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Billy and Danny Part 2

I waddled to the scale. Once I was on, Dr. Brody began pushing the small square thing over further and further to the right

…200…250…300…350…375 …and then it came to rest…on 397.

"397 pounds, Billy.”

He scribbled something on my medical chart.

"Now, you’ve always been chunky, young man, but now, you have reached what we call the 'danger weight zone' for your height. I’m going to recommend you to a nutritionist, who will teach you about eating and exercise. And you’re going to need to go on a diet, which your nutritionist will help you configure. This is a very critical time in your life, Billy, and your setting yourself up for some serious health risks both now, and later on, when your older. What did you have for breakfast this morning?”

I blushed red again, and looked down. I had eaten quite a lot.

"Now don’t lie to me. This is for your own good,” he finished.

"I had, um, 3 omelets…a donut…2 pieces of toasts with peanut butter…a bowl of cereal…a bowl of oatmeal…2 slices of frozen pizza…oh yeah, and a few glasses of whole milk. But I swear, that’s only because it’s the weekend. Normally, I -"

"No need to make excuses. You see, that’s way too much. And this is why I’m going to send you to this nutritionist. Now I’m going to talk to your mother about this, and I’m going to see you in a few weeks, to check up on you. You can put your clothes back on now.” He smiled. "See ya in a few weeks.”

He then left the room. I waddled to the chair. No way I was going to lose weight! I loved being fat, and I loved eating. Dieting? Maybe when pigs fly. Dr. Brody just doesn’t know what it’s like to be fat…he’d love it if he were me. And anyway, I didn’t plan to get that fat that I would have a heart attack or something. It’d be cool to be that big, but I’m only 14.

I started to put my jeans on, pulling with great force to get them over my butt, and then deciding just to leave the button undone. I didn’t care who saw. I put the tight shirt back on again, even though I would have rather not. It hugged each and every roll of fat in my belly, getting caught in between them. I opened the door, and started to waddle back out to the waiting room. I sat down to wait, grunting, letting myself fall into the seat rather than controlling the movement. I pretended not to see the people staring at me, and then I decided to give these people a show, as excitement welled up inside of me.

Knowing that when I put my arms down, I couldn’t get my hands to touch each other from around my massive belly, I started struggling to get them to touch. I really made a huge effort, and then finally pretended to give up.

And then, knowing that my shirt was way too tight, I pushed my belly out with full force, causing my shirt to go up a little, exposing my flesh. Two bare rolls spilled out from under the shirt into my lap. I pretended not to notice of course. Then I pretended that I hadn’t realized the button on my pants was undone before. So I lifted up my belly, and started struggling to get the button and button hole to meet.

Then when I did get the button done up, I pushed my belly out once again, causing the button to, once again, come undone with a loud pop noise. Boy, were those people staring. One kid commented to his father, "Daddy, look how fat that boy is.”

But my fun ended when my mother came out, smiling cheerfully as she told me we were leaving.

Then I made a big show out of struggling to get up. I pushed myself up, then fell back into the seat, like it was too tough for me to lift myself out. Then I did that again, acting really out of breath the second time. Then, I got a great idea. I pretended I was stuck in the seat. I might as well have been. My butt and love handles spilled out between the armrests of the seat, and my thighs were barely contained in the big-but-too-small-for-me chair. I pretended to struggle to get my rear out of the chair.
"Uh, mom…I think I’m stuck.”

I was having so much fun. I really didn’t want to leave these great people that were watching me, amazed.

"Could you just hold out your hand, and let me pull myself up…I really can’t by myself.”

"Of course, honey…” She replied, looking around, realizing we were making a scene. The people, of course, quickly found the ceiling and floor to be very interesting. My mother held out her hand, and I grabbed it. Grunting and gasping, I pulled myself up. Then I waddled out of the waiting room, my mom leading the way to the car. As I got in the car, and we started the journey home, my mom started to talk to me.

"So the doctor told you about your weight, right dear? I mean, you know you’re going to have to see a nutritionist and whatnot, correct?”

"Yeah mom. Don’t worry. I know everything. He told me.”
"Good. That’s very good. But I do think you need to seriously consider weight loss.” She paused. "When you get stuck in chairs, and your biggest shirts show your belly, it should be a signal to you. You should realize. You always make a scene, and it’s always because of your weight. I don’t want people to…oh nevermind…I just think you need to take this nutrition/exercise thing seriously.”

I smiled and turned the radio on.

Once we were home, I decided to go to the swimming pool, because it was almost summer, and it had gotten really hot lately. Plus I was bored out of my mind. I called my best friend, Danny, and asked him to come over, explaining that my mother would take us to the pool after we had lunch. I told my mom the plan, and she started to make a bunch of sandwiches for us. I slowly climbed the stairs to my room.

Once there, I decided to go online, and after a few minutes, I got really wrapped up in an IM with a kid from my school. After about 15 minutes, I heard Danny’s quick footsteps coming up the stairs, so I signed off (didn’t want to be rude). Danny nearly flew through the door. He’s a bundle of hyperness. Danny’s one of those kids who thinks he’s the lady’s man, but he’s twiggy and short, and doesn’t even know that many girls…Always trying to be smooth and suave.

"Hey Danny…what’s up?”

"Hey there, Billy. Nothing much…Where’s lunch?”

"Good question…I’m starved!” I said pulling myself up off the chair and waddling towards the door.

"Like you need to eat,” Danny laughed.

This wasn’t a remark to hurt my feelings. Danny and I jokingly made fun of each other all the time.

"Hey, shut up, at least I’m not short!” I retaliated.

"C’mon Billy, let’s go downstairs…I’m really hungry come to think of it.”

"Just what I was thinking.”

Danny pushed past me and more or less hopped down the stairs, while I took my time. As I got down the stairs and neared the kitchen, I saw a huge array of assorted food on the table. There was a big plate of sandwiches, a bowl of salad with this really good dressing, the leftover pizza from last night, part of which I had consumed that morning, garlic bread, a bowl of tuna (my favorite thing in the world), applesauce, bagels, and some other things. I nearly ran to the table!

"Wow mom! Thanks!”

"Hey Mrs. Ogden. This lunch looks awesome…thanks a lot!” Danny politely said.

"Well, growing boys need food,” my mom sing-songed.

"But you just told me I needed to lose weight! I mean, this - ”

"There’s always tomorrow to start, Billy. And you’re not in too much danger health-wise…yet.”

"Physical?” Danny asked.

"Yup. This morning. Same old, same old,” I answered.

"Sucks…So lets eat!”

We sat down, and as Danny put a little of some of the things on his plate, I grabbed a bunch of sandwiches, a couple slices of pizza, a pile of salad, bagels, etc…Large portions of everything. I stuffed all of the food into my mouth with gusto, not caring about the crumbs and other pieces of food that missed my mouth and dripped down on my chins or fell on my shirt.

By the end of the meal, I was so incredibly full; it was a good thing my jeans had been unbuttoned from before. Because I hadn’t really been paying attention to my shirt, I hadn’t noticed that it had hiked up much further than before, exposing a large portion of my belly. Not caring, I continued eating, wolfing everything left down. I could do this forever! It felt so great to eat and eat and eat...and not worry. I burped to signal I was finally done, and that we could leave the table.

"Billy!” My mom cried, used to my atrocious manners.

"Sorry mom.” I smiled, charmingly.

Meanwhile, Danny had finished minutes ago, and had watched me eat like a pig for the last couple moments.

"Keep eating like that, and you’ll be fatter than you know soon,” he said jokingly.

"Oh shut up. I was hungry.”

"Whatever. Let’s get going…It’s going to be dark in a few hours,” Danny replied.

"Definitely. Hang on though. I’ve got to change into my swimming trunks, and a different shirt.”
I smiled sheepishly as I pulled the shirt I was wearing down to cover my belly…which, by the way, it wouldn’t. I was so full that my stomach was temporarily bigger, and the shirt might has well have been a halter-top or something (not that I wear halter-tops or anything).

Danny and I headed upstairs, where I found a pair of swimming trunks to put on. I pulled them out of the closet and walked to my bed. I could have collapsed right there I was so tired from eating.

"Don’t look, Danny. I’m changing.”

"No prob,” Danny replied, turning his back to me.

I pulled my jeans down, struggling once again. I then took off that strangling shirt, and my belly flopped out, hanging over my boxers halfway down my thighs. But then I realized I couldn’t bend down far enough to put the swimming trunks around my ankles. I tried, grunting and struggling for a few minutes.

"Danny, Come here for a sec…don’t worry, I’m in boxers.”

"K…why?” he asked, turning around.

"I need you to put the trunks around my ankles…I can’t reach down to my feet to pull them up…But you don’t mind if I have to take off my boxers…My belly will cover everything…?”

"Arright…” He replied somewhat awkwardly.

I took the boxers off, and Danny helped take them off from around my ankles. I was leaning over slightly, so that my belly hung in front of my penis.

He took the trunks. "Lift…”
I lifted my foot.

"Next foot”

I then lifted the other foot, as Danny placed the trunks around my ankles.
"Thanks, Danny…Could you pull them up too…you don’t have to look…I mean…I just need some help…”

I stopped. Danny’s penis was now a huge bump in his pants that stuck out, noticeably...in an erection. I was surprised by this, and looked carefully…maybe I was seeing things. Danny had stopped, and had clearly seen me looking at his pants.

"Uh…Uh…I think…Uh…” Danny stuttered.

However, unconsciously, I found my own penis slowly rising, as my excitement rose. Danny saw this too. We both stopped. I looked deep into my best friend's eyes, and before I knew what was happening, we were on my bed.

"Uh…wait…I have to lock my door…my mom…” I cried in between passionate kisses.

"No…Let me…I’ll…lock…” Danny replied. He got up and went to the door, locking it. He almost ran back to the bed, where I was lying belly up, the tight swimming trunks halfway down my legs by now. Danny straddled me, our penises touching. He caressed my huge belly and my large dimpled thighs. He sucked on my huge breasts, which fell down on either side of my belly while lying down. Danny and were having possibly the best moment of our lives.

"BOYS!” my mom called from downstairs.

Danny and I both jumped. Danny jumped off the bed quickly, his eyes wide open. He then pulled my trunks up over my legs while I was lying down. He grabbed his shorts from the floor, and struggled to pull them up as fast as possible.

"Uh…yeah mom?”

"Are we going to the swimming pool? C’mon! I have other things to do!”

"Uh…Coming!” We replied in unison.

"Well - ” Danny began to say to me.

"Shhh. Don’t say anything,” I warned.

"Ok…Uh…Let’s go.”

"Ok…I don’t need a shirt…I can just go like this,” I said.

I smiled at Danny. He smiled back. We understood each other.

My mom was somewhat surprised when she saw me with no shirt. This was probably the first time she’d seen my cumbersome belly in a while, but she quickly covered up her surprise and hurried us along.

At the pool, once my mom left, Danny and I finished what we had started. I guess people must have thought it wasn’t swimming weather yet or something, because no one was there at the pool. A tall wooden fence surrounds the pool, so Danny and I were free to do anything…anything. His hand went down my pants a few times, mine down his. We hugged and kissed and made out passionately. Danny was my best friend in the world, and what I had secretly wanted for so long was finally happening. And to think that I thought this day was gonna suck when I woke up….

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