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Dolly Madison

Brian had never been the athletic type, but he decided to join a gym in order to get in shape. He went through the orientation, got weighed in, and was set up on a program to get him started. The instructor started him out on an aerobic program in order to burn the fat he had gained since he started working at Dolly Madison as one of their drivers. He also set out a plan for Brian of what to eat and what not to eat which was going to be difficult since he liked to eat pastries all day long while driving.

After doing the lifecycle for about 15 minutes the first day, Brian decided to stick his nose in the free weight room. There were more hunky dudes in that room alone than Brian had seen in a lifetime of stud-watching. He saw one in particular that caught his eye whose name was Tom, and Brian went into a trance just staring at this hunk. Tom was 6'1" and weighed about 190 lbs.

He had a 50 inch chest, 32 inch waist, 19 inch arms, small hips, a tight butt, great tan, shoulder length blonde hair, and a very cocky attitude.

Suddenly Tom turned around and noticed Brian staring at him. He went straight over to Brian.

"Hey you fat pig faggot! What you staring at??"

Brian snapped out of his trance and felt very embarrassed.

"Er ah, nothing. I just ...."

"You just what, faggot? Hey guys look at this fat piece of shit. He doesn't belong here. What's the matter jelly belly, can't push away from the table in time? Look at that pile of blubber. What do you weigh, fatboy?"

"About 300??"

Brian just wanted to find a hole and crawl in. He was mad, but he knew that if he said anything that this guy would tear him limb from limb. Even Tom's friends tried to get him to leave Brian alone, but he persisted. Brian just backed his way out of the weight room and literally ran for the door. Tom just stood there and laughed.

On his way home, Brian thought about what a jerk this guy was. However he was not going to let that discourage him from getting in shape. The next day after work, Brian returned to the gym but decided not to go anywhere near the free weight room. He was riding the lifecycle when suddenly he felt his shirt being lifted up, and a hot sweaty hand grabbed the roll of fat around his belly.

"Hey, everyone. Can you believe it? Look at this blob of blubber this guy calls abs! Watch they jiggle like jello. He's even got tits!!"

Brian recognized this voice as the one of his tormentor from the night before.

"Come on man, I'm not bothering you," Brian pleaded.

"Oh yes you are, fatboy," and Tom tore Brian's shirt off exposing his flabby upper body.

Brian was totally embarrassed as his fat shook in public. He felt like everyone was laughing at him when in reality everyone thought that Tom was a total jerk. At that moment Tom grabbed the back of Brian's gym shorts and pulled them down.

"Look at that fat ass! What a fat faggot!"

Just then the manager came over.

"Tom! Knock it off!"

It was too late though. Brian was out the door totally red from embarrassment.

"I was just having a little fun with the guy," Tom said with his usual cocky attitude.

Brian was totally pissed off. He wished that someone would teach that guy a lesson. Little did he know that he would have the opportunity to be that someone.

Brian worked late one evening. As he backed his truck into the alleyway that lead to the street, he noticed that someone was lying in the alley right behind this bar. Being the nice guy that he is, Brian went over to see if he could help the guy. As he approached, he noticed that the guy was face down.

He shook him to try and wake him up, but it was to no avail. He was totally passed out drunk. He rolled him over, and much to his surprise, it was Tom!

"I'm just going to leave this idiot here in the alley," Brian thought.

Then a thought crossed Brian's mind. It was so unlike him that it shocked him that he would even think of it.

"I'm going to show this guy what it's like to be made fun of and humiliated," Brian thought.

He struggled but got Tom into his truck. With a rope that he had, he tied Tom's hands and blindfolded him with the T-shirt he had under his work shirt.

Before he turned his truck in, he went past his apartment and parked in the alley behind it. By this time, Tom was a little coherent, and with Brian's help could walk a little. Brian helped Tom into his apartment telling him that he had fallen and hurt his head and that there was a bandage on his head that prevented him from seeing. Tom was still too drunk to realize that his hands were tied. Once Brian got him inside, he managed to get Tom onto the scale.

"Hmm, 190. Not for long!" Brian thought.

He then took him to the extra bedroom, put him in the bed, and tied his hands and feet to the bedposts. Brian took his delivery truck back to work and returned as fast as he could. With him he brought about 3 bags of Dolly Madison pastries.

When he went into the bedroom, Tom was beginning to stir.

"Hey, what the hell is going on here?" he demanded.

Brian opened a box of donuts and placed one at Tom's mouth.

"Eat," he said.

"Smells like donuts. I don't eat donuts. I'm a body builder. Forget it! And let me up!"

"No, I won't let you up, and if you don't eat, I'll squeeze your balls till they hurt."

"What! Are you crazy? Let me up you asshole!"

"OK, I warned you."

Brian squeezed Tom's balls, and hard too! Tom let out a yell of pain.

"OK, OK. I'll eat it, I'll eat it!"

Brian fed it to him. He would try to talk to Tom using only one word sentences.

"Faster," Brian said. "Another. Again."

"No! No more. I won't do it," Tom protested.

"OK," Brian said as he gave Tom's balls a good squeeze.

Tom yelled and opened his mouth for another donut. This kept up until all the pastries that Brian had brought home were gone. Then Brian put a gag in Tom's mouth and turned the light off.

Brian ran to the store trying to think of all the fattening foods he could think of. As he was driving down the street he saw a billboard with a bodybuilder on it advertising weight gain powder. A thought crossed Brian's mind. "Besides all the fattening foods I can think of, I bet that weight gain shakes would really bring about a change in this guy. Especially if he's not working out!"

Brian bought all sorts of fattening foods; pizza, lasagna, pasta dishes, cookies, cakes, ice cream, half and half.......well you get the picture. On his way home, he stopped by a health food store and bought some MegaMass 3000. He figured a few of these shakes each day mixed with half and half and ice cream ought to do a good job for what he was planning.

Brian got home and fixed the lasagna. He melted butter and extra cheese over it and took it into Tom.

"Open," he said.

"What is it?" Tom asked.


"Not till you tell me what it is," Tom protested.

Brian reached down and squeezed the hell out of his balls. As before, Tom's mouth flew open. Brian stuffed it with lasagna....the whole casserole dish full. When he got done, he fixed Tom a weight gain shake and made him drink it. By now Tom had learned not to ask any questions when he heard the command "eat" or "open."

After Brian stuffed Tom each night, he would take off to work out at the gym. He knew that he would have peace and quiet as he worked out because the trouble maker would not be there. When he got home from the gym, Brian would fix Tom some dessert and another weight gain shake. In the morning, he would feed Tom his Dolly Madison breakfast of about 3 bags of the most fattening pastries followed by a weight gain shake. At lunch, Brian would come home to feed Tom a bunch of greasy fast food that he had picked up and fix him a weight gain shake.

After the first week, Brian began to notice the difference in the cocky stud's body. His washboard abs were totally covered over by a soft layer of fat and there was the beginning of an overlap on his sides. His pecs were beginning to soften up too. Meanwhile, Brian went to the gym faithfully every night. He began to notice the change in his own body too. His middle was firming up and his butt was getting smaller.

Brian kept this routine up. After about a month, there was quite a difference in Tom's physique. He was beginning to look like someone who had rarely seen the inside of a gym. Brian was curious as to how much Tom weighed, but how could he find out without Tom putting up a fuss. He remembered Tom's condition the first night he brought him home and decided to get him drunk. After Tom was quite drunk, Brian untied him and stood him up on the scale. 232!!! Brian was proud of his work. He noticed as Tom stood there that his belly and pecs sagged quite a bit. He was also getting some good sized love handles. Brian smiled at his handiwork.

"Well, fatboy, this is just the beginning for you. I think it's time to give you Brian's special super-blimp treatment," he said under his breath.

Brian tied him back onto the bed and went into the kitchen to make a weight gain shake. As soon as Tom woke up, he made him drink it. Brian decided to experiment and give Tom twice as many weight gain shakes each day. So instead of getting one shake four times per day, he got two shakes four times per day. Besides the calories, Brian figured it would be good to stretch his gut out so he could hold more and more.

By the middle of the next month, Tom could not fit in the clothing he was wearing when he first got to Brian's house. Even with the shirt unbuttoned and the pants open, he couldn't fit. He had also burst through the briefs he was wearing. Brian decided that he might as well lie there naked, so he got rid of all Tom's clothing. Brian couldn't help but notice that Tom looked hot even though he was getting fat as a hog. He reached down and touched his once hard pecs. They were soft to his touch and shook like jello as did Tom's big growing belly. His inner thighs were getting soft and spreading to the point that they would touch each other. Brian could feel something stiffening in his pants.

That evening, Brian brought in Tom's dinner.

"Eat," said Brian.

Tom had learned that he had better respond quickly or there was going to be pain. As Tom was chewing a huge bite that Brian had given him, Brian reached down and stroked Tom's cock. At first Tom jumped expecting to feel pain, but then realized that the touch was gentle.

"What are you doing?" Tom yelled. "First you kidnap me and feed me who knows what to the point that I don't even know what I look like anymore. And now you want me to be your little queer? No way! Let me up!"

"Shut up!"

"No, I won't shut up! Take this blindfold off me and ..."

Just then that old familiar pain of having his balls squeezed returned. It hadn't happened in a long time. It really hurt. Brian decided he'd better act fast. He stuffed a load of food in Tom's mouth, and while he was chewing, Brian went down on the former muscle boy. Tom got hard and began to moan as he chewed. Brian wanted him to relate cooperation with pleasure.

Besides that, he enjoyed playing with Tom's hot cock. Tom writhed with dubious pleasure as he ate and finally shot his load. Brian stuffed the remainder of his dinner down him and fed him his two weight gain shakes.

This routine went on for a few more months. All the while, Brian was tracking Tom's weight and size. The next weigh-in Tom had reached 267. The one after that 291, and all the while the layer of soft blubber that was coating his once hard body was getting thicker and thicker. Tom's gut became huge and soft as did his pecs. He had grown enormous love handles, and his butt had spread out and become mush. Brian was proud of his work and was totally enjoying turning the hot stud into a soft fat blubber boy. He was also enjoying servicing him as he watched his belly shake every time he went down on him. Brian also realized, though, that all good things must come to an end. He decided that when Tom reached 325 that he would end his little adventure.

During this time, Brian's body had become quiet hard and fit. He wasn't a muscle boy yet, but he was well on his way. His abs, chest, and butt were now hard as a rock and his arms had increased in size. He was becoming the stud that Tom used to be.

For the next month, Brian worked extra hard on his own body and on Tom's.

He had now upped Tom's weight gain shakes to three per session. That really seemed to kick in the weight gain for Tom. He packed it on faster than ever.

Brian thought back on how Tom had taunted him at the gym, and now Tom was fatter than Brian had ever been. At the end of the month, Brian was really looking quite the stud. He decided it was time to weigh Tom to see if he had reached 325 yet. After he got him drunk, he helped the fat ex-body builder onto the scale. Wow! Those extra weight gain shakes had done more than he has thought. Tom now weighed 343 lbs. There was absolutely no way anyone could have ever known that Tom was once a body builder. He was a pile of soft mushy fat. His once hard pecs were now soft huge tits that sat on his 62" belly. With every step he took, he shook like a big bowl of jello.

There wasn't a part of him that wasn't covered by fat.

Brian decided that early that Saturday morning would be a good time to let Tom go. He had it all planned out. He was going to give Tom some pills to make him sleep. He had this pair of skimpy shorts he was going to dress Tom in so that it showed off his massive rolls of fat. At about 4:00 Tom was out like a light. Brian took him down to the gym and leaned his massive soft body up against the wall. It looked like a beached whale. The pills he had given to Tom just kept him asleep.

A few hours later, the manager of the gym showed up. He saw Tom lying there and just figured it was a homeless person.........probably homeless because there wasn't a home big enough for him. Brian arrived a few minutes after the gym had opened only to find Tom still asleep on the sidewalk. He stopped in the lobby to talk with the manager who he had become good friends with.

At that moment, Tom staggered through the doorway of the gym, his body looking like a big pile of fat shaking back and forth.

"Hey, Steve," Tom said to the manager.

"Who are you?" asked the manager.

"It's me, Tom!"

"Oh my! What the hell happened to you????"

"You wouldn't believe it but somebody kidnapped me and forced me to eat like crazy and I got this way!!"

"Wait, wait ... someone forced you to eat and you got this fat?? Yeah, right. You look like a fat pig! I can't believe it! Hey everyone, Tom's back...........way back!!! What a fatboy! Look at that belly jiggle."

Suddenly people who had remembered Tom gathered around. They all remembered his rude cockiness above all, but there was nothing cocky about him now.

"He says that someone kidnapped him and made him into this big fat blimp! Can you believe it?? I bet he just started eating and couldn't get control and then the fat just took over.....and did it take over!!"

The whole gym was in an uproar about Tom. Most people took pleasure in the fact that the once hot cocky stud was now a pile of blubber. Laughter and comments echoed through the gym lobby. People grabbing Tom's rolls and seeing how much they could make them jiggle. The place was a total commotion, except for Brian. He just stood there and watched everyone dish out to Tom the treatment that Tom had dished out to him a few months ago.

"That will teach you to mess with a fatboy," Brian thought with a sheepish grin.

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