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Fatten up babe! P1
Daniel Peterson is walking to his dorm when all of a sudden he runs into a cute girl. She is tall, blonde hair, blue eyes and has a little belly.
Hi. Daniel saysshe says hi back. What's your name? My name is Emma. My name is Daniel.
Over the weeks Daniel and Emma start to become friends. By the end of the term they are boyfriend and girlfriend. Soon after college is after, they buy a small apartment. They spend the nights "cuddling". Emma usually made dinner. Daniel loved her cooking and would often get seconds. About two months after they moved into the apartment Daniel was starting to develop a belly. It wasn't very noticeable but it was still there. Emma was starting to notice it at night when Daniel would lay on top off her that he was getting a little heavier. Emma secretly liked it. She started making extra food for supper and made fattening desserts. Daniel asked why she was making so much food. Emma got red and said that that way they have leftovers. But good god most nights there weren't any left. E
Emma started to notice that Daniel,s belly was swelling. After college Daniel had weighed about 148 pounds at 5 10' . Now he weighed 156 ponds and at 5 11'. Emma started to really like the way Daniel,s mid section was filling out. One morning when Daniel was still sleeping, Emma quietly got out of bed and went into the kitchen. She found some rope and went back into the bedroom. She tied Daniels wrists to the bed and his ankles too. Then she went back into the kitchen and made two gallons of gainer shakes. She made a triple chocolate fudge brownie and a three layer chocolate cake.
Daniel woke up to find his wrists and ankles tied to the bed and Emma looming over him. She had a tube with some kind of brown liquid.
"Feeding time!" Emma says.
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