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A little fantasy
I struggled to sit upright, hampered by the sheer size of my middle and by big limbs that didn't seem to want to bend. Once propped up on fat elbows, it came evident how big I was. The bed was a large double one, and I was taking up a large part of it.

I swung my podgy legs off the bed and I hauled myself off. I grunted as gravity pulled my belly into an even rounder shape. I looked down at the broad horizon of my enormous belly.

I went to take a step, My footfalls made the floor shake, I felt my legs rub together until I finally got myself in front of a mirror.

I stared at the hugely overweight person reflected back. Bringing a hand up I traced the outline of my massive belly, its centre marked by a deep bellybutton. It bulged out several feet over the top of incredibly chubby thighs. 

A big, plump chest sagged atop the belly's curve. I turned, and the figure turned, revealing that it was as thick as it was wide around the belly. I reached behind, and ran my hands over an ample size set of buttocks. My arms brushed against truly vast love handle that bulged all around my back. 

Amazingly, it was only roll of fat, the rest of my sides evenly stuffed with blubber, I craned over my chunky shoulder, against the thick muffler of flab that swaddled my neck, and took in the broadness of my back, especially my backside.

I then caught sight of the muscled chubby man in the corner. His bushy beard barely hiding his grin, he was my fuck buddy. Now I was as fat as I wanted to be, and he had always wished.

He walked over to me and got down on his knees, he lifted up my belly and put his mouth around my dick. I gasped as his tongue stimulated and his beard scratched and ticked my groin. He let go of my belly and grabbed my ample buttocks, his hands sinking in as he pulled my groin towards his mouth and my belly resting on his head.

After satisfying himself and me, he stood up and wiped his mouth and soaked beard and we kissed passionately. He then turned around and got down offering his butt hole. Grabbing hold of his ample love handles and belly, I thrust my dick in him.

Shifting weight and thrusting again and again, he grunted and groaned as I fondled and massaged in rhythm with my thrusting. When I climaxed I fell back on to my butt catching my breath.

I started to turn over to get up, when I felt strong hands on the sides of my belly and then a dick in my ass. Bringing his dick almost out and then thrusting in again, sent ripples out over my butt and fat body. Gasping, grunting and groaning as his thrusting got faster, and faster he climaxed and a warm feeling as his cum filled me. 

Collapsing forward on to my belly, my fuck buddy laid on top his dick still in me. He with drew and with his help I rolled over and with my belly spread out he laid him self out on top of me his head resting on my chest. 

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