger indentation in my belly. I don't know whether my navel actually got deeper, or whether my tummy just expanded out around it. And my breasts seem to be a little bigger now. Like, they still look like a guy's breasts, not like a girl's or anything, but they're a little softer and fuller. I put my hands on my belly and I could feel the soft layer of fat move as I stroked it. SHIT! I started to get an erection. I didn't want the guys to see that so I quit RIGHT AWAY! Another thing I've noticed is that my skin has lost whatever tan I had from the summertime and is just kinda pink/white now. I know that the Y has a room with some tanning equipment and I was wondering whether I should start using it. When we were drying off after swimming, I asked Joe what he knew about the tanning room and he told me that he didn't think I should use it. He said he thought I looked OK the way I am and if I worked too hard on a tan, that "..... I'd just die of skin cancer when I got old." So I guess it's soft and pink for me.......... 

Joe was sure right about this being the wrong place to live if the sight of naked guys bothers you. Seems like a lot of the guys just wear as little as possible on the second floor - and sometimes as little as possible is nothing. Now I'm not into staring at other guys but it's sure interesting to see how the different bodies look. Some of the guys have tattoos, and a lot of the guys have various parts of their bodies pierced. Earrings are pretty common. But some of the guys have rings and stuff in parts of their bodies that I never knew you could pierce. One guy even has these rings in his nipples and a little gold chain between them - YUCK! 

About once a week, Joe and I will go out for a "pig out" night. We'll find some place that serves a lot of food really cheap and just go and eat and eat till we can't eat any more. It's lots of fun to just sit there with Joe and eat and talk about things. Usually we'll go to a pizza place although Chinese is OK too. Actually, I do more of the eating than Joe does. It's almost like he likes to watch me eat. Usually I'll end up unbuttoning and partially unzipping my jeans by the end of the evening. Joe was kidding me that if we keep up with these "pig out" nights that I'll have to get some larger clothes. I didn't tell him that I had to buy a couple of new pairs of jeans this week as my old ones were getting too tight on me - even the 34" waist didn't fit right and I had to go all the way up to a 38" waist this time. I think I could have squeezed into a 36" waist but they were pretty tight and I figured that I didn't want to have to keep buying new ones every couple of months so I got ones with a 38" waist - a little loose right now but at least they're really comfortable. It's funny, but by the end of the evening when I'm sitting there with my jeans unzipped and my belly bulging out a little, it feels really good to be so stuffed. Sometimes I'll just put my hands under my shirt and massage my belly a little. And after I do that sometimes I can even eat a little more. 

December - 

There's another guy on the second floor, Mike, that I've gotten to know a little better. Mike is a funny kind of looking guy. He's got a very slim build and he doesn't have much in the way of muscles - or body hair either. And he has this long, light brown hair that hangs down below his shoulders. He's like all the time brushing it back with his hands. What makes him really stand out is the underwear that he wears. He likes these little bikini briefs in really bright colors and the guys kid him about it. It's like "Hey Mike, so today's orange day?" But Mike just smiles and doesn't say anything. What he's got that's really neat is this laptop computer that's connected to a cellular phone so that he has a portable Internet access setup. The only problem is that he can only use it at night, otherwise he has to pay something like almost a dollar a minute for connect time to the phone company. So the other night he asked me if I wanted to check out some neat new web sites that he had found and I said OK so he brought his setup over to my room and we sat on the bed and turned it on and started checking out web sites. After awhile, I noticed that Mike had kind of moved around behind me on the bed and gotten really close to me so that his chest was pressed up against my back. And his head was just looking over my left shoulder and he had his arms under mine and around my sides, reaching in front of me to help me work the computer. I guess that was OK except that it seemed a little close to me. His hair was falling over my left shoulder and I could smell a slight fragrance from the shampoo he uses - like oranges or lemons or something. The Y was doing their usual screwed up thing with the heating so it was pretty warm and soon our bodies were both covered with a shiny layer of sweat. Pretty soon I could feel Mike begin to move against me - like up and down a little - and I realized that he was rubbing himself against my back on purpose. He started to breathe a little heavier too. I figured this was getting a little too weird so I moved around like I was having trouble keeping my balance on the bed and reached back with my left hand and got his crotch and gave it a couple of pretty good strokes. He made a kind of "ooohhhhh" sound and I think he musta come in his bikini shorts cause when I got up and turned around to look at him there was this wet spot on the front of the yellow fabric. "I'm sorry" I said, "I almost fell off the bed. Guess my leg fell asleep or something. Did I bump you?" "No" he said, "but it's kinda late so I better head back to my room. See you tomorrow, Dan." And he packed up his setup and headed down the corridor. Geez. Like it was fun to use his computer, but not if I have to put up with some guy doing that to me. The scary thing was that having his sweaty body pressed up against mine didn't feel all that bad and I was starting to get an erection of my own - but I don't want to do that kind of stuff with a guy! 

We were playing a game of basketball last week and I was on the "skins" team. The other guys were kidding me about the weight that I had put on. I don't think I've gained all that much but I think I'll make sure that I'm on the "shirts" from now on. It does feel kinda funny when I play cause I never used to feel my body "jiggle" as I ran around the court and went in for a shot. Now I can feel my belly jiggling and my breasts bouncing a little when I take a jump shot. It doesn't feel bad, in fact I like the way it feels, but I've noticed some of the other guys staring at me so I think I'll keep covered up with a baggy t-shirt. 

Actually, it's not only when I play basketball that I notice the added weight. I was jogging up the stairs to the second floor today and it was like "flub, flub, flub" as my belly got shaking in tune with the jogging. I stopped at the top of the stairs and watched as it took several seconds to stop quivering. I reached down and gathered a roll of it in my hands and shook it up and down. OOPSSS - instant erection, gotta stop that in public. When I'm alone in my room, sometimes I'll spend an hour or so playing with the newly soft parts of my body. You can guess what ends up happening. 

Last night as we were watching TV in his room, Joe and I got to talking about our favorite kinds of food, and the kinds that gross us out. Joe said that: "There's something in the cafeteria that's so gross that even you'd never be able to eat it, Dan." I said something like: "Fuck you, I can eat anything that's good enough for the cafeteria." It ended up with a $10 bet that he could find a food there that I couldn't eat. So we went downstairs and he opened the refrigerator and took out a metal can. I looked in it and it was so gross, it was the container that YoYo uses to accumulate the grease from cooking. It had bacon drippings, and hamburger grease, and who knows what other kinds of shit in it. Joe handed it to me and said "eat!" At first I was gonna just pay him the $10 but then he'd spread it all over that I quit on a bet so I took a small spoonful and put it in my mouth. I almost gagged but managed to swallow it. The next spoonful was easier. After all it was almost like eating bacon-flavored ice cream. I know that's weird but that's what it tasted like to me. I kept at it and finished the whole container and Joe paid me the $10. He suggested that we could go out for some ice cream and I could treat with the $10 but I figured that I had been pretty lucky to get the whole container down, and I wasn't going to see what happened if I dumped some more stuff in my stomach on top of what it was already holding. 

It's a week later now and it's kinda funny, but I was in my room a couple of days ago, just reading before I went to bed, and I was kinda hungry, which isn't unusual for me - I'm hungry all the time. What was unusual was that I started thinking about the bet that I had with Joe a week ago and what it felt like to eat the drippings from the grill. And after awhile I got to kind of wanting to eat some more. So I went down to the cafeteria and found the can and had a few spoonfuls. Tasted even better than I remembered, so I finished the whole can. Since then, I've been going down almost every evening and eating what YoYo accumulated during the day. Usually there's a quart or so. This morning, YoYo commented that the grill drippings were disappearing and he wondered what was happening to them. I just smiled a little and didn't say anything - but my belly growled a little. 

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