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Gaining Buddies
As a gainer, there’s nothing more encouraging than the support of another gainer. Through the years and the literally hundreds of pounds I’ve gained, I’ve found that the best encouragers have been other guys who are also packing on the fat. And, of course, I’ve done my best to help them as much as they’ve helped me.

When I first started gaining, I met another beginner named Ed. We were both way too skinny. He weighed 165 and I was 175. Over the course of a year, we both packed on a solid 50 lbs and sprouted decent little ball bellies. Ed was the first person I went with to shop for bigger clothes, and by the time he met his lover, Charles, we were both a few sizes larger than when we began. My 46-inch gut was barely squeezing into 36-inch jeans, and XL shirts were beginning to feel a bit snug.

My next gaining bud was Kenny, who was close to 300 lbs when we met, making him a good 70 lbs fatter than me. I marveled at how his gut had already developed a substantial sag in the front that folded over his belt buckle. He also had the most massive love handles, which drove me wild! Just looking at him was inspiring, but he was an awesome encourager, too. He and I had many, many intense feeding sessions, and it quickly began to show. Within months, I had grown to just over 300, while Kenny ballooned to 345. His job transferred him to another city, and we sort of lost touch for a couple of years. Last I heard, he was around 450 lbs. I can only imagine how immense his love handles are now!

After Kenny, I was on my own for a while. It’s not as easy to gain without consistent encouragement, although I still managed to grow to 360 over the next couple of years. By this point, my belly was a spherical 57 inches that poured over a 42-inch waist and was barely contained within 3XL shirts. Then I met George.

Tipping the scales at a "mere” 260, George was not nearly as fat as me at this point, but he had gained 100 lbs in less than a year. When he told me this, I was astonished, but he showed me pictures to prove it was true. He was prepared to gain at least another 100 within the next year. I loved his spirit, and I proposed that we issue each other a challenge to see who would pack on the most fat in 12 months. That really got both of us inspired, and it worked! Exactly one year later, George was waddling around weighing 385, but I had gained even more. I now tipped the scale at 507, a gain of close to 150 lbs in twelve months. Fat had accumulated on me everywhere…my belly, of course, but also my chest, my back, my arms, my thighs, my neck. Even my fingers were obese!

In fact, my belly had gotten to be so big it had noticeably begun to sag. A year before, I sported a truly enviable ball belly that protruded in front of me like a solid, if somewhat giggly, globe. With the extra 147 lbs, my gut still stuck out, but it was really beginning to hang down, too. When I stood, I could feel the belly fat pressing against my pelvis, and when I sat, the fat forced my thighs apart and spread over them nearly to my knees.

Because my 70-inch girth extended so low, it was increasingly difficult to find pants that fit below my enormous gut, and almost impossible to buy a shirt that was both wide enough and long enough to encompass all my blubber. Even 5XL t-shirts would ride up to reveal my newly acquired rolls of fat. Not that I minded, most of the time, but it did make me consider buying pants that would fit around my belly (not under it). And that’s how I came to meet Andy.

I was visiting a new big-and-tall shop to check out their selection of size 70 trousers when an incredibly handsome, and gorgeously obese, man entered the store. He looked to be around my size, and in fact he headed over to the same rack I was looking at. He was wearing a crisp pair of khakis that squeezed his mighty circumference. And though a substantial portion of his belly filled out his blue polo shirt, I noticed that plenty more was contained within his khakis. I must have been staring too obviously, but that only prompted Andy to introduce himself.

We seemed to click right away, and I think we both suspected instantly that the other was a fellow gainer. Andy very politely offered to help me select a couple of pairs of pants with elasticized 72-inch waists, explaining to me how they’d be more comfortable and "less confining,” while he himself purchased a pair of 76’s. I then developed the courage to ask him to lunch and suggested a fantastic all-you-can-eat buffet nearby, and he accepted with a hearty laugh that caused his massive abdomen to bounce with delight.

It was over that lunch, which lasted nearly 3 hours, that Andy and I revealed to each other not only our love of food but also our mutual interest in gaining. I told him how I had packed on 330+ lbs in a little over four years. Andy’s story was similar, although he hadn’t had any long-term gaining buddies. Instead, he had more than doubled his weight from 245 to 530 by himself over the course of about five years.

From that point, Andy and I were inseparable. If we weren’t getting together in person to eat, we were on the phone together while we ate, encouraging each other to take another helping, fix another sandwich, or finish off the rest of the goodies in the fridge. Weekends were the best, starting with a Friday night visit to the supermarket to load up on two carts full of delicacies, then spending the next 48 hours at his place or mine stuffing ourselves silly and enjoying the fact that we had found a true soul mate.

The sex wasn’t bad, either. Of course, it was sometimes difficult for two massively obese men to maneuver, but there’s nothing like the feeling of another man’s girth against your own. Just the sensation of so much of Andy’s flesh making contact with vast expanses of my own bulk would send us into spasms of ecstasy, and we often combined eating and sex to the point of simultaneous satiation of both hunger and desire.

Needless to say, our mutual encouragement had immediate and quite noticeable effects. Within weeks, we were back at the big-and-tall store to invest in larger sizes. Buying Andy his first pair of 80-inch pants was a thrill for both of us, and I soon outgrew the old size 76’s he had passed along to me. And as before, I found that I didn’t just grow outward but also downward, with my billowing mountain of man-fat drawn lower by gravity. I grew to love the sensation of my belly bouncing against my thighs with every step, and I loved to catch my reflection in a mirror or store window and admire the wide sphere of soft blubber that pressed against the fabric of my garments. Andy, too, was sporting a larger and larger stomach that extended far and wide.

Eventually, we moved in together, and the two of us have been together now nearly seven years. In that time we’ve each gained more than 300 lbs. Every now and then, the gaining slows down for a bit, but then something re-ignites the desire stronger than ever, and we indulge each other as never before. Together, we weigh more than three-quarters of a ton, and draw plenty of attention when the two of us venture out of the house. That doesn’t happen too much anymore, especially since we began to "sponsor” another gainer couple and invited them to move into our guesthouse. They’re currently less than half our size, but Andy and I are certain they’ll be making substantial progress soon. In the meantime, they shop and cook and attend to us, which will only help add to our latest gains. After all, if Andy and I managed to get to over 800 lbs with just the two of us, imagine how big we can grow with the encouragement of two more gainers!

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