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A Brand New Discovery
Imagine being on the brink of a great discovery that you just can’t quite reach. You know you’re on the cusp of making a great achievement that will change the lives of people around the world. Yet, there’s something that’s holding you back, and you can’t make progress if you don’t take that next step. In my case, that thing holding me back is laws. Laws that are supposedly supposed to protect people from that danger of science. They say that barbaric methods used in the past are nothing but needless bloodshed, but how do you think we got this far in the first place. They must know you have to crack a few eggs before you make an omelette I guess I should tell you a little about me before I tell the story of my experiment. My name is Dr. Ron Baccman, and I’m a nutrition scientist. I work for a private research company based near New Orleans. I should probably say worked though, cause I’ve been cast out after my colleagues found out where my work was going. You could definitely call me a bear. I’m pretty hefty and big, clocking in around 250 pounds and 6’ 3’’. I have brownish red hair and a full beard that is beginning to get a little unkempt, considering I’m out of a job. I have a bit of a beer gut from late nights in the lab, but underneath my chunk is slight muscle from my college days of being on the football team. Even though I’m gay, living in the deep south caused me to ignore my sexuality in favor of not being outcast. Recently I’ve been working on a formula that has the needed nutritional value for a day packed into a small brick which can be shipped to areas in need. All you need to do is add water and you have a simple soup which can sustain a person for the day. That’s enough about that past though, cause I’m all about moving forward. Even though I may not be working for any company, my research is not done. I’ve still got a lot to go before my formula is complete. I’ve already got most of the ingredients needed, except for one, and that is the subject of my experiment. I had already converted the basement of my modest house in the suburbs to a large complex with a laboratory and chamber. Good thing both my parents passed giving their wealth to their only son, me. Hopefully they’d be proud of what I put their money to. Now, I need a perfect lab rat for my project. I already had him picked out. His name was Hugh, and he was perfect for the role I had planned for him. First of all, he was gay which made it easy for me to get his attention online. Based on his attraction to me, it seems he’s submissive in nature as most of my pics on my profile are me showing of my large figure and masculine features. From the conversations we’ve had, it seems he has little connections to the public as he lives in an apartment playing video games when’s he’s not working as a grocery store clerk. He’s actually quite handsome with jet black hair and chiseled features, but quite puny as he rarely gets physical activity. Right now I’m preparing for my first and last date with Hugh. Not meaning that we’ll never see each other again, but we’ll definitely not be dating at all after tonight. The relationship between us will have to be as professional as what I’m about to do gets. _________________________________________________________________ The date’s over, and Hugh is passed out in the back of my pickup truck. It was really too simple. A few drinks and his little body couldn’t keep him conscious. People should really be careful when going on first dates. You don’t want to end up with a crazy person who wants to kill you. The first stage of the experiment would probably be the most painful for my subject. I picked up Hugh’s 5’ 8’’, 140 lb frame and brought him down into my complex. It’s a shame the last memory of the outside world he will have will be the shitty run down bar we met at. I removed his clothing and washed him down, using a hair removal shampoo to do away with his hair and beard. I opened up the sound-proof, chemically sealed observation room and tossed him down onto the padded floor. The first step was to starve Hugh of everything: food, light, sound, and contact with other people. This would degrade his mind until he was willing to do whatever I told him to do. It helped that he was already submissive by nature. This was just to make sure. I powered on my main console which sealed the door shut. Hugh woke up and immediately and began to freak out, as anyone would. I actually had to lower the feedback volume from the room for a second. It didn’t take long for him to calm down, after realizing he couldn’t do anything right now. As this happened, I slowly began to poor in the marijuana fumes into the room. While making Hugh hazy, it would also slightly enhance his hunger. Once the pot fumes were at full capacity, it was time to wait. Hugh was starting to relax more, but you could see he was clearly thirsty. I released a shallow pail into the room and began a slow stream of water. He gladly drank up. Unfortunate for Hugh, that would be the only thing he’d get for a while. ___________________________________________________________________ It’s been around 4 days, and it’s time to move to stage two. Hugh was now shivering in the corner of the room, clearly unstable and on edge. I didn’t want him completely out of touch with reality, so this was the perfect time. I prepared the first meal for Hugh, which had to be small or else he’d just throw up immediately. I turned off the pot smoke, and turned on the lights. For the first time in half a week, I opened up the door, yet Hugh did not move. As I approached Hugh, he slightly turned. I placed a warm palm on him and as he looked at me, I just said, “Eat”, and spoon fed him the soup on the tray. Then was the bread. I could see the expression on his face change as I fed him the meal. This continued as he slowly got use to more and more food. Every time I entered I said nothing but a single word and he ate everything I had for him. The food I was feeding him was a unhealthy and calorific as possible. Greasy burgers with loads of cheese and bacon, accompanying fries fried in lard. Thick cakes with buttercream frosting. He was completely reliant on me now, I was his source of nourishment. The pot smoke always kept him hungry and hazy, and he never talked You could see the effect the fatty food was having on him. He started to pudge up a little bit. His stomach began to round and was very slightly protruding. His arms and legs were padding with a little fat. And his ass was rounding out a little more. He looked like a chubby kid you’d see eating at a Chuck E’ Cheese's. This time as I fed him a particularly larger meal, a whole pizza with a tub of melted ice cream, and after 6 slices of pizza he stopped eating. He just turned his head and refused to eat. This is where I had to assert my position. I grabbed him by his thick neck and forced him on the ground. He tried to struggle but in his weakened state there was no use. I force fed him the last pizza slices one by one, basically forcing him to swallow it whole or he would choke. Before he could cough, I poured the ice cream down his gullet as well. It seemed he was getting pleasure from this, as he had stopped moving and I felt the prick of his dick underneath his ever-expanding gut on my thigh. It was time for the final step of this stage. I entered the room with a large cart filled with way too much food any normal human couldn't possibly eat, but I intended to have all of it inside Hugh before I left. Before his eyes could have a chance to digest the mountain in front of him, the first treat was stuffed into his mouth. I forced donut after donut in his mouth until the entire 12 pack was gone. Before he could swallow the last donut, I grabbed him by the back of the head and put half of a 4 patty burger dripping with cheese into his mouth, and he bit down and swallowed. Melted cheese and grease flowed down his double chin and onto his just developing moobs. It took almost 3 hours for me to force feed all of the food into Hugh. His mouth and the frontside of his torso was covered in a mixture of grease, cheese, frosting, and crumbs. He was moaning as he tried to wrap his arms around his stomach. His gut was absolutely huge now. It looked like he was about to give birth as it stuck out of the rest of his body like a gigantic beach ball. ___________________________________________________________________ It was time for the science to kick in. Stage 3 did away with the daily personal feedings. Instead, a pre-installed tube descended from the ceiling. This would now be where he’d get his food. I could control what he was eating and after that incident, He’d probably be eating everything he could get. His stomach has been stretched by the last force feeding I gave him, so his stomach could hold a lot. Every meal consisted of a thick sludge that was made of a couple things. The main components were pure lard and melted ice cream. Along with the lard, there were a few chemicals mixed in there: a strong hunger enhancer, a muscle relaxer, a chemical that would increase sex drive, and estrogen were the most plentiful ingredients. They were designed to allow him to eat even more and gain the most weight possible. The main component of my experiment, chemical IGNC-8, would allow the subject to produce a special secretion that would soon be saving lives. Finally, I added lots of vanilla flavoring and a chemical that would dampen his taste buds. At first, Hugh was reluctant to suck on the tube, but it didn’t take long for his curiosity to reel him in. Once he gulped down just a little bit of the lard, he was hooked. He sucked as hard as he could on the tube and the meal filled his belly. The hunger enhancer within the formula kept him sucking at the tube for as long as possible. Soon, his stomach was stretched to the point that it was when I personally fed him, but he just kept gulping. At first, he had been standing up to reach the feeding tube, which exposed his developing body. One chunky arm reached up to hold onto the tube while the other hung at his side. He little fingers were swelling up as well. His thighs had become inflated from all the calories he was consuming, and his sides and back were padded with fat as well. And his gut, now sticking out due to his beyond full stomach, was probably putting his waistline at 50 inches. After hours of feeding at the state, I gave Hugh more slack on the tube, allowing him to sit down and plop his gut in between his legs, spread out to accommodate for his large paunch. He leaned forward, using his expanded abdomen to rest his upper chest. And in that state, he kept sucking and filling his gut full of the formula for the rest of the day. In fact, he fell asleep with the tube in his mouth and his stomach stretched out. This was Hugh’s life for over a year. He spent his days sucking on the tube and filling his stomach until he fell asleep. The only thing he saw for that entire year was the videos I showed him, which were mostly just videos of other gainers being force fed and fucked. I needed him to be as willing to gain and sexually driven as possible. It was just easier to manipulate him in that state. The formula had a drastic effect on Hugh’s body. He had gained about 350 pounds since his first days with the tube. He could no longer stand up at all, as he had swelled himself into immobility. His head sat on top of his triple chins which went straight into his upper chest; his neck had been swallowed up by mounds of fat. The most unusual part of him was his breasts had swelled up beyond what was normal for a man, probably because of the estrogen in the formula. Both of them were the size of watermelons, and his nipples were as big as CDs. His arms were as thick as large hams and his fingers had limited movement due to the layers of fat on them. His thighs were even thicker than that, and his feet were padded just as much. And his now gigantic gut pooled between his legs and covered his dick, probably urging to have an orgasm. When his stomach wasn’t full, his belly sagged limply and jiggled with every movement. When his stomach was surfeited with the formula, it looked like a yoga ball crushing the rest of his body under its weight. Even though Hugh could probably live out the rest of his ever-shortening life in that state, this was not the end of the experiment. There was still much to do with Hugh. For the first time ever, I stopped the flow of the formula into the tube and into Hugh. Slowly the hum of the vats of liquid stopped and the last of the formula flowed into Hugh’s mouth. Through all the pot smoke and video, Hugh reacted quickly to the loss of his sustenance. His panic was hard to watch, as he could do nothing but wiggle around and pant. His stuffed skin just jiggled about as he flailed his arms as much as a morbidly obese man could. After a couple of minutes confusion, he passed out. I opened the door and began to make the preparations for Hugh’s final home. At his size I couldn’t lift him, so I brought in a heavy duty harness that hung from the ceiling and could move him to the next room through mechanisms within the ceiling. After wrapping the straps around his arms, legs, and crotch, I pressed the button on my controller and the harness began lifting him into the air. Although you could hear the straining coming from the system due to Hugh’s heavy load, the harness had no problem lifting him off the ground until he could not touch with his toes. Even though he couldn’t do much anyway, it was easier for me to have him off the ground so I could easily move him. I began to move him towards the back wall, which had dropped out to reveal another larger room, this one lined on both sides with terminals. I moved Hugh into the first terminal on the right. Each terminal had a tube coming from above, and a couple smaller tubes which hooked up to a control center to the left. The control center had a couple buttons and levers, and a big translucent vat on top. After positioning Hugh in the terminal, I fed the tube into his mouth and down his throat until it reached his expanded stomach, and secured the straps to keep the feeding tube in place. The other tubes were large breast pumps which attached to his enormous moobs. Along with extracting his breast milk, them stimulated his moobs. Below him, the floor was sloping into a slit which would easily dispose of his waste. While I had been cleaning his first cell while Hugh was asleep, it was easier now to just let the machine work. The final stage was over, and this was Hugh’s last stop. Once he woke up, I began the tube again, but this time he had no control over how fast the formula came. It just flowed down into his stomach. Hugh’s body had gradually been adjusting to digesting such large quantities of food quickly, so I kept the tube going fast until his gut stretched out rather than hang down. While it didn’t make much of a difference, it was easier for the experiment if Hugh was always full, and it also turned me on a lot to see him so helpless. He was so submissive at this point he just hung his limbs down and let it all happen. Hugh was barely human at that point, just a head with two huge moobs and a rotund gut with come chunky limbs hanging there. He was just the engine in a machine whose only purpose was to fatten him up until he was a blimp. The next part was the little sexual pleasure he got. The pumps on his moobs began sucking and stimulating his nipples. He moaned with pleasure as a white liquid slowly secreted from his nipples and flowed through the tube into the console. I actually wasn’t looking for his breast milk, as it served really no purpose. What I did want was a clear solution within the milk, and the machine separated the two, collecting the precious clear liquid within the vat. I only got a drop or two from a cup of milk, so this was going to take some time to fill the vat. I really took pity on Hugh for his situation. He was just too easy and too trusting, and now he was 500 pounds heavier, immobile, incontinent, and only getting bigger. I entered the “collection” room and stood before Hugh and looked into his eyes. The combination of the pumps on his moobs and the sensation of being more that full put him in a daze, so it took a minute to get his attention. Once we made eye contact, I saw probably the last remnant of his own personality, and not the one obsessed with becoming the largest, fattest man. His eyes seemed to ask, “Why?” and I responded with, “You may not know it, but you are serving a great purpose.” At that, I rubbed his protruding belly and teased his dick, and then left. Even though Hugh was already extremely obese and every part of his body was padded with fat, he wasn’t at his maximum potential. I still needed a lot of the solution, I’m calling it PLMP-650, for my experiment to be complete. This means that Hugh can’t be the only human subject. I would have to get a lot of men inflated to be working at peak efficiency. So I started the search for my next subject. Soon they would be just like Hugh.
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