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A Male Model's Development
Luke had always been a vain prima donna who thought he was gods gift to women and a real fine specimen of a guy. He was just plain gorgeous with brown hair and a nice medium build-Luke never worked out or anything-he just had been blessed with great genes and a super handsome face-kinda like the actor James Marsden from X-Men or the actor Scott Foley(Noel) form Tvs Felicity. At, 22 years old and an even 6ft and 165 pounds there wasn’t much wrong with him at all. Having just graduated college with a degree in liberal arts, Luke had no idea what he wanted to do though. Then Luke thought, "Why not be a male model? After all I’ve always been like the best looking guy in high school and college.” 
So he went to a huge male modeling corporation, and met with the head of its operations, Cameron, a 32 year old former model and stud who had "retired” from the world of male modeling at the tender old age of 29-because no model in his 30s or older was allowed to model anymore since that age was considered over the hill. Cameron had been one of the agencies most successful models though-and had always had a keen sense of business and marketing, so he had been able to work his way up the corporate ladder over the last couple a years to become the companies first ever model and youngest ever CEO. Despite this rampant success and a great ability to do his job, Cameron had been quite depressed since having been forced to "retire” from his modeling gigs 3 years ago-he had been an incredibly hard working disciplined and work out fanatic who always strived for perfection in this field-which he had felt he owned and was perfect at. He had never come to terms with understanding why he couldn’t do it anymore-his biggest reason for living had ended-though working his way up the corporate ladder had been a great distraction for his new found feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem-it hadn’t been enough to prevent him from slowly stopping his workout regimen(it began to matter less and less he felt-so why bother), and from indulging in more and more late night snacks and takeout. Funny-Cameron had never cared about food and liquor before-but he had been turning to it more and more over the last couple a years. Cameron had always prided himself on his perfectly kept physique-it had been a great key to his confidence-his weight had been a steady 170 firm pounds at 5ft 11-but since his lifestyle change-his muscles had started to evaporate under a soft layer of unmistakable fat which had cause his weight to balloon to 197 pounds. Cameron had tried to ignore his expanding waistline-in fact he hardly looked at his body in the mirror anymore-he wanted to deny his increasingly flabbier bod by making believe that those extra few inches around his waist weren’t there-He just couldn’t bear to believe his great muscle body was a thing of the past-so Cameron tried to make believe he still had that body of the past.
All of which brings us to Cameron’s first meeting with aspiring model and super arrogant jerk Luke and his alarmingly perfect(though) not muscular bod-and pretty boy face. Cameron stood up to meet Luke-oblivious to the fact that his belly shown quite clearly as it hung over his belt in his Armani suit. "Welcome to the agency”, Cameron said. Cameron stood up and went over to Luke to shake hands. "Hey weren’t you that once famous model and buff hunk a man, Cameron”, Luke Said
"Well, I still am, actually”, Cameron said, quite taken back. "Not with these you aint!”, Luke said, as he shook the near 30 pounds of excess belly flab that hunk temptingly over for some one to shake. And Cameron’s belly flab did shake, on boy, like jell-O-much to Cameron’s supreme shock and horror(his obliques had been one of the areas he had neglected most-and his love handles were HUGE now). "Stop that!”-What are you doing?!?, Camareon said, hugely embarrassed and trying not very well to cope with with this most humilating nightmare for me. "I’ve always had the best body of any of the other models, Cameron stammered-as he he sat down on top of his desk in disbelief of what was happening. When Cameron sat, of course his belly spilled out even more over his belt-ant Luke went right over to him and said-"sorry Chubs, but this is for your own good”, and Luke quickly pulled Cameron’s shirt right out of his belt and ripped it off, and then grabbed ahold of all Cameron’s newly acquired juicy belly flab, and said-"Now does this look like a model who has the best body of any other guy?Huh, DoughBOY! Look-you’ve even got tits forming where your pecs used to be LOL! Just as this was happening, a bunch of Cameron’s co-workers and male models passed by the glass window of his office-and were howling with laughter at seeing the once buff Cameron’s stomach now turned to quivering jelly and in the hands of this super hot guy Luke. Though Cameron was well liked by all-the sight of his out of shape body was so funny they lad to laugh-since it was so rare to see anyone in the model word ever let themselves go. 
Cameron was beet red, and felt like crying if not-for the strange surprise of his cock stirring-the weird feeling-of having his belly made fun of and shook-though degrading-was arousing him big time. He didn’t know why though. All of a sudden Cameron remembered he was the CEO here-and it was he who was supposed to be in charge of this interview and not Luke. Luke tired to act as tough as a sensitive male model can possibly be when he said,”Get your hands off my stomach”, but it came out in a scared cracking voice that made him sound like an adolescent teen. "Ok, Cameron, ma man, Luke said, No need to get upset about that spare tire you’re carrying round now is there?-He said as he poked Cameron’s belly one last time cruelly. "Enough”, Cameron said. "I’ve been looking over your photos, and... and.....Cameron was thinking-yes this guy was super gorgeous-a no brainer would be to hire him straight off-But...He had just given Cameron the most humiliating and embarrassing episode of his life-and had shattered his long held perception that though-he wasn;’t a model anymore-that he still had what it takes to get on that runway anytime he wanted if he could. Horrified(though still aroused) as he stared still in disbelief at his big belly-a plan slowly came to mind at how best to give Luke-everything he could offer...and more. 
"Well, Luke, to tell you the truth, I’m not sure we have a place here for you at my agency-We’re saturated with male model talent right now, Cameron Lied. "What! You’ve got to be kidding right?!? I’m perfect-How can you not hire me?, Luke said. "Well, your rather thin Luke, my boy, and its muscles that are in right now I’m afraid”, Cameron again lied. Luke looked for the first time today-completely crestfallen. "But, I’ll tell you what, Luke, honey, why don’t you let me take you under my wing-and put you in my very own special model weight,uh, development plan I have devised and tested to perfection on previous too thin models before,Cameron again lied.
"Well, ok, Luke said-"What do I have to do”/
"Come over to my house tonight at 7 and we’ll begin the treatment=for you-I promise after I’m through with you, Luke and your career, you’ll be the BIGGEST model in the world. Others will truly measure themselves against the impossible Large standard you’ve set. Trust me.
Luke showed up at Cameron’s mansion promptly at 7:00. Luckily Luke was kinda dim intellectually wise-so this would be well a piece of ‘cake’ and then some for Cameron. "Welcome, Luke, sit down-We’ll begin training right way=here drink this. "What is it”, Luke said. A weight gain shake, Cameron actually said truthfully for once "to help you gain muscles” Cameron ended up LOL lying again. "Ohh its so yummy”Luke said. What Luke didn’t know was this was "Champion Heavyweight Gainer 900, an incredibly effective gainer product at adding pure weight-not muscle that football players usually use. It has also been mixed with haagan daas ice cream and an incredibly addictive narcotics to make Luke crave it much more than he should. "You know,Luke, if you like, it might be easier for you to train in my mansion-if you like you can move in here”, Cameron said. "No Fucking Way! Are you kidding! Of course! By the way, I’ve already finished this shake-Can I have another one?, Luke said. "Of course, my growing, (giggle stifled) muscle boy. Here ya go. "I wanted to tell you Luke, that growing muscles isn;t easy and that it requires mass consumption of as many foods as possible containing protein. Here at my mansion, you will of course get 5 course meals bor breakfast, lunch, and supper containing as much protein as possible. Now, Luke, do you know which foods contain the most proteins?, Cameron said. "Um, gee-I don’t know anything about like health food eating at all-um, donuts?-Luke suggested hopefully-but not expecting much of a positive response. "My gosh, Luke! You know more about healthy eating and where to find protein than you think! Yes-Donuts contains a Huge amount of protein, and luckily for you, hardly anycalories or fat at all!, Cameron said. "Wow, I never knew, Luke said. Cause those are my favorites-I hardly ate them in the past cause someone told me they were bad for you” "People can be so misinformed about proper diet, Cameron said. "Luckily you have an expert on eating the right foods like me, to get the right physique. "Hey, you think I could have a 3rd shake? I feel so full-but I just gotta have more, Luke said. "Of course, Luke, here you go. Also Luke there are proper clothes a guy should wear who wants to grow muscles-here this will be your new wardrobe. "Wow”, Luke said, jogging sets are real comfortable-Let me try this on...Woah this is so relaxed fitting and roomy-What a great elastic bad on the pants too-so loose–"Er, that’s for the muscles to grow into, Cameron said Of course. "This shirt is real big, but its very sweet feeeling-Thanks Luke said Of course Cameron, Cameron said. 
Now time, started to pass, and Luke was eating huge quantities of food-lotsa "protein” filled eggs, bacon, and pancakes for breakfast-roast beef, salami, swiss cheese, and ham smothered with mayonnaise sandwiches for lunch, and huge roast hams and pizzas and lasagna for dinners-all the time drinking numerous glasses of Gainer shake each day. All the mirrors had been removed from Cameron’s mansion as well-so Luke what have no idea how much fatter he was gettin-and boy was he turning into a porker! Slowly his belly was getting bigger and bigger-Cameron had started giving Luke ecstasy to keep him in constant happy daze after his girth became even to apparent for big clothes to hide. He had gone from 165 pounds to 265 pounds! A 100 pound weight gain. Now there was a modeling show coming up where all the top mags like GQ, and Vanity Fair were going to be there-it was a show to audition male models-now Cameron had spread a rumor that there was some "new style” model that was going to debut a different style gorgeous look-no one new from which agency he was from-Cameron had secretly payed the shows organizers-to allow Luke some time on the runaway-where he would walk out in the middle surrounded by a bunch of buff hotties in designer mens swimming trunks. Cameron slowly started taking Luke off the lithium telling him his first runway show was coming up, and that all his friends and family had been invited to see him-that much was true-Cameron had told all of Luke family and friends-and apparently there were several brothers of Luke’s pretty much all of Lukes male friends who well couldn’t stand Lukes huge ego about how perfect he was-and that Luke was always making fun of every one around him-especially fat guys. Cameron made sure to invite all the guys Luke had ever picked on as well. Cameron was gonna enjoy this-he truly wanted to get back at Luke because for one thing during all this time-being humiliated by Luke for his weight gain had not at all caused Cameron to stop eating-quite the contrary-partly due to his self-esteem plummeting even more and his arousal at his weight gain-Cameron too had been eating a lot over the last few months and had since his own weight go up another 25 pounds to 222 pounds. Cameron now knew he was extremely chubby, and he had Luke to thank in large part of adding these last few pounds on him-that made it impossible to even resemble a male model anymore- Though he did on the plus side masturbate a lot to his new found flab. On the negative-seeing Luke tease Cameron at his job in the open had alerted the rest of the staff and models-to Camerons weight gain-which not many had noticed-so even though he was well liked-no one could resist patting the ex-models surprisingly plum belly every chance they got-thus humiliating Cameron each and every day-at how out of shape he was getting-though he did enjoy the big boners he always he got from each pay.
Today was the day of the runway-Luke’s lithium dosage has completely worn off and he was in the dark-dressed in an oversize bathing suit waiting to make his grand entrance in the spotlight. He has no idea what he looked like at all-he had been told he was wearing a very soft material that was skin tight all over his body-and that he was modeling designer winter parkers-"I guess that’s why it feels so big around me, Luke thought–feels kinda funny on my body-must be that new material Cameron mentioned. "I cant believe Im gonna be a star model, Luke thought! It was always meant to be of course-I am like the male version of Helen of Troy-I must be the most beautiful and perfect guy in the world! Just then the curtain opened-Luke was blinded by the light-but he was wondering what all the screaming laughter was about in the audience=there were also some strangely familiar male voices in the audiences-shouting "YES” YES”=Oh yes! Luke finally opened his eyes and looked down at himself. "NO FREAKING WAY! This can’t be HAPPENING! These are not MUSCLES_THESE ARE NOT MUSCLES”, Luke cried looking at all his hanging fat rolls. He looked into the audience at all those laughing and saw all the fat guys he used to tease in high school and college-they were approaching him. "Whose the FATBOY now”-Oh my god-his brothers said=Mr. Perfect has gotten so fat, hasn’t he-"Then they all started patting Luke’s enormous belly-"Im not Fat-I’m not Fat-Im skinny-I’ve always been skinny, Luke cries. "I’m dreaming-Im dreaming-Pinch me-pinch me” "Of Fatboy-and they all started squeezing Luke all over his flabby areas and much to Luke s surprise he had a huge boner-"No-No! Luke Cried. "Hey look-it looks like gods gift to women actually-enjoys all us men-touching his fat bod-"Luke just could not believe how fat he had gotten-it seemed to him almost overnight-Luke was now being exposed to the type of mass humiliation he used to dole out personally every day of his life-It was a nightmare-all th photographers were taking pic after pic of him and writing stories about how Even though he was a Lazy Fat BOY whos sat on the couch eating all day long-he thought he had the best body in th world(cameron had fed them that part) Luke had to go back to living with his parents and get teased mercilessly each day by his brothers-and though Luke wanted to try to lose weight and get back to be skinny and gorgeous-his brothers wouldn’t let him-Oh no-they made sure that Luke got stuffed each and every day and only got much fatter-to Lukes increasing horror and embarrassment-Luke had spent a whole lifetime embarrassing nice sweet overweight guys-Now he was going to be mercilessly teased and humiliated for the rest of his and would become the joke he always the biggest joke of all time!

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