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Derek simply leaned backwards in his chair and lifted up his tight tank top so it rested on the ledge of his belly. As he projected a huge belch, he explored the expanse of his stuffed gut with his hands. Part of him knew that he needed to quit eating so much, but there was that other side of his mind. The other half of him didn't quite mind being more than the slender stick he used to be. And the supervisors of the school didn't care how much he ate or how much weight he gained it seemed, so long as he behaved well and did as he was supposed to.

After Cheryl had broken up with him, he had contemplated hitting up the school gym more often. He had been having so much fun hanging out with his new buddy Tyler over the past few weeks, he never really thought about the weight he had been putting on. Sure, the nights him and Cheryl would start getting a little rowdy, he would feel self-conscious all of sudden. Still, keeping on his shirt usually did the trick for both his self-conscious mind and Cheryl. Last night though, she had lifted up his shirt as he straddled her, and she slapped his small hanging belly. She told him she had noticed him starting to get a little chunky, but she thought he would eventually start cutting back. She ended things when Derek, in a bit of embarassed rage, told her he had no intention of "exercising" more.

In truth, he wasn't even sure if he found Cheryl attractive, or any girl for that matter. That thought had plagued his mind for months, and each time he questioned himself, he'd shut those thoughts out. Real guys... they didn't like other guys, right? He had a reputation to keep. And with him changing his 'bad boy' ways, admitting how he felt would kill his rep.

Still, when he and Tyler were alone, he felt so calm. Tyler, who had come a long way from the drug-addicted kid he said he once was, had showed him that you don't always need illegality in order to have a good time. Most of the time they spent together involved food usually. Tyler could really pack it away, and as a manly rival, Derek felt obliged to keep up with him. Or maybe it was to impress him.

Either way, somehow Derek was the only one that seemed to be gaining weight.

Sometimes, Tyler would brush his leg against Derek's accidentally. The touch, the connection, anything from his hidden world of desires was electric. He usually was instantly hard, and often had to shift himself to hide it. Luckily Tyler had no inkling that Derek was gay. Heck, all he knew of Derek's sexuality was his relationship with Cheryl.

It wasn't until a few nights later that Tyler voluntarily admitted to Derek what he had already guessed. Tyler did indeed find guys attractive, but he also lamented much more than that.

"I hope you don't get weirded out by that," Tyler tossed out, kicking his dangling legs that hung over the side of a small rocky ledge they both sat on near the main building. "I won't hit on you or anything. I'm still Tyler, ya know?"

Derek could only nod as he absorbed Tyler's words, running scenarios through his mind. His curiosity was piquing.


"Yeah, buddy?"

Derek swallowed hard, in an attempt to mask how truly interested he was in Tyler's response. He hoped that he appeared nonchalant enough.

"What is it exactly, you know, about guys?"


"I mean," Derek stammered, unaware that he would have to explain himself further. "I know what I liked about Cheryl and shit, but... what about guys? What do you like in a guy?"

Tyler chuckled a bit, and Derek could sense he was a bit apprehensive, yet of course his personality was forcing him to act as if it didn't bother him at all.

"Me? I'm a little different actually. I mean, yeah, I like guys. What you'd expect though, the muscle heads... they aren't really my thing."

"You mean, most of those gays you see, like in TV and shit, you don't like 'em?" Derek asked, perplexed and becoming more intrigued.

"Kind of. My style is... different. I like guys who are a little bigger."

"Big dick you mean?"

"Nah man, I mean I like guys with a belly."

"So... you like fat dudes?"

Tyler swallowed hard for a bit, and continued.

"Not 'fat dudes,' actually. I like the belly especially. A guy who just starts putting on weight I guess, losing his flat stomach... that's the kind of guy I find hot. It's not typical of a gay guy, but... I ain't your typical gay guy I guess."

"Like... who, here at school? Example?" Derek asked cautiously as he stuck a hand under his t-shirt, grabbing a few inches of his fleshy middle.

"Mike... Mike D for example. You remember how muscular he used to be when he came here?"

Tyler glanced at Derek for the first time in the conversation. Derek shook his head. 

"Nah," he answered. "He must've gotten here before me. You've been here longer."

"Right, right," Tyler responded, nodding his head. "Well, anyway, after being here for over a year, he had put on what must've been around forty fuckin' pounds. He's still pretty buff I mean, but that guy's stomach..."

"I've seen him around. Always eating, or snackin' and shit. No wonder he got so fat."

"But see, that's hot to me. The way... the way if he stretches, none of his shirts can still cover that gut anymore. How when he sits, he obviously has to unbutton his jeans to make room for his round stomach, especially after eating. How he waddles ever so slightly now with the extra weight at his midsection. How..." Tyler tried to continue, obviously lost in his own world, as he licked his dry lips. His mouth was completely dry, and as Derek glanced over to see why Tyler had trailed off, he noticed the large bulge at the crotch of his pants. Tyler caught Derek's gaze and he quickly threw a hand to cover his hard-on.

"Fuck man, I'm sorry! I got... I got carried away. I just... I--"

"--chill dude," Derek said. "It's chill. I just got a great answer to my question, I guess."

Tyler chuckled nervously. "I'm sorry dude, I just..."

"It's okay," Derek insisted. "Just whack it later, okay dude?"

"Got it," Tyler said, forcing a smile for his buddy.

Derek pulled the waistband of his favorite athletic pants down under the curve of his larger gut. He stood shirtless in front of the mirror in his room, examining the damage his appetite had continued to do over the past few weeks.

The few inches of flesh that had been at his middle had become a full-fledged pot belly; a nice, round pot belly.

He had to stop wearing his tank tops which had begun to fit like a second skin around his testament to gluttony. Luckily his middle was still pretty concealable underneath his t-shirts and hoodies.

Tyler and him hadn't spoken about their conversation since that night. Both of them were pretty embarassed and shaken up after it, though for slightly different reasons.

Derek lifted his fat and let it settle again, pondering. Was he beginning to waddle a bit more with each step? Could he still button a pair of his old jeans, the ones that had stayed in his dresser since he had practically arrived at the school? Would... would Tyler... find him attractive?

As he reached for a t-shirt and pulled it on, he continued to think about the brown-haired boy. In a few months, Tyler would be done with the school. He'd be eighteen. And he'd leave.

Derek had thought more and more about those feelings, the attraction to guys. Did he want to let Tyler, probably the only sincere buddy he'd ever known, leave? Heck, Tyler was practically his best friend. And with each passing week, his desires continued to grow along with his waistline.

One time, Tyler had actually changed in front of him! Well, everything except his briefs. But from a few averted glances, he managed to catch quite a view. Tyler was pretty buff! His strong biceps, his thick thighs... the curve of his sculpted ass...

Derek had wanted so badly to touch him that night. He wanted to feel Tyler's chest, his arms, his rear... he wanted to feel what is would be like to be like to be intimate with his buddy.

Still, he couldn't bring himself to come clean. And Tyler seemed completely oblivious. Albeit, it was Derek's fault for hiding both his true sexuality, his true feelings, and the result of his added thirty or so pounds.

He remembered Mike D, Tyler's crush. Compared to Mike's champion gut, Derek merely had a small paunch.

He knew what Tyler liked. Maybe... maybe if he gained a bit more weight. Then he could show off his belly to Tyler, break down his defenses. Then... then maybe...

After throwing on a baggy hoody, Derek headed out of his room towards the cafeteria. He had a goal to achieve.

An hour later, Derek was back in his room, reclining in a chair with his hands on his stomach. A painful sounding belch ripped through the air, followed by several more monster eructations, heard clearly even down the hall of the dormitory. His gut was huge! For Derek, it seemed almost disproportional to his body, solid and hard and full of almost two medium pizzas.

"Fuck," Derek said as he felt another burp rumble it's way up. Even in his contests with Tyler he hadn't consumed so much food at once!

So for the rest of the night, he sat digesting his large meal.

And for the next few weeks, he continued this tradition of stuffing himself and resting it off back in his room. When he'd hang out with Tyler, he continued hiding his gain and his stuffing habits. He didn't feel he was big enough and he was still nervous.

And as Tyler's remaining months counted down, Derek's belly continued to grow at a rapid pace. In the amount of time it took to put on ten pounds before, he had gained fifteen more. And before he knew it, he had to wear a hoody at all times, for even his shirts could no longer hide his fat belly. Luckily his hoodies did an excellent job of hiding his large gut. So with minimal self-conscious, he continued to eat almost five meals a day, stuffing down as much as humanly possible. He didn't really have any close friends except for Tyler at the school, so his habits went pretty 
unnoticed by people.

Only in the solitude of his room would the true results of his eating habits be bared. In only his unconstricting athletic pants, he let his stomach hang out completely. After a day of constantly gorging and being stuffed to his limit, he'd lounge around lazily as he digested.

With his changes in size, a few other changes were occurring. First off, Derek noticed that he had a lot more gas since he had gotten fatter. He couldn't even walk more than a few minutes before he'd feel the need to belch loudly. He also was realizing all the things Tyler had gone on about that night several months ago. He did have an added sway to his walk to offset his constantly stuffed gut, he knew he would have no chance of squeezing into any of his old jeans, and none of his shirts could contain his belly anymore. He was also coming to realize what Tyler had thought was erotic about bigger guys. Derek was beginning to really enjoy his larger size. Pretty soon though, he wouldn't be able to hide the full extent of his gain from Tyler. Once or twice Tyler would mention how Derek looked a little bigger, or a little beefier, but Derek would quickly brush it off and change the subject.

He didn't know how obvious his gain had been until the school doctor called him into his office one day. Nervous as hell, realizing what the doctor was probably going to berate him about, Derek hadn't eaten anything all day thus far. He showed up with his belly completely empty, and was a little surprised at how far his gut still hung out.

Sure enough, the doctor politely asked Derek to drop to his skivvies. 

First he dropped his pants, and then he pulled off his hoody, followed by his t-shirt. There he stood, completely exposed for the first time outside of the privacy of his own room, and he felt his face burning up. Without saying a word as to the reason for requesting the appointment, the doctor proceeded to ask Derek to step on the scale.

"205," the doctor announced. Derek's eyes widened. He had no scale, and no idea to find out how much he had actually gained. He was almost exactly "Fifty pounds heavier than when you first came to this school. Do you realize this?"

Derek couldn't make a motion to respond. He didn't know how to.

"It isn't healthy, you know," the doctor said. "I suggest you start cutting back, for your own sake, please."

Derek looked at the doctor for a moment.

"That's all, I guess. I won't pester you too much. You've been a good guy here, I know. It was just brought to my attention that you had been putting on more than little weight. You can leave."

And Derek did. 

After a few minutes of walking however, Derek forgot all about the doctor.
Tyler turned a corner, and waved to his dark-haired buddy. 

"Up for a bite?" Tyler asked.

After both felt thoroughly sated, Derek suggested they head to the ledge they usually hang out at. 

After a few moments of silence at the ledge, Tyler blasted a raunchy fart, followed by laughter from both guys.

Derek proceeded to top Tyler with a monster blast of his own.

"Fuck dude," Tyler chuckled, fanning the air around him. "You've been getting ridiculous, man. When did you learn to blast 'em like that?"

Derek pulled off his hoody, leaned back, and lifted up his shirt, exposing to Tyler for the first time, the huge gut that he had worked so hard to gain. He rested a hand on it and rumbled up a manly belch.

"I dunno man. I've been getting so fat lately, I just can't help it. I eat so much, and I just gotta let 'em loose, ya know?"

He waited for Tyler to respond to his display.

For a minute, there was silence between the two guys. Tyler just gazed in awe at his buddy's big sexy belly.

"Holy... fuck, man. How'd you... you've... you're so--"

"--fat?" Derek said, cutting him off. "Yeah, you could say that."

"Hot," Tyler corrected him. "Could I?" he asked, like a young child in a toy store.

Derek was filled with quite a rush. He could feel that he held the power of the situation. Tyler wanted him.

"Go ahead," Derek answered, slapping his gut.

Slowly, Tyler reached a trembling hand out, and Derek felt his fingers graze his stomach for just a moment before he felt both hands begin rubbing, squeezing, and hefting his gut.

"You are... man, Derek, I mean... wow! I can't believe it."

"Keep going, dude. That feels good."

"I dunno, man. If I keep goin'--"

"Keep it up," Derek said sternly. Tyler knew then, without Derek having to say anything. In a second he had moved over and was straddling Derek's reclining form. The sun was setting, and it was impossible for either of the boys to be seen in the grove behind the ledge. 

Tyler kept up his worship of Derek's magnificent belly, and Derek continued belching or letting loose a loud fart every few minutes in response to Tyler's shaking and kneading of his overstuffed midsection.

Tyler leaned forward, pressing his hard member against Derek's own as he simultaneously pressed his lips against Derek's. As they kissed, Tyler grabbed a hold of each of Derek's budding love handles, making a grinding motion with his hard body as they kissed.

"How did you get so big? I knew you had been putting on a little weight, but my God!"

"I... I knew what you liked, I guess. Mike, for example. I wanted you, and I wanted you to want me, like you wanted him. So... this fucker is for you I guess," Derek said, burping loudly as he grabbed the side of his gut with his right hand.

"Forget Mike, buddy. Fuck him. You are--"

"--fuck me," Derek said, pleadingly. Tyler stopped for a second and looked into Derek's eyes.

"You'd be..."

"What?" asked Tyler. "I'd be what?"


Tyler smiled and his entire face lit up.

"Same here, buddy. Same here."


Awww. Cute, no? Wishful thinking.

Blech, sodder off then. :P

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