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Chris was the hunk of the office. There wasn't a woman in that office that wouldn't have given her eye teeth to go out with him. And of course, the couple of gay guys that worked there always had their eyes on him when he passed by. He was the kind of guy that had everything going for him: looks, physique, personality, eyes, hair, skin color, nice car, good job - well you get the picture. You just couldn't imagine that he had a problem in the world. He was the envy and the talk of the office.

One day Chris had come to work, and he just didn't seem to be himself. His work went a lot slower, he didn't get accomplished half of what he wanted to, and his mind seemed a million miles away. He ended up having to stay late in order to meet some deadlines that he had the next day. His desk was in the middle of a open office setting with cubicles, and as Jeff passed by, he noticed that Chris was just staring at the wall.

"What's wrong, Chris? You haven't seemed like your usual self all day long," Jeff mentioned.

"Has it been that noticeable?" Chris asked.

"Yeah, it has," said Jeff hoping to engage Chris in conversation. Jeff was one of the guys at the office that had his eye on Chris and would have given anything to get to know him better.

"Well," began Chris, "Debbie wants to break up with me. I just can't believe it. She says that I'm insensitive and don't even pay attention to her. I was up almost all night last night because I couldn't sleep. I just don't know what to do."

Jeff noticed that Chris' eyes were filling up and daringly put his arm around Chris to comfort him. At that point, Chris just broke. Jeff just held him and rubbed his back as Chris cried. He could feel a tingling below his belt as he held this hunk in his arms and thought, "should I try?" Jeff's hands went from rubbing his back to rubbing his shoulders, and then to his muscular pecs. From there they slowly and cautiously made their way to his washboard abs. Chris didn't seem to object. After a while, Jeff thought, "Oh what the hell," and moved his hands to Chris' crotch. As he rubbed and spoke words of comfort, he could feel Chris getting hard. He kept rubbing as he moved around in front of Chris, never moving his hands from the area they had just conquered.

"You shouldn't be doing that," Chris quietly protested.

"Maybe not, but look what happened," indicating the raging hard on that he had given Chris. "Part of you seems to be enjoying this."

With that, Jeff unzipped Chris' pants and pulled out his cock. Chris said nothing, so Jeff assumed it was a green light and began to suck on Chris' member. Chris moaned slightly but didn't resist. Jeff kept going doing things with his tongue and mouth that Chris had never experienced before. Suddenly Chris reached climax and let out a loud moan as he shot.

When he was done, Chris stood up quickly, zipped up his pants, and said to Jeff, "I can't believe you did that to me!"

"You didn't seem to mind at the time."

"Yeah well........you just better not say anything to anyone! I'll deny every word, and you'll just look like a fool! Everyone will believe me before they believe you!"

"OK, OK, it was no big deal," Jeff said.

The next day, Chris arrived at work early because he still had to finish his work that he didn't get done the night before. He worked fast and determined and got it all finished before the noon deadline. At about 10:00, Mr. Sanders, Chris' boss called him into his office.

"So you made your deadline. All that work you put in last night must have really paid off."

"Yes, Sir," answered Chris. "It kept me up late last night, but I knew that this project was an important one."

"I thought I might mention this to Corporate and suggest that they give you a raise for all your effort last night. But of course it seems you got a little raise last night, didn't you?" said Mr. Sanders with a funny look.

"What do you mean, Mr. Sanders?"

Mr. Sanders picked up a remote control and turned on the TV and VCR that were in his office. "Watch this," he said.

Before his very eyes was the scene of him and Jeff the night before. The security cameras had picked it up, and now it was in the hands of his boss.

"I should say something to Corporate, but I think this can be worked out in a different way," suggested Mr. Sanders.

"What's that?" Chris asked.

"Chris, for the longest time, how can I say this? Well, let me put it bluntly. For the longest time, Chris, I've wanted you in the worst way. All of this can be kept our little secret if I just get what I want."

"NO WAY!" Chris protested vehemently. "There is NO way! I know what you're going to say! Ugh ugh, no way!"

"Well, that's what I thought you'd say. After all it's only your reputation and a good career that are at stake. That's not very much."

"You bastard!" Chris shouted. "I was bummed about something last night and Jeff was just comforting me. And you're going to use that against me???"

"Comfort, indeed! I know what I saw and now you have seen it too. Decision time my boy. Decision time."

"OK, what do you want me to do?"

"I thought you'd come around. Come to my house tonight at 7:00, and we'll talk more there. And remember, I don't like tardiness!"

Chris showed up at Mr. Sander's house promptly at 7:00. Mr. Sanders answered the door dressed in sweats and greeted Chris with a big smile.

"Come in, my boy."

"OK. I'm here. So now what?"

"Come into the living room. Sit down, relax. Can I get you something to drink?"

"No! Thank you. Let's just get this over with. Do your thing and then we're even."

"What do you mean, we're even? This is not going to be a one night stand. This will be a long term relationship."

"No way! I won't do it! Just forget it!"

"Well, you might as well go now then, and tomorrow I'll turn over that cute little video. Good night, Chris."

"No, wait. OK, OK. Don't turn in the video. What do you want?"

"Well, there's only two things that I want. Both of them will be fun for you. Painless and safe."

Chris felt a little better when he heard that.

"The first is I want to service you; make you feel good; hear you moan......like you did on that video with Jeff."

"Yeah," said Chris. "And what's the second?"

"I've always liked chubby guys. Especially muscular guys that grow into chubbies. You will be my muscular guy that I feed and grow into a chubby!"

"Not on your life. I've worked to hard to maintain myself in top physical condition. I'm not going to throw all that work out the window! NO!"

"Suit yourself, Chris. Good night. See you tomorrow."

"Come on, Mr. Sanders. Please!"

"I love this pleading," thought Mr. Sanders as he said, "Those are my conditions. Don't you think it's better to be seen as a guy who has put on a couple of pounds than a fag?"

"Oh, I suppose so. OK OK!"

"Good. Then let's get started. First I want to weigh you so I can keep track of your progress. Come on. By the way, how tall are you?"

"5' 11," said Chris.

Chris weighed in at 185 pounds of solid muscle. Mr. Sanders smiled thinking about how fun it was going to be to blow up this hunk into a nice soft chub. He pictured his hard abs softening with every pound. His muscular chest beginning to sag with fat. Sexy love handles hanging over his belt line.

Mr. Sanders took Chris into the kitchen where he had a pizza waiting for him. Beside the pizza was a whole cheesecake.

"Well, let's get started," said Mr. Sanders as he broke off the first piece of pizza to feed Chris.

"OK," Chris said thinking that he would just work extra hard at the gym to burn off the extra calories.

Mr. Sanders fed the first piece of pizza to Chris. Then the second, the third, the fourth ... There were two pieces of pizza left when Chris began to complain of being too full to finish it. Mr. Sanders went into action. He unbuttoned Chris' pants and took off his shirt. There over the waistline of his briefs was a very protruding belly. Mr. Sanders started rubbing Chris' belly gently, and after about ten minutes Chris had relaxed enough that the next two pieces fit in. Mr. Sanders began to suck on Chris' cock which gave him an immediate hard on. He also continued to rub his distended belly.

"Hmm, I see that you're getting a little turned on by this. See, it's not that bad."

Chris began to sit back and relax and enjoy the sensations that were running through his body. Moans started to come forth as he enjoyed the feeling of Mr. Sanders servicing him. Then suddenly it stopped. He was just getting into it and Mr. Sanders stopped.

"Enjoying that, my boy, huh?"

"Well, I guess so....a little"

Mr. Sanders just smiled and reached for the cheesecake that was sitting on the table. It was already sliced, so he pulled off a piece and offered it to Chris as he playfully teased his cock with his tongue. Chris opened his mouth to take the first bite and Mr. Sanders shoved the whole piece in. As he did that, he deep throated Chris. That sent Chris into orbit and he swallowed the piece of cheesecake almost whole. Chris had never felt anything like that. It was very hot, but he was not going to tell Mr. Sanders that he thought so. Mr. Sanders, even without Chris saying so, knew that Chris was enjoying it, and he reached for the second piece of cheesecake. He repeated the same procedure and continued it until all the cheesecake was gone.

Mr. Sanders still had not brought Chris to climax, but wanted to save that moment as a grand finale. He had made up a shake especially for Chris which consisted of ice cream, heavy cream, vitamin B to increase his appetite, and weight gain powder (3000 calories per shake). Chris had no idea what was in the shake, but he was thirsty, so he began to sip on the it. Mr. Sanders continued to rub his gut and play with his cock. Once Chris finished the last sip of the shake, Mr. Sanders went full bore on Chris' cock. Feeling totally overstuffed and receiving head from a man who really knew what he was doing made Chris have the hottest orgasm he had ever experienced. It seemed to go on for hours and made him go completely out of his mind. Chris just sat there exhausted, stuffed, and feeling like every bit of strength had been drained out of his body.

"Good job, my boy! You did a real good job!"

"Yeah, well, I better get going," Chris said.

"We'll do this tomorrow night again," said Mr. Sanders.

"Now wait a minute....."

"Chris," said Mr. Sanders with a look as if to remind what was at stake if he didn't cooperate.

"OK, OK!" Chris said angrily.

"Good night, my boy."

Chris didn't even respond. He just got in his car and drove away. His previous thoughts of going to the gym after this evaporated as he felt very lazy. He didn't know that the shake also contained a mild sedative that made him a little listless. Mr. Sanders had thought of everything! Chris got home, brushed his teeth, and went straight to bed. The next day, he woke up with a ravenous hunger. He went to the kitchen and made himself some toast. He usually didn't even eat breakfast, but this morning he was starved. He ate the toast but found himself still hungry. He made an omelet and some more toast. After that, he made pancakes.

"What am I doing?" he thought. "I'm just helping that old man with my own fattening! I just won't eat lunch."

Chris got dressed and left for work. At work he stayed in his cubicle all morning. Everyone kept commenting on how quiet he was that morning, but Chris would just smile and shrug his shoulders. Almost at 12:00 noon on the nose, Mr. Sanders poked his head in to Chris' cubicle.

"Hi, Chris. Wanna do lunch?"

"No thanks, Mr. Sanders. I have a few things to get done over the lunch hour."

"Nonsense. I'm the boss and I say they can wait. I'm sure you will agree."

"OK, Mr. Sanders, OK."

Chris and Mr. Sanders left in Mr. Sanders' car. As they drove, Chris realized that they were going to Mr. Sanders' house.

"I thought we'd just go to my house. I fixed a special lunch for you."

Chris, even though he thought he was going to skip lunch, was really hungry. He said nothing as they drove. Once they got to Mr. Sanders' house, he told Chris to go into his bedroom.

"I want you to feel special so I made you like a 'breakfast in bed' only it's lunch. Go in and get comfortable."

Chris knew better than to argue with Mr. Sanders, so he went in and sat on the edge of the bed. Mr. Sanders had made lasagna and of course had used all of the most fattening ingredients. In addition he had mixed in weight gain powder for extra calories. He had also bought a banana cream pie all of which he expected Chris to eat after the whole tray of lasagna was gone. And of course to quench his thirst, a tasty shake with the usual ingredients. Mr. Sanders entered the bedroom with all the food and found Chris on the edge of the bed.

"Now I wouldn't call that comfortable, my boy. Let me show you what I mean by comfortable."

Mr. Sanders started to undress Chris. He took off everything but his briefs thinking that they would come off eventually. He pulled back the covers and propped the pillows up. He then sat Chris down and put his feet up on the bed. Once Chris was in that position, he started to feed him the lasagna. The lasagna tasted good to Chris and he was hungry, so he ate vigorously.

As Chris filled up, Mr. Sanders started his routine of rubbing his swollen gut. This time Chris got aroused almost immediately. He finished the tray of lasagna and Mr. Sanders started directing attention to Chris' hard dick. Like before, with each deep throat he would shove a piece of pie into Chris' mouth until the pie was history. There waited the shake which Chris knew was part of the process, so he took it without protest. Once he was done with the shake, Mr. Sanders performed his magic. Chris again went into contortions brought on by the hot orgasm he experienced.

He sat there for a moment, and Mr. Sanders said that they should be getting back to the office. Chris got dressed and noticed that he had some trouble fastening his pants.

"Boy, I'm stuffed," he said.

"That's good, my boy, that's good. You will be again tonight as well."

Chris didn't even comment. After the day went by, he showed up at Mr. Sanders' house at 7:00pm again. The entree and dessert were different, but the shake was the same. Everything was filled with weight gain powder and the shake had that mild sedative to make Chris drowsy. Thoughts of going to the gym were again overcome by the sleepiness he was feeling.

This went on for the rest of the week. Chris was looking forward to the weekend because it was a long weekend and he figured he could have a bit of reprieve. After the Friday night feeding, Chris just fell asleep on Mr. Sanders' bed. Mr. Sanders had put a bit more of the sedative in the shake, and Chris just went out like a light. The next day, Chris woke up feeling a bit strange. There was a strange sensation in his throat and he felt a bit groggy. The room was dark except for the outline of light around the blinds. Suddenly, he realized his hands were bound and so were his feet. He couldn't tell what the sensation was in his throat, but he felt it in his nose too. Just then, Mr. Sanders walked through the door.

"Hi, Chris," he said joyfully. "Beautiful day to get fat!"

"Hey, what the hell is going on here??? Why am I tied down and what's in my throat?" Chris asked with difficulty.

"You're tied down because I thought you might not agree to me fulfilling my little fantasy on you, and what's down your throat is a feeding tube. I'm going to pump you full of weight gain shakes over this long weekend. By the way Chris, you now weigh 198. That's a 13 pound gain, my little fat boy. Oh and I wouldn't move around too much with that tube down my throat if I were you. You'll irritate your throat and esophagus. It could be painful. Well, here we go the first batch of weight gain shake down the hatch!"

Chris could feel the shake going into his stomach. There was nothing he could do but take it. This was a 4-day weekend and Mr. Sanders had plans to feed him for all 4 days.....non stop. He pumped about15,000 calories into Chris per day. As this was happening, he massaged Chris' growing gut and played with his dick. Chris could look down and see that his once-hard midsection was becoming a mass of soft blubber.

"Look, Chris," said Mr. Sanders as he grabbed a handful of newly developed fat. "You're really blowing up! You're going to be my little fat, porker, blimp."

At the end of the long weekend, Chris had packed on another 12 pounds. He was now 210! Mr. Sanders decided to keep Chris there for the week and try to double his caloric and fat intake. He told the other people at work that Chris had taken a week of vacation but he went home every lunch break to make sure that there was enough weight gain shake in the bag that kept Chris fed.

Chris kept growing and growing fatter and fatter. His belly was huge and blubbery. After the week of feeding, Mr. Sanders let him up. Chris could hardly move. He had packed on another 42 pounds. He now weighed 252! Chris looked at himself in the full length mirror and began to cry. He could hardly move he was so fat. He had a huge soft gut hanging in front of him.

His chest had turned into tits. His love handles and ass were huge as well. Every step he took he could feel his fat jiggle. He was like a human bowl of jello. And tomorrow he had to return to the office. He didn't have any clothes to wear as he had long since outgrown his own. Mr. Sanders was kind enough to buy him some new pants and shirts.

The next day at the office, Chris walked in.

"Good morning everybody," he said trying to be happy and pretend that nothing was different.

You could hear a pin drop it was so quiet when everyone saw the "office hunk."

"Good grief, Chris. Where did you go on your vacation? Wherever it was, they sure fed you well. Hey everyone look at that gut!" one of his co-workers commented.

The rest of the day was spent hearing things like "man you got fat" or "what a blubber gutor "hey fatboy". It was the longest day he had ever had. Then to add insult to injury, Mr. Sanders walked in and said, "Geeze, Chris. Where did you go on your vacation? You're fat as a pig!"

The whole office laughed at Chris' expense.

"Meet me in my office, Chris," said Mr. Sanders.

Chris met Mr. Sanders in his office. He was mad as ever. He was going to tell Mr. Sanders that this whole thing was off. He didn't care what! However, before he could get a word out, Mr. Sanders had something to say.

"Chris, I have put in for a promotion and a raise for you."

Chris' anger mellowed.

"You just have to play your cards right. You'll be working directly under me. You can basically write your own ticket, set your own hours. You'll have it made. I want you to think it over and tonight when you come over, let me know your decision."

Chris looked at the salary he would be making and couldn't believe it. This was going to be a very hard thing to say no to. The only stipulation was that Chris had to commit to stay one year in that position under Mr. Sanders. After that he could move to another position in the company.

"A year isn't really that long," thought Chris. "Once it goes by, I'll have made lots of money and will have a great future to look forward to. I'll just have to put up with Mr. Sanders for that year. He's always been nice to me, and I'm sure he wouldn't say anything about that tape. I sure wish I knew where he kept it. Oh what can it hurt? A couple more pounds here and there. I can lose them after I go to a new position. I'm going to take it!"

Chris stayed in the office until 6:00 trying to keep his mind on his work. It was hard because people kept passing by and making comments about his weight gain. Nobody could believe that this was really Chris. The guys in the office were especially cruel and loved to poke at his soft gut or reach around when he wasn't expecting it and grab a roll of his soft belly fat and make it jiggle. Even Mr. Sanders seemed to enjoy calling attention to Chris' growing body.

Chris left the office and went directly over to Mr. Sanders' house. As usual he had dinner prepared for Chris. Mr. Sanders noticed that it was becoming easier for Chris to eat the large portions he had prepared, so he decided to increase the size of the meals he would fix for Chris. He had made two pots of fetuccine Alfredo with extra butter, a very large bakery cake with creamy fattening frosting, and two weight gain shakes.

Before they started dinner, Mr. Sanders asked Chris what his decision had been.

"I've decided to accept your offer," Chris responded.

"Good. I've prepared a special meal for you in celebration. Come and look my little fatboy."

Chris looked at the spread and said, "I can't eat all of that!"

"You WILL have no problem. Come on chubby. You ate more than that when I had you tied up. You'll do fine. By the way, you are looking very hot to me. Your tits are rounding out nicely, your belly is getting so big and soft! And that ass! 252 pounds of hot fatboy!"

Chris just stood there and said nothing. Even though he was starving, this looked like way more than he could handle. Mr. Sanders reached both hands over and took hold of Chris' love handles from behind and escorted him over to the bed. Chris, knowing the routine, undressed as Mr. Sanders watched the hot stud's fat jiggle with every movement. Mr. Sanders was getting off just looking at Chris' growing body and the massive pile of fat he had added to it. He thought of future growth and planned to get Chris a lot fatter than Chris could even imagine.

The night went as usual. Mr. Sanders played with every ounce of fat on Chris' body while he stuffed the young hunk. He kept licking his tits and cock which kept Chris eating madly. Chris had grown to like those sensations and without even realizing it, he would eat just so Mr. Sanders would keep on. Finally after the last gulp of shake, Mr. Sanders swallowed his throbbing cock, and Chris would almost black out from the intensity of his orgasm as he shot loads into Mr. Sanders hot mouth.

Chris laid back, stuffed, swollen gut, and totally wiped out from the experience. As he looked up, Mr. Sanders smiled and said, "You have been doing really well, my hot doughboy. If you keep it up like this all week, on Friday I will have a big surprise for you for your birthday. It will feel so good to you that you will never forget it."

"What is it?" Chris begged to know.

"You'll just have to wait and see. I want you to come over for lunch all week too. If you do that, dinner on Friday will be a birthday dinner you will never forget!"

Chris did just that. He faithfully showed up for lunch at Mr. Sander's house everyday that week. Mr. Sanders kept the routine the same as far as making Chris come after he was totally stuffed. He did, however, increase the portions he would feed Chris each day adding more and more fattening things to cause the fat stud's weight to skyrocket. Chris didn't realize that he had become and was becoming more and more addicted to the food/sex combination. Mr. Sanders new if Chris would relate the two to each other that it would be easy to keep him growing from hunk to chunk - and he was right. Friday afternoon after Chris had finished his enormous lunch, Mr. Sanders brought in the scale. Chris was now up to 274 and there was no clue that this pile of soft blubber had once been a hard-bodied stud that every woman in the office lusted after. He had a huge double chin and fat cheeks. His chest was soft as were his belly and love handles. With every step they jiggled like crazy. His nice tight butt had spread to enormous proportions and become very mushy. His hard thighs now were flabby and rubbed together when he walked. Mr. Sanders was proud of his porky creation and loved running his hands and tongue over every soft inch of Chris' body.

"Very nice," said Mr. Sanders. "You are going to really enjoy this evening. Bring your appetite!"

Chris smiled half sarcastically and half wondering what Mr. Sanders had in store for him.

That night Chris showed up at Mr. Sanders' house. He went straight up to his bedroom as was the custom. Mr. Sanders told Chris to get undressed and to lay on the bed. When Chris had done so, Mr. Sanders waved his hand as if to give a signal. At that moment four hot studs came through the door and into the bedroom. Two held down Chris' arms and two held his legs.

"Hey, what the hell is going on here??"

"These are my friends and they are going to help me feed you tonight. Are you ready boys?"

They all nodded. Mr. Sanders brought in the biggest dinner he had ever fixed for Chris. As he began to feed Chris, the four studs began to work his fat, gently caressing it and making it shake under their touch. As the feeding progressed, the four studs began to use their mouths on Chris' body. One on each tit, one on his right thigh and balls, and one on his left thigh and balls. Mr. Sanders' plan was to really cause Chris to relate this treatment with pigging out in hopes that he would continue to overfeed himself. Chris was writhing in ecstasy. Mr. Sanders had planned Chris' grand finale would be three weight gain shakes, and after Chris had finished the third one, Mr. Sanders dove onto his throbbing cock. Between the action of the four studs and Mr. Sanders on his cock, Chris shot bucketsful. His body convulsed and shook and jiggled like the giant pile of jello it had become. Chris just laid there totally exhausted.

Mr. Sanders got up and said, "Put your bathing suit on and come out to the pool. I have another surprise for you."

Chris could hardly move, but he put on his bathing suit and went down to the pool. As soon as he walked out onto the patio, he was surprised to hear, "SURPRISE!!" It was the whole office staff! Mr. Sanders had planned a surprise party for Chris. Chris was a little embarrassed since there he stood in his extra large bathing suit with his big old stuffed belly hanging out. He tried to suck it in, but it was useless.

"Happy birthday, chubbs!" "Man, what did you do, swallow a keg of beer?" "Look at that thing shake!" "It's the Pillsbury Doughboy! If I poke your gut will you laugh?" and the comments just continued. Chris could feel his face was very red, and he glanced over and saw Mr. Sanders standing there like he enjoyed all of this. Chris went in the house and put on a shirt which didn't hide much. The teasing stopped and the rest of the evening was pretty enjoyable. Occasionally, Mr. Sanders would poke at Chris' flabby belly and make it shake.

After everyone had left, Mr. Sanders gave Chris a gift wrapped package. Chris opened it and found a video tape inside.

"Put it in the VCR," said Mr. Sanders.

Chris did so. It was the tape of him and Jeff!

"It's yours to do with as you like," said Mr. Sanders. "I've had enough fun with you."

As Chris watched the tape, he saw his body as it once looked before adding about 100 pounds of fat to it. It was slender and tight. Chris determined that moment to return to his original weight and to do itFAST! He thanked Mr. Sanders, got dressed and left. Mr. Sanders stood at the window and watched as Chris drove away.

"Well," he thought. "Now will be the test to see if my conditioning worked on him. Let's see if he is able to lose the weight or if he continues to fatten himself up."

In spite of Chris' efforts, he could not seem to break the eating cycle that he had grown used to. Every time he started to eat, this overwhelming desire to stuff himself came upon him, and he would just continue to eat until he was completely bloated. He realized at this point that he had a raging hard on and was extremely horny. He thought about finding a young lady to help him out, but thought who would want a fat slob like him. So he would end up jerking off until he relieved himself. This cycle would repeat itself over and over despite Chris trying to exercise will power.

A month went by and Mr. Sanders noticed that Chris had packed on about another 20 pounds. His belly was bigger and softer than ever. Mr. Sanders gloated with pride at his accomplishment of turning this handsome hunk into his prized pig.

Another month went by and another 20 pounds was added. Chris was now up to 314 pounds and couldn't control his appetite.........all he did was get stuffed and get horny. Finally one night, Chris couldn't stand it anymore. Knowing full well that no woman in her right mind would even look at him, he went to Mr. Sanders' house.

Answering the door, Mr. Sanders said with surprise in his voice, "Well, Christopher. What brings you here?"

"Well, Mr. Sanders, I ugh, I ugh. Well, I was wondering......"

"Oh where are my manners? Come in, come in!"

"Thank you. Well, I was wondering if ugh, ugh, you could help me. Kinda like you did before like ugh after I would eat the food you made for me."

"You mean service you?"

"Well, ugh...........ugh."

"I don't know. You do realize that you have to be a good boy and eat your whole meal before you get any 'dessert' don't you.?"

"Please, Mr. Sanders. I'm going crazy. I need someone to help me!"

"Well, my boy, you've come to just the right person," Mr. Sanders said with a smile of conquest. "Why don't you go up to my bedroom and wait for me there. You know where it is. Oh, and by the way, how do two large meatlovers pizzas, a cheesecake, and a few of my special shakes sound for dinner?"

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