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A students wish
All I ever wanted was to see to of my teachers naked to see what they looked like. Both of them had them had bodies like gods, pure muscle. When I went asleep that night I had a dream that they were having sex and it was beautiful until I awoke to find I came in my pants. Then I just wished for them to get fat during school. All of a sudden I felt a warm feeling inside that felt good and I fell into sleep. In school the next day I noticed both of the teachers clothes looked a lot tighter than usual and It was fascinating. As I was walking to the bathroom someone blindfolded me and dragged me away some where. The blindfold was taken off and I noticed that I was actually in the attic. The two teachers were there and they didn't look too happy. They said they had a bad dream last night of them getting fat and that I was the answer. I knew that my wish was comming true. As they were talking to me they continued to get fatter. There face got a lot rounder from their original angular face. They both grew double chins. It was a dream come true. I could feel the erection in my pants getting stronger and stronger. All of a sudden one of their shirts burst open due to how fat they got and the other ones pants started to rip because their ass got so fat. I said that the only way to stop their growth was to have sex with each other and for me to join in. They didn't look too pleased but that was the answer. All of a sudden both of their chests started to get fat their beautiful pecs turned to big fat moobs that sat on a growing belly they were so round and big it was amazing. They had gotten so fat that their clothes burst off them and both of them got embarrassed as they were naked. All of a sudden their penises started to take effect. They began to shrink as their bodies got so fat. They both then got erections and they knew what to do. They began to penetrate each other and they moaned in pain. They both had quick sex but then their growth only got faster. They both gasped for air as they were now so unfit and it was so sexy. They forgot something, ME AND THEY DIDNT ENJOY IT. I started to undress my dick as hard as a brick. They continued to grow their belly getting bigger and their moobs getting rounder. I started to fuck the brains out of the first teacher and he yelled in pleasure. I felt him getting bigger in my arms and it was perfect . The other teacher just kept on growing waiting for his turn. I fingered both of there belly buttons as they turned into black holes as they got so fat. I moved to the other teacher and fucked him to. I just kept feeling his tits and everything else grow as well as his ass as it kept swallowing it up. I finally chummed in both of their asses and they sadly began to get their pecs six pack and small waists back. They thanked me for my services and snook out of the school to get new clothes. But they didn't know that this cycle of them getting fat would happen every second week until I died of old age. I just waited for next week. The teachers came back to me every second week for my services each week their fat changed from soft hard round and giggly fat and next time it will happen in the pool as I will lock them in there so we could all fuck in the pool to replace the water with semen.

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