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Todd was happy to be inside the cool air-conditioned computer center today. It was approaching 100 degrees outside, and that combined with the humidity made the walk from his residence hall to the center murder. Even during more comfortable weather it's never easy for Todd to lug his 5'11", 275lb frame uphill to class.

"I'm just glad that today everyone walking to campus was sweating like a pig and huffin & puffin'," thought Todd as he relaxed in front of the glowing terminal.

He pulled out his computer disks and got to work editing his psych paper that's due the next day. But soon, spell checking and retyping sentences grew boring so Todd turned to his favorite pastime, surfing the net. He logged into his school's system and checked his e-mail. A few messages from friends and the gay & lesbian listserv were all he had waiting. He turned his attention to the new web browser that was just installed. Not knowing where to begin, Todd entered the keyword search area. The system claimed that if a web page existed with your keyword in it, it could find it. Todd played around a little, eventually typing in the words "gay men." It came back there were over 1000 responses to his search, did he want to see them all or enter new search parameters? After thinking for a minute and then making sure that no one could look over his shoulder to see what he was typing, Todd typed in two words that he had just seen in an ad in the latest issue of the Advocate, "Chubby Chasers."

Todd wasn't sure exactly what the phrase referred to but he knew that it involved fat gay men, which he was. He also anxiously hoped that it involved men who would like a fat man. Todd had come out well over a year ago and had yet to find any one interested in him. The campus gay & lesbian community was made up of thin clones, who turned their noses up if Todd even made eye contact at the gay bar. He had attempted something he promised himself he would never do again, DIET! That plan failed because here he was a year later and fifty pounds heavier than he started. He wasn't unhappy with his weight, he just couldn't find anyone else who wasn't either.

After a few minutes of whirring and flashing cursors the search was done, 5 responses. Todd asked the computer for a list:

  1. BIG: For the Large Framed Man and his Admirers
  2. Hefty Hunks: Men of alternative size and those who like them.
  3. Chunk Lovers: Discuss your man of size with like minded others
  4. Super Guys: With a man of size, there's more to love.
  5. BlubberWorld: Where the men are fat, and you wouldn't have them any other way.

Todd stared at the screen...Large framed? Men of Alternative size? Super Guys? What does these words mean? And then he saw it, the magic word that summed it all up for him, fat. Not that the first four groups might be uninteresting but the fifth seemed to spell out what it was for un-apologetically. So he clicked on the icon of the fat man crushing a scale and the screen quickly changed. Images of very fat men, flashed by as the web page opened up and Todd entered BlubberWorld.

The first screen was filled with photos of many fat men, some Todd's size and most larger. A box in the center asked for Todd's age, and with his response of 21 it was replaced by a great big welcome sign that appeared to resting on the belly of an enormously fat man. The message below the sign read:

"You have now entered BlubberWorld, please leave all thoughts of thinness or limits behind. Please fill out the biographical information questionnaire below and we can get started. Once registered you will be able to access all of BlubberWorld's various sites and rooms. Perhaps your looking for the newest in fat erotica, or maybe your looking for Mr. Right. You will find all of this and more. Have fun, and remember FAT is Fabulous and BIGGER is Better!"

"Bigger is better? Am I going to be too small for the guys in here?" wondered Todd as he quickly answered the registration questions:

Full Name: Todd Hahn

E-Mail Address: HahnT@UMVX.EUD

NickName:(This will appear with all posts you make) Fatboy

Age: 21

Height: 5'11

Weight: 275lbs.

Years at this weight:

Todd left the last question blank. He had no idea what it meant, or why they would care. He clicked on the registration icon, but it came back as "Incomplete Application." So Todd answered the question with a 1, and clicked again. He found himself at the main menu and quickly found what he was looking for, a room labeled "Looking for Mr. Right." He quickly clicked again and a chat screen appeared. Not quite sure what the on going discussion was about Todd decided to lurk around, listening but not joining.

A few minutes after his lurk began, a private message arrived. It read:

"Hey FatBoy -- Wanna chat? -- SuprmeEnkoragr"

Nervous, but interested in the fact that someone approached him, even if it is just electronically, Todd messaged back:

"SE -- Sure. Here? --"

and received:

"FB -- No, join PrivateRoom#7 -- SE"

So Todd followed the instructions and all the random chatter on the screen was gone. He was alone in this virtual room with a man, this SuprmeEnkoragr, whatever that means.

"FB -- You're new aren't you? I haven't seen you online before. --SE"

"SE -- This is my first time, this site looked interesting so here I am -- FB"

"FB -- I like your profile, 275lbs, sounds nice. And you've only been that size for a year? Were you bigger before? -- SE"

"SE -- Um, no. You see, I kind of went on a diet and now I've rebounded a bit. But I could lose it again. -- FB"

"FB -- Hey, none of that D-word talk in BlubberWorld. Have you seen my profile? -- SE"

"SE -- No, I haven't. If I can ask, what does your name mean? -- FB"

"FB -- Don't you get it? SuprmeEnkoragr = Supreme Encourager -- SE"

"SE -- Encourager of what? -- FB"

"FB -- You really don't know do you? -- SE"

"SE -- No idea. It must involve fat guys, right? -- FB

"FatBoy -- Let me explain it to you, I hope you'll be interested in what I have to say. -- SuprmeEnkoragr"

The Supreme Encourager went on for close to an hour. Typing sentence after sentence, explaining this new world of gaining and encouraging to Todd. He also described why he calls himself the Supreme Encourager. You see he has helped many men achieve gaining goals they never would've thought possible. His proudest accomplishment was helping a high school track star totally balloon in time for his fifth high school reunion.

"You see FatBoy, in a year and one half, I made that scrawny little runner go from a well-built 160lbs., to an amazing 410lbs. I arranged to be at his reunion in order to see how all his classmates would react to his drastic transformation. People were stunned, and of course he won the "Most weight gained" and the "Most Changed" trophies at the end of the night. Of course to gain that much took total dedication and total isolation. The human body can do some amazing things who if you test its limits."

Throughout it all, Todd remained a silent flashing cursor taking it all. Gaining weight on purpose? Getting fatter? These are things he never thought of before, well, not really thought of. Just a few boners at the sight of the circus fat man sweating like a prize hog under the colorful tent during the fair, or the way he felt whenever he ate around his Big Uncle George with his special chair because he'd break any other. But he'd never been forced to actually think...

"Well FatBoy, what do you think? You've been mighty quiet."

"I don't know, I mean I guess it sounds interesting."

"One question, and don't lie, are you hard right now? Sitting their with everyone around you, are you ready to burst?"

Should he answer? Todd was so confused, God yes was he hard. He felt like the slightest breeze would cause him to shot his load right through his shorts and all over the terminal. But should he tell this stranger. This stranger who's got him hotter than he's ever been in his twenty-one years.

"Yes, yes I am excited. I don't know exactly why, but just reading your stories, I'm gonna explode."

"Well don't. It looks like more than just fate brought you into the BlubberWorld page today. Now I want you to do something for me FatBoy, besides rub your aching cock and beautiful belly."

"What, I'll do anything. What?"

"You live in Corrigan Hall, right? Go home, I'll be at your room in fifteen minutes."

"Wait! You're on campus?"

"I asked if you'd seen my profile. I work here, now get going!"

Todd turned beat red. The Supreme Encourager was on campus, maybe even right here in this lab. He quickly tried to check his profile but he had already logged out. Todd knew that rationally he shouldn't go home and meet a stranger at his room, but the feelings within that were being brought up, memories of watching all those talk shows whenever the words Morbid Obesity were in the title, remembering exactly what he likes about Sunday football, he couldn't deny them any more. He got up quickly, sheepishly trying to hide his full blown erection, and got back to his room faster than he ever had before. It was funny because he didn't feel winded, just excited and scared anticipating the knock.

Fifteen minutes came and went, no knock. Maybe it was all a joke because this SuprmeEnkoragr was bored? Or maybe his watch was off? Or maybe...the entire room shook as someone knocked on the door. The man who answered was beautiful thought Todd, early thirties maybe, dirty blond crew cut, husky football player's build, the deepest green eyes, and carrying a lot of bags. After a few seconds, Todd recognized him as the school's new assistant football coach who just came to campus in the Fall.

"You're Drew Yarnik, the football coach."

"Yep, I'm the assistant for training and weight development. Figure I can help you pork out, and develop some weight."

"Uh..I'm sure you could..um. What's in the bags?"

"Essentials. Ice Cream, Half-n_half, and weight gain powder. Your meal of choice until the summer's over."

"What do you mean 'until the summer's over'?"

"Well, I'm sure you'll want to come back to campus to show off your new bod. And I'm not ready to give up a job that let's me add bulging bellies to hard bodies of young studs. I just figured you'd let me make you my summer project."

"But, exams are over and I'm supposed to go home tomorrow."

"Call your folks. You've got a summer job in the athletics department."


"No buts! I saw you on campus and I've been watching you for a while. You're the classic gainer, and I'm ready to encourage you like you've never been encouraged. This is happening, so get ready."

"What is my summer job?"

"I think your processing things a little slow. First, there is no summer job. That's a lie to prevent your family from getting worried. Second, I told you that ultimate gaining requires ultimate dedication and isolation. I promise you that you won't even recognize yourself once September rolls around"

Todd wanted to burst. This hot man is going to take him away for the summer and get him fat, and it seems this will happen whether he wants it or not. Todd liked Drew's forcefulness and dedication. Drew's sincerity and energy made Todd willing to try something he'd only really heard about an hour or so ago. So many questions kept popping into his head, what will his dad think? how will his friends react? just how much will he gain? Drew quickly cut through this fog when he handed Todd the phone and said, "You better talk, it's your mom." Drew used Todd's autodial. It was the moment of truth...

"Hi Mom! I know this is sort of last minute but I..."

The Summer Came and Went

Todd sits in front of the terminal checking his BlubberWorld message box, 13 messages. All from guys looking for a hot gainer like him. He scans the messages and then notices the time. He's only got a half hour to shower and get ready for his date with the Captain of the Wrestling team. Turns out the captain likes to do a lot more with his opponents than just throw them to a mat. Todd lifts himself out of the tiny chair and lumbers to the door. He pauses, "God! Walking home in this weather was murder when I was 275lbs., at 498lbs it's like some cruel punishment! Oh well, I'll put back any calories I burn when we hit the Chinese buffet tonight." He took a deep breath, and began to open the door, pausing only for a second to look back to lab where he was set free by a man he met on the internet. He continued through the door, rubbed his mammoth belly, and began to slowly make his way across campus acknowledging the stares with a giant grin and a knowing laugh.

Oh! If you're wondering what Drew's up to, he's been doing some intensive "coaching" of the senior lineman. With an average weight of 350lbs, they are impressive. Of course Drew claims they'll be even more impressive after graduation when he "preps" them for the pros. They have no idea what they're getting into. And neither do you when you pop into BlubberWorld, log on for a visit and leave a new person.

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