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Blogging Part 3

Moobs 23: Hey, come on. You haven’t updated in weeks! What’s happened?

The blog continued to grow in mild concern for the fate of the hottest attraction, but for once Gary finally felt that Steve was all his. He had the perfect view of his boyfriend’s delicious body as Steve slobbed out on the sun lounger all day long, wearing nothing but his new swimming shorts.

The holiday in Italy was going absolutely great. Gary was in no rush to get Steve out of the hotel complex as he usually would have bee. Here Steve had access to food all day long and like a good boy, Steve always instinctively went for the most fattening foods. It was quite an eye-opener for Gary to see just how much Steve was able to pack away during the day. He knew that Steve liked his snacks from the many empty wrappers of sweets and chocolates he found in Steve’s pockets each night after he abandoned his constricting work trousers for something a little more comfortable. He also had to wash out the many stains that Steve was leaving on his shirts of the greasy lunchtime meals he just couldn’t get into his mouth fast enough. This was an obvious disadvantage of Steve’s new round gut, clearly visible and proud underneath his large shirts.

Everyone in the hotel loved Steve. The staff all smiled and winked at him as he went up for his third or fourth helping of each course. Gary even spied a very sexy young waitress obviously flirting with him as she handed Steve yet another large bowl of ice cream. Steve however, only had eyes for his ice cream. 

It may have helped that Steve lived in his tight swimming trunks for the entire fortnight. He only covered his chest when he went in for dinner in the evening. Steve’s gut was finally given the freedom it so desperately needed in order to grow.

Gary loved rubbing the sun cream into Steve’s fattening body each and every day. His body changed from pale and chubby into a tanned and ever more bloated form. Steve no longer looked like the cute boy who had put on a little weight recently. He was now a large, heavy looking man with a fully formed belly. Thus, on the second week of that holiday, Steve began his 24th birthday looking more of a man than he ever had before. Gary guessed that Steve must finally be getting close to the 200lbs mark. He was certainly getting too fat for his swimming trunks which would have to be retired as soon as they got back home. ‘I wonder what 50 more pounds will look like…?’ Gary began to wonder.

Gary was indeed right, Steve had manged to pile on quite a lot of weight on holiday. Gary could see in Steve’s work shirts that his belly was more prominent than ever. Steve had instinctively decided to wear his belt underneath his gut and let his little beauty sit proudly on top. Gary couldn’t help but wonder what his work colleagues were going to think as Steve set off for work feeling hungrier than usual. Gary however, just watched from the window as he boyfriend walked the short distance to the car, his fine, round, lazy backside hugging tightly to the fabric of his trousers. ‘Hurry home Steve!’

‘Shit’ mumbled Gary. 

He hadn’t been on Porker Boys in months and boy, had there been some changes. Steve was now the main attraction. Someone had cropped a picture of him and posed him squeezing through the ‘O’ in the title ‘Porker Boys’ for the site banner. Only problem though, this wasn’t a picture Gary had taken.

The site had been overrun with Steve’s image. Scrolling down the page Gary began to realise who Steve’s other feeder had to be.

‘Steve Spotting – post your pictures of Steve here!’
It seemed everyone in the city was getting in on the action. There was even a video of one large bellied guy pretending to give away free samples of cakes. He stopped Steve on the street and asked him for his opinions on all the different varieties. Steve had willingly agreed and stood there right in front of the camera eating all the tasty treats the guy had given him, outlining a running commentary on each. The guy had even managed to zoom out of Steve face and onto his large stomach without him even noticing. After he had finished the man gave him some complimentary snacks, said goodbye and turned his camera around to watch him walk away. He then turned to the camera to announce that he had done his duty and said that Steve looked much fatter in real life.

But that wasn’t it. There were tonnes of similar things. Pictures of Steve eating, buying food, receiving food from helpful feeders on the street. More videos were posted of sexy women obviously flirting with him. Poor Steve was completely naive. He had no clue what they were all doing to him. Each one contributing ounce by ounce to the beautiful gut Steve now had and was continuing to build. Gary couldn’t help but feel guilty.

Steve’s gain had been somewhat supernatural though. Even Gary, who fed him no less than 6,000 calories a day couldn’t get over how quickly Steve’s body had taken shape. He was now an obviously overweight man. His belly had widened and his whole frame had changed making Steve look stronger and masculine. The weight gain had continued to cause problems in his wardrobe. Many of the pictures on the site showed how Gary wasn’t always fast enough to replace his clothes before he grew too fat for them. One picture even showed Steve walking around, oblivious to the fact that he had popped one of the buttons on his shirt.

It turned Gary on so much to see how big his boyfriend’s clothes were getting. Just ironing one of his large shirts or folding his wide trousers was enough to send him mad with lust. Steve’s prominent gut was a marvel. Even his stretch marks were the sexiest things Gary had ever seen. Steve was now, Gary would guess, well past the 250lbs mark. He was truly an impressive sight.

Likewise, Gary had also gained a few pounds in the last few months. He knew he would. How could he not, serving Steve all those hearty meals every night. In his horror, Gary looked further to see a sub group dedicated to his own belly expansion. Had he really put on that much weight?

‘Shit – what am I going to do?’ Gary whispered. 
At this rate, Steve could find out any day just what Gary had been doing to him all these months. Steve hadn’t gained this weight by mistake; he had been fattened-up by the person he loved most in the world.

Moobs23: I saw Steve tucking into the biggest hotdog today!! It was amazing!! It was gone in less than 10 seconds!

Steve had continued to gain as fast as he ever had. Gary had stopped dosing him up with appetite enhancers and gainer shakes before bed. Steve was instead given a bowl of ice cream in bed by his own request to stop him getting the ‘munchies’ as he liked to put it. It broke Gary’s heart to see Steve’s face the first night he didn’t bring him his high-calorie milkshake treat before bed, making the excuse that he didn’t have all the ingredience. He wanted so much for Steve to have what he wanted, but he wasn’t prepared for Steve to leave him if he found out what he had done to him. Once Steve shed a few pounds the guys on ‘Porkerboys’ would soon move on to fattening up their next victim.

Steve’s appetite was less easy to control and Steve was still getting fatter and fatter. Gary thought that if he didn’t replenish Steve’s wardrobe as often then he would realise that he was seriously putting on weight. However, this only sparked a new wave of lust towards Steve as new pictures and videos turned up of him stretching the buttons on his shirts. There was no option left. Gary had to tell him exactly what he had been doing.

It was the Christmas office party. Gary had been dragged there by Steve despite the fact, as Steve well knew, he was not particularly keen on the people from Steve’s office. Steve looked massively impressive stood there next to Gary. His gut had bloated out into the perfect shape and hung nicely above his belt without sagging…yet. Steve went straight to the bar and began on the beer for the night. Gary had agreed to drive and so could not take advantage of the free bar. Instead, Gary amused himself by talking with some of the other husbands and wives of the office crowd who also hated these events.

Steve was having a drinking competition with Andy from the office seeing who could down the most pints. Steve’s heart skipped a beat thinking about what all that beer would do to Steve’s waistline but then felt guilty. He couldn’t think like that anymore. He loved Steve too much to lose him over that. 

A couple of hours later and Steve was propped up at the bar having consumed yet another pint with Andy. Gary went to collect him to take him home when he stopped and watched Andy and Josh’s (Steve’s sexy co-worker) body language. They were standing very close to Steve, both of their eyes fixed on him like predators. All of a sudden, Andy reached out, inspired by the courage of all the alcohol he had consumed and began to rub Steve’s belly.
‘Got to be fair to Gary, he’s done a great job of fattening this one up! Josh, have a feel of it, it’s so tight! You’re gorgeous Steve!’
Andy flicked Steve’s tie over his shoulder and grabbed Josh’s hands to lay them on Steve’s middle.
‘Mmmm, I’ve waited a long time to get my hands on this baby!’
Both men gazed dreamily down at Steve’s gut. Steve looked horrified and finally caught Gary’s gaze as he stood there at the side.

PorkerBoys is currently undergoing maintenance and will be back within a few days. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

It had been two weeks since the night of the party. Gary never tried to deny anything about what he had done. Steve had asked him frankly and Gary answered him in the same manner, confessing without withholding anything. Steve was, understandably shocked. Of course, he knew he was putting on an awful lot of weight, but what Gary had done, that was something entirely different.

At first Steve left for a couple of days. He then returned and slept in the spare bedroom. It was a week before he would grunt any acknowledgement to Gary and now, two weeks after the whole incident, the pair were finally making strained everyday conversation.

‘I was thinking that maybe I could come back into our bedroom tonight’ muttered Steve, without looking at Gary. Gary’s heart thudded in his chest and he tried to make eye-contact with Steve as he spoke.
‘That would be great. I would really like that.’ Steve seemed to blush slightly. He moved forward to give Gary a small peck on the lips and then moved out of the kitchen while Gary prepared tea; a rather modest chicken salad.

Steve did return to their bedroom that night. Steve didn’t want to talk about anything that had happened and about what Gary had done. Instead, Steve wanted to just get physical. Gary obliged and didn’t want to do anything that might upset Steve and the two bumped and clattered together awkwardly. Finally they gave up and instead, slept with their backs against each other for the rest of the night.

‘I want you to make some of that milkshake you used to make for me before…’ chattered Steve while buttering his toast the next morning. ‘The proper way. The exact recipe as you told me about that night.’
Gary hesitated for a second. Why was Steve asking for this? 
‘Well… But, you know that it’s really bad for you. It was mostly weight gain formulas… I could just make you a normal one.’
‘No, I want the real thing. Please Gary. This is important.’ Then without waiting for an answer, Steve turned his back on Gary and left the flat for work.

Gary did as he was told. He had thrown most of the weight gain formulas and appetite enhancers out the night that everything had come out. That night that he promised he would never again do what he was about to do right now. Instead, he had to go shopping for a whole new batch and sat there in the kitchen making the old milkshake that he knew so well.

‘Have you done it?’
‘Yes. It’s in the fridge’
‘Go and get it’
Steve sat in his large armchair as he was handed the milkshake. His eyes surveyed the glass for a few seconds. Then, he greedily downed the whole lot.
‘That was good! How I’ve missed that!’ Steve had the first smile on his face in two weeks.
‘Get me some more’
Gary returned with another glass, confused at what was happening and refusing to show any expression of emotion on his face.
Steve slurped down the second glass, stopping short of last third. He held the glass up in the air. 
‘This is for you Gary.’ 
Gary didn’t say a word. Steve looked softly into his eyes and nodded. Gary then took the glass and swallowed the rest of its contents. Steve’s eyes were full of lust as he pulled Gary’s hand and led him into the bedroom.

‘Why..? Um, what I mean is, how come? You like the whole….fat…thing?’
Steve smiled, a huge wide grin. ‘I didn’t know that I did, honestly. I knew that all your cooking and milkshakes always got me in the mood. I loved how you would change my clothes for me when I got too big for them. I guess part of me knew what was happening. It didn’t really need to be said. We both liked what was happening and that was that. But, being without you these past two weeks… I never want to go through that again.’

Gary was so amazed. He finally realised at that moment that, despite everything, he wasn’t going to lose Steve. He filled his lungs with air so that he could speak fully about how happy he was when Steve suddenly cut him off.
‘And, I have news. Andy, my boss from work has quit. It turns out that he’s been running a website that has turned out to be very profitable indeed. You may know it. It’s called PorkerBoys?!’
Gary heart began to thump in his chest. Of course, it all made sense. That’s why Steve was the main attraction on the site!
‘He’s asked me to be the front man for the site. I would be THE actual PorkerBoy! He’s relaunching it in a couple of days and he’s willing to pay a pretty amazing salarly. We could certainly buy a bigger place with the money I would make.’

‘Of course, I did insist that there would be another new feature on the site… A new blog dedicated to seeing someone else pile on a few pounds…’ Steve looked up at Gary and stroked his plump, hairy midsection.
‘What do you say…. Big guy…?’

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