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A Different Point of View

There's the cue, just like an alarm clock, signaling it's time for my first feeding of the day. I look at the clock, and, sure enough, it's 6AM. I look up, and smile at what I see in the mirrored ceiling of my room. Attached to it are the webcams through which I share my life, and I smile even wider knowing that gainers worldwide see what I see:

There's my round 28-year old face grinning back at me, riding a swell of chins which roll 'til they collide with my pecs, or, more accurately, my boobs. Two quivering volleyball-size mounds of flesh crowned by incredibly sensitive nipples stretched tight over engorged flesh, they are never, ever still. They jostle gently against what makes me "me," my massive, snow-white stomach:

Rising high in front of me, stretching me as wide as four big men on my California king-size bed, marked only by a deep belly button that undulates on the rises and falls of my breaths, it's my pride and joy, ten years of glorious eating. There's no way I can ever see around its 
smooth mass now, so the shiny ceiling lets me see it in all its naked glory.


My mouth waters as the kitchen timer signals that breakfast is ready, and I grope for another remote. Finding it, I press a button, and a motor under the adjustable bed strains to lift me upright. The tiny jolt it starts with is magnified and rolls gently back and forth across soft 
warm belly flesh being pushed slowly down my thighs, over my knees, and halfway down my calves. Finally, the center of gravity changes, and my boobs roll forward to bounce softly on the shelf formed by my all-encompassing gut, rolling in and out as I breathe. My chins drape heavily between them, and ponderously move when I greet Danny, one of my encouragers, as he wheels the first cart of food in.

"Smells wonderful, Danny!"

"You know it, Jason!" Danny loves to work out, and it shows beautifully. He also loves growing me with constant feedings, and he's an excellent cook . This morning, it's three chafing dishes of scrambled eggs, several pounds of bacon, five loaves of French toast, and a big bowl of fruit. He tucks an oversize napkin between my most recent chin and my boobs, and I tuck in, moaning with delight. After the second cart, loaded just like the first, I'm still not quite satiated. As always, he's anticipated me with a big pan of thickly frosted cinnamon swirl rolls, and that finally gives me the wonderfully overstuffed feeling that grows my capacity for ever-bigger meals.

Speaking of meals, now it's time to make more room for the next one, and, as I lower the bed, Christopher and Patrick, adorable brothers who encourage me full-time, get a workout by pushing my mass back, so that Danny can work my heavy legs into slings. My boobs cry for attention as they are pushed into my face by my stomach, but it's time for a different type of pleasure first. Now my legs are raised, and, after a much-needed pee into the bucket he holds, he puts an oversized bedpan under my hairless asshole. I click on the remote for the wall-mounted TV, grasp the grab bars above me, and go to work.

*You've got mail! You've got mail! You've got mail!"

For the next two hours, I grunt and groan to squeeze out the endless turds that my feedings create. I love a good shit, and I love being cheered on by my team - not just my sexy encouragers, but also all the enthusiastic e-mails and IM's they read me from my online friends 
watching my pleasurable exertions. It's not just acting, either: as we force my girth and my appetite to grow through constant feeding, my output balloons too, and so does the effort required to purge it. But, I have all the time in the world, and I watch the ceiling with satisfaction 
as each push of my deeply-buried bowels rises to ripple across my girth. My undulating flesh excites me to keep pushing - this is the only time I can see my belly button, other than in the mirror, as it crests on a wave of flab high above me, and then slides out of sight again. I 
overfill three bedpans with my coiled load by the time I've emptied myself, and can relax:


Whew. I'm sweaty all over, and so a sponge bath is in order clean me up. I'm squirming from all the pleasure that I'm getting - or I would be if I could move an inch! Instead, I'm totally passive as always, softly but totally held flat on my back by the hundreds and hundreds of pounds of fat I've grown. Only my penis is moving, its reflection showing it swelling instinctively from all the cleaning attention my hard-worked asshole gets; it knows its turn is here. It's forever beyond my reach on the other side of the sprawling mound of my gut, but biting on my turgid nipples swells the glans shiny with blood.

After cleaning me up, Danny strips down until his gym-pumped body is naked, showing the glory of a heavily veined, beer-can thick 8 inch cock. Hanging beneath that are his heavy balls, and what we see in each other makes us both rock hard. Now I'm sucking on my right boob, while Christopher kneads the left teat, and Patrick plants angel kisses all over my sea of flesh. 

"ahhhh...push it in!"

Danny grins at me as he brushes the oversize head of his rubber-sheathed cock at my asshole. I try to pretend my need is an act, but he knows I'm a total bottom boy, and s-l-o-w-l-y he feeds me every last inch. I'm gasping with pleasure as the ridges of his cock's ropy veins rake my prostate, but he's taking his time, and there's not a thing I can do about it. Finally I feel his weighty balls slap against me, even as I feel lips on my erection and Christopher's head starts bobbing up and down in the pillowy pubic fat rolls of my shaved crotch.

Patrick squats down, muscular thighs bulging, and faces me, straddling my boobs. I reach into his fly and pull gently. Six flaccid inches plop onto my chest, and I push back the skin on the uncut head exposing his big piss slit. I work a nipple into it, and he winces with pleasurable pain that swells him to an obscenely sexy 11 inch erection. Now I work his cock down between my breasts and start tit-fucking until need drives him to push it forward, putting the drooling head in my mouth. His thighs are rocking back and forth, and he's gasping at the pleasure my swollen boobs and mouth are giving him.

Plugged, sucked, and stuffed, I surrender yet again to the complete physical pleasure of my fleshy bondage. The mirror shows all four of us revelling in pleasuring my titanic mass, and the IMs are chiming faster and faster as the movement of my untethered fat pushes us beyond the point of no return. My cock starts spasming into Christopher's mouth as he shouts with delight while he jacks himself off, and my anal convulsions milk out both Danny's balls and his groans. Patrick is sobbing with pleasure as his huge endowment spasms between my tight-squeezed breasts to pump a lust-swollen load into my mouth, and he digs his fingernails deep into my teats in thanks. 

With my mouth full, I can't move or shout in ecstasy, but this erotic restraint just heightens the tactile pleasure that drives my climax, and a primal moan bubbles its way through the cum I'm swallowing. The release seems eternal...

And then, drenched in sweat, our orgasms softly fade, and the boys unstick themselves from me; we smile at each other in satisfaction. 

Another spongebath is in order, and then my face lights up as I hear a dozen hamburger patties hit the grill and start sizzling...


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