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A Day in the Lives of Mu Shoo & Jack
Mu Shoo was behind the counter today as I walked into the sushi bar today. He's such a sexy panda. His red hair was a little messier than usual. Mu Shoo looked good regardless. However, I saw that his uniform was a little tighter today. Must've been all of that Chinese food from the night before. I love to see the guy eat, what can I say? Hell, we both love to eat. Bears like us love to eat, we can't help it. I love Mu Shoo's belly and love to make sure its good and full before we go to bed. 

I waddled up to the cash register, looked left and right before moving forward and kisses Moosh full on the lips. I pull back and wink at him. "Heh, hope you don't mind, but I got off early. The party was awesome by the way, they had a lot of food." I grinned and slapped my big belly, which shook like jelly. "So of course I am still hungry for some dinner. I never get my fill." I rubbed my belly and moaned softly.

Mu Shoo blushed. "Hey, stop that, I don't want to have a hard on while I wait on customers." I grinned and jiggled it again. "You might've noticed that we're kind of alone at the moment Moosh." I said and poked Mu Shoo in the belly.

"What's going on out there?" I jumped when I heard that bellowing voice. I knew the voice well, it was Moosh's boss. The guy was a big jerk. He hated Mu Shoo putting on so much weight, but at the same time, he couldn't fire him. Moosh was a popular employee at the sushi establishment. His boss was a pudgy wolf who shouldn't really complain about someone putting on a little weight. Sure Mu Shoo was pushing 700lbs, but he's a freaking panda! He can't help it. Heh, he just has to say the word and we'll stop gaining weight on purpose.

Mu Shoo cleared his throat. "Its nothing. Look, I am gonna go. Jack's here so I'll see you." A loud grunt could be heard. Mu Shoo chuckled. "Guess that was an alright." He said and got out of his apron. He waddled over to a wall I couldn't see and presumably clocked out. 

He soon waddled out from behind the counter and over to me. I patted and rubbed his big sexy belly. "Heh cannot believe how sexy you are, Moosh." Mu Shoo grinned and patted my belly as well. "I was going to say the same to you." He said and kissed me again.

Once out side, we headed towards our favorite pizza place. I occasionally rubbed and patted Moosh's bubble but. We got some stares, but then big sexy guys like us always do. A cheetah winked at us as we went by. I smirked and winked back. I am not interested, but I love to flirt. 

Inside the pizza parlor we go and pay for the buffet. We grab a couple plates each and load them up on pepperoni slices, combo slices and garlic breadsticks. I waddle back up front and ask for a pitcher of root beer and a couple glasses. I grin as I watch Moosh attack his pizza just as I get back. He grins back and I sit across from him and down a couple slices at once. I swallow and pour myself a glass of root beer. I chug it down and go right back to eating.

Moosh pours himself a glass as he watches me. I love it when he watches me eat. It really gets to me, so I eat faster. "Woah, pace yourself, Jack." Moosh said with a wink. This was my cue to eat faster, so I do. Once finished, I lay back in my seat and rub my belly. It feels full, but I know I am not finished yet. I get up and go back for more pizza.

After an half an hour of that, we're both ready to go home for some much needed desert.

We get to our place and imediately take our clothes off. They were getting pretty snug anyways. Moosh grabs us a big container of chocolate chip cookie dough and two spoons as I lower my big ass down on the couch. Once Moosh waddles over and sits down, we attack the ice cream full force. We're gobbling it down like ice cream's going out of fashion. Soon it gets melty, so we take turns chugging down the creamy ice cream goodness.

Full and too bloated to move, we start rubbing eachothers bellies. I rub Moosh's good and long until he reaches over and does the same. I lean into Moosh and kiss him passionately. He kisses back and pulls me towards him. We moan and soon I roll Moosh over and I launch myself at his massive ass. I slip in my hard-on into it and thrust. 

"Such a big sexy fatso..." I moan. Moosh moans too. He loves when I tease him about his weight. "Oh ya...ride your big fat Moosh!" I moan at his words. "Oh ya fatboy...make me cum!" Moosh is urged on my encouraging words. "Gonna cum fatso?" Soon he lets out a long moan and spasms. I thrust in hard and soon let out a loud moan as I cum after. I collapse into Moosh's big fat sexy back and grin. "Oh yeah..." I say and just lay there in perfect bliss.

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