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Back of the Field Pt. 2
Chad ate three donuts in an almost trance like state before the emptied box snapped him back to earth.

“I can’t do this, what am I doing? I came to this school as an athlete. I’m not only letting down my coaches, friends, family... but myself. I’m letting the kid down that was standing on that pedestal before *we* met.”

“Hey. Nobody can make this decision but you. I certainly can’t tell what happiness looks like to you. But if your brain wants to feel the happiness I saw in your cock that day in the showers then meet me at 8 o’ clock. My dorm. Room 309 in Hardy Tower.”

The man stood up with a weighty “Oof”, and walked past Chad, running his hand across his crotch.

“Later” he cooed. A few steps down the line he turned back to say “By the way, call me (he thinks for a minute) Fish.”

Chad went back to his dorm and paced back and forth all afternoon replaying the day’s events. He thought about that runner he can’t even recall the name of that probably stole his place in the school’s track team. He’s probably hanging with the team right now surrounded by girls that he actually wants to bone and isn’t sexually confused by. He probably isn’t going to fall into debt because his scholarship is being revoked on academic probation with one more slip up. And then there’s the man. Fish. What a dumb name. Fish seemed so sure that Chad was going to show up tonight he flaunted it. He treated Chad like putty in his stupid fat hands.

Chad’s roommate Ellis walked into the room just in time to cool down Chad’s anger. Ellis is your quintessential “dadbod” bro. He isn’t an athlete by any means but he’s still attractive enough to get the kinds of girls he goes after at a party. That night it was a frat party.

“It’s bound to be a good time. Lots of chicks. Booze. Weed. What else could you ask for?”

“Sleep? I have a test tomorrow morning.”

“Dude, we both know that group communication class is a joke.”

Chad knew he hadn’t been to a proper party in months, and he’d do anything to get his mind off the guilt of ditching on Fish. Instead of finding out Fish’s idea of happiness he mixed his own at the house’s bar. Buzzed and bobbing his head to the music, Chad noticed a sorority girl making the eyes with him. She had to play some sort of sport, he thought, because she was really fit. Why was she even interested in him, he thought. Doesn’t she know he’s past his prime? He tried to avoid eye contact but eventually she made a point to run into him and start talking. Losing all self control by his tenth drink Chad gave in and they ran off to a bedroom together.

“Is this your first time?” she giggled, as they tried to make out awkwardly.

“First time in a while maybe,” he stammered. She tried her hardest to arouse him but Chad’s dick wasn’t having it. He sat there limp on the bed, concentrating his hardest but only thinking about tacos and all that he would eat because he felt like he hadn’t eaten anything in almost an hour. He had a flash of a brilliant idea, that he’d imagine her feeding him, and he could almost feel his dick start to rise, but the closing of his eyes caused something else to happen, altogether.

Chad woke up naked on the bed early the next morning. He was alone except for all of the other college kids around him in various stages of hook up. Some were lying together against blankets, others on the floor passed out with a Jameson in their hand. Chad had a headache that could split a rock, but his hunger seemed even more overpowering. He stood up to try and find his clothes, but all he could find were his boxers. He even looked for someone else’s clothes he could “borrow” but they all seemed too small or for girls.

All he had to do was get back to his dorm, put on some clothes and go down to the dining hall to get some coffee and breakfast. No more of this out of control binging, however. Today was a wake up call for starting a diet and getting his school career back on track. How embarrassing this was...

Once he got outside and familiarized himself with his surroundings he realized he was coming from the complete opposite side of campus. Chad was extremely self conscious about his almost naked body. He remembered when he could walk around in a speedo and his rippling abs would give him a flirty glance from just about anyone. Now he had an embarrassingly flabby little gut and just looked pathetic. Luckily it was only 7:45ish in the morning, he thought, and most of his friends either aren’t up or are already in class. Every step he took and tree he dodged between, Chad kept cursing his physique and telling himself more and more that he’d be back into his old gym routine in no time. He had to be fit by the end of the semester when he visits his parents, anyway. They always had their comments about anyone even remotely overweight, and an overweight son would hear no end to the humiliation over Christmas break.

Just then as if his day couldn’t get any worse he saw Stacey of all people! He didn’t even know she went to this school, she always said how she wanted to go out of state. Panicking, Chad ran into the first building he could find, which happened to be the Hardy dorms. These were the dorms of Fish, Chad thought. Room 309, maybe he could visit and ask for some help. Fish would understand the embarrassment, he’s a bigger guy, too.

“Right on time,” Fish said with a sly grin at the door.

“What do you mean?” Chad muttered.

“I said 8 o’clock, didn’t I?”

Chad checked his watch. 8 AM. He supposed Fish never specified AM or PM, making it all the more creepy that he’s here right at this moment.

“Well what are you waiting for? I have breakfast… and a new pair of clothes from the looks of it… waiting in the kitchen! I only seem to have XL, we’ll have to get the 4XL later.”

Chad thought to argue about being only a Large, but was too hungry and too cold to argue. He put on the way too loose wifebeater and chowed down on a breakfast of all of his favorites. Pancakes, breakfast burrito, cinnamon rolls, donuts, and all washed down with a coffee swimming in heavy cream. The more he ate the more he began to get worried. He knew he could eat a lot but never this much. He just never seemed to get full. He wondered if Fish slipped something into the food or drink, but was too overwhelmed with the taste of the food to let it bother him for long. Finally after the table was completely clear he tried to stand up, but merely wobbled and fell onto the couch unable to balance. His stomach had never looked like it did now, and he was in severe pain.

“Here. Take two of these, they’ll help with digestion.” Fish handed over two pills and a glass of water. Chad thought he couldn’t even fit those in his body without it exploding, but he was in such pain he swallowed them anyway. Then like a dream all pain suddenly vanished, and he felt like a nice warm blanket was wrapped around his entire body.

“You’ve been such a good boy today, I have a treat for you.” Fish pulled down his distended boxers and began to give him a blowjob. The medicine made it feel like Fish’s mouth was pleasuring his entire body, and he squirmed and gasped in pleasure. Fish rubbed Chad’s dick over his own belly for a climax unlike anything Chad had ever felt before. Perhaps he didn’t want to admit it, but he knew. This would be the last time Chad could ever cum without thinking exclusively of fat and bellies.

With the help of Fish Chad began to train with the rigor of his old athletic self. Only this time instead of running, it was eating. Every Monday he would stuff himself silly, then take Fish’s special medicine which tranquilized him long enough for the food to digest and fat to appropriate into its appropriate place in his body. He’d wake up with a new chin, or new roll, and every time Fish would know exactly what part of his body was most sensitive and make sure he played with him there when he climaxed. After they were done they would lay in bed and talk for the last few minutes before Chad was knocked out.

“Fish, I’m 375 pounds, are you proud of me?”

“Of course I am my little piggy.”

“If you’re proud of me then why don’t I get to know your real name?”

Fish took pause. Perhaps he wasn’t ready to answer this question yet.

When Chad awoke he had a new roll under his man boobs, he could feel it.

“So I don’t hurt you when I leave.”

Chad was confused. All he was thinking of was how ready he was to eat and gorge.

“What’s that?”

“You asked why I didn’t say my real name the other day. It’s because I don’t want to hurt you.”

Chad felt bad somewhere inside, but he felt worse because he knew he didn’t care about Fish as much as he did food at the moment. He just wanted to eat.

“I know you’re probably only thinking of food right now, and that’s because of me, but I wanted to let you know that today’s graduation day, and I love you.”

Fish pulled out a large fish dinner with the words “400 lbs” scribbled on it in tartar sauce like a birthday cake. Chad gorged himself on the fish appetizer and barrel full of food that followed. He felt like this was his most satisfying meal yet, because he’d earned it. He and Fish.

“Thomas. My name is Thomas.”

For whatever reason, now that Chad was full he realized what Fish, er, Thomas was saying all along. Now that his piggy was a 400 lb. champion, he was about to leave.

“Thomas no, you don’t have to go anywhere. We can stay and eat and I can keep growing.”

"That’s not how this works. Come now, don’t let your mind be worried by this and take your medicine. You can have an extra dose tonight.”

Chad swallowed and then had the best sex with Thomas he’d ever had. The maintenance crew would be cleaning up that mess for years, he thought to himself. Then, holding Thomas’ hand, they looked as each other as Chad got sleepy. He tried to keep his eyes open but it was getting increasingly hard.

“You’re my champion. Not because of what made your friends happy, teachers happy, parents happy, or even me happy. You grew what was inside you all along.”

Chad closed his eyes, and opened them again.

He was lying at the back of the field, in sweatpants and the 4XL wifebeater which now fit snug. He heard cheering coming from the direction of the track, and saw a bunch of little kids running a race. The state finals, he realized. He felt like he hadn’t taken a shower in days, and thought maybe if he hurried he could beat the high schoolers to the showers. By the time he made it to the showers he had replayed his whole relationship with Thomas. He’d never forget him, he thought.

Just then, as he began lathering up with soap and scrubbing between his rolls, a scrawny 18 year old kid walked into the shower.

“S...sorry I didn’t mean to look.”

“It’s okay kid, c’mon in.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen a belly that big before.”

Chad noticed a familiar bump in his towel.

“Wanna see it even closer?” The boy smiled and dropped his towel and threw it by Chad’s.
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