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Fatten up babe! P2
Feeding time! Says Emma Daniel just looks at her. Real funny, Daniel says. Now come on and untie me of these ropes. This isn't a joke Emma says. Daniel got a look of fear in his eyes. Now you lay back down and enjoy the ride! And with that Emma sticks the tube of brown liquid in Daniels mouth and all Daniel can do is swallow. Wide eyed at everything.

After about a half hour of the brown liquid, Emma gives Daniel a break. About a half hour later she comes in with the triple fudge brownies. She starts shoving the pan down Daniels throat. After Daniel finishes the pan, he falls asleep. After about a week of force feeding Daniel, Emma decides to untie him and weigh Daniel was now up to 169 pounds. This wasn't going as fast as Emma wanted it to. That just encouraged Emma to keep going. She doubled on the brown liquid and made bowls and Bowles of bacon. One thing she had learned from the months living with Daniel, is that he loved bacon.

After a month of all of this Emma weighed Daniel again and saw that he was up to 189 pounds. Better Emma thought, now for round 2...
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