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A Check-up
"Hey Brad. How have you been?" Doctor Smith says as he comes into the room for my check-up. I am 6 feet tall, 160lbs, and am 17, going into my senior year of high school. "Hello Doctor Smith. I'm great. And you?" "Oh I'm fine. Thank you. I just have a few questions for you before we get started." "Okay," I say," fire away." "Are you still staying active in sports and other activities?" "Well, during last school year I was, but I decided to take a break and relax this summer." "Oh, okay, that explains it then." "Explains what?" I said with confusion. "You've gained 15lbs since your last visit. Did you not notice your clothes getting a little tight?" "I mean not really. I guess a little bit now that you mention it." "How do you feel in comparison to last year." " I feel fine," I half lied.

This whole summer has actually been an experiment of sorts for myself. I've always liked bigger men and I wanted to try out getting bigger myself. So I decided to take the summer and use it to my advantage. I still hung out with friends and went on trips and shit, but I didn't work out like usual. My parents never had snacks around the house so my only calorie intake was from meals at home and parties. I am actually really happy with what I have gained so far and am surprised I gained so much...well I did go to a lot of parties.

"So you don't feel a change in how you feel at all? The feeling of your belly getting softer, thighs getting thicker, and ass getting more plump doesn't make you feel a thing?" He was giving me a boner. I hoped to god he didn't notice how much this turned me on. I responded sheepishly, "Nope, I feel no different. "Really? That's interesting. I have another question for you. Did you try to gain this weight on purpose?" I was taken aback. I didn't know how to respond. My cheeks were flushed and I could tell there was no backing out now. "Yes," I said," I did." Doctor Smith didn't seem phased at all. "You know, if you really want to put on weight, I can help you do a lot better than this. 15lbs in 2 months? That's nothing. I can get you gaining double that in a month." There was no hiding my boner then. I was so turned on, I couldn't think straight. He put down his clipboard and walked over to me slowly. "You know.I like it when an athlete let's himself go. I like it when his pants get so tight they won't zip. I like it when his shirts are so tight, his belly shows. I can help you get bigger than this. How does that sound?" At this point his face was centimeters from my own. Then he turned away, grabbed his clipboard and sat down again. "I'm going to prescribe you some special pills. The instructions on the bottle will tell you to take one pill a day. I actually would like you to take 2 pills for every meal. One drug will lower your metabolism, another with increase your digestive process, the next one will increase your appetite, and the last will help you consume more calories. Each one of these pills contains 1,000 calories. It also helps build your immune system so you won't get sick. How does that sound?" It took every bit of self control I had to not rip off what little amount of clothes I had on and fuck the shit out him. I was so ready to be huge and be with him. He gave the prescription and I booked it to the pharmacy to get my pills. I was so excited I didn't realize that I never buttoned my pants. No one noticed and I didn't either. I actually started to notice how much damage those 15lbs did to my waistline if my pants could stay up so well. Anyways, I went home with the pills and got straight to work.

After the first week with my new diet, I already gained 10 more pounds.It still wasn't very noticeable, but I noticed. My pants were getting tougher to button up. Next week school starts. Let's see how this senior year goes. I decided that regardless of whether or not I may regret this in the future, I would dedicate this year to gaining. That meant I would do nothing but school and gaining. If my friends happened to intertwine with either, that would be my only interaction with them. The first few days of school people looked at me a little differently, but still treated me the same. They saw how my face was pudgier, my butt was a little more plump, but it wasn't too much of a change for them. The good thing about this is that they probably won't notice how fat I am until a button flies.

The weeks rolled by quickly and my numbers continued to skyrocket. After the first month of school I had gained 40lbs. That's a total gain of 75lbs since the start of the summer.Something that sucked a little bit about that month, though, was that my Dad was laid off from his job. With the lower income to the family meant that we couldn't afford to shop for much clothes when I out grew my old ones. This meant really showing off the weight I thought I could hide for awhile. My shirts were so tight it was like spray painting my torso naked. The only way I could make my pants "fit" was by buying a big belt and buckling them so that my paints appeared more suitable. I couldn't zip them up, though, and they couldn't cover my ass that was spilling out.

Even though the name calling was supposed to upset me, it just made me feel hot and excited to give them something to talk about. The months continued to fly by and my waistline was growing out of control. My parents were so caught up in their own shit that they didn't even care or take notice in their son blowing up to the size of the Titanic. I started at 145lbs then hit 210, then 263, then 305. I was getting so huge. I couldn't believe my own eyes.I liked it so much that I couldn't even imagine stopping. With my thighs getting thicker and rounder than tree trunks and belly larger than a super sized beach ball, and an ass wider than the bumper of a Hummer. I couldn't stop, I wouldn't stop. 345-389-436-472. I kept getting bigger. I'm surprised no one cared that I couldn't get into a classroom without someone shoving me in. I decided to slow down and I stopped at 504lbs when I graduated high school.I couldn't wait for Doctor Smith to see me. I decided to simply schedule an early appointment. He ended up contacting me and saying that he'd bi-pass the appointment and just pick me up that weekend.

That weekend he came to my house to bring me to his place. When I opened the door to him, I was surprised and thrilled to see what this year had done to Doctor Smith. It seemed like he couldn't wait to see a big man, so he made one. His face was nice and plump with a pretty nice double chin growing in. His once toned arms were now very doughy and flabby. His fingers were like sausages. His waistline had gone from a size 32 to a size 48. Even in those sweats he wore, he couldn't help having his butt spilling out of them. His 3xl shirt was definitely too small for him as it wouldn't cover past 3 inches above his belly button. He was massive and I was in love. "Hey there cutie. Looks like the pills I prescribed for you worked better than we thought."

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1 Growrnshowr   (2014-03-14 12:28:18)
Superb! Pushes all the buttons! Hope there will be a sequel in the works! One of the best stories I have read in a very long time smile

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