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Fat Friends Forever
As Simon woke up that morning, he groaned and thought of just what he did last night. Oh how he wished he could do it all over again. Before things get complicated, we'll skip back to last night

Now Simon was fat, always had been and intended on always being fat. To be exact he was 250 pounds and was 5ft 9, so he had a big, round belly that stood out like a massive beach ball. He had soft boobs too, that were about the size of a small ball (about ½ the size of a football or soccer ball for the Americans). His legs carried a great deal of fat too, as did his chunky feet and arms. His neck had disappeared many years ago and his thighs rubbed together a bit when he walked. He wasn't ashamed of his fat, so he never cared what everyone else thought of him, he even got a little excited if someone called him a name that had something to do with his size. Basically, he was fat, and loved it.

Now, about the night before. Simon had one friend, Sam, who also was fat, but was only 210 pounds. He was up from 160 a year ago, so he was doing well.

Both the boys were 15 and were half-way through puberty. Simon often got invited to Sam's house because Sam's mum worked late and they had the kitchen to themselves, so they took advantage of this every night. Sam's mum would leave them with some money to buy a pizza or something each night as she knew both boys had humongous appetites. Sam had only been fat for the past 3 years because his mum started her new late night job back then and she left him with a house full of food every night. This particular night, Simon went to Sam's house straight after school and both the boys began to start what they had planned all week.

They took all the fatty frozen stuff out of the freezer and stuck it in the microwave and the oven, so they could have hot food later. Then Sam took the lower cupboards and Simon did the upper ones (because he was taller) and they pulled out as much food as they could get their hands on. They dumped the contents of their raid on the kitchen table and mixed up a 2 litre bottle of double thick chocolate milk each and sat at the table.

I think you can guess what happens from this point, but I'll write it anyway.
They dug in like they hadn't eaten for weeks, shoving fists full of crisps (chips), chips (fries), burgers, biscuits, chocolate and anything else they could find into their mouths. They ate all the boxes of cereal, without even stopping to put it in a bowl and pour milk over it!

They ate pizza after pizza, burger after burger, they even ate 2 whole chickens between them! Then they downed their chocolate shakes and leaned back on the very creaky chairs.

"Oh my god!" gasped Simon "That was BRILLIANT"

Sam could hardly speak "Oh yeah. I don't think I could eat one more thing!"

"Oh yeah? We'll see!"

Simon's belly had grown so big from their raid his shirt had risen up to reveal his enormous stomach. It was nearly twice the size it was before! Sam felt the same, he thought he couldn't eat another bite. His belly had too grown larger, his looked almost as big as when Simon sat down at the table!
Simon groaned as he struggled to get up from the nearly collapsing chair and some how lumbered over to the cordless phone on the wall. He came back and sat back down on the chair, which was on it's last breath of life and just sat gasping for air for the next 10 minutes. Finally, he picked up the phone and began to dial the number he knew better than his own phone number. Sam had fallen asleep by now, and only heard mutters from Simon, although he woke with a start when he heard the doorbell ring. Simon's eyes lit up at the sound of this and stood up so fast that the chair finally broke under the boy's enormous weight. He was in such a hurry, he didn't have time to worry about it. He waddled back into the kitchen and dropped a huge steaming bag onto the table, then went back to collect three equally large bags and placed them next the first.

"Simon, is this what I think it is?" gasped Sam.

"You betcha! I ordered food from as many fast food places as I could think of and got them to deliver it here!" said Simon.

Once again, the boys dug into the mountain of food as if they never ate the first lot. They ate pizzas, chips (fries), and southern fried chicken by the bucket, Chinese takeaways galore and any other takeaway service you can think of.

By the end of all this, the two boys bellies had grown to enormous proportions.

Simon's belly stuck out a full 3ft in front of him and his shirt and trousers (pants) had ripped long ago and he just lay down on the floor, gasping for breath.

Sam had outdone himself. His belly was also a full 3 ft in front of him and looked about the same size as Simon!

His chair gave up and broke as he leaned back do he could breathe, he had so many chins they were crushing his throat!

Half an hour later, the two boys managed to pull them selves into the living room and lie down on the carpet as apposed to the cold kitchen lino.
Simon was sweating like a pig from the move to the living room, Sam the same. They lay there for a further ½ an hour.
"Boy was that GOOD" sighed Sam "I think we should do this every night, and see who can gain the most weight, what do you think?"
Simon didn't need to think twice "every night? DEFINETLY!"

And there and then they vowed to be fat friends forever

A year later, Simon had gone from 250 to a whopping 400 pounds! He was huge! And Sam was doing just as well. He had gone from 210 to 420!! Even more than Simon had!!

From then on, they grew up together, gaining more and more weight and eventually they moved in together and decided to open a gaining to site to share their experiences with the rest of the fat community.
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