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I was working as an overnight stocker in the candy aisle of a major super store when I first saw him. He came waddling down the aisle, pushing a cart full of fattening foods he had picked up from the grocery section. We made eye contact for about 5 seconds, and then he proceeded to go about choosing his candy. I walked over to him and asked if he needed any help. He asked if I knew what the fattiest candies were, I replied,” I'm not sure, but I'll tell you the ones I like." We then made small talk and I found out his name was Al and he was an at-home computer programmer. As he talked, I admired his enormous belly, which hung over his pants. What made it even more sexy was that his shirt wasn't long enough to cover it all the way and his semi-divided underbelly was showing. He must have noticed my staring because he suddenly pulled his shirt down in an attempt to cover it. "I'm sorry," Al replied, "it's just so big, I wish I didn't have it sometimes." He then looked away and picked up a bag of chocolates to look at its content. "Well," I replied, "if you don't mind me saying, I think it's sexy when a man has a gut as big as yours." Al seemed flattered at the remark and turned a little red. "Thank you," he said, "so, do you think you may want to go out sometime?" Al said, a little quiver in his voice. "I'd love to," I said, very relieved that he asked me first. "How about Friday?" "Sounds good," Al said, "here's my number; call me when you get off work, ok?" "Will do," I replied. He then proceeded to put way more bags of candy than I would have originally thought into his buggy. "Bye," I said. He smiled and waddled off to the checkout lanes. 

On Friday, we met at an all-you-can-eat buffet; it was Al's favorite place to go. I wore my shortest, tightest dress, though I didn't think I needed to impress him much. He wore a pair of dress pants that looked like he may have fit into them comfortably 50 lbs. ago and a nice t-shirt that somewhat showed off his large breasts. I found him exceedingly attractive nonetheless. Because of Al's size, we sat at a table instead of a booth, which didn't bother me at all. We talked all through dinner about all sorts of things. He was starting on his 10th plate when I decided to ask, "So, Al, do you mind me asking how much you weigh?" He obviously knew this question was coming and answered right away, "435 pounds," then kept shoveling food into his mouth like he hadn't eaten in days. "That's cool," I replied. "But," Al said, "I'm what you'd call a gainer, so I'm planning on filling out a lot more." I could tell that's what he was because when we started dinner, his belly was barely touching the table; now it overlapped it so much that he had to hold his plate up to avoid spilling his food on his shirt. "That's alright Al," I said, "the bigger a man is, the more I'm attracted to him." when I said that, Al ate at a faster pace then he had all night, topping off his now 12 plates of food with 8 helpings of dessert. 

After dinner, we chose to meet at his house to watch a movie. After we got inside, Al went straight for the kitchen and fixed himself a triple-decker cold cut sandwich with extra mayo. And served up a whole bag of potato chips. As he sat on the couch, his belly once again overlapped his pants and out rolled the soft semi-divided undergut. When I saw that I melted. He noticed it too and said, "Would you like it if I took off my shirt?" "Uh huh," I nodded. So he got up, put down his beloved sandwich, and proceeded to take off his shirt. He practically had to peel it off because he had started to sweat. Then out they came, his rolls of fat seemed never ending as his shirt came up, one by one being lifted and bouncing down to rest on top of each other. His huge belly button seemed to smile at me as he sat down to finish off his snack. His belly was so huge, that it hung off the couch between his legs as he ate. I was so hot at this point that I could hardly hold it back. His man tits were so far apart that they could have been mistaken for rolls, except for the large dark nipples that were centered in them. He then stood up and ambled over next to me. 

"Would you like to rub my belly?"Al asked, "I love doing it to myself after I eat, but you look like you really want to..." "Ok," I said and proceeded to lightly caress the enormous gut next to me. It was so soft and squishy that I started to massage it and grab the rolls lightly. Al was in such a state of pleasure that he started to moan and squirm a bit. Then I lowered my head and kissed his belly all over its extreme expanded surface. Al was really getting into it. He reached out his jiggly arm and, with his short, chubby fingers, started to find their way down my tight dress to my nipples. They were already rock hard so he lightly pinched them, then lightly pulled. I was ready for sex now and so was he. I reached under his under gut and found what was his penis. It was as hard as my nipples, if not harder. He slid off onto the floor and made a plopping sound as his weight bounced against itself. He lay down and I mounted him. I loved having to push his gut up to get to his manhood, then letting it go to come back and bounce into me. As I rode him, I grabbed his tits and massaged his nipples like he did mine. He cried out in pleasure as I shook his blubbery gut and grabbed his many rolls to get him deeper inside me. Then he came, and what a cum it was. Good thing I was on the pill. It filled me up so much that even after I took it out, he was still cumming like mad. I got up and got a towel to wipe him with, since I knew he hadn't seen that part of his body in years. 

After he was clean, I went to the kitchen and got a flavor of ice cream called "chunky jiggles" and a spoon. When I got back into the living room, he was sitting up, all his huge rolls smashed on top of each other. "Thought you might be hungry?" I said. He nodded and greedily grasped the tub and spoon from me. I watched him finish off the remainder of the tub, which was more than half. "You are so good," Al said, "Would you feed me?" I agreed and went back to the fridge and got another tub of ice cream. This one called "delightful dimples." I proceeded to feed this enormous man of my dreams until his gut was rock hard from all the over eating he'd done. We went to his room and I fell asleep in his soft flabby arms. 

Six months later 
The next morning, he weighed himself. "What does it say, honey?" I asked. "487!!" Al proclaimed with joy as he bounced back to bed. "My baby's getting bigger," I said as I stroked his second, and now third chins. He had really ballooned out considerably since I met him. Most of it was going to his gut, some to his arms, but it was his belly that you noticed the most. It was a good thing he worked at home because he had outgrown most of his clothes and now had to have them specially made. With his income, I didn't have to work, but did anyway, part-time just to be busy so he could get work done. While I spent my days running around a superstore, Al sat at home on his computer conducting business deals and, of course, stuffing his face with whatever foods he found. We went to the buffets 6 days out of the week and most of them knew Al by name. He was gaining at least 5-10 pounds a week, which excited me even more. His belly was becoming more sexy with every pound. He sometimes wore some of his tighter old clothes to turn me on, and it did, too. To see his flabby belly and triple chins flapping around as he shook his body was a totAl turn-on. I asked him how much he was planning on gaining, and he replied, "As much as I can handle, maybe even more." Which was fine with me; I loved the idea of it. 

Then came the day of great celebration. The day he reached 550 pounds. We had a party with the 2 of us: 3 birthday style cakes from the grocer's bakery, chips, candy, and non-diet sodas galore. He pigged out and ate almost everything except 1/2 of a cake. By then he was consuming 4000-6000 calories a day and the fat seemed to multiply faster than he could eat. His sexy belly now hung down to the tops of his knees and he could no longer fit in the shower. So, whenever the neighbors were inside, I gave him a bath outside in a kiddy pool. He loved being scrubbed and washed by me, each flab and fatty roll I lifted and washed between. It was a turn-on for me. He often got so hard that we stopped washing and had sex right then and there. I dried him off too, since he could no longer reach behind himself. His back rolls were many as well and I loved massaging and squeezing them. 

One year later 
Al was now eating 14 or more meals a day and growing by 15-25 pounds a week. He had hit and passed the 650 pound mark and was headed to 700 very quickly. Standing and walking were getting harder for him to do, so he took to lying in bed most of the day and I handfed him. His waistline was pushing 6 ft. around, but he loved his food and me. We were married in his house next to his bed 2 months ago. He just keeps eating and eating and eating. I am no longer strong enough to lift his oversized gut to get to his manhood anymore so as a way of getting off, he rubs his boner against his flabby under gut, now fully defined in halves, while I strip in front of him. His belly stretches so far out after he gorges himself that if you're standing at the foot of his bed, you can't see his face unless you lean over a lot. He still turns me on and plays with my tits and crotch, but he eats as we're doing it. I love stuffing his face so full that he can barely swallow, but he manages to do it. He plans to stop his gaining process in a few months, but I don't know if he'll keep to it. Only time will tell....... 

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