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Fact and Fiction

Kevin, a chubby 21-year-old, stands in the isle of Virgin Megastore studying a new DVD on the shelf in front of him.

Out of the corner of his eye he sees a large shape loom. He casually turns his head to look and suddenly his jaw drops. Standing beside him also looking at DVDs is a behemoth of a young man.

The guy is in his 20s and around 5'8" tall. He wears baggy dark-blue jeans and a navy blue sweat shirt hoodie. What is most remarkable about him though, is his sheer massive bulk. The young man is amazingly fat, mind numbingly wide, and perfectly proportioned in every way. On top of thick, tree-trunk legs sits a gigantic torso with large love-handles, fat chubby breasts, and a round, soft belly that hangs down over his thighs. His hoodie strains to contain the fat mass of his gut, which threatens to fall out of the tightly stretched fabric. The guy's face is young and cherubic with round cheeks and a large double chin. His brown hair is casually messy, and nicely groomed sideburns finish off his look.

Kevin can only gape in awe as he stares at his ideal mate.

The huge young man seems not to notice Kevin at all, and does not raise his head to meet Kevin's dumbfounded stare.

Kevin forces his eyes back down to the DVDs, but they can no longer sustain his interest. Keeping his head down, his eyes dart back to the immense young man standing beside him. He can only see from the ground up to the guy's chest without lifting his head and making it too obvious that he is checking him out, so he concentrates on the great glory of belly taking up most of the isle beside him.

In admiration mixed with a hint of jealousy, Kevin notices the indentation where the hugging fabric dips into the young man's belly button. His eyes follow the flowing curves of the outline of the belly, noting each roll and bulge with pleasure.

Then, like a great tractor backing up, the fat young man begins to move. Each heavy step sends tremors through the guy's soft flesh as he slowly waddles away from Kevin towards the escalator.

Kevin watches him leave, a great sadness from words unsaid and unfulfilled potential floods through him.

Casually, Kevin looks up at the escalator and a second amazing sight fills his view. The young man rides up the escalator over top of where Kevin stands, and from this vantage point Kevin is looking at the under-side of the fat guy's enormous overhanging belly. As he looks up, Kevin sees that it is completely exposed, the sweat shirt hoodie unable to cover all its swollen beauty. Smooth, bloated pink fat hangs in full view, looking tender and tempting.

As the young man disappears from view, Kevin gathers his courage. He can no longer just stand and stare without even TRYING to talk to this person that embodies his idea of physical perfection. He leaves the isle of DVDs and rides the escalator up.


It only takes a second before Kevin finds the subject of his attraction -a person of that size is often hard to miss.

Slowly he makes his way to the fat guy's side, looking over rows of Cds that don't interest him along the way. Only one thing is on his mind, to not let this amazing guy get away without having tested the waters.

The two stand side by side. Both fat in their own right, but looking like Laurel and Hardy in comparison. Kevin takes a deep breath and then-

I suppose it would be socially unacceptable to tell you I think you're really attractive?

The words hang stale in the air.

The large young man has stopped moving, his hand paused in mid-air from reaching to grab a CD from the shelf.

In a moment that feels like eternity, the fat guy slowly turns his head and looks at Kevin for the first time.

Then, his eyes travel up and down Kevin's own chubby body, as they try to figure out who this person who has opened their heart to him is.

Kevin knows he should not have opened his mouth. He knows he should have stayed silent. Knows that he has offended the sensibilities of this gorgeous person.

One side of the young man's mouth twitches, slowly growing into a smile.

That doesn't mean I wouldn't appreciate the compliment.


Kevin begins to smile too.

I'm pretty hungry. Would you consider grabbing something to eat with me?

The hand of the young man that was frozen in air drops as he places it over his gargantuan gut. He gives his fat a small shake, which sends ripples through his body.

I would love to get something to eat.

Kevin holds out his hand for a handshake. The young man accepts.

I'm Kevin, by the way.

Chris. Nice to meet you Kevin.


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