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The Adventures of Jim-Finale
Jim awoke on the top floor of a barn. His "bed" was covered in hay as was everything else.

He clobbered down the rickety wooden ladder which creaked under his enormous weight and saw the old man working with a younger man in a corner working to uncover a large scale.

"It's been a while since we had a piggy in here, Phil. He needs to feel comfortable," said the old man. And when he noticed Jim walking their way, he said: "And here he is now!"

He then put his hands on his hips and smiled as if marveling some ancient artifact. Jim noticed that the man had to be in his 60's with a gray beard and a cap that covered his balding head but he had the build of a thick farmer with extremely tan skin. He wore blue Jean overalls with nothing underneath.

Phil was in his early thirties; fit and staring at Jim with lust in his eyes. The horny way that he stared at Jim's ample belly turned Jim on.

"Look at him! Standing on two feet like a people's," exclaimed the old man admirably. "Phil, get him out of those clothes".

"Yes sir, Big Daddy," said Phil, producing a pair of scissors and tearing Jim out of what was left of his clothes. He then walked him over to the massive iron scale that they had just uncovered.

"500? That's all? Little guy must be hungry", said Big Daddy. Jim looked down, grabbing his huge gut and feeling his overhang. He could no longer see his feet nor could he find his hardening dick.

Big Daddy nudged him off the scale and pointed at the floor. Understanding, Jim got down on all fours and looked only at the spot that Big Daddy had indicated.

A rubber collar was put around his neck.

"We're not finished yet, boy."

Jim kept focusing on that one spot as Phil came over and held him down while Big Daddy leaned over and pulled out something long and iron.

Jim felt a searing, hot pain spread from his ass up his body. He cried out but only momentarily.

"Now, you're officially my property pig. Run away and you'll only be brought back here," said Big Daddy. He and Phil both smiled hungrily.

In pain, Jim laid out on the floor and fell asleep.

When he awoke, Big Daddy was filling large, white troughs with food. Salivating, Jim waddled over.

"There he is!" Said Big Daddy. He then smacked him on the ass and said "get to it!"

So Jim stuck his head in the first trough and gorged. He tasted cooked meat, sauce and peas but another ingredient that he never tasted before. Something sweet. By the time he was half way done with the second trough (there were five in all) Big Daddy went away for more food.

When the barn door closed, Jim heard some one walking up being him but didn't care because he was eating. He was so fucking hungry.

Had he looked up, he would have noticed Phil oiling his 8 inch, fat cock with Vaseline. He then spread Jim's legs apart and started probing his ass for his hole. Once he found it, he was surprised by how loose and wet it was.

Phil got on his knees and stuck his dick up Jim's ass. Jim took no notice and only kept eating. He wanted more. He had to get fatter. Food was all he thought about now. He could feel his now tiny dick under layers of fat oozing precum.

"Nice pussy! I'm gonna like having you here, pig!" Said Phil as he pumped Jim's ass, leaning back and spanking Jim's ass as he fucked him.

"Keep going you fat piece of shit! You're gonna like living here. Big Daddy's gonna treat you like a prized hog," said Phil. "He's a billionaire, you know. Spent years in the business industry only to retire young so he could have a farm for fat fucks like you.

'Hasn't had a pig in years. Only wants the one's that want to get fat. Not many know about him but he found you."

He then started fondling his fat belly that was sweeping the floor underneath as he fucked him. He then grabbed Jim's collar and hoisted himself up a bit until he was in Jim's ear while he ate.

Phil licked some of the contents off of Jim's chin


Jim felt a hot rush of cum go up his ass. He girated his hips so as to feel the wet cum dribbling down his fat thighs while he ate. Phil stick his fingers up Jim's hole until he had gotten all the cum out and fed it to Jim.

Phil then reached down around Jim's stomach and found his tiny dick. He jerked him until he came and then fed Jim his own cum out of the palm of his hand.

By the end of the day, Jim had eaten all the food out of all five troughs and was completely stuffed for once. This ritual lasted for yet another week and by the end of that week, he weighed six hundred pounds.

He never talked anymore since no one asked him anything or talked to him directly. And he always ate on all fours. His boobs had gotten considerably larger and hung much lower. The nipples were massive, red and stuck out hard all the time. They were incredibly sensitive and from time to time, Jim would fondle them and cum instantly.

The following Monday, Jim was hoisted up on a large wooden table and put on his back. His arms were strapped down on either side of him. His legs were spread apart and strapped down as well.

To his right was some machine with two large suction cups attached to two cords. Jim flinched as Phil attached one to his left boob and one to his right.

To his left was yet another machine and attached to that was a large penis pump. Big Daddy had to search for Jim's dick before placing it on, sucking most of Jim's fat in the tube as well.

Finally, Phil brought a fucking machine up to Jim's ass and a long, fat, 12 inch dildo was shoved up Jim's ass. All at once, these contraptions were turned on and Jim's body was covered in ecstasy.

From his breasts came ample amounts of milk and he had repeated orgasms as the fucking machine fucked his ass.

Things got even better once Phil shoved a funnel in his mouth and started shoveling food into it. Jim ate hungrily.

"He must never stop eating, Phil. Never," said Big Daddy.

This continued for hours until Jim stopped producing milk and cum. When they removed the dildo from his ass, his pussy made a loud popping sound. The funnel was removed and Jim licked his lips hungrily.

Jim laid back satisfied while the other two busied themselves with the contraptions.

Before long, Big Daddy pulled away with two large, heavy containers and said "I'm off" leaving the barn.

Phil walked over to stand in front of Jim.

"You know where he's going? There's a client in the city that pays a lot for man milk and cum. I don't know what he does with it though. He's probably a sick fuck like Big Daddy," he said.

"Woah! Look at that pussy! Ready to get fucked boy?"

And fuck him, he did. Jim's ass had become so loose that it fit around Phil's dick perfectly. Phil fucked him three times before Jim's feeding time.

Every day, Jim ate out of those five troughs and every day Big Daddy filled it with more food until they were overflowing with beans, meat, peas, gravy, all kinds of food and Jim couldn't get enough of it.

Jim wanted more and more he got. By the end of the third week, he weighed over 700lbs. No wonder since he never left the barn and did nothing but eat, sleep, piss, and shit ( his ass had gotten so fat that it broke the toilet seat a number of times).

He was a filthy hog. Only got hosed off twice a week. He always had to sit with his legs far apart to let his overflowing belly spill out on to the floor. He had to get moved into one of the pins on the barn floor seeing as he had gotten to fat to make it up the ladder (he has broken it on fact).

Big Daddy was his master and as long as he told him to eat and fatten up; he would eat and get fatter! Big Daddy treated him like a pig so much that Jim nearly forgot that he was human. He never spoke anymore; only grunted when he wanted more.

He no longer cared about his past and forgot all about it. He didn't even care to remember his own name. All he wanted to do was get fatter for Big Daddy.

By the time he reached 1,000 pounds he was so enormous that all he could do was crawl to the troughs and eat. His tits had gotten so big and hung so low that they tested on his expanding belly. The nipples were extremely large and red and were always leaking milk.

His cock had become well hidden beneath rolls and rolls of fat but he was always wet with cum. Eating made him horny.

Phil satisfied his ass every day by fucking his loose, wet pussy and filling it with cum.

Before long, Jim had his eating times interrupted by visitors. First Bob and then Chase and then Rick joined him at the troughs and Big Daddy had the pig farm he had always wanted!

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1 fatguy   (2014-12-28 06:54:55)
These stories are well written and I understand that this is fantasy, but it's difficult to read them and not balk at the amount of weight gained in such a short timeframe. No way in hell could anupbe, ever, gain 355lbs. in a month, or another 200lbs. in 3 weeks. It's physically impossible in the same way that growing a beard like ZZ Top in one week is possible or gaining 100lbs. of muscle in 2 weeks is impossible. Just saying

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2 gainerboywonder   (2014-12-30 14:01:53)
Like you said, it's fantasy so what would take place in reality shouldn't come into play here:)

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