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Damned if You Do
Patrick was a comfortable, greedy church man with a wife and kids whose favorite thing to see was a plate of hot food. He loved Sunday, because after two hours of church his family went to their favorite diner, the cheap and popular, Johnny Faithful's. Patrick, his two roly-poly kids and his chatty, emotional, heavy-set wife rode in their custom, double-wide family van to Johnny Faithful's every Sunday, come rain or shine. <BR> When Jay saw Patrick he knew right away not to seat him at a booth. Pat and his wife joined their church together when they were each twenty seven. Eight years and two pregnancies later, after many church potlucks, picnics and holidays, Patrick's belly went from "he's getting fat," to "just one more piece of fried chicken." With his taught shirt tucked in it was clear, there wasn't a chance in heaven that Patrick's fat belly was going to fit behind a booth. Jay watched Pat's broad butt shift and sway on his way to his chair. As soon as Pat took a seat his chair creaked. Before his family had even touched their menus Patrick told Jay he was ready to order, with an eager, beaming face. Three appetizers, bowls and plates of heaping diner chow, drinks and more drinks, side dishes and extras; all went to Pat's table. Jay noticed that no matter where he'd put them, most of the dishes he brought to the table ended up somewhere near Patrick when he returned with more food. Patrick was one happy fatty when he got fed. The dimples in Pat's chubby cheeks showed proudly when he ate. Jay mouthed "Good boy," under his breath, as he watched Patrick's foot tap with excitement under the table when his wife held her hand under his chin and guided a heaping forkful into his open mouth. <BR> Jay noticed that Patrick chuckled around food, but only when he was caught being shamelessly gluttonous. Jay wanted to test Patrick. He glided by their table while Pat was stuffing his face and said "Im sorry, can't remember, but, this is yours, right?" and held out a plate stacked with sliced ham covered in gravy. Jay watched Pat twiddle his pudgy fingers and look nervously around the room to see if anyone was watching. "Oh, how did I forget," he said sheepishly, while clearing a space in front of him, "I don't know if I'll be able to finish all of this." Pat smiled shyly which made his eyes squint and dimples pinch his round, bloated face. Jay placed the plate of ham right in front of Patrick while saying "Thank you for helping me out" in his most courteous, confident voice. He noticed, as soon as he was out of sight, tucked away in a spot where he could stand and watch everything, Patrick went from shy to giddy. Pat's belly was getting heavier and pressing into the table, but he wanted to keep eating. He was still chuckling nervously while eyeing the plate of smothered ham. At every chuckle Pat's fat belly would jiggle violently before settling snugly in his lap. Jay made a special deal with the cook to deliver Patrick a plate that was actually four servings of ham. "Look at all this," Pat said, clearly repressing excitement, turning the plate to get a full view of what he was about to enjoy. Pat saw the mound of meat with hungry eyes. "I guess I have to," he told himself. Jay bit his lip quietly and watched Patrick sit on his fat ass and eat four orders of ham smothered in sausage gravy. <BR> Jay would usually collect the empty dishes as his guests finished their food, but something told him to stand and watch. He let Pat eat. He watched how Patrick unconsciously wriggled in his chair while gorging himself. He noticed how much Pat would grin every time his wife fed him another forkful from her plate. Pat had milk as his drink of choice, and Jay watched him finish an entire glass in one go. He even caught Patrick sneaking food from his daughter's plate when she wasn't paying attention. Then it happened. When the group sitting directly near Patrick's table finally left, Jay watched Pat look over his shoulder and grab his son's empty plate. Patrick licked the plate clean. One by one Patrick took every plate, from his kids, from his wife, every dish and bowl that surrounded him, and licked them clean. Spotless. Not one streak of oil, or crumb could be found on any of the plates or bowls Jay delivered to the table. <BR> Jay had seen enough. He was red with adrenaline. He took a deep breath, knew his motivation and let a fierce nerve enter his body. He got a small paper from his pocket and wrote "every other day I'm here at midnight." He had to concentrate to keep his hands from trembling. The previous month Johnny Faithful's became "Open for Twenty Four Hours," but, because the diner had such a poor marketing strategy, all of their customers continued to dine during the former business hours. The diner was lifeless after ten pm. <BR> When Jay approached Patrick's table his wife was fishing around in her purse for her wallet and Patrick was reclined in his seat, one heavy arm draped over his chair's brim and the other was folded, resting on top of his fat belly. Patrick was tubby, his belly was fat. He was obviously stuffed. The way he sat made his big belly bulge over the edge of the table. Pat's wife politely handed Jay a fold of twenty dollar bills and said "Keep the change, you were really great, thank you." Patrick took a moment between labored breaths and chimed in, speaking heavily on a full fat tummy, "Really, we mean it. Thanks." For a second Pat met eyes with Jay and repeated "Really." That time there was a lingering seriousness in the way Pat spoke. Patrick had eaten so much food his belly was packed full, he wore a labored expression. Jay couldn't help watching Pat's big belly heave up and down and bulge even further with each heavy breath he took. Pat's hand moved to the base of his pot belly where he was the fattest, and, while Jay eyed him, Pat began softly patting his gut. Pat couldn't help himself and let out a tuckered "Oooof!" Before saying contentedly "Full." He held his mouth open until a juicy belch echoed out. <BR> Jay felt a chill come over him. He look dead at Patrick and said, in a very warm way, "It was a pleasure to serve your family. I'd do it again, gladly. And I mean that." Patrick gazed weakly into Jay's eyes. Pat was easy, it looked like he was nearly about to ask for help. Jay returned Pat's gaze for a cunning moment and said, "Really." Then he very slowly extended his hand for a handshake. Patrick met Jay's hand eagerly, while looking directly at him. Jay cleverly took Patrick's mitt with both hands and gave a firm shake, discreetly slipping Pat the paper he had so feverishly scribbled on. With that they left, and Jay got an eye full of obese, chubby thighs rubbing together as Patrick waddled away to his family van. <BR> The following week Jay's life was back to what it had usually been for the past month, working the graveyard shift at Johnny Faithful's. Like usual, there were no customers after ten pm. There were never customers between ten pm and seven in the morning, which was the gap of time between the diner's former opening and closing hours. The diner's night shift was down to the skeleton. There was Jay the server, a cook and a bus boy. The manager left at ten. The bus boy also had the choice of staying or leaving "if things weren't looking 'up,'" and, luckily for Jay, the bus boy was an uninterested teen who always chose to go home immediately after the manager. A usual night for Jay and the cook was spent finding ways to pass the time. <BR> And then one night it happened. Jay was wiping off counter-tops when he noticed a large presence in front of him. It was Patrick. Pat was dressed the same way he had been when he and Jay first met, wearing a shirt that hugged his fat belly and pants that were strained at the seams by his weighty thighs. This time Patrick had a coat over his arm to protect him from the chilly night air. "Do you remember me?" Patrick asked. "Of course I remember you, big guy." Jay was expertly relaxed. Patrick seemed a little unstable, there was something anxious about the way he stood. Pat peered around the restaurant, "Nobody here, huh?" Pat asked. "No one else is here, it's just you..." Jay paused indulgently while eyeing Patrick's belly before saying "and me." Jay began walking very slowly and carefully out from behind the counter, around Patrick and toward the back of the diner. Jay moved in such a sure and confident way that Patrick followed him, obediently. The diner was designed in an L shape. Jay made a right turn and continued through the diner all the way to the rear, and stood patiently at a large table in the corner that was positioned against a long booth-like cushioned seat. Patrick approached the table and made a weak, nervous face. "I can't fit in booths," Patrick said, he looked apologetically into Jay's eyes, slid his palms down to the fattest part of his gut, gripped two big handfuls of belly meat and jiggled his belly; in the most shy voice he said "I'm too fat." "You can do it," Jay answered calmly, and then pulled back the large table with force, creating lots of space for Patrick to rest comfortably on the cushioned bench. Patrick sat down. "This is just for you," Jay said, and he pushed the table toward Patrick again until it was pressing ever so gently into his big belly. <BR> Patrick had been carrying a small briefcase under his jacket and placed it on the table top. "I'm just here to work," Pat said, "My job is making a lot of changes, complete overhaul, and I'm on a paid break until things settle." Jay stood silently. It was quiet. Patrick was staring at Jay. Jay kept silent. . Pat hesitated before saying "Which may be for a while... know what I mean?" Jay took in a breath of air and exhaled. He had to relax himself. Jay came close to the table until he was standing directly over Patrick. Patrick looked up at Jay like a guilty child. Jay grabbed the edge of the table and leaned in to get even closer to Patrick. He pushed the table ever so slightly into Pat's plump gut. "If you need to work there will be no-one around until seven. Everything will be nice and quiet for you." Jay lured over Pat's chubby face and continued, "And if you need to have a bite too, I'm happy to provide that for you. I don't think you want to work on an empty stomach?" Immediately, Patrick said "No." Jay smoothly backed away from the table and headed toward the kitchen, before he went left out of sight he turned to face Pat and said "I'll be back soon with everything. Party of four, right? Like last time?" At that point Jay could no longer temper himself, he gave a sharp grin and winked an eye at Patrick who returned a clenched, toothy grin of pure greed and shook his head emphatically like a puppy's wagging tail. <BR> It didn't take long before Jay returned with three folding stands. He positioned the three of them neatly around Patrick's table. "I'll be using these for a while, since I'm all by myself," Jay said with another wink. Patrick was all smiles. Jay returned with a serving tray crammed with food and set it on the one of the folding stands. Thick steam wafted from every dish. Patrick looked relieved. Pat held his belly and inhaled the smell of his next meal. Jay made two more trips setting up the rest of the serving trays which were equally packed with food. <BR> "Ok here we go," Jay said holding plates in both hands. Patrick was ready, he couldn't contain how excited he was, his knees were bobbing under the table. Jay put down a plate of pancakes, covered with so much butter it looked like they were smeared with yellow ice-cream. He put down another plate of pancakes, and another. Jay was happy too, he told Patrick "It's after midnight, this is kind of like the start of your work-day, right? I think we should start with breakfast, first." Jay put down a heaping plate of sausage patties and sausage links piled high. Patrick didn't wait, Pat grabbed at the plate with both hands and started eating. "Good, you like breakfast," Jay said. Jay slid a plate stacked with nothing but bacon right next to the one piled high with sausages. Patrick dug in to both, cramming bacon and sausage meat in his mouth at once. Jay could hear Patrick scarfing down his food and moaning while he ate. Jay held two more plates "Best way to eat eggs are in an omelette, right?" Jay teased. "Here's steak and cheddar," Jay dropped a plate with an omelette the size of two burritos and listed off the others, "ham and cheese, Colorado, and my favorite, Triple Bacon'" Jay said with a smile. Jay started pushing the plates closer to Patrick. "Only thing is, buddy," Jay began, "our bus boy is out, we don't have any forks. I'm sorry, you're going to have to eat with your hands." Patrick didn't protest, he was already scarfing down bacon and sausage with his hands, and rapidly. "Good," Jay said, "finish that meat while everything else cools off. But don't forget about these pancakes." Jay grabbed a bottle of syrup with both hands, tipped it upside down over the plates of pancakes and squeezed. He emptied the entire bottle over three lofty stacks of steaming pancakes covered in butter. "Eat," Jay ordered. Patrick grabbed a a dripping pancake, packed it with meat and folded it in half, he ate it in three greedy bites. Pat ate pancake after dripping pancake, getting syrup everywhere, loading them with fistfuls of bacon and sausage before digging in. Jay gave Patrick three large pitchers of milk mixed with heavy cream to drink, Jay added sweetener to the mix to balance the taste of the heavy cream. There were three heavy pyramids of fried potatoes on the table, they were mixed with diced potatoes, onions, small bits of pork, pepper, hash-browns and tons of grated cheese. They were dripping with oil. Patrick gave a gluttonous moan when he had his first fist full of potatoes. Pat ate his way through the meat and pancakes quickly and was scooping up big heaps of potatoes with two hands and plowing the whole thing into his face until he had eaten it all. Pat was a noisy, messy eater. By the time the omelettes were cooled enough for Pat to eat, Jay had surrounded Pat with enough toast to complete a loaf of bread, a plate of cinnamon rolls drenched in icing, more meat, more pancakes and lots of biscuits and gravy. Patrick ate non-stop for hours and hours. Patrick was a pig. His hands were thick with grease and syrup, his shirt was ruined and his face was slick from all the fatty food he was packing into his belly. <BR> After hours of pure gluttony, filthy, empty plates were everywhere. Patrick was still eating, though very, very slowly. Pat was so controlled by gluttony that he was munching on food with a pained expression and letting out tired groans. Pat was exhausted, his face was drenched in sweat and flushed beet red, but he wouldn't stop eating. He wouldn't stop bringing handful's of greasy diner food to his chubby face. Jay stood over Pat the entire time, and continued to surround Pat with food. Jay realized Patrick was going to eat as long as there was food in front of him. Patrick was clearly at his limit. Jay couldn't help himself. He brought even more pancakes, cinnamon rolls and milk. Patrick grabbed one of the cinnamon rolls that Jay had just set down, and crammed the whole thing in his mouth, with both hands, while groaning loudly. Jay was maxing out Pat's belly. Patrick grabbed two more rolls and collapsed back onto the broad cushion he sat on. When he fell back his belly and giant breasts sloshed up into his triple chin. Jay heard a deep, very loud, but muffled bursting sound, and then another. Patrick took the two, sugary, fragrant cinnamon rolls and pushed them both into his mouth. It was so much food at once it wouldn't fit, but Patrick kept chewing away. Pat's tubby belly was bouncing while he ate because he was bobbing his knees again. While his fat belly bounced in his lap, two buttons popped clean off of of Patrick's shirt, and one stung Jay in the neck. Jay watched with baited breath Pat's obese belly slowly spread the fabric of his shirt and bulge out of the opening like a cracked can of dough. With his belly still bouncing, all at once, every last button on Patrick's shirt shot into space and his obese belly surged forward. At that same moment the kitchen's smoke detector blared a warning. Without a word, instinctively, Jay ran to the kitchen. <BR> After a breadth of moments spent trying to calm the alarm with the cook, Jay returned, but Patrick was gone. Jay's heart pumped when he beheld the complete mess that Patrick made while making a pig of himself. His dick took charge, and Jay scurried away to the bathroom to masturbate. Jay entered the Johnny Faithful's bathroom so many times it was second nature to him, he would just swing the door open and wiz right into the urinal. This time especially, Jay was in a hurry. Jay twisted the handle and pushed his whole body into the door and it stopped half way. He wore a thirty six waist and couldn't fit through the door comfortably, so he was frustrated. Jay clutched the handle, pulled back and swung the door, but again it came to a halt. "Ow!" Came from beyond the door, followed by a very regretful moan. It was Patrick's voice. Jay was cautious, "What's going on?" Jay asked. Patrick called out to Jay as much as his over-glutted state would allow and said, "I don't know how I'm going to get out of here, help me!" Jay pushed his body weight into the door and the opening became only slightly larger. Jay tried again. Patrick hollered "Stop, stop!" repeatedly, from behind the door. Jay lost it a little and roughly said "Open the fucking door!" <BR> The lights in the bathroom were a vibrant, florescent white. All Jay could see was white. He panicked and struggled to move the door, but it wouldn't budge further. Jay was getting furious, he breathed thickly and recalled his nerve. With a courteous voice Jay said to Pat, "Relax, tell me what is going on in there. Why won't you open the door?" "I can't!" Patrick called back. "Why the hell not?" Jay asked, he was running out of curiosity and patience. Patrick was quiet for a bit while Jay concentrated on not loosing his temper. "I'm too fat," Patrick whined. Jay's frustration immediately left him, he felt his shoulders sink down to an easy level. "Are you stuck in there, piggy?" Jay asked? "...yes," said Pat. "The bathroom too snug for pig?" "...yes," said Pat. "The bathroom is only made for one person piggy. Tell Jay why piggy can't fit in the little bathroom." "Because I'm fat," "said Patrick. "How fat are you?" prodded Jay. Patrick hollered "Please get me out of here!" Jay noticed something beige and damp on the bathroom floor, it was some kind of cloth-puddle. Patrick began to whine and moan and plead with Jay to get him out of the bathroom. While Patrick begged to escape, Jay studied the thing on the bathroom floor. It had ridges on it, it looked sweaty, half of it was smooth and the other half looked like a white gauzy band. It was a girdle. Patrick's sweaty girdle was on the floor. Jim grew a wild-eyed, frenzied glare and a wicked smile. "Pig!" "...yes," said Pat. "Is piggy stuck in there because his belly is too obese?" Pat failed to answer. Jay was insidiously smug, he asked Patrick, "How much did you eat piggy? Enough for how many people?" Pat was quiet, but Jay could hear Pat wheezing. "Tell me you're a gluttonous pig," Jay said. There was no reply. "You're a gluttonous pig," Jay repeated. Patrick obediently repeated after Jay, "I'm a gluttonous pig." Jay wanted more, "Say it, piggy," he taunted. "I'm a gluttonous pig." "Again, you're a what?" asked Jay. "I'm a pig," said Pat. Jay was ready. "Good boy," Jay said, with a smile, "I'm coming in pig! Don't squeal!" <BR> Jay forced himself in through the door while Patrick screamed. The bathroom was designed on a ruthless budget, and only intended for one person at a time. When Jay got into the bathroom his erection was throbbing with pain. Pat was so big that he and Jay were pressed into each-other. Without his girdle Patrick's body expanded like a raft sprung to buoyancy, he was even more round and fleshy than before. Pat had already peeled his filthy shirt off and was down to a white cotton wife-beater which was soaked in sweat and grease, and stretched so thin his skin color showed through it. Jay's head was running hot with the thrill of being overtaken by Patrick. <BR> Jay waited until he was more calm and meditated on Pat's labored breathing which soothed and aroused him all at once. Once again, Jay was struck with a gruesomely fierce nerve. Jay asked, very sweetly and honestly, "Pig, did I feed you well?" "Yes, you did," Pat answered. "Did you love being fed? Do you love eating, piggy?" Pat's breathing was still thick, but it had finally relaxed. "I do," said Pat. "What about tonight? Did I feed you good, pig?" Patrick responded so immediately his words blended with Jay's. "I've been wanting to eat like this my entire life," Pat said. For the next twenty three minutes Pat and Jay embraced each other in silence. "You'll never be too fat for me," Jay said, triumphantly, "Be my pig. Come live with me. I'll keep you fat. Eat as much as you want and never hide your belly again," there was a moment of silence that lasted for the perfect amount of time, "I'm gonna fatten you up." <BR> Jay called the Fire Department and in a moment they went from embracing tightly in a cramped bathroom, to driving Pat's extra-big van to Jay's apartment. Jay's left hand maneuvered the steering wheel, while his right palm explored half of Pat's jiggling belly, tits and thigh, as much as having to steer a speeding car would allow. <BR> The second both of Pat's swollen feet were in the door Jay said "This is where you live, Pig." Jay and Pat had a wild night, they were both sleepy. Jay led Pat into their bedroom, which was cool, dimly lit, and still in a soothing way. "Go ahead, its time for bed, piggy," Jay told Pat. Patrick, used to the reinforced bed at his old home, sat on the edge of the bed first to kick off his shoes. The entire bed sank and there was a loud metallic wrenching pop of a noise. "Good job, baby," Jay said, "I love my pig more than a bed, you'll never be too fat for me." Patrick's dimples took effect as he gave a big smile. Pat's eyes were misty he was so happy. "Want a quick snack before bed?" Jay asked. Pat shook his head yes. Jay quickly disappeared and returned with a sleeve and a half of Oreos and the last of his gallon of milk. Jay had eaten all the other Oreos or else he would have fed them all to Patrick. It was common for Jay to indulged in cookies and Milk, he wore a thirty six waist. Jay looked at his pig sweetly while he snored egregiously, like a hog. Pat had already fallen asleep. Jay smirked and joined his piggy in bed. <BR> In the morning, Pat woke up sheltering Jay, who was nestled snugly between Pat's soft fleshy arm and his love-handle and belly fat. Jay's head rested sweetly on Patrick's fat while he cradled the base of Pat's belly. Pat was so happy he could have stayed like that for longer, but he had to take a shit. To get out of bed, Pat usually had to gain momentum by rocking his entire body back and forth a few times until he could roll himself across the mattress to the edge, find his footing and struggle to make himself stand by pushing himself upright using his arms. Perfectly, Jay woke up right after Pat. "Do you have to shit yet, piggy?" Jay asked. Pat said yes. "Good. But that means your metabolism is too fast," Jay said, while he grimaced through a morning stretch. Pat was in the bathroom for a very long time, pushing out dense, long turds. When he was finally done, after he washed his hands, Pat met him at the door with a hug. Jay threw his arms around Patrick and they had their first kiss; it was a peck at first, and then turned in lust-driven, passionate kissing. Jay affectionately tapped Pat's belly and pulled away from Patrick, who was still trying to lock lips. "Let's go in the living room, you made it stinky in here, Jay said. <BR> Pat stomped on the soft carpet into the living room, which was sparsely decorated with fondly uncoordinated, masculine furniture. "Come, babe," Jay ordered, dragging Pat by the hand toward the corner of the living room where there were three mattresses stacked into the corner with what looked like newly washed sheets and blankets, and a ridiculous amount of pillows of varying sizes. "Lie down, piggy, this is your bed." Jay assembled everything while Pat had his morning shit. "See what I did for you, Pig; you can sit against the wall, it will make it easier for you to sit up," Jay said. Patrick felt loved that Jay created his bed so quickly, it was clear to Pat that Jay knew exactly what he was doing. "Sit," Jay ordered, he was being a little firm because he put so much effort into making Patrick's bed. Jay propped up pillows of different shapes and made an insulated little half-cocoon against the straight wall. Patrick nestled into his bed against the wall, like Jay told him to. Pat wriggled his big ass back and forth to settle himself comfortably in his new bed. "You look so cute getting comfortable, piggy," Jay said, feeling joyful. Once Patrick was comfortable, Jay climbed in the bed, knelt before Pat, and placed his hands on Pat's fat thighs. Jay's knees were digging sharply into the pillows. Jay and Patrick started kissing, slowly, indulgently, methodically. The kiss quickly became more active and passionate. Pat was a phenomenal kisser, it made sense since he had so much experience using his mouth to eat. Pat kissed Jay like he was eating him; it was wet and warm, and soft and firm at the same time; just right. Jay pulled away for air, "Damn, piggy," he said. Pat began to peck Jay on the lips again and again, affectionately, making natural smooch sounds. Jay spoke while being showered with kisses "Piggy- piggy wai- piggy, I have to tell you something," said Jay. Jay glared with sharp cunning into Pat's eyes and told him, "I have to tell you the rules." Jay told Pat, "You're my pig. That means you obey me. We're going to use the money your job is paying you to feed you and pay the bills, because I just quit my job. You live here now, so that means you can get serious about getting fat and spend everyday over-eating. You're my live-in pig. I'm going to devote my time and energy to make you gain pounds, piggy. I want you to gain hundreds of blubbery pounds. I want you tubby and obese with a massive piggy belly and the fattest love-handles, and an enormous ass, giant, plump breasts, and enormous thighs full of cellulite. We'll keep making you fatter until you have to go back to work. Then I'm going to get a job and keep fattening you up until you get fired. Gain for me baby. I need my double-wide, obese piggy." Patrick's eyes were fixed on Jay, after seeing how prepared Jay was he felt comfortable to finally give up the truth about himself. Patrick was still a little shy, so he came close and whispered in Jay's ear "All I want to do is eat." "Then prove it," Jay said. <BR> "Eat for me, right now," Jay commanded. Jay left to the kitchen and came back with his arms loaded. Jay had a five gallon tub of Neapolitan ice cream, whipped cream, a carton of half and half, and a bottle of chocolate syrup, all resting on top of a three layer chocolate sheet cake. He arranged everything strategically around Patrick, opened the tub of ice cream, and fed Patrick a big spoonful of cake and ice cream. "Today is your new birthday, pig," Jay told Patrick, "You're just a baby, one year old baby pig, you gotta get fat." Patrick's pudgy short dick sprang to attention and his eyes lids fluttered open and shut; his eyes were rolling in the back of his head. Patrick noticed the sheet cake said "JAY'S PIG" written in pink icing. Patrick thought he was the first one to wake up, but he reconsidered. Pat imagined Jay had to have prepared everything while he was steady asleep. Patrick felt owned. He wanted to be submissive. Patrick wiggled his hefty ass some more, burrowing deeper into his nest, and propped his arms behind his head like he was on vacation. "Open your mouth, piggy" Jay ordered, "this is your permanent vacation." Even with his mouth wide open Jay could see that Pat was smiling. Pat's cute dimples pierced his cheeks. Jay mixed the half and half with chocolate syrup; he fed Pat cake and ice cream with a large serving spoon, the kind reserved for catering events. Each spoonful was heaped with so much food that Pat had to nibble at it until there was so little left that Jay could jam the rest of the spoonful in Pat's mouth. Patrick ate fast, he swallowed his mouthfuls quickly and then he'd bare his creamy tongue to show off and get fed the next spoonful. Jay had a method, he would feed Pat two big spoonfuls, then fill Pat's cheeks with whipped cream, then make him guzzle chocolate heavy cream, and repeat. It was like a fun game, they both worked together to get Patrick fatter. "No milk, you can only drink half and half from now on, piggy, sorry, get used to it. Its so we can fatten you up quick with pounds of creamy lard. I need eight hundred pounds." said Jay <BR> The money that Patrick got from his job covered every bill and afforded Jay and Pat many luxuries. Patrick's income could be lavished generously on two people, as opposed to conscientiously like it had been on four. Jay always made jokes that Pat was going to get three times as big, since they could afford to feed a four person family. Patrick and and Jay spent every day together, and they didn't do much other than feed Patrick, sleep and have constant sex. As the month's went by they figured out pointless differences between them, which they either laughed or argued about; their arguments were never more influential that Patrick's desire to over-eat, or Jay's habit of spitefully feeding Pat extremely fattening things when he was upset. Once, after their coldest argument, Jay punished Patrick by force feeding him five hundred dollars worth of twinkies soaked in bacon fat for so long that they became a congealed sponge-like mess, it turned an unpredictable color. Jay added that Patrick had to drink raw heavy cream mixed with bacon fat, which was pretty cruel--and which also meant that Pat got to piggout on all the bacon it took to produce such a ridiculous amount of excess fat. The Twinkie mess was so soft it had the texture of loose slop. It fell through Jay's fingers and got extremely messy if he tried to hand feed it to Pat. Pat eventually won Jay over by sucking down the fatty Twinkies out of a large salad mixing bowl while Jay played with his belly. By that time Patrick's belly had gotten so utterly huge and thick that it spread his legs wide apart while sitting. Pat couldn't close his legs if he wanted too because so much belly fat was in the way, and even if it weren't Pat's thighs grew so obese, and his leg muscles so soft, that he would have a hard time trying to make his knees touch for longer than a second. Jay could spend hours playing with Patrick's big belly. Patrick was super soft all over, but his belly was packed with so much fat and food every day that it felt like dense, weighty dough to the touch. It was very common for Jay to say, quite proudly, "Look at this fuckin' BELLY!" sink his fingers into it, and play with Patrick's doughy belly to his hearts content. Patrick's belly had become so thick with fat that it didn't really jiggle anymore like his tits did, instead it sort of shifted heavily in waves depending on where Jay's hands were. <BR> Over a year had gone by and Pat had become supremely lazy. He preferred to lie down instead of stand, and he complained if he had to sit up for too long. Jay got one of his old friend's to tattoo PIG in bold, blocky black letters on Patrick's back. The tattoo gave Patrick's soft body a hard edge, and increased his taboo factor to the extreme. Patrick wasn't fond of tattoos, so Jay was impressed and touched that he let Jay brand him. All Jay had to do was catch Patrick gorging on food he laid out for him in the kitchen with his massive juicy ass and his love handles bulging obscenely into space, and he'd pop a boner; having that exact experience with the word PIG tattooed boldly across Pat's back got Jay painfully erect and leaking. When he got the tattoo Jay let Patrick eat whatever he desired for three months, no matter how demanding or inconvenient, and Jay allowed Pat to enjoy drinks other than heavy cream. Patrick ended up sticking to cream though because he was so well trained on it. Patrick said he didn't care about the tattoo anyway because he never saw it. <BR> Finally, Patrick was due back at work, but before he could start he was scheduled for what a very sparsely worded email described as a "personal assessment" with his new superiors. Neither Jay nor Patrick thought they would get to spend so much time getting Pat so incredibly fat before he had to return to work. The reality was a shock to both of them, but neither of them would admit it. They were both sad about having to wait until Patrick finished work before they could spend time together. Patrick was miserable over the fact that he had to wear more than just underwear all day, and wouldn't be able to eat as much during the day. When Jay saw how unhappy Patrick was with having to return to work he gave Pat kisses all over his belly, and told him "I'm gonna feed you like a hog every night, don't worry piggy." Jay and Pat splurged on an industrial cattle scale, and got a surprising deal on it when Patrick spoke to the manufacturer on the phone and told them the absolute truth about why he needed it; they even emailed coupons for heavy cream made by one of their beneficiaries. When their cattle scale arrived it wasn't nearly as big as the kind used for real cows, because Patrick didn't walk on four legs, Pat didn't do much walking at all. <BR> The night before Pat's work assessment Jay read the number six hundred forty three on the scale. Patrick couldn't read the number because his belly stuck out so far that he couldn't see past it, even if he tried to bend over; at Pat's weight, when he did try to bend over, his belly squashed so densely against his thighs that he never got very far. Patrick had gotten so wide that Jay rented a special van to drive him on his special day. Patrick walked in to his assessment smartly dressed for a man in excess of six hundred pounds. Pat wore a salmon polo--it was Jay's idea to do salmon, of course, but the polo was a choice influenced by the scarcity of shirts made in Patrick's size. Patrick wasn't expecting to be asked why he didn't wear a shirt and tie. Nor did he expect to be asked why his belly was "spilling," out of his shirt, as one of his superiors, a former colleague, put it. The harshest part was when a the most lithe and smartly dressed person evaluating Patrick turned out to be a new investor with the propensity to call him "repulsive," "sloppy," and "unqualified to make critical decisions." It was the comment about not being able to make critical decisions that really stabbed Pat's heart. Patrick had spent so many months in Jay's loving company that he forgot about the people in the world with contempt for obesity. Patrick rarely left the apartment, or his bed for that matter, but when Jay did take Patrick out it was usually with the remaining people in their lives who never questioned the fact that Patrick was several pounds fatter every time they saw him. Patrick sobbed in the van on the way home and all that afternoon and into the night. Pat cried in Jay's arms and told Jay that he felt like shit. Jay baked Patrick dozens of homemade biscuits, glazed with honey and plenty of butter, to cheer him up once he shed his last tear. That night Patrick ate aggressively, Jay didn't know exactly why, but it only cemented his love for Patrick. <BR> Being fired from his job solidified Patrick as Jay's live-in-pig. Pat and Jay subsisted on Patrick's savings until Jay was able to support them. Jay told Patrick he never had to work again or wear clothes if he didn't want to, and promised to pad him up with hundreds more pounds of fresh fat. Jay went to sleep beside Patrick, who was snoring on his side with the word PIG printed wildly on his back. Jay rubbed his hands over Patrick's belly which was riddled with fresh red stretchmarks. Pat had gotten so fat that he could barely breath in his sleep, it looked as if he might choke on all the heavy fat weighing down on his neck, but that wasn't enough, Jay wanted more.

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