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Another 10 Days To Make Bigger Bear Blimp

Two years later...

I took it upon myself to invite another friend I know from the UK who was wondering what ever became of the previous guy Sean who I took on a belly ballooning food fest to make him a huge fat bear of a man. He wanted to call me on the phone a few hours before he had to catch his plane.

"Now you sure Sean is there and he is okay," the guy said with a bit of nervous tension in his voice.

"He is perfectly fine. You'll see once you get here," I said, knowing good and well this will be interesting to fatten up two guys from the UK.

"I'll have matching fat bloke from the UK here almost," I giggled to myself after hanging up the phone.

Hours passed...

I waited for my friend at the gate as they let out the plane from the UK. I sat there, very anxious at doing this whole "making a bear blimp" all over again with a new guy. 

"I am sure Sean wouldn't mind the company there at the house," I said to myself as I finally got a glimpse at my friend getting out of the gateway doors.

His name was Damon. A 37 year old guy standing there with a some facial hair fuzz on his face, wearing some almost loose fitting clothing that was showing his nicely rounded belly on him from all the indulging from eating sweets and food on his off season with working in the theatre. See, he is an actor so during the off season he really let himself plump up nicely over time which it seems no one gave much notice about it all. He had to be about 270 pounds, not too far off from where Sean was in the starting weight and standing about 6'4" so there was going to be a need to fill out that body frame a whole lot.

"Ah this will be a challenge but I like that the most," I said to myself as I waved to flag Damon over my way, "Hey buddy, I hope you had a good flight over this way. You want eat first before heading over to the home? Sean is there but he won't mind us hitting a fast food place beforehand." 

"Sure Willie, the airplane food was lousy as it is so some good American food would help fill this belly up nicely,” Damon said as he patted and rubbed his belly. 

I knew from there that it was going to be easy to fatten this one up. Shit, he already got a head start one filling out his belly as it is! 

When we gotten into my car, we hit the first fast food place and order two combo meals. Oddly enough, Damon asked me a question I wouldn’t expect… 

"Are both of them for me?” 

"Excuse me? You want them both! Don’t get me wrong you can have them both. Just took me off guard.” 

"Yeah, I am seriously hungry here so how about it? You can go on and feed them to me if you want…” 

I looked at Damon slightly stunned but who am I to say no to an invite like that! I drove to an area where we can begin stuffing his belly. He lifted his belly showing off the nice bulge with all the hair on his belly looking happy and free to be out of the stuffy shirt. 

I began to rub his belly as he started to stuff the food into his face hungrily. It almost overwhelmed me on how he could eat so much for such a small belly on him right now. 

"You aren’t telling me something, Damon,” I said while enjoying the gurgling and stretching of his belly as it digested the food. 

"Well…I was ready for this moment for quite awhile here. I wanted you to make me a fat bear blimp,” Damon stopped eating for a brief moment, "See…Sean and I was talking about it one day and he mentioned you and well I wanted to be done the same way like Sean if not bigger!” 

That statement alone gave me a serious hard on and I couldn’t say anything. Instead, I took it into action as I forced the second burger into his mouth before he could say another word! 

"UMMMPPPHH” said Damon in a muffled voice as I kept piling it on with the fries and the nuggets soon after. He was gagging a little bit but then started to relax after awhile. His belly bulging out more and more than even he realized it could get. 

"So that’s what you want, huh? I’ll show you what I’ve done to Sean but I do warn you…what he is in size and weight won’t mean shit compared to how big YOU will be!” I said with an evil grin as the last of the combo meals was stuffing into his nearly empty mouth. 

I think Damon was hoping to be heading to my place soon after but I had other plans at that moment he told me he wanted to be bigger than Sean. And with his height, I need to work on him immediately! 

We stopped by a GNC shop and picked up some weight gaining shake mix along with hitting the ice cream shop and getting some huge tubs of ice cream for both Sean and Damon which wasn’t hard since they both loved chocolate. 

At the traffic lights towards home, I began to rub Damon’s belly on and off as he moaned in pleasure after the overstuffing of the fast food meals. Only to get some more food upon stopping at another fast food place, this time for dessert in the way of cheesecake slices and King size thick milkshakes from Burger King, which I watched (and assisted) in him finishing it all. 

When we finally arrived home, I had to help Damon get out of the car as his belly was so tight and full that it literally pinned him to the car seat. As I helped him through the front door, I pointed over to the couch at the big bulky figure that was watching television and chugging down a huge pitcher of blueberry milkshake while letting out huge burps. 

"Damon, I don’t think you know who that is but that’s Sean there,” I said with a grin as I called out to Sean. 

Damon looked on in astonishment as he saw how big Sean has gotten. His gut was not only touching the floor but much of it was on the floor literally! His gut was swollen outward in such a huge way that there was no way that Sean was going to get up and move around without some form of assistance. His face was totally ballooned and fattened up so much that you can barely see his eyes due to his fatten cheeks. He wore a full beard and with the hairy body he had there, he was indeed a bear blimp personified! 
"Sean? How much does he weigh there?” Damon said with a gulp as he feels his belly gurgling to digest the food he was crammed with earlier. 

"Oh…hmmm, I’ll have to say well over 850 pounds there. Since I’ve stopped weighing him since he passed 500 long ago, I really haven’t bothered to weigh him,” I said as I took Damon over to the dinner table to rest for a short while. 

Sean just sat there, burping and gulping down more and more of the fattening shake. 

"URRRRPPPP! Good to see you again, Damon. You going to enjoy being a big fat bear here like me!” Sean said as he slapped his gut, the fat only jiggled slightly due to it being extreme tight and full to start with. 

I came from behind the dinner chair where Damon sat as I insert a little tube into his arm as I strapped him down to the chair. Damon was in too much of a daze from the gorging of fast food and seeing Sean as a huge blimp to do much else. 

"That’s a good fattiebear. Just sit there and rest while the liquid being pumped into you get you nice and fatter for the upcoming days there,” I said with an evil grin as I went off to attend to Sean’s needs as I stripped down to embrace and fondle his fatness.

The Next Day...

Damon woke up as the sun shined into his face from the dining room window. He felt groggy and a little out of place as he tried to get up. "Huh?" He noticed that he was strapped down to the chair as he glanced over to the side of his arm where there was an tube inserted into his arm as it was still pumping away some kind of thick liquid into him...but what could it be?

He looked over from himself in the distance as he saw both me and Sean sleeping on the huge couch. Sean sleeping in the same position he was in upon coming in from last night while I was almost on top of his huge belly. Then suddenly that was Damon felt it...the gurgling in his belly as he started to glance down at it and gasp in shock!

His belly wasn't the small belly he once knew. It grew to twice its normal size and it wasn't bloating, it was all solid FAT!

I yawn as I got up from Sean's massive belly and walked over to Damon.

"Well it looks like you grown some since last night eh?" I poked at his belly as it protruded outward like an overblown water balloon.

"What the hell is that stuff you pumping into me?" Damon said in his excitement.

"It is a formula I made myself that I used on Sean during our first meeting. See, I fed him soft serve ice cream from a big dispenser machine upon the ninth day of him being here and that really blown him up. But along with that was the formula mixed in so he can keep growing on whatever he digested and drank. The formula basically doubles and even triples the fat and calorie count of anything!" I said with a grin as I patted his belly, "So basically you are looking at 300 pounds there on that belly so far fattiebear."

Damon groaned as I patted his belly. He couldn't believe to see himself at 300 pounds overnight. He had a raging hard on underneath the belly that was well noticeable since he was only wearing his undies now.

Sean was still sleeping as I pointed over to him, "As you have noticed, while that giant bear is sleeping...he is blowing up bigger as well. I have a tube into his arm as well. That was the reason why we had to get the tubs of ice cream as well as the weight gain mix. They are two items that aid to the formula."

Damon looked on closely and sure enough Sean was blowing up like a big blimp before his very eyes as the table in front started to move due to the massive belly in front of Sean getting bigger and fatter by the minute.

"But enough about Sean, let's get you growing eh?" I said as I force your mouth open and insert a tube into your mouth connected to a funnel as I started to pour down thick and rich breakfast shakes into your mouth that consisted of biscuit batter, cream cheese and butter. Damon started to choke a bit on it but as I started to rub his ballooning gut, he began to relax and gulp it down like a pro.

And with that, began the days of blowing Damon up to match Sean in size. Five days went by as Damon's appetite and girth started to get bigger and faster. Well beyond what I would've expected but at the same time, a lot of what I wanted!

As the fifth day came, Damon's body was starting to overfill the straps and ready to burst out of them. His belly was so overfilled and inflated that it literally pushed the table back a few inches as it started to sag and touch the floor. He was starting to fill out to be a huge blimp bear regardless of his height.

Within five days alone, he ballooned up to almost 600 pounds! Basically double what he was on day one.

"I guess it is time to move you over to where Sean is eh? Or else you'll break my chair there in due time," I laugh as I stuff some of the last of the spaghetti into Damon's fat mouth as the straps on his arms and legs finally rip apart.

Damon struggled to his feet as he waddled and wobbled to the couch. He plopped next to Sean, who had grown out a couple more inches in girth as their bellies rubbed against each other a bit. I started to feel my cock get hard again while watching these two mammoths rub against each other's fat bodies.

"Alrighty, who is up for some pudding mix?" I said with a grin as I push the twin tubes into both Sean's and Damon's mouths as their bellies gurgle for food and fat loudly as I pump the pudding mixture into the machine behind them as it pumps into their mouths, their bellies growing and expanding in no time at all.

By the tenth day, Damon grown and surpassed Sean in being well over 900 pounds, once again doubling his girth since the fifth day... as their bellies and blubber hanged over each other in layers and rolls as I had no choice but to move them both to the massive size bed that was reinforced for them especially. But Sean wasn't far off from being over 900 pounds as well. They continued to grow in their sleep that night the tenth day ended, both of them sitting upright in the beds cause all their fat would choke them if they laid down now.

I inserted the tubes into both their arms once again and step back a few feet as i watch both bear turn into huge blimps and giggled in lust and joy. "Hard to say which one will outgrow the other but I know it will be more than just 10 days to see this done and I have all the time in the world to see it happen..." 


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