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Doughboys Part 2

Frank found himself dizzy as he pulled Nick's shorts down and the man's chubby wet cock sprang up to meet his lips.

"I've fed you. I've taken care of you. I made you fat. Show Nick how much you like him, will you do that?"
Frank didn't answer but began sucking with long sensual strokes, burying his face in all the warm soft flesh of Nick's hips and underbelly and then slowly drawing himself up, making sure to flick the flared head with his tongue before swallowing it again, and again, and again. Nick's fingers found their way under Frank's shirt, cupping Frank's tits, plucking at the swollen nipples.
"I made these titties," Nick growled affectionately, and then squeezing the roll of flesh just below them, he said, "And I made this, too." And then grabbing a handful of lovehandle, "And this - " and sticking his paw down the back of Frank's shorts and holding one of his cheeks like a prize, "And this beautiful ass, too. I want to see if you can get as big as me. Would you do that for me?"
Frank nodded, hynotized, stimulated, entranced, increasing the rhythm of his cocksucking in response to Nick's relentless fondling. 
"Would you try to get as big as me? Hit 300. Maybe more." Nick lowered his voice to a rough whisper and closed his eyes, leaning his head back. "That would make me so happy, Frank. Watching you get huge and round and beautiful, and knowing it was my food that did it."
At that point Frank would have agreed to anything and like a switch had flipped somewhere deep inside of him, he found himself suddenly all over the fat man, his hands furiously grabbing, caressing, poking while his mouth, trained by now for nothing but pleasure, began bringing Nick closer and closer to the point of no return. He was hysterical with lust, and the whole car began to shake and bounce as the two big guys inside got closer and closer to their destiny.
"Come on, Frank. Eat my body. Show me you love all this fat. Show me you want to be this fat. Show me. Feed on me." Nick was gritting his teeth, barely able to speak, his hips now throwing themselvs forward automatically, his big soft body quivering wildly, engulfing Frank's face with every thrust. 
"I knew you wanted this. I knew it. . . . I knew it. . . ."
And with a long, loud moan, Nick braced himself against the floor of the car, rigid as a statue. Frank realized it must have been a long time since Nick had been with a guy because his semen was thick, plentiful and almost endless, challenging Frank to gulp it down. It was like being forcefed a milkshake from a firehose and burying his nose into the yielding pad of fat around Nick's cock, Frank stopped breathing for a minute to get it all inside him, without spilling a drop. Nick's hand felt heavy on the back of his head, and the orgasm lasted a very long time, much longer than Frank had ever experienced with any guy he had ever been with. All the sexplay at Doughboy's had to be on the sly, but here, with this enormous sexed-up hunk of a chef, they could take their time, and they did. Almost at the end of Nick's orgasm, Frank found himself spontaneously wanting to continue it, and so with a few deft thrusts of his cock against his soft roll of his own belly, crammed down as it was by his leaning over onto the head of his prick, Frank made himself come in his shorts. Despite his own breathless state, Nick caught on quickly to what Frank was doing and with equal deftness, began gently pinching the fat on the top of Frank's ass cheeks, hard enough to make Frank jerk but not enough to cause him pain. Convulsive gasps shot out of the younger man from this intense stimulation in back and in front, a series of sharp "oh's" when he realized that getting as big as he had meant that there were all sorts of new sensations and that guys like Nick knew that and knew how to use it.
It was many, many minutes before they recovered, soaked in sweat and semen and lust and hunger and desire, unable to move. Nick chuckled eventually and shifted his weight, tousling Frank's hair affectionately. "You are welcome to stay, you know, bud."
Frank felt himself dropping off to sleep even as they spoke, his whole face resting against the abundant pillow of Nick's furry gut. "Guess I should, huh? If you think we could get any sleep."
And again, Nick just chuckled. . . 
Frank didn't get home until noon the next day, between the long lingering sexplay in bed with his huge new lover, the equally long lingering breakfast they had to have, Nick whipping up waffles, eggs, fruit salad and delicious heady mimosas, which got them tipsy enough for another couple of rounds in bed, feeding hungrily off each other's bodies and desire. Finally, knowing he had to at least get himself a fresh pair of shorts, Frank managed very unwillingly to escape Nick's substantial embrace and get himself home.
What he found there surprised him. Expecting to find David in bed, because his roommate rarely rose before noon, instead David was up and shirtless, reading the paper at the kitchen table, his well-developed beer gut hanging out over a pair of white briefs. "Guess I'm not getting my free pizza, am I?" he said, sounding half-teasing, half-annoyed.
Frank raised his eyebrows. "Sorry. I had other business to attend to."
David reached over and poked his roommate in the belly. "I bet you did, Doughboy. I bet you did." He kept poking Frank's fat, as Frank stood there, trying to figure out what was going on.
"You pissed, Dave? I mean, I know I've been bringing home those pizzas. . . ."
"Fuck, man," David took his full hand and affectionately patted the sides of Frank's new belly. "You been bringing them home, all right, in the box and on your gut. I told you. I told you you'd be a doughboy like the rest of them."
Frank couldn't help but laugh. "You did. You have ESP, don't you."
"So what's the weight these days? Huh? What you packing?"
Frank shrugged. "Don't know." Then feeling a little spunky after last night, he said, "Probably more than you, toothpick."
David snickered. "I doubt it, baby. But let's see."
And with that he got up and went toward his bedroom, with Frank following. "Time for a weigh-in."
Even after all the sex with Nick last night, Frank felt his belly tighten in excitement, thinking about how hot it would be to find he was outweighing his chunky slob of a roomate, the two of them stripping off and going to belly to belly for the first time in their lives. 
But when he followed David into the bedroom, he got the surprise of his life. There, on the dresser, on the bed, even on the night table, Frank saw that David had arranged a huge feast of all of Frank's favorites - boxes of jelly donuts, bowls of cereals with cartons of milk, a foot high pile of brownies, bags of potato chips, mounds of sliced roastbeef with a couple dozen soft rolls, even a few open 5-lb boxes of chocolate candy, from which David himself had eaten a couple already.
"When you didn't come home, last night, I knew I had to take radical action." David was standing there naked already in front of the bed, a roaring hard-on below his bloated belly making clear his intentions.
Frank was stunned. "You mean. . . ."
"That's right, fatboy. I want you, and there's no way I'm going to let any of those doughboys get you. I don't care, man. Now that you've finally let yourself go, I want you to myself. On the scale."
Frank walked over to the scale as if in a dream. He stepped on it. It read "253." 
"That's how many pounds in a month, Frankie. Almost 35, right? 50 since you started."
Frank's mouth was watering as the aroma of all the baked goods and the realization of his roommate's desire for him finally hit. He didn't even step off the scale.
"God almighty. You mean, all this time, David. . . ."
David came up behind Frank and began stroking Frank's belly, making the needle of the scale jump wildly below them as they stared at each other in the mirror in front of them.
"That's right. I see I've got some stiff competition, too. Who was it? Pete? Danny?"
Frank was breathless. "No it was Nick." He replied mechanically, unable to believe his good fortune.
David took a jelly donut off the nearby table and lifted it up to Frank's mouth, which opened of its own accord, conditioned by now to accept whatever was being given him. "Stiff competition, all right. But let me tell you, baby, I'm going to do whatever it takes. Hear me?"
Which was when Frank started to laugh hysterically, still not moving off the scale, his cheeks crammed full of the sweet rich donut. "I can't believe this. I just can't fucking believe this."
"Believe it, Frankie. Believe it. Now that you are turning into the doughboy I always hoped you'd be, I'm going to let anyone else enjoy it. And this is going to be the only way to have you for myself, won't it?" David was very serious and reached seductively for another donut.
What did he have to lose? Fed at home by his roommate, stuffed at work by the chef and all the other doughboys, Frank looked at himself in the mirror, leaning back and rubbing that big groaning belly that was sticking out and just laughed. "Yup, David. That's the only way. 300 pounds - here I come." The third jelly donut tasted like heaven 

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