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Blogging Part 1
‘I need help fattening-up my boyfriend!’

Gary had just posted the first message on his new thread. He sat back in his large desk-chair, his heart pounding and his breathing heavy. Was he actually going to do this? He loved his boyfriend Steve more than anything else in the world, but to do this in secret without him knowing? 

No-one will reply anyway, thought Gary. He had just discovered the men’s gaining site ‘PorkerBoys’ last week and wasn’t really sure what to think yet. He certainly hadn’t got round to talking to anyone on it yet.

It all started about 4 weeks earlier when Gary was sharing his first Christmas with Steve in their new flat. Gary and Steve wanted to make sure it was going to be the best Christmas ever, no expense spared. Everyone was going to have fantastic presents that were beautifully wrapped. The decorations had to be just so and the kitchen had to be bursting with loads of tasty treats and all the alcohol any guest could possibly want. Perhaps they had gone a bit overboard, all those sweets and chocolates, they would never dream of buying them rest of the year and there was no way that they were going to get through them all anytime soon. 

Christmas came and Gary was forced into cooking duties as per usual. Gary hated cooking but was actually quite good at it for some inexplicable reason. Steve on the other hand was absolutely hopeless. Steve was 6 years younger than Gary having just graduated from university 6 months earlier. He was now working in an advertising company and earning quite a good wage for his troubles. Gary was so proud of everything Steve had achieved in the last year that he didn’t even care that he had to spend such a long portion of his time Christmas morning preparing the largest meal Steve would ever see in his life.

‘I think I overdid it’ said Gary once all the food was out on the table. A huge banquet lay before them…just for them; no-one else was invited; a perfect Christmas, without distractions.

On the table were all the different meats that Steve had ever tasted, seven different kinds of vegetables, roast potatoes glistening in the candlelight and a colourful array of creamy sauces that bewildered Steve.
‘Yeah, I think you might have done’ replied Steve with a sideways glance. He reached over to Gary and gave him a huge kiss for all the trouble he had gone to that morning. ‘Let’s get started!’

Steve always ate pretty well considering he was the slimmest guy Gary had ever been with. He was a tall six foot with a rather slim build, weighing in at about 140lbs. He had a short army haircut and the most beautiful blue eyes that Gary had ever seen. Gary had no idea what Steve saw in him. Gary was a few inches shorter with a stocky build and while he was always sure to get some attention when he went out (back in the days when he was single), Steve was such a pretty-looking boy that Gary often thought they looked odd together. 

Steve was really packing it away! Steve would always eat quickly but today he was on his third helping before Gary had even finished his plate. 
‘It’s ok Steve. You don’t have to eat like there’s no tomorrow just because I cooked too much. We can keep it cool and eat it the rest of the week’. Steve waved him away and reached over the table to grab another slab of beef and pork, smothering it with the rich onion gravy Gary had knocked-up just 20 minutes earlier. 

Gary watched Steve filling his face feeling incredibly strange. He had always liked the sight of a man enjoying his food but this was something new. Watching Steve’s piggish little eyes dart from one plateful of meat to another and collecting huge piles of roast potatoes to put on his plate, Gary was enjoying himself more than he had all morning. 
‘I bet you can’t eat the rest of that pork there’. The words had just slipped out of Gary’s mouth. What was he thinking? Of course Steve wasn’t going to finish all that food. He was fit to burst as it was! Steve looked up at him. The room seemed to freeze for a second. Gary felt nervous. Had he just stepped over the mark? Did Steve see that he was enjoying this a little too much? Instead, Steve gave him a coy sideways smile. ‘Oh you think so huh?’ That competitive streak in Steve was usually his most annoying quality, today however, it was just what Gary wanted. Steve took a deep breath and dived in to the huge pile of greasy meat.

Gary could not believe how much he was turned-on. Steve began to pant in-between mouthfuls, giving huge long belches as he slurped down his fourth can of beer in the last half an hour. With a sigh, Steve put down his fork victorious. 
‘I told you I could do it!’ gasped Steve as he immediately reached down to hold his incredibly bloated stomach. He began to rub it as if this made him feel better, moving his hand in a circle motion over his straining new shirt.
‘What’s for dessert?’ whispered Steve as he took yet another mouthful of beer and the longest belch of the entire meal. Gary was so turned-on that he just wanted to reach over to Steve and rip his shirt open there and then.
‘Uh, it’s chocolate g-’
‘Perfect, bring it out’ ordered Steve with absolutely no intention of getting out of his seat.

The chocolate gateaux was absolutely enormous and incredibly fattening; Gary had made it himself and knew just how lethal even a small piece would be to someone on a diet. Incredibly, Steve’s eyes widened at the sight Gary carrying the large pudding and reached for a slice as soon as it was set on the table.
‘Oh, wow Gary, this is incredible’ said Steve as he helped himself to his second man-sized slice. Steve was half-way through eating the entire thing when Gary could not contain himself anymore. He pulled Steve up from his seat and kissed him passionately, pushing his swollen bloated body up against the wall. Steve, somewhat taken by surprise, quickly got into it and the two were soon upstairs having the greatest sex of their entire relationship. Steve was too full to do much, so Gary was more that happy to take control. He released Steve huge swollen gut and made love to him feeling more aroused than at any other point in his life.

The two of them lay there fast asleep for most of the afternoon. By the time Steve woke-up his stomach had shrunk back quite a lot, however Gary knew that Steve had easily done a lot of damage today. And with that, Gary knew he was going to enjoy cooking a lot more from now on.

‘My boyfriend has recently put on a little bit of weight and I think he looks fantastic. Our sex life is so much better and I don’t want this to stop. Can anybody tell me how I can keep getting his weight up without him knowing?
He has a great appetite so I don’t think that will be a problem. 
Recipes would be good too, if anyone has any of those?
Please reply back if you can help. 

Twenty minutes after posting the first message in Gary’s new blog, no-one had replied. Perhaps with a little bit of relief, Gary shut down his computer and went to cook dinner while he waited for Steve to come home from his hectic office job. If no-one replied to the thread then it meant Gary hadn’t really betrayed Steve and gone behind his back. It was just a mad impulse that had no consequences.

As Gary began to think about what to cook for tea that night, he thought back to the start of what had been the best three weeks of his life.

Steve had slept the entire afternoon of Christmas day, bloated and slightly drunk from the amount of beer he had packed away. It was seven o’clock when he finally climbed out of bed and went downstairs to catch some of the Christmas telly.
‘How come you let me sleep that long?’ said Steve rubbing his eyes. He was standing there in his tight boxer shorts, his stomach still distended from lunch. He rubbed it, seeming not to notice the circular movements his hand made around the swollen surface. 
‘What are we having for tea?’ he mumbled as he plopped himself down onto one of the large comfy chairs in their living room and reached for the remote. Gary was prepared for him this time. He passed Steve another can of beer and then went back into the kitchen.
‘I couldn’t be bothered cooking tonight’ he called out. ‘But, as it’s Christmas I thought we could see how far we could get into these sweets and chocolates we bought’. Gary returned from the kitchen carrying the remainder of the huge chocolate gateaux he had made Steve abandon at lunch. ‘We’ll start with this’

Steve loved watching sitcoms at Christmas and sat in front of the TV hardly noticing the chocolate gateaux slowly disappearing. Gary was sat slightly behind him and watched him from the corner of his eye feeling ever more turned-on. He knew Steve had a good appetite, but this was something else. This boy had true potential! Steve saw his stomach more clearly now he wasn’t wearing anything on top. He saw his stomach start to bloat out again like it had done earlier, stretching the elastic on his tight underwear.

Soon the gateaux was gone and Gary went quickly back into the kitchen to fetch something else out of the kitchen to keep up the momentum. By the time he returned into the living room he saw that Steve had already got a little peckish and had reached under the Christmas tree to start demolishing a box of chocolates. Gary simply set a plate of pie he had made about an hour earlier next to Steve without saying anything. He poured a lot of his speciality home-made custard on top and returned to his chair to watch his greedy boyfriend in action.
Steve laughed at the TV in-between mouthfuls and still didn’t seem to notice how much he was eating. He went through another 3 rounds of pies, cakes and chocolates until he finally sat there in his chair, with a limp hand spread over his gut, fast asleep.

Gary stood up to admire him. It was the sexiest sight he had ever seen. His gluttonous boyfriend had eaten well over 30,000 calories and that was before Gary added up the many pints of beer he had got through as well. Gary bent down slowly to stroke his boyfriend’s rounder stomach. It felt so firm, surely Steve couldn’t have got anything more in there even if he had tried. Gary lifted up the elastic on his boyfriend’s cute underwear to see that they were really cutting in to his gut leaving a red mark all the way around. Gary grinned and simply lowered the waistband down to let his stomach breathe. He knew his stomach would shrink back again in a couple of hours, but what if it didn’t have to? What if Steve really could have a little gut on him for real?

Gary left his boyfriend lying there for another hour before he finally whispered into his ear. ‘Come on big guy. It’s time to go to bed’ Steve heaved himself out of the chair and sleepily walked back to the bedroom to sleep off his heavy meal.

Steve continued to eat well all over Christmas. Gary quickly realised that Steve liked his second and third servings and catered for his every whim, adding that little bit extra butter or sugar into the ingredience than was actually required. And the sex? Well, Steve took a couple of days to get used to sex on a full stomach, lying there with a content look on his face while Gary worshipped his bloated form. However, Steve soon got used to it and Gary felt better than ever with his slightly heavier boyfriend climbing on top of him. 

Two weeks later and both Steve and Gary were back in work. The company Gary worked for was trying to close a major deal and Gary missed getting home to cook for his hungry boyfriend. Gary knew Steve would never get that little belly he deserved unless Gary did something, and fast. He whimsically typed the words ‘fatten up’ into a search engine on his computer and was amazed to find the site ‘PorkerBoys’. It took him a further week to join up.

And from there Gary began his infamous blog.

‘I’ve posted a couple of pictures of my boyfriend in the link below. He’s pretty skinny so I’m going to need your help. Please reply with any comments.’

Gary had waited 2 days before he posted a picture of Steve on ‘PorkerBoys’. Two whole days and absolutely no-one had posted a reply to his thread. In the meantime, things had declined on the gaining front. Gary was never home to cook for Steve and so Steve had to make do with a microwave meal and its pitiful portion size. Steve’s metabolism was going to kick in soon and start to get rid of the only bit of fat he had on him. All that work over Christmas was going to be lost.

Three days ago, as Gary and Steve were having their Sunday lie-in, Steve announced that he wanted to let his hair grow out. He was fed up of the short army look and wanted to go for something a bit different. He asked Gary to take a picture of his hair, as it was then, so he could compare it later. He climbed out of bed wearing nothing but his boxer-shorts while Gary reached into his bedside draw to get the camera. SNAP, Gary had everything that he needed for his blog!

Steve stood there half-naked in the soft morning light. The first picture was taken from the front. His slim figure was striking against the light coming from behind the curtains. To Gary, however, there was a marked improvement. His gut had a slight roundness to it at the bottom and seemed willing to push against his tight boxers. His face had a bit more softness to it and looked slightly fuller. Steve’s ribs could still be seen however and that needed to change.

Gary instructed Steve to turn around so he could get a shot from the back. Steve obliged and the other picture was taken. Steve looked no different from the back and was still his skinny, scrawny self. He had a small pert bottom that clung tightly to his underwear. Gary wished Steve had asked him to take these pictures after breakfast; those would have been a lot more impressive. 

Gary clicked ‘add post’ on the screen and the pictures were added to his thread. He sat
back feeling a lot less guilty than he did last time. If no-one replied this time he would have to give-up. He couldn’t wait around forever for a couple of pieces of advice from people. He shut-down his computer and went downstairs. He had arrived home 2 hours before Steve tonight. Things were easing-off at work and Gary was hopeful that he could make it back home a lot earlier from now on. And that meant Steve was in for a treat…

Steve arrived home with a big smile on his face. He hadn’t expected to find Gary waiting for him and was all prepared for an evening-in watching dvds.
‘It was so good in work today. It was Bernice’s 50th so we had a huge buffet and a really nice cake. I don’t really know Bernice that well so I mostly hung around the buffet’ said Steve with a chuckle rubbing his stomach. Gary’s heart sank. 
‘Oh, I suppose you won’t be wanting much for tea tonight then. I managed to get home early and thought I would cook you something special.’
‘No, no, bring it on I say!’ bellowed Steve filling his nostrils with the smells from the kitchen. 

Half an hour later Steve was well in to his second helping. Gary could tell he was filling up as he breathing gradually became heavier and stomach started to swell over the top of his belt. Steve took a break for a second and burped quietly to himself. Gary watched him as his hand reached down and unbuckled his belt of his work trousers. He didn’t even look down as he undid the button and slid down his fly a short way. His gut advanced forward and Steve seemed to widen his legs to let it sag. Gary was so turned-on that Steve didn’t seem to think too much of doing this and afterwards, Steve got a second wind and began filling his face like he hadn’t eaten at all yet.

‘Oh thanks for that Gary’ panted a breathless Steve. ‘That was just what I needed tonight. It seems like ages since we sat down and ate together’.
‘I know and I’m sorry I haven’t been home much recently. I have some good news though.’ Steve looked intensely at Gary forgetting how full he was for a second.
‘I got that promotion at work!’ Steve’s face filled with joy for his boyfriend. He jumped up out of his seat and gave Gary a huge hug. Gary had a huge grin on his face but his happiness grew further as he felt Steve’s tight gut against his. He held Steve at his sides as Steve gave him a great big congratulations kiss. It was so great to feel his boyfriend so bloated again after such a depressing couple of weeks.
‘So, to celebrate, I made that chocolate gateaux we love so much.’ Steve’s face lit-up again.
‘I love that gateaux!’
‘Well, I’ve made a few improvements to the recipe so I would like to hear what you think!’

Steve didn’t disappoint and two hours later, he was asleep, bloated as could be, having just had the most amazing sex with Gary. Gary on the other hand was wide awake just looking at his boyfriend’s swollen form and trying to add up all the calories Steve had eaten, in his head. It didn’t look like Steve was going to wake-up anytime soon, so he went into the lounge to watch some TV. An hour later he went back to check on Steve but found that he was still in bed fast-asleep. Feeling a bit bored, but not wanting to wake his boyfriend while his sleeping body slowly turned all that food into fat, he went on to his computer. Who needs a blog asking for fattening tips? Thought Gary, I can handle this by myself!

He clicked into his account in order to delete it when he saw that someone had replied to his thread. Someone by the name of ‘Moobs23’ had actually posted a reply in the blog. Gary clicked on to read it.

Moobs23: Hi there. You’re boyfriend is cute. You’re going to have to get him out of those tight little boxer-shorts though if you expect that gut to grow. He’s never going to fill himself up to his full capacity if they’re tugging into his sides like that. This applies to all his clothes. Elastic waists are a gainer’s friend so go and buy him some new clothes to fatten into. Let that little belly breathe man. 
Have you ever tried him with some gainer shakes? You can pretend it’s just a milk-shake and let him gulp down thousands of calories without even trying! You should try to give him one just before he goes to bed, that’s the best time if you want him to gain weight.
Keep up the good work! He’s going to be pretty hot by the time you’ve finished with him! A worthy ‘Porker Boy’! Keep me posted!

Gary sat back A huge grin had spread across his face. Gainer shakes? Why didn’t I think of that? Gary thought back to dinner and how Steve had managed to fit so much more in once he’d let his trousers out. He was going to need a whole new wardrobe. 
‘Good thing I got a promotion’ whispered Gary to himself. 

He went back into the bedroom and climbed into bed with Steve feeling so turned-on at the thought of what he was going to do to him. He stroked his sweaty, swollen stomach and heard Steve breathe in heavily as his heavy eyes opened. 
‘Hey big guy’ whispered Gary. ‘Have a good nap?’
‘Yeah, I dunno why I always fall asleep after a big meal.’ He rolled over on to his back and Gary saw the huge arch his stomach still made under the bedclothes.
‘Any of that gateaux left?’

‘Thanks for all your lovely comments, they’ve really helped me with Steve. I’ve posted a couple of photos to show you his progress. He looks so much better and has turned into such a greedy lad with all the strategies you’ve helped me introduce. I hope you love the photos as much as I do’

Gary’s blog was now the hottest thing on ‘PorkerBoys’. Hundreds of people had added comments and suggestions on how best to fatten-up Steve. Buying Steve larger underwear and clothes seemed to have been the best strategy so far. Whereas before, Steve had been constricted by his ‘small’ boxer-shorts and tight 28” waist jeans, the new elastic waist grey tracksuit bottoms had become Steve’s favourite item for lounging around the house. When Gary filled him with food, Steve was no longer marked around his stomach and seemed to become more gluttonous than ever.

Steve had new, larger work trousers and a packed lunch everyday filled with all the foods the lads at ‘PorkerBoys’ had suggested Gary try. Gary had also become a regular at his local health shop, buying gainer shake powder four tubs at a time. It had taken a whole Friday afternoon while Steve was at work to make the gainer shakes taste good. Gary had made his own formula, adding custard and ice cream to make it taste like something Steve would enjoy, swallowing about 6,000 calories in the process. Luckily, Steve loved them and they became a regular bedtime treat before he cuddled up with Gary for the night.

Steve’s meals became larger and more calorific everyday. Steve was encouraged to snack whenever he wanted and that little bit of appetite enhancer Moobs23 had suggested ensured Steve went to work hungry and came home starving. Gary was amazed by the appetite Steve had and found it as sexy as hell. Steve however, seemed to have no clue what was happening to him. He seemed to love the feeling of being absolutely stuffed, whether he admitted that to himself or not. Gary loved watching him rubbing him stomach and stretching back when he had eaten a lot of food.

‘Oh, take my picture Gary! It’s been a month since I started growing my hair, we need pictures as it grows.’ Steve heaved himself out of their bed as he did last time and stood there wearing nothing but his new larger underwear. That bloated look Steve had as he went to bed at night seemed to be sticking around a lot longer now. Steve had a barely noticeable paunch as he stood there having his photo taken. His face seemed to have filled out very slightly and in certain lights Gary thought he could see the beginnings of what would be Steve’s new double-chin. Steve also seemed to become a bit fleshier around his pecks which finally seemed to help hide those ribs. Gary almost wished he hadn’t thrown away all Steve’s tight underpants so he could see how fat he looked in them now. As it was, Steve looked relatively slim in his ‘medium’ underwear and it was going to take a long time to change that.

Steve turned around and had his photo taken from the back. His backside looked a lot more impressive this time around. Steve had always been quite well padded in this area, but the larger boxer-shorts he was wearing seemed to accentuate the new width of Steve’s buttocks. They looked large, round and swollen as they stretched tightly against the grey fabric. Steve’s thighs also seemed to be growing quite nicely as well and Steve began to fill out his new larger work trousers better each day. Overall, Gary estimated that Steve had gained about 8 lbs in the last month. 

‘I need suggestions for Valentine’s day as well’ wrote Gary as a finishing note on his blog. ‘Any suggestions appreciated’

Three hours later Gary returned to his computer to find lots of comments on his thread. Steve had continued to reach new heights of gluttony and was sleeping it off in a chair downstairs. Gary read the comments the lads had written after seeing new pictures of the site’s favourite ‘porker boy’:

Fattydan: ‘Sweet man. He sure is hot! Keep up the good work!’

Gainerjoe; ‘What an improvement. I wish I could gain as quickly as that’

Moobs23: ‘Wow, Steve is gaining pretty fast! You should probably start thinking about some lotion to stop him getting stretch marks. It would also be good for you to work out a way to massage his stomach when he eats so he’ll be able to fit some more in. I know it’s a little early in the fattening-process to be thinking about stretch-marks but it’s better to be safe than sorry.
How are his clothes still fitting? By the looks of him it might be time to go shopping again.’ 

Moobs23 was the most frequent visitor to Gary’s blog, and the most helpful. Steve would be getting too fat for his work trousers soon so Moobs23 was probably right about that. Thinking about it, Steve was probably going to need larger shirts soon as well. Steve’s gut was going to be advancing forward at any time now and Gary had to be prepared.

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